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In Alhamdulillah, WA salatu salam

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ala alihi wa sahbihi Romano Allah

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we were doing the last three idols surah mount and the last I

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are a little village masala ality no one's allowed himself unless you know your own way and owner mouth, we have no known people who stop from doing small good things stop themselves stop others small good things. The thing I remind myself new is that just as the other day we were talking about the issue of risk. I mentioned I said that the great secret of happiness, so called is to take pleasure in small things.

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Because there are many of those in your life.

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You look at a small flower and you feel happy about it to see how beautiful it looks. You look at a sunset, whatever, small things which are no great significance, but because there are so many of them, they lead to happiness, they lead to a person feeling happy all through his legs because he has many of those incidents.

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Similarly, in terms of good deeds,

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it is very important to pay attention to the small thing.

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And that is why we see Neville asila

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says after Salaam he said spread Salam

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after all, how what how much effort does it take to Somalia.

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But the benefit of it there are people who are like you know, in general salon salon, everywhere you go

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to spreading the doula the sending Salam and Beeson greetings on people, small things.

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So rather than upset a smile at your brother in Sabah,

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deciding at your mother is

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to look at your parents with love and smile at them has the reward of a gentleman

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is looking at them. Okay. So, people who have their parents, they must take advantage of this

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as well as to remove his Tawny branch from the back.

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This is Alicia

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here is a battery one.

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And so on so many hobbies, which talk about and mentioned the reward big rewards for small things.

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The famous having said that there was a man who went inside a well to get some water in a very on a very hot day. And when he came out, he saw that there was a very thirsty dog by the side of the whale, and obviously the dog could not go inside. And there was no water so the man filled water in his shoe

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and brought it up and gave it to the dog.

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And Allah Subhana Allah gave him Jenna for that one action

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for that one action, because he gave water to this dog.

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So the point is, that

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is very important for us to take organisms off, and to remember the small things and to make sure that we do all those small things.

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It's not, you know, it's it's fine 100 alive and Allah, Allah gives us the opportunity to do the weird things in Mega jenvey mega tick off and on and so on and so on.

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Those who can do it to do it, but the small things are available for everyone else.

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We come into the module, we see something on the floor, you take it off and throw it

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cleaning the house of Allah,

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small things very, very, nothing very big. But each one adds up. Each one of them and then on the Day of Judgment, you find that we have all of these good deeds, in our account, the surah itself, I tell you, because he will be Dean Allah said Have you not seen those people who deny their religion

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or their little areas are only a team and these are the people who repel the orphan

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who treat to mistreat orphans.

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Thing is especially younger ones, you know, smiles for small children,

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because they have nobody father, one Father is not there.

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And so in some cases mother also may not rely on repel the orphan. There was a time when somebody started an orphanage, and they asked one of the alumni of this country to come inaugurate.

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And the IOM he actually got very upset. And he said this is haram what you're doing.

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So he said how can taking care of the orphan behera he said they taking care

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The often means to keep the offer in your house and to bring him up as your own.