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The history and culture of Islam in the UK have been discussed, including the adoption of Islam in the first generation and the shift away from customs and practices. The importance of marriage, wedding ceremony, and the Hara hotel are also highlighted. The speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding confusion and following strict laws, avoiding giving false information, and following Sharia laws.

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In the London

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last night I made that announcement that I said Darwin was a little bit awkward with the island Island if no one

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less rather than help each other. In matters of piety, and taqwa help each other in good things.

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Whether the island and its comala do not help one another.

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And it isn't always one. And he said do not help one another in sin and in coveting things which are prohibited.

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Now, if you see the zero is a lava lamp,

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the most significant thing that comes

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is how does it have a landline,

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those who accepted

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in Makkah, how they change their whole lifestyle based on Islam.

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These are people who were not only 16, but they came from generations of America.

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But when they accepted Islam,

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literally overnight,

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they change their entire lifestyle.

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They gave up their friends,

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they gave up their customs, they gave up whatever practices they used to have. And I'm not talking about religious practice religious practices, obviously, they gave up

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because when they accepted Islam, actually they were not worshipping idols, that they gave up anyway. I'm not talking about religious religious practices, I'm talking about their social practices,

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their social practices, the social norms.

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They give up all of those, they move themselves away from their previous culture and previous society. And they came into the culture of society of Islam.

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And that is the reason for the success of Islam. In the first generation, because the Sahaba, reviled a language vain, when they accepted the message of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, they stood with him

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they did not say like the outset to masala salam, you go and you're up and you're you and Europe go and fight. And we will stand and watch. They did not do that. That is the sign of the fact that is a sign of the morality. When the Mirage came when they came to visit and when the Mirage were there in Madeira. This is what the monastery did.

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They did not stand with Rasul Allah, Allah, you do.

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Whatever you say, that's fine. But we will not stand with that. These are the signs I'm gonna read. The reason I'm saying this is because today we are living in a time

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and especially in this city in Allah forgive us. We find that the Muslims are engaged in all sorts of customs and practices, they do not worship idols, but in other things they have taken into their own lives and into their own

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into their own custom and into their own way of living. They have taken the customs and practices of the idol worshippers.

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For example, in Islam, we know that the marriage in Islam is a nega followed by Oliver hollows.

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And the new guy is a simple ceremony, which ideally, it is a good thing to do in the market. But even if you do not do it to the budget and the light is valid, even if you do it somewhere else, and that is our goal, and then the husband gives him or her and that is it. There is nothing else to be done. The the father or the family of the bride have no expenditure to be incurred. They don't have to do anything. They don't have to say anything I am the law, the father of the bride has agreed to give his daughter in marriage.

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And it is the mark of the man that he comes and he gives them a head and he takes his wife

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and then he gives the

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baby maybe the same day maybe the next day, whatever it is.

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This is the marriage in Islam, it is simple. It is dignified. Alhamdulillah It is something which is full of Baraka and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless such weddings and to put such weddings which are done accordingly.

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But what do we see in the city?

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You see,

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two days three days before the actual marriage. They have one ceremony

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in which they smear the bride with

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henna best. Then the next day the smear the bride with healthy pastes.

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And as I said they should also smear her with ginger garlic and after that they should also smear her which he did.

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Have something you know, hot, bright, however afford a level. And then they have new or new ceremony that they have now introduced called senate where they all get together and they sing and dance. And all of this is before the nigga. And then they have a day on which they have the nigga and then there is a very party with the bride's parents are supposed to give.

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And then they have the after the niggas and they have another another Allah knows what from where they got this from Jyoti. What is Josie?

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The Hara hotel. And then they have Oliver

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wedding in the city goes on five days, six days, 10 days

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in a row, and then this Islam.

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And what is worse is that people come and they come to me and they come to other people and they say, you know what someone's was doing in his wedding, they are spending hundreds of 1000s of rupees on flowers and the flowers next day they are flown and they are rotting. And you know what so and so is doing and they had this ceremony in that ceremony. So as the weather I said, Excuse me, how do you know all this?

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Well, because I went

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well, then you have worked on them. You are worse than the one who is doing that thing.

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Because you are helping him in doing that thing.

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Why did you go if you think it is so bad that you want to go and complain to somebody else? And then they come and say, Hey, you know you should give a hoot about this.

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Why should I give a hoot about this?

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Am I talking to people who do not know?

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You want to use my shoulder to fire your gun?

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they should be ashamed of themselves ashamed of themselves.

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Even was understand this is not Islam

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law. 101 Alito said, and as our example I had a volleyball team, they did not help one another. And they obviously they did not do any of these things. But I'm saying they did not help their previous families and so on who had not yet entered this lab in those festivals. They did not do they did not go

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My question is when we know something is wrong, how do we participate on what basis

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so first of all, you by the way, you go and eat that whatever

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whatever that is there and then then you may complain after that.

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You're worse than those people.

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We have taught us that this is not Islam. And Islam did not spread like this. And even today Islam will not have the elk or sparrows, Allah unless the Muslims are willing to take a stand and say I'm sorry I will not participate in a function which is in contrary in contradiction to the Sharia. Simple Don't you have a headache our stomach? No nothing My head is fine My stomach is fine. I will not participate in this function because you are not doing something which is in accordance with the Sharia. The Sharia did not come to be thrown in the garbage the Sharia came to be implemented. The Sharia came for us to follow

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and if you don't want to follow Jerry I cannot bore you but I will certainly not participate in sorry No No but you are my family you're my friend yours family friend everything is after a line is nothing. First is a line and maybe after that family friend everybody.

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When there is no alignment to be which family

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which bread, no bread, no family. We first have our first allegiance when we say la ilaha illAllah we are making a covenant to Muhammad Rasul Allah making covenant Oh, where is the family in this? There is a family,

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family and friends and so on come after the gala Shahada. I remind myself I knew that if we want the gala Ruby on our tongues when we are dying, then we better wake up now and stop and stop treating the kalama like garbage.

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If you want to say the caliber The last thing when you are dying, be faithful to the caliber while you are alive. If you are faithless with the caliber if you are traitors with the caliber, if you commit treason against the caliber, then the caliber will not come on your tongue on the day of judgment and the caliber will not come on your tongue when you are dying your tongue it will come on your tongue when your De La Hoya hotel Allah fear Allah, tala haka, Ducati

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and step B and go and be with PB speak the truth. Don't tell lies in the day when the in the name of Islam. Let us be very clear in our minds and stop fooling ourselves and do not participate in these in these in these haram festivals. And in these haram practices and it is haram customs that have come into the cities into villages. The only way they will go out is if you refuse to practice.

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absolutely refuse. Sorry, they will tell you that we are not your friend Salaam Alaikum go away. You don't want to observe as our friends we do not want friends who are disobedient to Allah. Allah tala. Let us be very, very clear. And let us be

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Absolutely rigid on this matter. We will do what Allah subhanaw taala has ordered us to do, and we will not do what Allah subhanaw taala has ordered us not to do.

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You are the surah davon in insalata budget in our Laval, Akuma oladipo. fitna, Allah says these are tests for you.

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These are tests for you that is not for ourselves these are tests for us Do not fail the test. Because otherwise the last lesson when our soul is being extracted, may Allah subhanaw taala helpers on that day at that time, in order that we don't fail that test, and in order that we speak the caliber before we die insha Allah was that and the only way to do that is to be faithful to the karma throughout our lives. Bella make this easy for us to do was Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was heavy as right there.