Maryam The Chosen 08 – When Should You Stop Making Dua For Something

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The loss of the church of St. John during the pandemic and the loss of its recognition as a recognized Christian church have caused the loss of its reputation as a recognized Christian church. The segment also touches on the loss of Zachary's name and its importance in shaping the generation of the shoulder of God. The segment ends with a discussion of the importance of worship and not rushing to get something.

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When you really want something when should you stop making draft for it

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Zakaria has watched media have risk provided for her and say to him with such simplicity and such confidence, my it is comes from Allah. Allah subhanaw taala provides for whom he wishes without account. And so he's reminded of that concept. And he goes back and he prays to Allah subhanaw taala for a risk that he wants so badly. A child, who is a Korea, we have to we have to kind of conceptualize this, Zachary is the final or one of the last prophets sent to the children of Israel. I want you to think of Musa and Harun and soon a man and Tao wooed and all of these prophets that were sent one after another, to Benny Islam,

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and the province double lights and obsess that Benyus law in every time a prophet would die, another would be sent sometimes there were multiple prophets all at the same time. It was a society that was filled with prophets. And then you have the well of prophet hood drying up, Zachary. It is that I'm after hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years. Zachary, it is seeing no profit after him, and he's become really old and age. So now he's whispering Angel Heart to ALLAH SubhanA data that we see as the opening scene of soilless medium, Allah subhanho data says, gaff ha yeah and slot, liquid Ramatuelle a bigger hub dosa clear. Remember the Blessings of your Lord the Mercy of your Lord on

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His servants Acadia. If not Dona Bonita and Sofia, when he called upon his Lord, a huffy hidden calling, he's whispering to Allah subhanaw taala. You're getting the image of somebody who has been worn down by life, he's describing his frailty to God, if not all, but when he doesn't have you cannot be in the word and help me He says, My Lord, my bones have become frail, which dialog box shape and my hair has become inflamed in white. It's not just my carriers kind of white, my entire head has become inflamed and white, washed out on lots of Shaybah. When a combi do I call a bishop here and I never lose. When I make dots you my prayer to you is never unblessed my prayer to you is

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never unblessed or any 15 mile me what I you know, this verse, I fear, the inheritors will come after me. He's not talking about physical, like money, the profits don't inherit money. But again, he is the last or of the last in a line of prophets of Benny Islam. And now he's worried. Like, there's always been profits. But now I'm worried about that well drying up who's going to who's going to be dispersing this knowledge? Who's going to be calling people to eat after me? What needs 15? What even what I work on? It's similar to ACA, and my wife is barren. This is amazing. So he's checking all of the reasons why he shouldn't have a son. He says, My bones are frail. My hair is

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white. My wife is barren. Every reason why can't have a son is checked, marked and present for heavenly melancholia. So grab me aside, grab me a son. He's saying, when I'm at Columbia, I Columbia to my Lord, I am never no prayer that I've ever lifted to you has ever been unblessed he's, what he's saying is you've always responded to my prayers. This is how I've known you my entire life. This is what your generosity is that comes accustomed me to. So forgive me if this is not a drill that I should be making. But it is granted. And yeah, he is introduced to the world. We're here in what's now called the Church of St. John.

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And it said that this is where yeah, it has said I was born. This is where as I carry it, he said I'm lived in his wife, and it is in the region or the village of a and caught him in Jerusalem. And it's around 11 kilometers from invested that officer so you get a sense of distance. It's around 4.5 miles away, which is according to Google Maps right now it's a two hour walk. So the Korea is receives the news of yet yeah. As the Quran states that the Bucha came to him who are caught him and you slowly feed me that he was praying in his prayer place in in Mr. lochsa. But you also get the understanding by understanding distance why for example, Emraan the father of media was actually the

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person the facility mentioned that he was the one who used to leave this law admissions officer, which is part of the reason why video was so fought over is that he passed away. While Miriam's mother Hannah was pregnant with media, and they fought over being able to caretaker for her because of how revered her father was someone used to lead them in their prayer. Why wouldn't Zachary lead the prayers of Zachary, it said, um, as a prophet, well, we see that he's actually in a village a little bit further out from MSU than oxide itself, but he would have his prayer place and domestic, Allah Subhana Allah Knows Best with regards to these details, because we don't have anything from

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the Quran from the Sunnah of the Prophet. So I said, and that tells us this, of course, exactly is where your hair was born. So when it comes to the Israelites, when it comes to the biblical narrations, as the Prophet saw the light is and Emma said, then do not believe them and do not believe them. Ie take it with a grain of salt.

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But like medium, the story of Zachary is told through two chapters of medium Ananda and bronze. And so we have to go back to Emraan. To see when they announced to Zecharia his son, when the angels ALLAH SubhanA diocese, and when the angels called out to him, Well, who will call him when you suddenly feel met him up. And Zecharia was standing, praying in his prayer place in his prayer chamber, the angels call out to him. What does that teach us? We get that image of Zakaria whispering to ALLAH SubhanA data privately in sort of media. And then sort of the idea and when we have the response to Zachary is dA, but when the response came, Zakaria wasn't sleeping. So Korea

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wasn't sitting there being upset about Allah subhanaw taala not having responded to his, he didn't go to Hajj or to Umbra cry his eyes out in front of the Kaaba and then come back home and not ask Allah Subhana Allah for any of the things that they were asking him for, when they were at HydroMet I didn't cry on the 27th night of Ramadan, and then not continue in show wise to ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah for the things that they had begged the last panel data for in Ramadan. He was consistent in his worship, and he was consistent in his dua. And so when the angels came to give him the good news,

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he was standing in his prayer place, he was continuing to worship Allah subhana data. This teaches us a lesson that the province the lightest and have taught us he says, You will certainly be responded to, you will certainly be responded to as long as you are not hasty. What Sahaba said, How can a person be hasty, he said a person says, I made dua to Allah subhanaw taala. And he didn't respond to me that's to be hasty. It's one of the etiquettes of one of the etiquettes of drought is that a person continues to make that job in person continues to make that die. And speaking of the etiquettes of God, I summarized some of the etiquettes of in a poem that goes

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make steal your heart. Let it be present in your audience with the King of kings. Let it be broken for word spoken are not token when hearts bleed from shattered things. With purity face the fibula begin with praise, humbled and awed and make no mistake where you may face there is the face of God and raise your hands for no hands returned to him empty handed and some blessings upon the Prophet that are beautiful and expanded and entry entrance before you begin by seeking forgiveness for every sin and begging implore and then implore some more do not by delay be defeated. For he loves for asking to be repeated and entrance to be entreated and invoke him with hope and fear with names he

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holds so dear and a charity that would proceed helps best to request proceed. And if you included phrases that One the prophets praises and acclaim, or the one he said, invoke God's greatest name, if you were to include all of that, in your prayer, with excellence perfected such a dua would hardly ever be rejected.

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I get asked a lot. When should a person stop making data for something though? Like, okay, you're saying to continue to make doc but I've been making this doc for one year or two years or 10 years, or 20 years? When should I stop? My question to you is, how long do you think that God he was praying for us? Do you think that he just got the idea at seven years old or 80 years old, or 90 years old, or however old he was? It's not like the first time the thought entered into his mind that hey, a son would be a great thing was when he became white haired and Baron wifed and frail boned. Like that's not when he first got the idea. But he says I never lose

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When I make dua to Allah, Allah subhana died. We have things that we want and sometimes we want something so badly. The thing that we want so badly becomes seemingly more distant as time progresses. Or sometimes the thing that we don't want that illness that we want gone from us or that poverty that we want to finally conquer is so present that we seem like you know what, maybe this my state is never gonna change. But Allah subhana wa Tada says in over 30 verses in the Quran, well, who had aqualisa and Kadir in Allah, Allah coalition, Allahu Allah Aquagym because ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is able to do all things. And he named himself as a deer, that all Abel and this is a name that

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unlocks every other name of Allah subhanaw taala. Because it's telling us that no matter how distant that thing has become Allah Subhana Allah is Able to bring it about. So call upon Allah subhanho data, don't bury it, call upon Him, ask Allah beg him for it. And that is the essence of worship and these emotions. These these powerful prayers that are coming from a deep want might be the best worship you offer in your entire life. And if in Allah is divine wisdom, that thing doesn't manifest in this life, in the way that you were hoping, just know that those prayers might have saved you from something else in this life, or are waiting to save you in the next and ALLAH SubhanA died is

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more merciful to you than anything else in this world. And it may be that these drives that you are offering to Allah subhanaw taala with the a tongue that is that is stammering out of month and a heart that is broken and tears that are flowing might be the best act of worship that you offer in your entire life. And still after all of that. What Allah Subhana didomi Save for you have your DA is better than what you are asking him for. Because a prayer that ascends to Allah is never unblessed