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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah but a lot of our data set in Allah DNA of shannara bomba La Villa home of your own career.

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Allah really those people in the legend I have shown a bomb will wipe those people who fear Allah subhanaw taala in the hype, Lama Farah.

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For them there is forgiveness, not fear Allah homophone or urine COVID. And for them, there is great reward.

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This one myself, I knew that the whole foundation of Islam is on Iran will wipe

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the last round data and he mentioned the mean

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and a lizard wrote his book, I said Daddy, Calcutta, volare Buffy he was a little puppy, and larina you know,

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who are the most again the people who have given on the right

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sort of fear Allah subhanaw taala, who we cannot perceive

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except through his creation.

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This is the essence of all goodness,

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you have shown our bond and

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I remind myself when you that day will come and his way will not survive anymore.

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And when he was here last Ramadan inshallah,

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but that day will be a good day only if we have lived our lives,

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obeying the law, and loving Allah and fearing to disobey Allah.

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While we are still in this life, while that is still in

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the Quran, as mentioned, this was born, the subject

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of showing our bond in different

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places. And in different words, his reaction also is mentioned and so on. But mainly the subject is the same, the masculine is the same of fearing Allah subhanaw taala. And fearing to offend Allah, Salah well as well, while we are in a state of this world of this life, where we cannot see

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the essential difference between the Muslim and anonymously.

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The Muslim and somebody who wants to live this life, according to his own will and pleasure.

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The thing to remember is that Alhamdulillah the Sharia of Islam is such that it does not prevent us from

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doing anything which is intrinsically and essentially good for us.

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The history of Islam is not something which imposes on you in such a way that your life is difficult. No, life is not. everybody's life is very easy. Life is full of harmony, life is full of goodness, life is full of peace, life is full of every form of goodness, provided we are not indulging in something which intrinsically is bad for us.

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The Sharia does not prevent us from doing anything, which is essentially good. And it prevents us only from doing things which in themselves are bad for us.

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For example, the Sharia prevents us from drinking alcohol or from taking drugs. Anyone with any sense knows that drinking alcohol and taking drugs is intrinsically bad, whether you live whether you accept it or not.

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Right, it is bad by itself. It is that is that our leaders don't do it. So what is so bad about it?

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The problem is backbiting isn't good. There's any system in the world say that backbiting is a good thing.

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Does he say that backbiting is a good thing?

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which religion tells you that backbiting is a good?

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So he has he has his backbiting is bad. So what is so bad about that?

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The thing to understand is that whatever the Sharia permits, is intrinsically good for us. And whatever the Sharia prohibits is intrinsically bad for us.

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It is not what Allah subhanaw taala I think Nottingham's Allah and I think benefits Allah.

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If we drink alcohol, we don't drink alcohol. Whether you worship or don't worship doesn't affect us and that is only for our own good.

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Life we understand this little bit that is more than sufficient, when inshallah we will be able to live our lives in a clean and good form.

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In addition to this, the benefit is that if we do those deeds, with the intention of pleasing Allah subhanaw taala, Allah Allah they will also do agenda for it. Not to drink alcohol in itself is a good thing. Not to drink alcohol in itself is a good thing. But if somebody is not drinking alcohol also too, in the sense he knows it's a good thing, but he is not drinking it. Why to please Allah Subhana Allah. Then he gets done.

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Maybe you don't want to drink alcohol Anyway, what do you say I live not drinking it because I want to be the last one. I won't even want to try it. Similarly for other things.

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So allows

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Done, see that I have an advantage

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because in any case, the thing you are doing is in any way Good for you. So that could have been in a bicycle but as far as I know, I will give it to them. If you do this, in order to please me,

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ask Allah subhanaw taala to put this Harsha to law in our hearts and to fill our hearts with passion for law so that when we have to take decisions in life, we take them only for one reason that is for the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah will carry values as well.