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Maryam Lemu


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This is Maria Lima. Welcome to my premarital masterclass a detailed guide to hopefully getting it right. Many marriages fail long before they've even begun. due to insufficient knowledge and proper planning. We just dive in from the deep end, and then learn about the skills needed afterwards. Sadly, many end up drowning in misery, anguish and pain. The divorce rate today is at an all time high. With over 60 episodes, I have created this course to help you navigate the obstacles and challenges that so many face when they want to get married. I am passionate about seeing marriages work, there is so much more to getting married than preparing for the wedding celebrations. In this

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masterclass, I take you on a journey of self discovery. I teach you how to recognize habits that can build your relationship or destroyed. I shall share with you qualities and skills you need for a healthy relationship. Things you need to have in place before you get married, how to deal with scars from unhealed emotional wounds, how to identify qualities you want in a spouse, and making sure that you get married for the right reasons. I also talked about handling pressure, how to know when you're actually ready to get married, and where to find a spouse. I talked about the getting to know you period and how to navigate the obstacles there and what to watch out for and what to talk

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about and when to know when to run for dear life. I also talk about in laws and a whole lot more the topics are endless. In preparing this comprehensive course. Everything was done to make it as detailed as possible. I share with you my best practices and biggest regrets things I wished I had known before I had gotten married, but good, the bad and the ugly truths and the mistakes I made the best things I learned and the most brilliant things my husband and I did to build the beautiful relationship we have shared for the past 29 years. Join me for this journey of a lifetime by registering today. I will be there as your guide every step of the way. Thank you