Maryam The Chosen 21 – Evil & Pious Women Mentioned In The Quran

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Allah mentions to him in the Quran and the mentioned another two women in the Quran and they couldn't have been more different

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Dorabella who methylene the kefir or Murata know who are more apt to

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Ghana atta after either day naman reverdy now saw on your hiney fell off on at Houma fell off on whom Furnham your Wynia on Wall man in a law he she

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worked here for law fallen out on the heli

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well God awful mess and Naveen

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Morata Hone is gone at baby nearly deck of eight

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feel Jun when a genie mu feeding our own our own early he why that genie mean a little Comey warning me

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while Mariana Benatar in Marana Lottie, Solana Troja half an hour felt he will rule Hina

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Wellsford Delcourt we carry him to via work go to be work. menial corny at

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ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, One of Allah who method and the Latina kufra Allah gives an example to those for those who disbelieve the wife of Noah and the wife of loot can attack that Aberdeen even anybody know they were under they were in the care of they were the wives of Aberdeen even a by Xena two servants from our service slightly Haney they were righteous meaning the two prophets for Hanukkah Houma and they betrayed them for clear let's hula now I'm at Dafina and so we we said to them enter into the Hellfire with those who enter. Well a lot of Allah who methylene Medina Avenue and Allah gave an example strikes an example for those who believe and what it found the wife has

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her own. It's called a throb divinity in the debate and feed Jana when she said My Lord built for me a house with you in paradise, when a gentleman Filomena Amity and save me from Pharaoh and his actions when a genie middle COVID vitamin and saved me from those who are saved me from the transgressive people. Well Melia Minetta Embleton and marry the daughter of Emraan allottee Asana for Jaha. The one who guarded her chastity, Fennec Nafi Hema Rohini and so we breathe into her from our spirit was sadaqat became a matter of Bihar, and she believed in the words of her LORD, and his books, what kind of mineral carnitine and she was of those who were devout, the obedient to Allah

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subhanaw taala. So, for women are mentioned here, wife of Nora, wife of Lot's wife, frown, and marry these four women, to righteous to wicked, we want to analyze what ALLAH SubhanA data is giving, as advice here, knowledge here, lessons here. And of course, this comes at the conclusion of sort of the daddy Surah that daddy, we don't have time to get into it. But if you read the introduction of sort of that that name, it's talking about the wives of the Prophet, and some conflict that happened in the family of the province of Elias and with regards to the wives of the Prophet and the prophets of Allah is Allah. So the sequence At the end of this kind of warning them and teaching the wives of

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the prophet like, Hey, these are wives of prophets before, don't be like them. These are righteous women be like them. And the example is for all of us as well. Allah subhanaw taala gives the example of the two women and the lesson here, the two wives of the Prophet and the two. The lesson here is that being from a righteous family is not enough to save you from your wickedness. You could be the child of the most righteous woman in the world, you could be the grandchild of the most righteous grandfather in the world, you could come from a family of scholarship, a family of that, well, you could come from a family of service, you could come from a family that that's just incredible in

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their religiosity, in their character in their belief and all of that type of stuff. You still have to be responsible for your own actions. That doesn't justify you being wicked. That doesn't allow that doesn't give you credit for you to live a certain lifestyle that is haram or forbidden. At the end of the day. Everybody is responsible for their own actions. That was the wife of Norway. That was the wife of loot. It didn't allow for them to sin, I guess the loss of Hannah data and they entered into the hellfire, the province the Lola, it was

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and announced when Allah subhanaw taala told him he said When did ICL ticket Accra be? Allah revealed to the province level lightest didn't warn your close family members. He said Sofia, aren't of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, I won't benefit you in front of Allah with anything. Oh, Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam asked me for my wealth, whatever you want, I won't benefit you in front of Allah, meaning, as your dad asked me for my wealth, whatever you want, you're my daughter. But on the day of judgment, I can't benefit you. This is what I have access to. I have the ability as your daughter to take as your dad, as your father to take care of you to

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provide for you all of that type of stuff in the dunya. On the Day of Judgment, I can't help you at all.

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You can only help yourself now. And the only thing that will help you or your actions, that's the only thing that's going to be able to benefit you. You coming from the most amazing family. That's not going to do it. Don't just rely on your mom's do ask for you. Don't just rely on your mom prank. No. You have to pray to have a wonderful quote that I love very, very, very much. I have a brother. Let me say

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this brother met him at the masjid. And he told me he said I tell my children all the time. Do you want to know when y'all will be Muslim? Like what do you mean? We're already Muslim? Dad? What do you mean goes, y'all will be Muslim. When you pray without your parents telling you to pray. That's when y'all be Muslim.

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What's he saying? He's saying that you have to worship Allah, yourself. Don't rely on your parents. Don't rely on your siblings. Don't rely on your family. Don't rely on your lineage. You have to worship Allah on your own.

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Your Lesson number one that we learned from the wife of Noah and the wife of Lords, is that you being attached to the most righteous people isn't enough. You have to be righteous yourself. Number two, what do we learn from the wife and third home, we learned that if you are righteous in and of yourself, then the harm and the evil and the wickedness of those around you is not going to harm you. She's in the most toxic place. She's in the worst house. She's on a place where you're walking on eggshells. The daughter of Iran got a woman killed because she was brushing her hair. And when she dropped her comb, the lady who was brushing her hair, she said Bismillah in the Name of Allah,

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she's like my dad, is that what you're talking about? She's like, No, the one who created your debt. And because of that, like, I want you to just imagine how how, how terrifying living in that house must have been for acid Entamoeba him the wife of Iran. This woman was killed and her children were killed.

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Talk about walking on eggshells. And this is the life that asilo the lion has living. And so eventually, and she's believes. And her belief is incredible. And she's one of the greatest woman to ever live the province of Elias and I'm told us about four women, they're the best. Medea asiyah have IJA and Fatima these are the four Greatest Women to ever live. And yet Asya is in the house of the worst one of the worst of people to ever live. And so the fact that she's the wife of this and maybe on the outside people are looking in, they're like, Oh, look at that queen, she's such a she's she's she's she's she's in with him. She's part of the royal family. She's the queen, she's this

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these that they might not be, you know, even the believers, even vinius la Eaton might have looked at her and said that she was wicked.

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They don't know. We wouldn't have known if it wasn't for Allah subhanaw taala revealing it to us. And so the wickedness of those around you does not justify your wicked wickedness. And if you are righteous, their wickedness won't harm you. You might, you might not be coming from a righteous family, you might be coming from the most challenging family you might have been in a situation where nobody prays with you. You might be in a situation where you have to hide your faith. You might be somebody who you have to hide that you're fast in Ramadan. You might be someone who has to hide when you pray, Congress go through this a lot. I have one brother of mine. He was so terrified

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of his mother, when he accepted Islam that if she came in, while He was praying, she asked him What are you doing? He's in salon. He's central core, and he just kind of looked up at her and he's like, I'm doing yoga mom, like you had to break his salah. But that's very real. So I settled Allah, Allah, may Allah be pleased with her, her faith eventually becomes uncovered. And she gets the same treatment. In fact, maybe even more. So. She's being tortured. And she's being tortured by by Federer Owen and his Junot and his soldiers. And eventually, a boulder is lifted to Crusher.

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And what does she say in that moment? Karla throbbing media and database and Phil Jana, my lawyer built for me a house with you in paradise built for me a house with you. She says, you know the scholars they said she chose the neighbor before she chose the house, meaning she chose

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She wants to be in the company. She says Oh ALLAH bills for me a house. She doesn't say in Jana with you. She says with you in Jana. She's lived already with the worst of the worst. She's lived with Iran. She's lived with a tyrant. She knows what it's like to be in that company. She wants to experience the complete opposite. She wants to she wants to experience the best company, the province the lightest, and him himself when he was dying. What did he say 11 refuting Isla de la isla into the highest company into the highest company she wants that she says Oh ALLAH built for me house with you in paradise when a genie min Federico Amity. And then she says and saved me from

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federal and in his his actions and saved me from the oppressive people. And her soul was taken before she was crushed. While the law now she's a lesson. And so we have our first lesson, which is the righteousness of those in your family won't save you if you are wicked. Number two, the wickedness of those around you won't harm you if you are righteous. What do we have as the third? Allah subhanho data says well, Medea moving at Enron, and marry the daughter of Enron and let the astronauts fall Jehovah Maryam is in a wicked society to a corrupt society. She's at the end of the line, she's accused, but at the same time, she's coming from a righteous family. So you have these

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two dynamics. But medium is very much alone. She spent a lot of her life alone, she's in the chambers alone, she secluding herself away from her family alone. And that means that you have to walk to Allah subhanho data. Even if you have to walk alone, the lack of supporters that you have around you is not an excuse for your wickedness. You have to make sure that you continue to be righteous, even if there's nobody to help you along the way, maybe and maybe not to Enron and let the astronauts fault you're the one who guarded herself and so we breathe into her from our spirit will suddenly become immortal or behind. She believed in the words of her LORD, what could you be

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and his books, and she was of those who has developed the obedience. This is the lesson of these four women. Her seclusion and her separation was not an excuse for wickedness. And that's the same for us. Whether it's a student who's living on campus, by themselves are travelers for work or play far away from familiar faces, or those who are alone for any reason. There is an example in media for those who believe