Mirza Yawar Baig – Adaab ul Ikhtilaf – Part 2

Mirza Yawar Baig
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Hello Bill alameen salatu salam ala sorry, Allah, Allah, he was having his mango, but inshallah we will try to cover this

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section on how our cell have different

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reason I took this

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I did this research and I want to share it, share it with you because it's not as if, as I said earlier, it's not as if differences of opinion. And we are we are here looking at religious differences of opinion in terms of religion, different understanding, and so on so forth. So is not only here we am focusing on that, but as I said, the skills that we're talking about, they apply for any kind of difference of opinion, maybe domestic, maybe, in your workplace and so forth. So, think about it in that context, they are also applicable, but we are here we are looking at specifically differences of opinion in terms of religion, because that's where our maximum problem is. Now, how

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the Sahaba differed between

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in a different opinion one of the main very famous incidents. Now I want you to understand this in terms of religion in Islam,

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the most important

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elements number one is akiza. Number two is about that. Right? So, La ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasul Allah, that is the appeal of Islam. And whatever comes under he does, it's not the very model. And the second one immediately thereafter is about that in terms of,

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of prayer. So, the difference of opinion that I am explaining to you is with regard to the difference of opinion between However, in matters of a balance, so, we are not talking about some minor differences of opinion, which you can say, Well, you know, it's a small thing, simple thing, no, it was actual difference of opinion in matters of imbalance, which are so

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hugely important.

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So, the first incident incidents or incidents is from the which I want to quote is from the era of rosol, immediately after the Battle of carnac,

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device Alam came and ordered that brought the order that the man who Kanaka who had

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renamed who had become traitors, should be punished. And so, the army was dispatched to the forts of Baroque Anoka. And when they went Rosaura, Sam ordered them and said go and pray Azur in the lands have been okay.

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So, they left out the door

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and the order given by an Amazon seller was what go and pray a sir in the lands have been okay. Now, they proceeded they were going it was quite a distance. So, the time for us or came and then the time for us or looked like I mean in there, they still had reached there. So, obviously, it was you know, it was it was visible to them that they would miss a sir altogether. So, some of the Sahaba said Let us stop and pray a sir and then we will continue others said we have been ordered by rasuna Salah Salem to pray a sir in banjo Kanaka So, we will not presser here we will go and pray a Sahaja

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now, you know and I know that deliberately making a Salah is not permissible. But they said that we are not doing it for our personal convenience This is the Hakuna Salah so therefore we will pray as our Casa allow the time to go doesn't matter when we reach them we will pray in the place of birth okay. So somehow have upgrade ourselves then in there. Some of them did not pray and they continued and they prayed assert in the place of been okay. by which time the time for us or was over and they prayed

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when the matter was brought before we shall sell them and they asked Dr. sola This is what some of us did. So now you are seeing a difference of opinion with regard to salah and with regard to obeying the order of Rasulullah Salallahu alaihe salam, how is it to be obeyed?

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SLM said those operators are at the at its time, we're also correct those operators are at the time of

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SCADA in Nova Nova was also correct.

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So, there was a difference of opinion. Now, in this entire incident, there was not a single Sahabi who criticized the other one and that is my main point of saying here. So here was a difference of opinion. They had a difference of opinion. They discussed it, they decided no we cannot agree. We cannot come to an agreement on this matter. So we will do what

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Getting this correct and you do what you think is correct. But they did not say the ones who prayed us or did not tell the others that something is wrong with your understanding something is wrong with your deed. The ones who prayed answer in a land of no Kanaka Escobar did not say to these people that you disobeyed or solos or a seller or anything of the matter, one did not criticize the other at all.

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Number two,

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there are instances where also Allah is another famous instance, where he

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was travelling, and he was he was fasting, and he broke his fast. And this was in Ramadan. He broke his fast and he did it very visibly called for some water and visibly to everybody he drank water, and he broke his fast now some Sahaba followed him and they broke their fast others our continued too fast. But once again,

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one did not criticize the other one did not say that this was the wrong interpretation. You don't understand the none of that.

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Although Allah subhanaw taala as mentioned, by you or by your traveling, we don't have to verse that we shall not did that to reinforce this and to give each to the oma but the important thing is this, that those who followed that and those who didn't follow that did not criticize each other. So there are we're talking about differences of opinion between

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the Sahaba themselves. Now even though Josie

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Rabelais is one of the great Oliver and I'm of Islam, he was Maliki in in the in his mother he studied under yBnL RV, who was humbling

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who studied under enormous Shafi and Imam Allah has it.

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So, people studying under awstats, who from a different method,

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they did not change their mother, they continue to study and they learn from them. You have been humble Rasul Allah He studied under Mao Shafi, who studied under Mr. Malik and Imam Mohammed who was a student of Imam Abu hanifa Rahmatullah la ajwain.

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So, two three different mothers.

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So, difference of opinion is not new.

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Becoming extreme money, this is a

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problem that we are facing today there is that that is something which is very wrong. I'll give you some examples also from our country now,

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to have the great alama of India Maulana Ashraf Ali thonburi, Rancho LA LA and Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madani Rahmatullah.

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There was an instance where there was a drought, so they were in Delhi, there was a drought and they took out,

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you know, wrong rotation of people to grow and pray

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to pray for it. So the first day they went out on an assembly turn around Talalay led the Salah, and it was very hot, and so on and so forth. And finally, Salah finished so Nora, secondary went out again. Every time we led to Salah again and again or a third day when they went out, Marana Hussein was mother and he asked me Ross every time he said, I request your permission, can I do it?

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He said of course please. So then our mother in law laid this out again.

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When they came back, the Marines the students and the followers of Jose Medina hustler they asked him APNIC yo Nawaz, but I say why did you leave Salah? He said so that people like you will not say the reason it did not rain was because I should have had we let this out.

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He said I know it is not going to read. But if I had not done this, you would have said because I said every time we let this Allah, Allah He did not read. So he said I didn't want to give you that excuse. That's why I let the salah and I know it is not going to read.

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Now why am I giving the example of this Torah because these two alama in terms of their views, were very strongly against each other.

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Both of them were freedom fighters. Both of them took part in India's independence struggle. Ashraf Ali Tanveer Antonelli was in favor of the formation of Pakistan, Muslim as mother in law was against the division of the country and against the formation of bugs as we were talking about two people are two very, very

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different opinions, but see the mutual respect for one another.

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Just because you are you have a different view does not mean that you there is no instance of Hosanna Madani Rasul Allah, criticizing or maligning or saying anything bad about us.

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And vice versa not one single instance, even though their opinions were completely different. Similarly, one day

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a man came and mentioned the re the name of Maulana Muhammad Reza Khan Bhairavi

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right. So, he is the founder of the barelvi

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borough Burundi, you know masala kamasan. So, this man mentioned the name of Mr Ratan barelvi. And he just said Amazon or Amazon something like this. He did not say Maulana

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Ashraf Ali Ahmad is out of his place. Now, you might have noticed every time is the head of the body

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that you use, he was the one the observer he is the one of the leaders of the the open the

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the Obama and barelvi are not Muslims and non Muslims. But in this country, we treat them like muscle because both of them are hanafy in this country, both barelvi and Devon, they are both hanafy. But there are other differences, but actually they're both.

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There's no difference in math like this. Think about that. I mean, this is the problem. People don't understand the issue of other Muslims. So we treat it as we see the Imam Berlin we must like Berlin is not Muslim, is that nobody Muslim, there's no Muslim called God. Both are Hanafi madhhab or banoffee Muslim. But the difference of opinion, but David's opinion, as we know is pretty strong. So in this case, even though Marana shefali. La was from a completely different point of view, as Mara Mara zambelli. He did not allow a man or he did not accept somebody speaking about molana Amazon barelvi disrespectfully in his presence.

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He was not sitting there. He didn't know that this was happening. This is the other this is the culture of other that was

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spread and that was

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the hallmark of our elders.

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Now, another another one,

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which is the

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difference between the IMA

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ma Abu hanifa. Imam Malik were were contemporaries. So they there was a meeting between these two great imams of it in the days after Hajj and a lazy man Assad Rahmatullah Allah was another great ally, he was witness to this meeting and he recorded his entire meeting and recorded what was said and what was answered and so on. Now, the difference is that they had was in terms of hypothetical questions, which is what we call a VI, which is the the

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opinion based on your logical and your deductive reasoning. Now, Mr. Abu hanifa has a lot a was a person who believed in awry and he gave opinions on he conceptualized situations and he gave opinion. So he, for example, for him, he would say, if something happened like this, this is what would be the ruling effect on that matter. So hypothetical questions and answers. Even Malik, on the other hand, was the opposite of that Mr. Malik used to say, if something has happened, come and tell me and ask me and I will tell you

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right, so it's like for example, if you say, Well, if I'm on the moon, how must I pray we will direction must say,

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you know, what is the what is my national Qibla So, if you went to my Malik, even Malik would say, when you are ready to go to the moon, come and ask me, are you on the moon? No, you're not I went tomorrow No, then go in.

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If I would have given you an opinion, he would have said if you are on the moon, do this and you will never go to the moon.

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So, we are looking at two completely different views. Number two,

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in terms of EMA, what is that as you know, the basis of Sharia is keytab. So na s so Bukola, the tsunami, so Salam is my collective opinion of the scholars on a particular matter and he has his deductive reasoning. So in terms of each bar,

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Imam, Abu hanifa Allah is it that the consensus opinion of

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scholars wherever they might be, this is acceptable.

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You know, Malik said that only the opinion of scholars of Medina is acceptable.

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And this was because the original thinking was that Medina was the standard. It was the place from where everything else was taken.

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So if you had a doubt you go back to Medina and say what is

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happening in Medina How are the people are living because these people saw as soon as an asylum they live with them is an asylum. They practice whatever sources of leads. So that was the gold standard for the people. Now by that from there to Emma Malik's time was Malik was one of the time it was you know some time had passed. So Mr. Mallika was said that the opinion of the EMA must be the opinion of people of Medina only Emma honey said this is not true, it can be the opinion of people because Islam has spread it has gone to different parts of the world, we cannot stick with opinion of scholars in Medina not because of any disrespect for the scholars, but because scholars in Medina

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may not be aware of situations in other parts of the world. And that's actually the that's actually what happened because

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of that, which was the center of the of the Empire, there was a capital now in Baghdad people came from all parts of the Muslim Empire, whereas to Medina, they didn't come from everywhere, because Medina was not the administrative head of the country, it was not the capital, it was not the seat of government. So people came to Medina more for Sierra and so on so forth, they didn't come for for NGOs. So,

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his opinion was that the people in Medina may not know the situations in different parts of the of the of the Empire. So therefore, we must accept the opinion of scholars from other places also. So again, you're looking at two

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very big differences of opinion.

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Third was the issue of opinions based on I had this now I want to larae would take out would extract many more lessons rather than Mr. Malhotra so in one in several cases is one case where he extracted 100 lessons

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from one single harness. So they had this

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corridor debate call it not an argument obviously but it's a debate. It's a

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difference of opinion, sharing of ideas.

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Now once all this was over,

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a lesbian sadra Allahu Allah He says that he went to a monochrome Talalay and he asked him, What do you think of Abu hanifa?

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Imam Malik says, By Allah, Abu hanifa made me sweat. And he said by Allah, he's a true jurists

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who is saying this about about is within quotes, opponent is not an opponent in that sense, but I'm saying somebody who had a difference of opinion with him strong, strong, strong difference of opinion. He said he's a true jurist. I have never seen a man debating like this. By Allah. If he told you that this iron rod is made of gold, he would convince you you would give you the line where you would believe that this iron rod is actually made of gold. He says he's got such a fantastic mind, such great reasoning power, such great logical analysis, and so on. So he is praising the one who differed with him.

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Allies went to Mr. mahabharatha Lee asked him and remember what he said I debated with hundreds of people, but I have never seen a man accept the truth as fast as Malik bananas. Padilla

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is a he has a soft heart. He is a man of truth. And he when you give him the deal, I've never seen anyone accept the truth meaning what meaning that in many cases, he is accepting something different from his own opinion very readily because he has found the justification for it.

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Then, what happened thereafter, after this debate, first amount of money for amateur Allah sent his son Hammad to Medina to learn from

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Imam Malik.

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So he sent his own son to as a student of Malik, and he learned the water from Mr. Malik, and then Mr. Malik, as for books of mo hanifa. And he got them from Baba to read them and benefit from them. Muhammad Hassan, who was a student of remember honey from Talalay, he held a session in Iraq to present the approach of Moloch. Now, who is Mohammed Hassan, whose student is he, after

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he is making a session he is holding a session to explain whose perspective and approach Malik

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Why is a student of imamo Abu hanifa promoting the approach of Malik because these were true scholars, they were not looking at it as this is this person's opinion Therefore, I must put it down No, they are looking at knowledge by itself. And they are saying hamdulillah here is a different way of approaching knowledge. Not the same way as microstar but that does not matter is another way.

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Not one single instance.

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Not only these two,

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I'm saying these two because they actually had they met and they and they conversed. But there's not one single instance of any of our scholars and Imams, true scholars, the one of our luck ever condemning another alum, another scholar, because of a difference of opinion, never they would be against the opinion, quite possibly, they would then say they would say my opinion is different, but they will never condemn the person who has that opinion.

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The abasi halifa almanzora Mr. Malik,

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what was his original position, he rejected the opinions of everyone except the people of Medina except the scholars of Medina.

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What Almanzo did was that

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he said to Malik Malik was very, was very hugely respected at the time, people used to say how can I give an opinion when Malik is in Medina, and people would not give a fatwa because of the respect family. So almanzora was the Khalifa he said when when Emma Malik's water was written,

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Manzo said that I will have this kita inscribed in gold, and we will put this inside the Kaaba and I will give a foreman I will give a ruling to say that this is the only woke up hobbies which should be read and this is the only book of hobbies which should be used in my mining, put a stop to that, he said no,

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he refused. And he said that the companions of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam has spread all over the world. And therefore we will take the opinions of of them wherever they are, not only the people of Madeira, also another beautiful thing which he said was, he said if Allah subhanho wa Taala has decided to keep the Sunnah of his Nabhi alive in many different places in many different ways, and not going to restrict it to whatever I have collected in my book alone.

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Imagine the this is the this is the voice of the economy. This is the greatness of the heart of the person which tells you the the hallmark of a great scholar who would not want his book to be given such great precedence, you know, imagine it being inscribed in gold and put inside the cover and being taught as the only truthful book. And it is a huge temptation for anyone to say well you know, 100 is good, but not in America hamdulillah this is the this the hallmark of a truly pure heart connected to Allah subhanho wa Taala not after any fame and name and so on. And this is what he said. Now,

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when my mother Angela Lee said that the companions or Mr. Salama spread all over the world, and therefore, we must take opinions of their of their mistakes, their opinions, and the opinions of scholars everyone whose actual whose original position was that, that of Abu hanifa that was not even Mary's position, but even Malik was convinced with that. So therefore, he forwarded that position.

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therefore, I want to close with one of our

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well in a way modern scholars because we know imovel has a

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very interesting incident, which was narrated to me when I was in Dewsbury at the inauguration of the WTO, Marcus, he was invited and he gave the inaugural address. And he said, this is a new world, a new earth and a new sky. Don't import your differences, your your stellar facts from your home countries into this land.

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See the beauty of this advice. He said, this place meaning he's talking about the UK but this applies to anywhere in the world. He said this is a new place you are making a new beginning don't import your F the lava your differences into this world. Number two, he said do not isolate yourself from the people of the land, because the life of a Muslim is the best hour.

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So we have a difference of opinion about between ourselves. We also have difference of opinion between ourselves and non Muslims. He said do not isolate yourself. Do not live in literally, you know Muslim ghettos. Do not close the doors of your homes and your massages and your mothers and so on to other people. Because this only increases suspicion and hatred. Open them, call them invite them. Let them come into your life. Let them see your life. Because the life of a Muslim is the best hours if you are living as a Muslim, and you invite non Muslims

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To your homes into your massage and and so on, they will be impressed by the beauty of your face. So don't isolate yourself from them. And the third thing is that was participate in politics. Because if you do not do that decisions about your future will be made by others. Today we have big debate should we vote should we not vote? Of course you must vote. Of course you must participate in politics. But Paul participating in politics does not mean do the same dirty stuff that everybody else is doing. And then say Ghana Zambia to see as I say, this is absolute nonsense. It's absolute nonsense. The Muslim must set a standard participate in politics and participate with your Islam in

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not go and corrupt yourself and then you know, give an excuse to say well you see after all this is politics, after all, it's a dirty game No, a dirty game has to be made a clean game because you are Muslim.

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And this is the advice of manana Rasul Allah May Allah subhanaw taala forgive him and and Phil is covered with more inshallah. So finally,

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in conclusion, what I would like to say is that if the Love is a blessing,

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but if properly handled, that's very important. It's a blessing if it is properly handled. Number two, if the Love is an indication of commitment to the issue, as I said, if the person had no commitment to the issue, he would not even open his mouth, I would disagree with you. Number three is if there are if it is handled properly, can result in deeper understanding, greater mutual respect greater friendship, and will prepare you for Mohali fourth will prepare you for opposition will prepare you for actual

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difference of opinion is not opposition. But there is opposition in the world. How can you prepare yourself for that threat by proper istilah for right, because then you would have seen all aspects of the situation.

00:27:06 --> 00:27:13

And that's why I say that if the love handled properly prepares us for all kinds of eventualities.

00:27:16 --> 00:27:38

ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless you and to help you to understand this and to enable you to practice this in your lives, in your daily lives as well as in understanding this deep and very important to remember is that never ever accept or agree with people who preach division.

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Allah subhanaw taala told us Do not be divided what Allah said Do not be divided. If the love Yes, we have a difference of opinion. We can talk about that we can agree to disagree. We will mutual respect but not divide each other.

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Just like aloe vera was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa everyone.

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