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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim on hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala should even be even more studied. Muhammad Rasool Allah is Allah Allah Almighty He wrote it he was so seldom does live in Cathedral cathedra on my Bible, my brothers and sisters, this is the month of the horror of the Quran. And we are in the last 10 days of the month

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a lot of the odd nights are which is inshallah ladies Okada. We, the first one was It was last night, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us ladies recorded

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in good Eman and in good health and enable us to benefit from it. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to reward us in keeping with his majesty and grace. We know the reward of letters of coverage to is more than hieromonk official more than worshipping Allah subhanaw taala 1000 months which is 83 plus years. And when people say this agency procedures we we look at it as 83 plus years of lifespan it isn't is 83 plus years of worship. So continuously worshiping Allah for 83 plus years.

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obviously physically that is not even doable.

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But Allah is Allah generosity such that Allah subhanaw taala gives it and he does not say two three plus years Allah did not say it is 1000 months. He said it's Hi Roman. Better than how much better

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according to His Majesty and grace. So how am I losing?

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Yesterday before I vote, there is a trend in the 20th of Ramadan.

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We had in our Masjid a group of students and teachers from one of the schools we have this regular feature here on hamdulillah

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interfaith work is strong people are genuinely curious about Islam.

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hostility towards Islam is

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I don't say it is not there it is there the crazy people everywhere but

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officially formally from the level of the government and so on so forth. Not only is there no hostility, there is great friendship and very great support for Muslims and for other liens. So we have these schools and colleges and so are visiting us regularly. Yesterday was a score,

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which came 72 students and you know, 62 students and eight teachers 70 of them totally.

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So as usually, we show them around the masjid and then we will have a seat and

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I do a short, brief outline of Islam what it means. And

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and then I open the floor for questions. So they asked me various questions.

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Some of them were like, you know, there was the amateur also somebody said, What's your favorite color? And somebody said, What's your favorite food? And that guy was 12 years old. So I said my favorite food is Hyderabadi dum biryani. And I said, Do you know what that is? He said, No. I said, How old are you? I said 12.

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I said, Paul, you haven't lived?

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You visit 12 years of your life. You live and you did not eat Hyderabadi dum biryani and what good is our life? And of course everyone had a big laugh and so on.

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But one of the questions that one girl asked me and she must have been autism said I'm the same age 1213.

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She asked me a question which Hala.

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Astrid, me it was a spin of thought. And sometimes when I think really that, you know, Allah subhanaw taala puts the words that he wants you to hear in the mouths of on the tongues of other people. And they tell you what is really Minella data.

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She asked me as a Muslim, what is the most beautiful thing for you in Islam?

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I want you to think about this. I want you to reflect on this. I want you to answer this for yourself as a Muslim. What is the most beautiful thing for you in Islam?

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And these were all

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majority of them were Christians. I think they were two or three Jewish students that that's it.

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So she says to me, as a Muslim, what is the most beautiful thing for you in Islam?

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And my answer was the most beautiful thing for me Islam is that I am connected with Allah.

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that I feel connected with Allah. When I'm reading his column, I know that this

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is actually the speech of Allah.

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The Kitab Allah was the kalam of Allah was Carla Allah before it became Geeta Allah.

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Allah spoke Gibreel heard Gibreel spoke also less than a Salah heard

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Rasulullah Salam spoke the Sahaba heard.

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Only then

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was it put down as

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in writing

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the Kitab Allah is the guitar well of course, because even though even the

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the Quran refers to itself as the Kitab radical Kitab right, and I did notice the article Kalam radical Kitab loughrea Buffy he was a laboratory, but and in other places, but the point I was making is that this Kitab

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was created and came into being as the speech of Allah subhanaw taala and that is the reason why this Kitab is not a creative thing.

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It is not a creative thing, it hadn't been written down, in one form or the other, it would be called, it will be considered to be something created, but as a speech, it is the civet of Allah subhanaw taala it is a quality of Allah's right there is an act of Allah Svara and so it is divine. And this is the closest that we can get almost inheritors, that I said to this, God and of course, to all of the that the most beautiful thing for me is that I'm connected to Allah. When I when I when I listen to his

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to the Quran, I know that I'm listening to Allah speaking in the voice of whoever is reciting it, when I read it, and I decided, I know that I am reciting, I'm speaking and mouthing the words that Allah subhanaw taala

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And that is why I feel

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sometimes a scent. And again, you know, that's why I lost my dad gives us flashes.

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Once in a maybe decade or so Allah knows best. But that's when you really and truly feel connected. I ask Allah subhanaw taala for more and more of this, I don't even know if I can sustain that 24 hours.

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I probably die and that would be a nice way to die anyway. But the sense of connection that Allah is with me, Well, who am I? Why am I going to we actually feel that hamdulillah and we should feel that, that he is with us wherever we are. So so the reason I'm saying this to you is because this beautiful question

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put me in touch with the very root of what it means to be Muslim. What it means to Muslim will be defined it means worshipping Allah subhanaw taala and so on obeying Allah, all of that is correct. All of that is for what reason it is to be connected with Allah subhanaw taala the way to be connected with Allah's Manor hotel is not through disobedience, it is not through leaving worship of Allah subhanaw taala the worship of Allah is a tool to connect us to Allah, obedience to Allah subhanaw taala is a tool to create a substrate to create a foundation a basis on which is based the Acme the ultimate, the essence of of obedience almost manager is worship. And that worship connects

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us to our last manager. So all of these are tools or these are ways to achieve the actual marks of the actual purpose, which is to be connected to Allah subhanho wa Taala general and this is the question so I'm, I want to remind myself and you that as we

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allow in the last 10 days of this beautiful month or vulnerability, which a lot of have done a sin to bless us to reward us to help us to get close to him, let us use that it is use that for that purpose to get to Salas monitor, by reflecting on it and by saying how can I be connected tomorrow? Do I feel this sense of connection?

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Do I feel that I'm connected or not? If I'm not feeling it, why we're not feeling it? What's happening? What what is it that I'm doing which is wrong? And one of the things which disconnects us is acts of

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disobedience. Now again, USA, you know, under the law, inshallah it's not it's not even expected

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from a Muslim that he does come into major sins with so inshallah we don't,

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what can be something minor, or can be something which we consider minor. They may not be minor by itself, for example, lying for example. Backbiting serves a major sins, but we don't be in this part of social life. It's part of our of our conversation, unfortunately. So we need to get out all of these things. And that's reason why we have the added services and I'm very sad to some people. The only thing they get out of Ramadan is hunger and thirst. And the only thing they get out of caramel ale is tiredness and sleeplessness.

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That is not the purpose of this. So we must try and get the maximum out of it. And the way to do that is to focus on this and say, am I connected to Allah subhanaw taala as well as Matera to connect us all to Him and to make us his obedient slaves, and to enable us to fulfill the purpose of the purpose for which he created us, which is to worship Him which is to be with him and be connected with him, or Salalah Bukhari while he was a member article