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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala should have freedom be able silly

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Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala us I will send them

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this leaving a theater in the theater from Abbado

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rather than sisters

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I want to tell you

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share with your

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marriage secret of success

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01 Secret everybody knows

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I said I want to share with you a secret of success.

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It's an open secret it's not a very secret word secret.

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And the secret of success is that

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the one or the thing that belongs to somebody

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is taken care of

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the person or the thing that belongs to somebody has an owner

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gets taken care of.

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If it doesn't have an owner

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it's on its own.

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So you either have an owner or you're on your own

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let me give you a few examples.

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You have your house

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how's the job

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what does it look like?

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How much time do you spend on it?

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How much money how much energy

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most of you I bet you

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and I've got here sitting in front of me two or three people

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who I know spend a lot of time and money and money and energy on their house in their house a beautiful garden the beautiful but if I asked you put a number on it

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in the last one year is a long time so let me see the last one week last one month how many hours did you spend on your house? I bet you they cannot tell you they cannot tell me that

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because they don't count

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right they don't want they don't they don't look at their watch and say okay I'm spending from nine o'clock to 12 o'clock working in my garden on Monday

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is my house I do it

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compare that to a house which you own

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it's vacation has no tenant it's there somewhere

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your car the one you own

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versus somebody else's car

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if your car has one dent

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you know I mean depending on on the car and depending on the person where you roll the ball and because you think oh well one did especially new car.

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So when you this guy, okay.

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In this country, you see people walking their dogs

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in our countries, India, Verizon, Africa and so on. We have stray dogs,

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we've got the pie dogs, because you don't know what the breed is. It's like a pie.

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Straight up.

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They have to fend for themselves. They're eating out of garbage dumps.

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Every passing kid will throw a stone rock at it.

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So those are so well trained to expect rocks that if you bend down, it starts screaming, okay, you need to do anything.

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Because you know what's coming trend.

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But in this country, you see people walking their dogs and then the dog has to do something a dog is doing what it's supposed to do which is depositing its meal.

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What does the person do? The person is carrying a plastic glove in his pocket. He takes that he takes that dirt of the dog with the feces of the dog he clean takes it up and then

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in that plastic and then he puts it into the

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into the garbage can which is for this purpose

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what's the lesson?

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You know, lots of

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learning like breathing.

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Experience is like breathing. It just happens. Everybody happens everybody. But not everyone learns anything right?

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To learn on experience he must look at the experience he was thinking about the experience he will say how does this apply to me? So what you learned from the summary is picking up his dog's

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you know what I learned?

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I learned the power of being owned

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the man will not do that for somebody else's dog right?

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Have you ever seen somebody is walking around with plastic in his hand saying I'm here to pick up all the dog turds of every dog in this place? No.

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I pick up for my daughter

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the power of being owned

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you go to Mayfair in New York you will find out with jewel colors

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with owned by millionaires and billionaires being walked by

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you know better than Butler's in livery

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the bar or being on

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to belong to somebody. So what happens if you belong to somebody?

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That owner

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takes care of you.

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Because if you don't look good

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what do they say?

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If some abandoned car doesn't look good, what do you say?

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But if I see our scar and I said what happened is over a workman's comp

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was over it is gonna look like this

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So whose fault is it the cars fault

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you get the point me

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the thing that belongs to somebody reflects on the owner

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so no owner will want his thing his possession robot

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who yeah please go harmonica who

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nobody is nobody's spoiled his own thing.

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Where we have

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now we've got Bob key shall say Bob key poverty sobre Huzzah. Judah bodega.

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We'll do those Gaya purgative up here

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nobodies pauses on thing

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so where am I getting this?

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What is the point of all this?

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You anybody

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belong to the right or

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belong to the right or

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what do we say I shall do Allah ilaha illallah wa I shall do ana

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Worship one hour Hamadan.

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I will do who or assume

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I will do hoorah solo.

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Somebody will say oh I shadow Anna Mohammad rasool the whole, the whole is it.

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What's wrong with that? Is it wrong? Is it haram it is sin? No.

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should change the order

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the Zulu Abu

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you saying the same thing? Or is it the same thing?

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What is the meaning of this order specific or Abdo? Who was wrong?

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What is the meaning of them?

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First establishing the ownership.

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Who does he belong to?

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To Allah? I will do who?

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Then what is his work?

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Also his messenger

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if the ownership is not established, we don't know what work we don't know whose work

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taboo or assume Suhana lazy Asara be

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Leila Minella Masjidul haram Elon Musk de la casa Lesiba Hola. Hola. No Rio Minaya Tina

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in who who was Samuel bossy?

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calidad IV

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it Lula de su have been Israel

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Abu the

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so wasn't allowed said

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it so ANA Lucia Sarabi rasuna he Ihlara Masjidul haram ascending

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rasa Mr. Roscoe upon

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notified me the one who took His Rasul he was the Rasul who went from Machida Hovind

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Rasulullah right so he also

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Why did Allah not say they're

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good he's close relationship

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If your father

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introduces you to somebody

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now you are an engineer and you do this and that

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how will your father introduce you?

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This is all my teen who is an engineer blah blah No, no, no, no, no no. This is my son. Who is this this this

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the closest relationship

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the most valuable relationship

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comes first

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I have a Doris

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sweater myself when you

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become Allah's like

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hair like it he's got mono

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we belong to Allah anyway. But accept that

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what is the meaning of accepting

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it means do what Allah tells you to do? Nothing is

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without question

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without question

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why you do it because Allah says us

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no arguments because Allah said so is the biggest argument there is no argument more powerful than that

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right so my college high school and colleges I used to train dogs and train them for God work at random for attack work at random for police work for tracking it in the

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dark shooting and so on so retrieving

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and if I sent a dog into the forest to track or if I sent a dog into the into the into the lake to bring a duck which I shot I say go fetch

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using the dog doesn't excuse me Hello? Have you seen the lake

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Have you any idea watching this lake?

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Maybe there's a crocodile who telling me go Why don't you do it yourself? You just log dog has this conversation. No. Fetch God like a shot

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no question. The owner says go go in the process you might die yes Am I gay?

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Here's a fire horses go I go through the fire. I might get volunteers on Monday but

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I have enough trust in my owner to know that my owner is not a fool. He will not tell me to do something which will destroy me because my owner loves me. My owner will take care of me. If anything happens to me it reflects back on the owner the owner will not allow that to happen.

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So I if I if I'm if the if the car belongs to me if the thing belongs to me, I will never destroy it. I will never spoil it myself. Never.

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That is a sign of my intelligence. That is a sign of who I am.

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If I spoil my own thing you will say what your brain is, you know functioning. Why do you spoil your own thing?

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Become Allah's.

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We are about Allah. We belong to Allah. We are Allah subhanaw taala has property. Allah subhanaw taala created us. He is our Highlife and Malik and Razak and Hakim voylla He was here and to Him is our

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become a nurse

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and then Allah subhanaw taala will take care of

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you don't have to ask anything.

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It will automatically happen

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without asking because Allah knows what's what you need, Allah will give you and if you ask he will also reward you for the asking but he will give you

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as for yourself will give you as father's he will give you

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what condition

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condition is obey. Condition is

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become that dog

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in that there is honor.

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complete obedience no question.

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Go God has

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come came, finished

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Allah Subhan Allah has ordered takes precedence over everything. Every every single thing

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that see the fun. See how Allah subhanaw taala will bring this word and throw it at your feet.

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He will put your love and your is your respect in the hearts of people who did not even know

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people will love you will respect you. People will look up to you people will listen to you. If you will get influenced you will get power authority from a loss.

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Condition obey don't argue

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do not argue what Allah said is colorless.

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That's it

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that's my lesson to the eye. You people don't understand what it was I would have shown you I was listening to a very beautiful NASM

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This is the lesson from that

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is it

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and like us.

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He asked him was Valterra geladeira go to accept us

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and to

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put it in put this into our hearts that we belong to Him

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and to take us in a state where we know and we are in his herbal body

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and do enter cover us with His mercy and His protection in this world. And in the next section. Are some of our data we will carry while he was having a prom together.