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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi Don't be able to move serene. Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah you Allah Allah He was as you send them the Sleeman cathedra because Hera Hamamatsu my brothers and sisters.

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There are two kinds of sins that we sometimes do. Obviously, we should not do any of them but we do May Allah protect us. One is sins against Allah subhanaw taala writes sins in her Coppola

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the most serious of that is Sheikh is to join partners with Allah subhanaw taala, in his worship or in seeking help.

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And Cofer, which is to deny Allah subhanaw taala, or to deny His orders or to deliberately go against his orders to deny his book, to deny even one word or one line or one ayah in the Quran.

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All of these.

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So these are sins against Allah subhanaw taala sins against Hawkwood against the rights of Allah,

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the second set of sins, our sins against people, or sins against a bad which is basically all creation.

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Meaning people obviously,

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animals, birds, pets, we have, maybe society environment. For example, if you say maybe I have a factory,

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and which produces part of the process, producer produces some kind of effluent. And instead of disposing it off correctly, so that it is not harming anybody, I just rent it out into a river, which is flowing nearby or just into the ground, so I'm polluting the soil and polluting the water.

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This will be a claim against society itself.

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So these are different kinds of sins. And then of course, as I said, since we commit against individuals, so somebody is, you

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backbite somebody slander somebody,

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you obviously, you know, beat up somebody, curse somebody murdered someone, you

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take away somebody's rights, and it doesn't matter whether a person knows that the scene has been done or not. For example, you might say, Well, how is it? How can I do something somebody they don't know where one of the,

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one of the things which happens a lot he will Qur'an about this is how the rights of orphans

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are transgressed. So, for example, if there is a little orphan orphan child, maybe the father when the father died, gave

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wealth, money, land property, whatnot,

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to this individual and said, Please take care of this and when my son or daughter comes of age, this should be given to them. The child itself doesn't know that this has happened to the child may may have been very small at the time and this person to home This was given in trust violates the trust and swallows that money as follows that properties follows that the rights of the of the offer must monitor as a feeble to me him ill and now let's say in their bellies are is nothing except the fire of Jana, if you do that, so it's something which varies even though the child may not know the child actually, you know, love you once because the child is staying with you may be great friends with

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you. But that doesn't matter because you have oppressed the child who have taken away the child rights. One of the most common things that happens May Allah protect us from ourselves among Muslims is the rights of sisters are

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denied and taken away by the brothers. So

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and on top of that, they make the make the excuse to say well, you know,

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father gave you a dowry.

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Jazz when when you got married, so that's a double crime because jazz is haram to ask for jazz is haram to give to Hezbollah, no matter how

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you know, people have all kinds of devious ways in which in which they ask and they said oh no, but you know, we never asked they gave whatever they wanted to give him the way and the way they

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do the approach is whether the person feels compelled to give. So please, taking it as haram giving it to her. So that what haram you did and then now second Haram is that the brothers say well, you know your share was given to you already, which is of course

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completely incorrect. So, this is I'm just giving you some of the examples of what happens. You might deceive somebody in business, somebody might, you know,

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may or may have oppressed another person in another way. All of these are sins are again sins of what we call only bad sins against the people. Now,

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the reason I'm saying all this is because it is very important that before we die, that we settle these accounts.

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As far as the loss of our data is concerned, we the

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usually, of course, obviously you need to seek

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seek the opinions of,

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of scholars

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specific to the sin, but usually making stuff aren't always sufficient

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for all major sins, small things miners in Dallas Valterra forgives even without that even without its apparent Toba and not about that it has program given us different kinds of actions which wipe out sins for example, making wudu wipes out since meeting a brother with a smiling face, wipes out sins going to meet somebody only because that person is a Muslim brother or sister, wife substance, feeding people wipes out sins, all kinds of things giving giving food to

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do for family to bring their fast wipes out sins. So various kinds of things, they wipe our sins off.

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And when we bought for major sins, which we for example, if you deliberately leave Salah who have committed go for you have you have actually left Islam. If you deliberately one Salah you have left Islam, if you die after that, without coming back to Islam, then you die without this. This is something very serious. People don't seem to seem to take it seriously, but very, very important. So if that happens, then immediately you make us the foreign Toba, you ask us about us forgiveness and you start praying again. So Hamdulillah this is with regard to the rights of Allah subhanaw taala.

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In some cases, you have to also do a bit more than that, for example, if you suddenly realize that you hadn't paid zakat for so many years, then you calculate that and you make sure that you pay it off. But with other things with with sins, that concerning people.

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That's a different,

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different issue.

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Those things have to be sorted out with the people themselves, fail failing, which the sorcerer said I'm sorry, Allah will not forgive the person until the person forgives the one who transgressed against him.

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So specific thing, what has got has been done wrong must be undone. So if you take away somebody's property was give it back to them. If you harm somebody in some way that must be

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compensated for apology must be made, and so on. So this is very, very important individually.

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Who we harmed and who we wronged that must be taken care of.

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If we don't do that, if we die with that, and the person has not forgiven us then on the day of judgment, believing we believe me, my brothers and sisters, nobody's forgive anybody on that day. What you land up on that day with is there forever. And that's not a situation we want to be so extremely important to make sure that our accounts are clear. Now, what people do these blankets, apologies, which they send across, you know, we get these things

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where people say, Oh, what do you know, in case I did something or I did not do something? Whether I did something deliberately or I did something without thinking, and so on, so on, please forgive me. Please understand.

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seeking forgiveness is not a game.

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It's not a joke. If you send a blanket, apology like this to all the people on your on your phone list, the reality is that you don't even know to whom you have sent it to. Because most of us have several 100 people.

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People have several 1000 people. And if you send to all those people, it has no meaning whatsoever, you don't even know who you are sending it to. So please don't make something which is so crucially important something which is a mode it really is more than a matter of life and death because this is something which can end up putting us into trouble on a permanent basis. If we die without seeking forgiveness. Then believe me on the day of judgment that forgiveness is not going to come from that person.

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So, specifically, think about who you have the who you want, and go and apologize to that person, compensate that person, make sure you're right with that person. People who did not have you don't have to do anything for the people who did not do anything wrong to nothing to be done. But sending a blanket

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message like this is completely and totally meaningless. And it is like a joke and joking with something which is as important as the rights of people. And as important as, as it's the fourth over is this is not permissible. This is not something that you should do. So please, I strongly recommend, please don't do these things. We have these we get these messages, you know, as I said, beginning of Ramadan, and rather than somebody going on and going for Hajj, whatnot, please, there's no need for any other. If you did not do anything to anybody, and they just say to people, please make dua for me, I'm going because that's more than enough. You may go for them, they will go for

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you hamdulillah if you did something wrong, go and apologize to that person. If you did something and you had no intention of harming anybody and somebody decides to you know, grab it out of the air and feel bad about it. That's their problem that you don't owe them anything. You don't really have any apology there's no need to apologize you've done you've done them no wrong whatsoever. And if they just take something out of the air and they feel offended most welcome frequently very often. So please don't send these blanket messages. They have absolutely no way. There's like a Lucha was allowed to go off the level