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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the issue of psychological fears and the need for people to avoid dangerous work, avoiding harm and dangerous work to avoid getting in trouble. They also touch on the topic of the label "has nothing special" and the need for people to avoid it. The conversation emphasizes the importance of protecting people from evil behavior and the use of deeds as deeds, while also reminding people of the need to learn from history and bring out the truth. The speakers stress the importance of protecting from evil behavior and bringing out the truth.
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That umbrella of Serato salovaara should be around early he was heavy on wanna avoid

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continuing conclude

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what we started yesterday about

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the closing of the means

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sub the by

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the closing of the means, which is the principle of the Sharia

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where the Sharia stops

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anything that can lead to Haram.

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Even if by itself, that thing is valid.

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And I gave you several examples of that yesterday.

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Today I want to touch on another very important part of that

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about which many people have a lot of mistaken impressions and ideas

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and which

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unscrupulous people exploit

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in order to prey on the psychological fears of people, then make money out of it.

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And I'm referring to the issue of what we know in bamboo as Tao is.

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before we go there,

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I want to share with you today Salamis, Allah goddess Absalom,

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where he mentioned to zabba. One day, he said I was shown

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when he went in marriage,

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that I was shown

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the scenes from the Day of Judgment.

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And he said, I saw some ambia going into the agenda with just a few people behind him.

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And he saw, he said, I saw some ambia going into the agenda alone, with nobody with them.

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And then he said, I saw a huge crowd of people a big, big, big multitude of people

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said, I asked those with me. And that was the very last element Nikola Tesla. He said, as as those with me. Who are these people?

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These people might.

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And they said, No, this is the oma Musa alayhis. Salam, the one is right.

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And then they said to me, Look over there. And he said, they pointed to the horizon. And he said, I saw a people which completely filled the horizon

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is much bigger multitude than anybody has completely filled the horizon or

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Nithya. I was told that that is your oma

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and 70,000 of them will enter the agenda without

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70,000 of them will enter the agenda with autism.

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And as soon as they're socialized, Allah Sallam said that

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a savage stood up and he said, jasola, please make dua that I should be among them.

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And we shall la Sallam said in sha Allah, you are among them.

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And another side who stood up there and said, Yeah, so let me please make dua that I should be with them.

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And as soon as Adam said, he has taken some court Oh, you, he has gone before you.

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And then he left the machine.

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So when the rest of the head is said that does have an hour

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discussing amongst themselves, as I said, Who are the 70,000? And some people said Well, maybe it is us, maybe it is the Sahaba

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and so on and so on.

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And he said that nobody's ever heard this discussion. And he came back and he said those 70,000 are the people who will not take recourse to Rokia and who will not tie anything around their arms and around their necks establish

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if you look at this

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look at fee nasty Salah guys.

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Then why is nebulous. I'm seeing someone who will not do it

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will enter Jannah without reason

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with regard to the issue of Tavis, which is to write something or a piece of paper on some material

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and security

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in some locket or box or some pouch, and then to tie it around your neck or tie it on your arm

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And others who came after them terrain and others differed.

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And they said that what is prohibited refers to things which are not from the Quran and refers to things which are from other sources which are cited.

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And Zavala covered in the last and so on had this view, they said that as long as it is from the foreign eyes of the foreign it is permitted. That's what they said. Other Sahara

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is Abdullah soul and so on. They said that it refers to everything, because if nobody sallallaahu Selim wanted to specify that it is gize and permissible to write as the Quran and put them into a pouch and diet on your neck and so on, then he would have said this,

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but he did not say this, he prohibited all kinds of damage.

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It is true he did not specify this and this but then if he if that was so then he would have specified because this is the work of the Navy Salazar is to be clear in what he's saying.

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So on that basis, they said that any kind of damages

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are permitted.

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Hola Allah.

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Couple of things to understand about this number one,

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what nobody deferred on

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where there is complete and total agreement about all this, I have all the data in all of Islam

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is that if somebody does not work, then he's not committing anything.

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Right. There is a difference of opinion as I said, that if someone is wearing somebody, you know as long as he is wearing something which is only the ayat of the Quran, then it is permitted, if it is something else is not permitted, there is a difference of opinion. But if somebody is not wearing, there is absolutely no difference of opinion that this is the right thing to do. Nobody says that unless you were at average, you will not go to jail, nobody said this, right. That wearing a tie which is necessary to go to jail, nobody said this. So that is one thing to understand very clearly that not wearing Tavis and so on so forth, there is no difference of opinion that are humbler This

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is the path of safety number one number two.

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Our Natasha delana

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is making tough when it comes to hazardous work, he stands there and he says you are a stole

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there is nothing special about you there is no power that you have to cause good or harm. I guess you only because love is Allah Allah Allah wa sallam kissed you and then he makes the most of hazardous one.

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Who is Mr. Malhotra who did he learn from

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whose understanding of the is correct or not Katara galanos or mine or yours?

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What is the need for Omar Catalano to make that statement?

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Let us reflect on these things as I have I did not do things randomly they did things because one of them is a woman

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he his Amell is something which we as part of our academy consider the armor the armor of the size of the qualifier actually as worthy of emulation divisible assumption is very clearly said obey me and obey by a qualifier machine.

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And that is what his understanding of it

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completely and totally pure. Not only from sure, but for anything which can even lead to ship

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samples right? Is it haram to get this hazardous waste? No, of course not. Not only is it not a rabbit isn't it is a very good thing Mashallah we should do it.

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But even there somebody like worms is closing the door have any kind of imagination to say that if I kiss the stone something good will happen to me however about a level below the stone only and only because it is the sun.

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No that is

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30 issue.

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Those who say that the damage if it is either the foreign is

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even there. You think about this. Today you right desire to go karate put it in a locker to put it down your neck, around the neck of your child on the arm of a child. Then you go to the toilet.

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So you're carrying the edge of the Quran out into the toilet

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because you're not taking the time off and putting it back on. Nobody does that it always is on your arm or on your neck. So every time you go to the toilet, you're taking the add the Quran into the toilet and then that 11 then our job

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is to heal the Quran it is it is lack of other further

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right now

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then, of course

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What actually happens? I don't know how many of you have actually opened these damages and seen it I've seen it as I'm telling

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most of the vast vast majority of them, they don't only have it

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they have the most common ones I have seen

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these people will draw a grid square with eight boxes in it

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and in the grid there is the hero form aka that

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what is our affiliate about the horrible Look at that, that we do not know the meaning? Yes, I live law maybe as in calf II and so, we do not know the meaning of these things. This is all as well. Now these people write this Why?

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If you don't know the meaning of something, I can write ABCD XYZ also meaning how does it make a difference?

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But the riders then they write some numbers.

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The numbers is numerology which is haram.

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Right there are some numbers then they have some vague designs

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all of which are from the Amal of shaitan.

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And they put it in this on the YouTube and you pay some money for it.

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And of course they said oh no, no, but we don't take any money.

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But you know, and I know unless you get the money you don't get the service.

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Or I'm out of shape. Chetan Now why are we talking about this as well? Because the person who is wearing attalus Where is this taco? Where is this fit? If someone has a thing around his neck and he tells me that his faith isn't alone then he's a liar.

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If His face is on Allah alone then why does he have disorders Nick

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as simple as that, unless then

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Allah has done it only as the developer of Allah has asked me and I will give you

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so if somebody is putting this thing around his neck or on his arm or whatever it is that he says no, but my face is a lot then he is a liar.

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He says I have put this thing around my neck around my neck or my child because it will it will protect him

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It will protect him from harm bring that child to me bring that child with a tie which to me and I will whack him on his head and he will take a somersault and he will go and hit the wall Let me see how that I was productive.

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It's also protect No. So bring the child here.

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Let me see. Bring the Versa with the Tavis which is supposed to protect him

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and I will show him how it cannot even protect him from me forget about protecting from the great forces of nature or whatever whatever.

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the point we're making here is

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that even if something is

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enough the by itself in this particular case the weather is better fene of sea itself is dies or not dies is a matter of difference of opinion.

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But I'm saying even if it was not difference of opinion for example the casing there's no difference of opinion that's a good thing to do. Even there

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somebody like when I made a statement

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that when myself and you to keep ourselves safe from all shake and therefore closed the doors for everything that amongst the shift somebody the other is up anywhere and they said that this movie and May Allah protect us from these movies, who use the dean in order to make money.

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These are from the people who are the people are shaped and not the people of Muhammad Rasul masala

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ambia did not use the deen to make money

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so this Moly

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while they were sick of course, these people also full is vital vital, if you are sick go to the doctor We will see you what are the money what

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right? I mean you want you want to cook a meal and you go to the carpenter for what?

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So they take him to the deck they go to the movie and there's more we evidently first give them the service

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and then there's and the model is that then

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after throttle further use it and you make this bigger. And you say you take one breath and is one breath you say Laila heilala Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah 10 times and when your breath is about to finish, you say Muhammad Rasul Allah once.

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So 10 and then this was

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the point is, where is this from?

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Where is this from? Where is this formula from, to say 10 times xylella and then one masala at the end of that at all this was done in one breath.

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Or have such formula with the Dean

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The only thing which is dies which is permissible is what Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did or told us to do. I've said this many times before, may Allah protect us. This Deen of Islam is not your property. It is not my property. It is not your grandfather's property. It is not my grandfather's property for me to play around with and to change and to add and to subtract and to twist and turn

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to suit our idiotic and twisted minds. This then is pure from Allah subhanaw taala. It came to us. If we don't like it, leave it and go.

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But we have no right to change it for anybody.

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What is arousal is lm teachers with regard to Rokia with regard to taking the help of the Quran as a cure.

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There is Allah Salam taught us that sort of the Fatiha is a cure for hamdulillah if somebody is sick, we can reset it and blow on this person.

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And that's right Allah will give the cure

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taught us the word hold out, we will develop and hold our witness. If you feel that there is some effect or something, which is, you know, whatever magic or something, then we read these three times each and says I have Ilana said when he was sick in his last sickness. He said I would recite the model then and I would blow on his hands. And he would pass his hands over his body. I even think about that. Why is she reciting it and blowing it on his head, the Aster the electron is a wide it was wide enough to do with your head, he said because his hands are more mobarak than my heads.

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And that is why I used to because he was not able to resect at that time he was in his last so you could not so geez I used to say and I would blow on his head and then he would pass his hands over his body. And I'm like this is pure I am the guy that

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is a protection.

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The does be alpha to me, which we know which he taught to Fatima Zahra delana, and I don't even know which is 33 times 33 times 134 times Allahu Akbar, and then we say La la la la la de la sharika

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Dora Soto, and then we pass our hands over our body and this has to be done

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all of these to be done in shala at night before you go to bed, but of course also to be done these things after every for Salah these are all these are things which taught us Alhamdulillah This is sufficient for us there is no need for us to invent something and bring something from here and there. And so and so said this and my motion said this and so that have enough water level. Let us be very clear with regard to the deen of Islam, that Islam is only and only what was brought by nahi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, anyone who adds anything in it, this is from Chetan and this leads to the Hellfire kulu with Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Azza wa sallam said very very clearly about

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this matter. We let us understand this there is a big mistaken impression among the Ummah that there is something called visa Hashanah.

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Visa Hashanah visa de hacer una de the term itself is illogical. The term itself is illogical thing with Asana is like saying nice Haram. You know is either nice or it is however we cannot have nice Allah right. Good. How can they be good? With Asana? How can they be the Hazara when avisar is very very clearly said

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our visa is in Ghana college. Let us be very clear about this. There is no visa Hazara. These are all people have brought in things and they say so and so and Townsville is connected to Sahaba. They talk about this one. So this is with a hacer la and we understand this, even where people have used the term, for example with regard to Omar Nakamura De La Hoya in a particular case the integration, they say that he says and Omar mentioned this and he said has a visa Hazara, he's talking when he says Buddha is talking about the the lovely the dictionary meaning of the term Buddha, he's not talking about these the meaning or the the technical meaning of the term because we have to

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understand that the whole problem is that we don't study the in systematically. And that's the reason why we get all sorts of confusions. If you studied in business dramatically, anyone who studies in systematically that even this question will not arise because he has understood what the whole thing is. But out of the blue, you take one thing from somewhere and there's no background to that, it confuses us. So let us be very clear, there is no such thing as without

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Allah or Buddha is Allah and Allah, Allah Allah is in the north, and that is from the Salah. lahari was I was lm no introduction into the deen and hamdulillah liova qualicum de novo alikum Neva de oro de la Vina para de la vida he said we have completed this Deen and we have completed on you and we have chosen Islam for you as your deen and that Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen is sufficient for us we do not need anything more or less and we are very happy and we are pleased with what Allah subhanaw taala gave us. And that is the reason why we say every morning and evening among the asker

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of Islam Idina Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wasallam salam, Navara sola to say this three times in the morning and in the evening, as part of our uscar This is wajib so let us also do that. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to keep us free from our shell from all that and to give us pure and pure on the Dean of the heat of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so that we will be in sha Allah We ask Allah subhanaw taala to include us among those 70,000 who will be given gender. The ladies up for us and our families are sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi

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wa rahmatullah.