Ramadan 2022 Reflections – Day 27

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Bismillah Harada Rahim

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala sherfield MBA will mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu ala he while early he was Abu Salam

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that live on Catherine cathedra. My brothers and sisters

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Ramadan al Karim is a

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habit change bootcamp

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they tell us that to change a habit

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requires you to practice the new habits for 21 days. And if you can do that consistently for 21 days, then this new habit becomes permanent near life.

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I want you to think about this Ramadan and about all the new good habits that you have inshallah started practicing.

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Allah Allah gave us not 21 days he gave it give us 29 or 30 days. So even more reason for the good habits to take root and to get firmly established.

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So what are these good habits? Let us enumerate number one is praying the five Salah on time, preferably in the masjid and Hamdulillah we did it in Ramadan and there's no earthly reason why we can't do it after all.

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The purpose of Ramadan is post all that.

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So let's understand this. What is it that I have changed my life in Ramadan? So one is my concentration and my my

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praying regularly so this is five times a day, preferably in the masjid. And if you can't pray all five in the masjid then as many times as possible but definitely one time a day you're going to

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remember if you pray Salado, Russia has a lot of further by Jeremiah in the masjid Allah Allah gives you the reward for worshiping Him the whole night. So don't lose that reward. Do not lose that river. Make sure that you're praying Salat al Fajr and Salado Isha in the masjid. In addition to that, whatever else Allah Subhana Allah gives you the top of your potential. Second one is charity

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you give to charity. And if you have been following what I was telling you to do, you have been giving charity every day in Ramadan. make this into a habit throughout throughout the year. give charity every day of your life.

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No matter how much you give, give charity every day of your life and when you are giving remember that this is the best business investment that you can make. Why do I call it business because Allah call it business? Yeah, even Xena Armano Hala do LUCAM Allah Tiara thin Digiarty business to ng Caminada mentally or you will believe Shall I show you a tiara a business which will give you Najat which will give you freedom from a grievous punishment. So make charity into a daily habit because this is what we need to know that

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number three control on our tongue.

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In our handler inshallah we practiced no lying No cheating no backbiting, no slandering no profanity, no cursing, no bad language right now. We continue this throughout the rest of our lives inshAllah

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14 We can we manage our time

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we manage our time whether hamdulillah thanks to which we were able to worship Allah subhanaw taala much more than what we normally did.

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And part of managing this time was also managing our social media addictions. Let us continue that manage your time and manage social media addictions you can lo and behold, that

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the world did not end because you got our Facebook inshallah the world did not end because you were not responding to messages instant instantaneously the whole day, you had one time and you were looking at messages and so on you were choosing what to respond and whatnot respond to this is all practice and this is all training for the rest of our lives. So let us do that and say I will manage my time better and I will manage my social media better remember the reason you manage your time was because you started off with goals. You cannot manage time if you don't have goals so set goals for yourself for the rest of your life and say these are my goals and based on those goals I'm going to

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manage my time in such a way that I get maximum benefit from the goals and my time is not wasted not even one second is wasted in doing something which is either worthless and of course inshallah we don't do something which is haram and will get gets us into trouble. Right so make sure we manage our time was Allah Allah Allah

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Will Karim Allah Allah He was a weird man we're having together