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salam ala Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala, ala be able mousseline Mohammadu Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi, wa sallam doesn't even consider and casita formado

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however, just just

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last Rihanna della

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told us, although realize evilly Rumbek Bill Hekmati Walmart is that it has an

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Modjadji loom bility axon, Allah subhanaw taala said, which means invite them towards the path of Europe

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with heckuva and noisy

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with wisdom

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and with good advice, good preaching.

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And if you need to argue,

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then do it that do that in the best possible way.

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That alone will lead bility here axon, if you need to argue with them, or debate or discuss, then do it in the best possible way.

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I remind myself and do that today we live in a world which, generally speaking, is very hostile to Islam.

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There is Islamophobia in practically every place in the world,

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it only differs in the degree in some places it is raw and open.

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In the face in other places, it is not so much in the face. But there is an underlying current of that there is mela predictors, there is no place in the world which is free from that.

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However, at the same time, there is also a force for good.

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There are also people who are against discrimination who are against racism, who are against Islamophobia.

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And these people are also working.

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Now, what happens to a lot of us is that we get caught up and quite rightly maybe it is what you face.

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We get caught up in the negative aspects of this whole thing. So we can't get caught up because of you know, racism and so on. And we forget or we choose to ignore consciously or unconsciously the positive forces

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and for a lot of us Muslims, our reaction is to shut the doors

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retract like like a tortoise moment it sees any threat posed in its head

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and clamp down. So all you have is a shell, right?

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Like a turtle does our reaction standard reaction, shut the doors.

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We will meet with our own people. We will talk in our own language, we will not learn the language of the country. There are people in this country I know people in this country who have lived in this country for 50 years. They cannot speak one sentence of English grammatically correctly. Not one sentence. That's Arabs. That is this is India Pakistanis. I only Indians all the rest of your Pakistanis.

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Every not one single sentence of English grammatically correct. Forget about giving a hot bath. Forget about talking about five minutes. And that's a long way away. Not even one sentence why

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you've lived here 4050 years. Why can't you speak English? Because you never try.

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You never make the effort. And you never make the effort because you will live in your own circles you will talk in your own languages.

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Even though rustlers are prohibited,

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he said do not speak in a language. If there are three of you and two of you are speaking do not speak in a language and the third person does not understand.

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What do we do if you have a bunch of Arabs together?

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We speak in Arabic. We don't care what anybody else understand that you don't care. What happens if you have a bunch of our Indian Pakistani music in a room? We don't get the other people don't understand.

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everybody's the same boat. I mean, I'm not hitting on anyone. Everyone is same board. We speak our languages and we would we don't care if even though this is against the direct oakum of the Navi or ISA.

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So we never learn English. No, my point is very simple. My point is,

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if this is our reaction, that we are going to shut down, we're going to close the doors we will not speak the language and so on so forth. It works both ways. If you cannot speak the language, it also it automatically also means that you cannot represent your religion to them. You cannot explain anything to them because you don't have the language.

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Then what happens? What happens in the absence of community

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Asia is a standard in any place in the world, and that is suspicion and hatred.

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We create the grounds for suspicion and hatred. Now come the agents of Islamophobia and discrimination and all that. And they say, You know what, the Muslims, they are this way, this way, this way. And people say, Well, you know, maybe that's true.

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Because which was no I do I don't know any Muslim. The Muslim animals do I know, I know. These guys are Muslim, but you know, I can't talk to him. He talks some lingo so.

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So we saw the seeds of our own destruction.

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The my submission is Allah subhanaw taala told us what to do. He said, invite them. Bill hikma, what is it?

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Take by his wisdom.

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hikma is good relations. You know, in sales training, we say you can only sell to friends.

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You can sell to enemies. If somebody doesn't even like your face, he doesn't want to see your face. What will you sell to him? He doesn't want he doesn't want to look at it. He doesn't care the more disease uses the longer

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you can sell him anything. To sell somebody something that person must be a friend, at least minimum up should be you know, you should be able to go these are our MSA values our minimum.

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If I say I'm me our baggage, I'm not, you know, so.

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So what we'll do

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first, is this.

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Islam spread by the Wheeling of hearts

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not by the sword, not by the gun.

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Because we know what can you preach to a dead body tell me

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if you have a fight, if there's a conflict, what happens either you die, in which case you can preach or the other one dies, in which case you can't preach. So either.

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Either way, it is useless a conflict is the worst and the most useless thing in the world conflicts does not solve anything.

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If you want to solve something, you have to get out of conflict we have to build relations.

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So if the person is my friend, if he comes to my house, if I go to his house, then two things happen. One is the doors of knowledge open.

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Unless there is an old Jah and hubco was the one battle in the bar de la Chronos hookah, Allah said see the half has come the truth has come and the battle the falsehood has disappeared. It is the nature of falsehood to disappear.

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Allah did not say call

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Zaful battle? He said no, he said John Huck, first the hug comes then the battle will go. If I tell you for example, that this room is completely dark, totally dark.

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And I give you a

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a candle

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and I say light up this room. What will you do?

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You will light the candle right?

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Drop it on the ground. How will you light the candle? How will the room you got a fancy camera drops and lights up? Maybe

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you light the candle and think about this. Even one candle

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no matter how dark the room is, no matter how big the room is. Even one candle reduces that darkness. What is the meaning of darkness? Darkness has no existence of its own. That's why Allah said in light of Bartylla Karnas a hookah it is the nature of battle to disappear because battle by itself does not exist. Darkness does not exist. Darkness is the name given to the absence of light.

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I can produce light and I can I can shut down the light but if returning produce darkness, how do I do that? You cannot produce darkness. Darkness is the name given to the absence of light. Right? Right now the room is lighted. If you tell me produce darkness What will I do? Shut up the light is no no no don't ask the light do not touch the light right Do not touch the light produce darkness I tell you produce darkness. Is it possible? No. Because darkness does not exist. Darkness is the name given to this absence of light. bottle is the name given to the absence of luck. There is no bottle what is what is button. There's nobody but it is what happens when there is no luck.

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falsehood is what happens when the truth shuts its mouth.

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When the truth refuses to come out when the truth is hiding in the shell. When the truth is sitting in the masjid when the truth is sitting in your house

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does not leave the house does not leave the Masjid.

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People just allow algo they ask questions or fake Jeff. If the non Muslim says Salaam Alaikum should I say walakum wa salam or not? Is it halal haram? Prohibited not private?

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In the low and then

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you know I answer to that.

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I tell them he said Salam alikoum to you because you did not say good morning to him first. No.

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So you want to you want a fatwa on this one? Is it halal or haram? My question to you is why did you not greet the man first your azul and Microsoft and our NABI is Allah Azza he said after Salah with a spirit Salam

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including for example, they will be aware enough our brothers here if I say a Salah Morocco and you tell me what Allah

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what does it mean?

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Why like what

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because you are saying and to you also and to also means what we started with Salam

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the word does not mean just prettier right?

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What does a non Muslim even if there will be we have many times we have Hamdulillah this budget is opened also we have non Muslim people who come here to sit here watch the break what do they understand? They don't know how to be they run understand what is this ad the most they might say oh recitation is nice. Okay so what

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they don't they do not understand Islam they don't know what can they what do they know what will they see? It is our the smile on your face.

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He sees the fact that you stop and say please go ahead. He sees the fact that you're coming out to the masjid not

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getting it we will stop somebody's going you wait

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up please first.

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Today we're going to the eat the eat bread. So then why and coming out of that the street there there was a light huge line of people all going to the to the yoga and the CARS COMING people stopped and let us in

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this o'clock this is what the world sees.

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So my remind myself when you please make this into your number one priority, which is to build relations with your neighbors. And I mean non Muslim neighbors.

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Right? Talk to them, learn to speak

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be good to them. Take gifts to them.

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When Jack was was here, he was ill for a few days as you know, before he left he was not well

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I go into my I go to check by check my mail. And in my mailbox, there is a kick

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and there is a note

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saying that Imam we heard that you are not well, and we hope that you will recover quickly. And here is this cake. And this is my phone number and this is my wife's phone number. This is her name this is my name. And if you need anything, please give us a call.

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And this is my neighbor from across my house across the street guy called Fred

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now he thought I was I was you know I was sick.

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Why did why does he have to do that?

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Please let us show our class. It is not enough to draw on the member about the o'clock oversold sell.

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People want to see that.

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Like they said America put up or shut up.

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You know to show it or

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talk is enough. We have we talk we talk a lot and we don't need to talk. We need action.

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So let us do that right

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hamdulillah if the number of people here today 3040 of you if all of us decide. And then we each one invite one more.

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And all we're saying is build relationships with your neighbors. Just go across knock on the door. says take some flowers, takes whatever works for you. Right? Do that.

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Yes, literally didn't have an

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end of the day. It is our dealings which people are seeing

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Not theology, not some duck, if

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not the courage of Tajweed

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be focused on those things. God hamdulillah nothing wrong with that, but if you are going to focus on the mockery of Tajweed at the expense of o'clock, then this is not

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so, let us do that Inshallah, right, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to make us the agents of spreading the beauty of Islam in the world. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us the exemplars, the people who the world can look up to and say that one is a Muslim, you want to see what Islam is? Go to that mosque, Masjid, you want to see what Islam is, go and deal with this man for his business, if you want to see what Islam is, go and see. See that man's children see how they how they behave, how their flock is, this is what we should become Inshallah, right? We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to do that, to use us for to spread the beauty of his beautiful religion in the whole world

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and use us for that so that we become worthwhile in the sight of Allah subhanho wa salam O Allah, Allah will carry morality he was I remember article from