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Sunanda Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala me with mousseline Muhammad Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam just given

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for my brother, my brothers and sisters let me ask you a question are several questions come come close

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according to the No no no punishment for wrong answers and also no prizes for good for items.

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Tell me if, if you had the choice, right, anywhere in the world,

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anywhere in the world,

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if you had the choice

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and you say I want to become a physician, a doctor which university would like to go to

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preachers anyway

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as good Barnard for medicine, Emory,

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Johns Hopkins,

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Number one and

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also Harvard

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Harvard Medical School is also properly

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I can name for you a couple more, which are also good.

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Supposing as engineer you want to become an aeronautical engineer for example, engineering, which is number one, engineering university in the world

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MIT right. Now, you would get competition from the IITs in India IIT Kharagpur for example, we say that people who can't get into correct cohort MIT so it's

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it's like that but So India, you don't say said

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if I say I want education in liberal arts, so I want to study philosophy and so on so on. So

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where would I go? Oxford Cambridge, right. Yale

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very famous for liberal arts.

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Now I can name a bunch of these like this. Alright. If I ask you

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civilian passenger planes airliners Who makes the best

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we which is your favorite plane

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the plane plane I mean the aircraft Yeah.

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Which is the original fabric of

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our two

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boys exercise or old?

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Boy triple seven. Are we going to be number one number two, Airbus three ad

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right to absolute over who makes Boeing in Seattle in the US who makes Airbus in France. conglomeration of companies in France?

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I can I can go down the line.

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Apple, American company, Android phones, Samsung Korean company,

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which are the top three cards that you think have popped up again?

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Don't think about free they're just asking you whatever you like. So which are the top three cards?

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Turns out

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one of the finest car companies or

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third Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW, right. All these

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have you asked another question?

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How many Muslim countries are there in the world? And Muslim Bibles do I mean countries who declare themselves as Muslim? Because there are also other countries in which the significant Muslim population but they don't call themselves Muslim for example, in India, there are 250 million Muslims. There are more Muslims in India than in the whole of the Middle East put together.

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But India is not a Muslim country. So Muslim countries how many are there in the in the world? Any give me a number? Anybody?

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130 something right. The if you take if you take the Organization of Islamic countries.

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Name for me one university in all these 130 countries, including those who call themselves who have majority Muslim populations, but they don't call themselves Muslim. You can include those also.

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Name for me one university.

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That is the equal of Harvard or MIT or Johns Hopkins or Oxford or Cambridge

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or one of the IITs

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business school I went to there are two

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in the world one is Harvard Business School. The other one is the Indian Institute of Management. I am the one I went to the

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two top institutes again we say you can't get in the way to hear so.

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Is there anything in the 130 plus countries that is equal to their schools? harrow Eaton

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garden Stan Jacobs Academy a small Jewish school in London

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which is the equal home school in any of these Muslim countries?

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Now the question

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if you are foreign

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Apple users, Android users anybody tomorrow morning you wake up and you find the phone doesn't work. The phone died when you feel the loss

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for some of us probably more than the loss of some

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so when closed was dying that thing I think we feel the pain more of the phone dies then this person dies.

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And again, I can make a long list of this. What if you can't

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get this can't get that if this car goes away that

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let me ask you the final question.

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Some of you are intelligent enough to probably guess where I'm leading to.

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Tomorrow morning if the world wakes up

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and there are no Muslims on the face of the planet.

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All the Muslims are vaporized gone. No Muslims, no Muslims, no signs of Islam no Muslims no masajid no mother is nothing.

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So the only people left or the non Muslims

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do you think they will feel a loss in the same way that you feel if your phone dies?

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I'm not asking you to answer it. I'm not saying Say yes or no I'm saying think about it.

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if you're brave enough, when you go back to school or university or your workplace or something, ask one of your non Muslim friends the same person

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tomorrow morning you wake up and there is no sign of Islam no sign of Muslims the world is minus Muslims.

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Will you feel a sense of loss?

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I've done this I've asked many people

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and hamdulillah

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all the ones I know this and no no, no, we want you we love you. I said that's not my question.

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That is not my question.

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No, I'm not

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I'm not saying me and say Muslims as people.

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And because they are polite people they don't answer my question they remain silent. But silence speaks volumes.

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The reason I'm saying this is because of one very

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fundamental principle of life. And that is that when something which is created for a certain purpose stops

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providing that service of sorts stops providing or fulfilling that purpose.

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Then what is the world do with it?

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First try to fix it. And if it can't be fixed, you replace it.

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I used to have a phone that one day just died.

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Just died I just won't start so I thought battery there is that I took it to the job the guy fixed he said to me sorry this phone is gone.

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Unfortunately the warranty also ran out so I had to just what did I did? I mean it was a good four. I love that phone did a great service for me. So do you think I said no, no What I can throw it away. This is this one did so much good for me, you know all these years or whatever months and I really love the fall. So whatever I do is to drill a little hole there and put it around my neck. You know carry it around my neck

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or put it on top my desk and say oh this is the symbol of loyalty, this beautiful phone

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if I did that user or not. So what what I would do is if one of the one the phone doesn't work anymore, it's a brick. It's a piece of piece of iron, throw it

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get yourself over

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Oh yes

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I lost that exact control Hydra on Mateen, oak Rayjet leanness, you are the best people and you have been selected for the benefit of the people who people, everybody.

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Allah did not say that the Muslim mean you have been selected for the benefit of Muslims No, you be selected for the benefit of the people who are the people, everybody's people. The Muslims are people, the non Muslims or people. You know, it is people the Jews and the Christians and the Hindus and the Sikhs are this one of those that were everybody's people

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and awkward dinners and Linares the the expanded meaning of that is the whole world

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are we doing that?

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Are we being beneficial?

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Now, somebody might argue, let me give you the the argument and the answer. Somebody might say oh, no, no, no, no, hold on, hold on, you know what? These, these surgical instruments? They were originally invented by evolution

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to a fantastic, wonderful. When was that?

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Oh, it's graduate. I think maybe about 500 years ago.

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500. Who

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We live in a world where nobody cares, a hoot what you did last week. 500 years ago, seven or eight years ago. Great. Fantastic. We think Mr. Sinha was a wonderful man. Yeah. Let's give the posthumous Nobel Prize for

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how does that reflect on me or you?

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Even as a nerd it is forbidden this. So unsorted this, so what?

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So what?

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So we need to think about this very seriously.

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People ask me, Why is this happening to Muslims everywhere was being beaten up?

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You know why it's happening? Because Allah subhanaw taala is giving people the option of repairing us.

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Here's this phone, here's this Muslim, who was supposed to be beneficial do is not been very visual, kick him out a bit.

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Fix him,

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beat him up, see if it works.

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And if that doesn't happen, replace

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that is what is happening.

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That is what is happening.

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So we are between

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we are where they are the repair shop. And Auto Repair Shop is a junkyard.

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So we are like you know, between the repair shop and the junkyard.

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I remind myself I knew our systems were seriously serious. You need to fix ourselves.

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We seriously need to fix ourselves. So anytime when you guys are talking and so on. And people say you know what? This is the problem. Look at all those middle eastern rulers. Look at these kings. Look at that one. Look at Biden, look at Trump. Don't look at anybody. Do not look at anybody look in the mirror at yourself. If our conversation is about the external world, believe me, we already wrong. That external world carbonization is not going to achieve anything because none of the people or the situations that we talk about are in our control.

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We can fix it. I mean, for example, a top of the line conversation today is what's happening in policy, right?

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It's a horrible thing, terrible thing, the worst possible thing that could happen, and so on and so on and so on. But can you fix it?

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If you can fix it, go fix it. Why is he here?

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Can I fix it?

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So what's the point in time, if you're going to talk over and over and over and over and over under a people I get like maybe on an average about 104 words a day of

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if I watched them they will be I know what they are. They will be very gory, extremely tragic videos.

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Right? I don't watch them. I don't watch any of them. I protect my heart I protect my mind I have no desire to injure that one nothing. None of that I can control none of that I can affect so I'm not going to let that affect me. What I can do is visual Allah I make dua I ask Allah Subhana Allah I beg him to to help. And then I look at myself and say, How can I fix myself

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so when

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You are speaking to a friend and so on monitor the conversation in the conversation going outside tell them look please, let's stop talking about this. Let's talk about ourselves right?

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Allah subhanaw taala said he will give hat and tell you about to the person who has Iman and who does good deeds. Iman wa Amaru Salah. So, do I have

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what is the measure of the demon? Am I doing good deeds? What is the let's see that

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and if there is a doubt do I have Mr how do you how do you measure the mannerism as people or somebody who knows

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no problem

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God was calling Alaska I you know, I would like to know in my mind what kind of how do I fix it and and what do I do have good human body man wiki or whatnot, could have done

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we have to fix ourselves.

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Because today we are in a situation where if we disappeared from the from the earth, nobody would believe in the collectivity the world will not shed one tear

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not individuals as people I mean, there will be people who love you will love you. That's it. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about Muslims as a people.

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All the 131 countries can manage no problem at all the people are interested in is what is beneath their feet under the earth oil. As long as the oil is there, the people on top can vanish. They don't get hurt.

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We have to change ourselves.

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And that's my reminder to myself and you. Let us focus on ourselves and say how can I fix myself? How can I become beneficial for society? Whoever is in this world, Allah subhanaw taala put me here for a purpose. I'm a light bulb I'm supposed to shine and produce illumination. If I'm not shining, the switch on the light and I don't shine and the place is dark. They are going to try to fix me otherwise they will throw me away and get another light bulb Simple as that.

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So let me fix myself. Let me provide illumination. Let me provide benefit to all those who come into contact with me. That is my message to myself when Joseph was on the line and we'll carry while he was awake named Rob Whitaker hallway