Omar Suleiman – The Virtues of La ilaha ilAllah Wahdahu La Shareeka Lahu

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The use of "immaterial human ham chat" in various situations, including rewarding success and pursuing forgiveness, is emphasized. The importance of affirming the Prophet's statement that all individuals can stand in a row for a period of time is emphasized, along with the use of words in media. The segment also touches on the importance of acceptance of a statement made by the Prophet and the profit and profit slice of Islam, which is a million dollars a day.
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Samaritan Ministry of Energy was not a natural human hamdulillah hidden behind I mean, whatever want to elaborate on why I mean what are people to learn what's up in along with Hollywood cinema vladika avocado so the King Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam while he was trying to sell them to someone kathira so hamdulillah Grameen were passed out of but inshallah tada not done with this

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and inshallah tada just a quick recap we talked about this euro of La ilaha illa Allah, Who naturally Callaghan will call Alhamdulillah Allah Coalition for the as an extension of the best Vicar that exists and what is the best the what are the profit slice I'm say is the best form of liquid La ilaha illa Allah, the best form of the kit is La ilaha illa Allah the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, If God decree law in our hand Allah wa Afflalo duranty al hamdu Lillah prophets lie Some said the best form of the give the best form of remembrance is La ilaha illa Allah and the best form of dura is Alhamdulillah. We talked about what half of the banaji Rahim Allah said that hand is

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the price of every neuroma in this life and Alhamdulillah is the price of every nerima in this life and to Helene La ilaha illa Allah is the key to agenda and as we went through the meaning of this, just to recap La ilaha illa Allah was the who was the who He alone is an affirmation once again of the word of tau hate la sharika who he has no partner so he has one in his essence he has one in his names and his attributes of Hannah huzzah Anna, and he is one as well in that no one shares in his duties with him. He needs no one he is dependent upon no one subhanho

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la either him Angela lash rica he has no partner in anything that he does, love will malko will I will hand To Him belongs al mulk. That means everything. Al mulk is everything that is possessed the entire dominion, the possession of all time and place and everything in between the known and the unknown Tabata Killa DB Eddie Hill mulk wahoo Allah Cooley shaden Kadir, la de Hala Cal nota will hire a las panatela dimensions and sorted milk, the surah that is named after this word of the dominion, that he is the one who controls life and death pulley llama medical mulk till Milka man Tasha what turns you removed Carmen Sasha me man Tasha. What's your resume mentorship what to do

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mentorship via decal higher in Ocala Cooley Shea in Kadir once against Pamela you see that milk and Kadir come together say Oh Allah, the One who possesses all of the dominion, all of that which is to be possessed, you give to whom you will have that possession and you withhold you take from those whom you will to resume and Tasha or to the lamentation that's also part of Allah subhanaw taala is mulk honor as a part of his monk, you give honor to whom you will and you humiliate whom you will be a decal higher and in your hands belongs all goods Han Allah one of the things that's very beautiful about this is that we know that Allah controls everything right? But from the other of the prophets

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of Allah honey with some and especially when we are making your app you attribute to a loss of hundreds of hydrocodone it will be a day we shall release it like good is all in your hands. And evil is not to be ascribed to you big kill higher in the current acquisition career because we're calling upon Allah subhanaw taala asking him for the good of that milk. Right and to protect us from the evil of those that transgress so level one ko wala Hammond Hamed is praise is thinner and sugar. It has both finat which is the praise of Allah subhanaw taala and then gratitude to Allah subhana wa tada La ilaha illallah wa the hula sharika lahu moon Kula unhemmed wahoo Allah cliche in Kadir and

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Allah is able upon all things. So we covered how this data is to be said every morning 10 times or 100 times what is the reward of saying get 10 times this is just move on now to the rest of our discussion. What's the reward of saying get 10 times in the morning and 10 times in the evening

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to free for sleeps for slaves and Charlottetown brother thought ik wants to make them five. inshallah, if you increase it'll be more of it in the lifestyle. And if you recite it, and particularly the profit slice, I'm suddenly one of the Ismay so to free for believing sleeps. And we said the reward of freeing a slave is that every part of you is freed from the fire. Every part of you is free from the fire. So the reward is the reward of free for slaves and if a person says it one

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100 times, then what would be the reward?

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It is like freeing 10 slaves the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, if a person says it 100 times it's like freeing 10 slaves 100 blessings we'll be recording recorded for that person 100 good deeds will be recorded for that person 100 sins will be removed from that person and it will be a headers it will be a protection for that person from the shape line for the entire date. span a lot like in a fortress that cannot be penetrated head is a person so fortress, the shavon will have absolutely no access to you throughout the day, he will not be able to penetrate this fortress that you have throughout the day, and no one will be able to do anything better what I'm yet to be upload. I'm in

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Niger IV Illa Rajan, Amina accela Minho, and no one will be able to accomplish anything better than what you've accomplished for the day, except for someone who recites the day more than you meaning don't limit yourself to 100 if you want to do it 1000 times a day. I know that sounds 1000 times a day, but Subhanallah reading it 100 times takes you less than 10 minutes. reading it 100 times takes in less than than 10 minutes. So if you were to just say that you're going to say it 200 300 400 times you're going to accomplish more with the lights out and one day then keep on reciting it. Now

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we move into the next part of this inshallah tada which is how this data is used in other situations. And it's it's really powerful because you see more rewards that come out of it as well. And when we say to heal is the best form of victory. I want you to remember a very easy analogy and shot let's add the best form of Estefan the best form of seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala is saying that it's default. The chief the master of seeking forgiveness, Allah interrupt de la ilaha illa and right even starts off with of course, the affirmation of towhee Allah until Robbie Allah you are my Lord La Ilaha Illa and there is no god but you Halekulani one abduch one Allah,

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deca, deca mustapa, two arrows will become in short remains on our into a Buddha convenientemente karate, what will be zombie for for relief and no die off the Nova Illa and we'll talk about this new at one day in detail in Charlottetown. But this is called SEO that is default the master of seeking forgiveness, the best way to seek forgiveness. Now here's the analogy I want you to remember this you have la isla de la vida hula Sri Kerala one called Hamza who Allah cliched and Kadir is to La ilaha illa Allah, what say that is too far is to sF ferula. Why?

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Because everything that is said and say that it's too far, is already embedded in a stuff for Allah. It's already embedded in rather thoroughly. It's embedded all of the meanings of seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala are already embedded in that short form of wicked stuff that Allah stuff that Allah rather thoroughly rather thoroughly embedded. But this elaboration allows those meanings to take greater root in your heart as well. So it's it's, you know, elaborating or it is affirming within your do as well. So you are extolling Allah's virtues further, you're praising a lot more, you are affirming the meanings of those more, but they're also taking greater root in your heart.

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Likewise, Laila Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Alhamdulillah Allah cliche, but the the meanings of that are really all embedded in La ilaha illa Allah, but just like say that is too far, is more virtuous, because every phrase of it is the gift than simply saying stuff that Allah in the same way this entire do is more virtuous than than merely saying that either had Allah so the first thing, the hadith of overridable the Allahu taala animal the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever says Subhana Allah 33 times and says Allahu Akbar 33 times and says Alhamdulillah 33 times and then seals that with La ilaha illallah wa Hola, Sheree Cara. Hamed wahana, coolly shaken Kadir after

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every single prayer, what is the reward? Anyone know?

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah will forgive that person sins, what ocana mithila has ever done back. Even if that person sins equaled the phone of the see.

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Think about all of the phone Of The Seas. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said saying Subhana Allah 33 times 133 times Allah 33 times and then saying that Illa Allah, the whole Dasha

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Killer, Al Hamdulillah coalition. It is as if that person sins are entirely forgiven, even if their sins encompass the foam of the sea. We go on to some of the other

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Hadith where the prophets lie some is narrated to have studied this after every Salah, but there is more to it so the prophets lie some would increase. And sometimes the the text prior to the Hadith is enriching. So in this particular Hadith is also authentic Maria even Abby soufiane or the Allahu taala and who wrote a letter to emilija unsure about what the Allahu Allah Allah when he asked him to share with him something that he learned from the Prophet slicin him that was very impactful. Right share with me something you remember from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a habit that you took something that you act upon on a regular basis. So as a hobby, talking to us a hobby and

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saying, Give me something rich, that can benefit me for whatever is left in this world. So he wrote back and the leader of ensure that all the Allahu taala and he wrote back and he said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam canny, opole Fie Dewberry. Cooley Salatin matoba he would say after every thorold prayer after every obligatory prayer, La ilaha illallah wa the hula Sri cara, cola al hamdu ana Cooley shaden Kadir, Allah Houma la maniere Lima avoid one more of the Lima monart what a young Pharaoh they'll get the min kill Jeju. I'm gonna say it again very slowly Allahumma la maniere aneema ottlite What morontia Lima Menard what a young Pharaoh the legit demon kill Jeju. So

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this is obviously an elaboration that the Prophet slicin would say Allah money or any man athlete, Allah, no one no one can stand in the way no one can withhold that which you have given no one will interfere learning arena athletes, what you're going to give, no one's going to stand in the way of panela so beautiful la maniere idema athletes and this is again when the profit slice on is teaching us how to make do you make do with certainty when to move the known ability Java with certainty in what you were asking Allah subhanaw taala for and these meanings. If you don't believe this, then what's the point I'm making?

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If you believe that someone can stand in between what Allah subhana wa tada decrees for you have good and what you receive, then what's the point of saying it so the affirmation has to come from a sincere place, law money or any man athlete, no one gets in the way of that which you are going to give me. So when I'm asking you, whatever I'm asking you for that I know that no one is going to forbid it. There is no one that's going to nullify what you're going to give me what more of the Lima narrative Okay, and no one can give me what you have forbidden to be given to me.

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So, if I try to get something and Allah subhana wa tada has nullified it, or has put a barrier between that and me, then no one is going to be able to give that to me. When a young Pharaoh, the demon kill Jadoo, what a young Pharaoh, the demon caljan, which means that the the riches are nothing can avail a wealthy person against you. So somehow the power of that is that if someone possesses something that they think gives them some sort of immunity in this life, generally speaking, as you go on, if you have more power, more access, you know, more important or influential people, you have more wealth, you have more possessions, you have more anything, right? more

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authority, the more that you gain of this life, the more that when bad things happen, you start to think that, you know, I'm gonna be able to get myself out of this, right. That's one of the things that was humbling about a pandemic, right, is that it couldn't protect everybody. Right? What you had did not necessarily protect you though, of course disparities, you know, still showing everything right. But the point is, is that nothing's going to avail me when I stand before Allah subhana wa tada or in my standing before Allah subhanaw taala no matter what I have, no matter how immune I'm starting to, to feel nothing can avail a person with Allah subhanho wa Taala so this is

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one way that animalia will be a lot of time and who would hear the Prophet slice and I'm saying after La la la la, la la, la la, la la could be saying he would hear the Prophet slice I'm saying Allah Allah money or any man our plate, whatever are more of the edema minutes while the young Pharaoh the demon kill Jeju and there is that is motif upon it. It's an agreed upon Howdy. There's another narration from the Latin

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So where are the Allahu anhu? and his son is saying that I heard him I remember I heard him giving called.

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And he was saying that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he used to say canon abou sallallahu alayhi wa sallam even thought of Amina sadati Jaco. The prophets lie some would say after the prayer now in Salah firmino sada the interesting usage of the words in the scholar say either what he's saying is that the prophets lie some would still say this, at the end of every summer, or as the prophets lie some is leaving his prayer so if the prophets lie some is walking home this is the kid is still with him some Allahu alayhi wasallam that he would say la ilaha illallah wa who la serie Cara la one call out Hamza who Allah coalition Kadir, La ilaha illa Allah mostly slean Allahu Deen

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Willow Carrie healthcare Iran. Hello, near Mati will probably within our in Hudson La ilaha illa Allah mostly seen Allahu Deen Hello Carrie Hello Catherine. I don't expect everyone to memorize all this by the way by Salah Lohan unless you truly have morning memory Mashallah. So we'll find a way to post them in Shell let's add it to David and it tada or by tomorrow. So the profit side some would say once again, the Euro. And then he would say la ilaha illAllah mostly seen la who Dean that we are sincere to him in our devotion. Well keti had caffeine on even if the disbelievers hate it, that we will remain sincere in our devotion to the oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala Hello near

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Mati. While fondly with Anna it hasn't.

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Everything when you say Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Okay, it includes Subhanallah so much of this because Hammond is so encompassing, but again the elaboration near Mati when fadli with an adolescent to Allah Subhana, WA to Allah belongs and near all blessings and father all bounties within it hasn't an all of the praise belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala La ilaha illa Allah mostly seen Allahu Deen will carry healthcare Pharaoh and the Prophet slicin would repeat once again. La ilaha illAllah mostly seen Allahu Deen? Well, okay, you have calculon that we are sincere in our devotion to him, even if the disbelievers dislike that the next narration is the Fatima adiala of

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Thailand. On the Prophet slice I'm taught her every single night to see as she goes to sleep Subhan Allah 33 times and hamdulillah 33 times Allahu Akbar 33 times and in one narration, the prophet slice of himself and seal it with this. So you have after every prayer, and then you have at the time of sleeping as well. Obviously, we covered last week that the prophets lie, some would say this in a suffer will model as well. However, what I'm about to share with you all, very interesting, even though Dallas is a very flat place.

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The prophets I seldom was narrated to say this in two other places in a way that resembles a safavid model. One is after a battle. After battle, the prophets lie some would say this. And when the prophets lie, Selim found himself on a high place. Okay, so he is on a high place, obviously, when a person is on a high place when they're standing on a mountain or a hill. And the reason I say this is not restricted to a softball model. In general, a person could could could feel a sense of greatness, right? They've conquered something great. They're standing on top of a mountain, I'm looking out to the world. But the higher you get, the more you need to remember how low you actually

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are. Right? You need to humble yourself and remember who you are. When Allah blesses you with something when Allah grants us something when Allah subhanaw inside it gives you victory, then a person needs to remember who they are. And this is very important to understand for a moment and Charlottetown it because the best deal of hardship is what? La ilaha illa Anta sapan Okay, in the quantum in a while me Dr. Yunus it his salon, the profit slice I'm sick said there is no better thing to say in a time of hardship than La Ilaha. illa Anta sapan aka in the consumer botany, okay. subhanak is to declare the perfection of Allah. And I was amongst the wrong doors in the canoe, you

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know what I mean? And the reason why this is important is that the right amount mentioned that in your tests be just be saying subhanak Subhana. Allah usually comes in a time of hardship, and a time of seeing something that is displeasing, in a time of seeing something that is hard upon you or something that is displeasing to Allah Subhana Allah to Anna Suppan, how perfect are you? How perfect Are you that imperfection be ascribed to you? How perfect Are you

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But my own wrongdoing, right would have any effect on you how perfect are you? That you would would be able, right that you are able of course always fully able to lift me when I am down because subhanak right? So panic is a tangible answer. When someone is amazed by something so panic. So the point is, is that test B usually it's not limited to that of course it's SB it usually comes when a person is in a place of hardship, to need Alhamdulillah comes when a person is in a place of gratitude, Allah has bestowed upon them something Alhamdulillah Allah has given them something Alhamdulillah so this also comes in the secondary portions of the drought. So obviously this is

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after the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Allah Cooley shut off in mineral rd, when the Prophet sly son was on a high place on the earth or when he came back from a victory. He would say la ilaha illallah wa hula Shakira La Mancha Alhamdulillah wa ala kulli shaden Kadir, Yvonne Yvonne Avi Duna de rabina hamedan sada con la hora de la nosara abda what has an observer

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so the profit slice and I'm gonna say

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he won. He'd mentioned solarize lm that we are returning to a boon in repentance to Allah subhanho data. I've been doing it long enough and complete submission, worship of our Lord hammy doing and praising our Lord. So the Prophet slicin would encompass all of that, as he was standing on a high place and he would remind himself what sawed off Allah Who are the one masala? Well Hezbollah has, that Allah has fulfilled his promise. And Allah Subhana which Allah has supported his servants and Allah subhanaw taala has removed the Confederates all by himself, La ilaha illallah wa hola shakila. Another way we say from the Prophet we see from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is that the

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prophets lie Some said if you say this, you're at one time, so that was the easiest one. No additions to it. Just like la la. Casa de la la Mancha del Hamed wala coalition added that if a person was to say at one time that it would work off a castle and the castle when a person is feeling lazy, so you're getting tired throughout the day, you're starting to slack off, you're yawning a lot. And you're starting to feel like you're not so productive. This is a darat that would energize a person once again. Okay, so so Pamela for person just says this throughout the day as they start to feel instead of just

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I'm tired and I didn't have my caffeine today and whatever it is, right away program yourself. Of course you say out of the blue diamond shape on our gene we say stuff that Allah but c'est la ilaha illallah wa who luxury cara de Haan we'll call on him or her and aqualisa included and it would work off and Castle it would ward off laziness. Two more times that we find this one rather to the summit or the Allahu taala and who narrated that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said Manta Allah Mina lead, whoever is disturbed or they wake up during their sleep. So, you know, a nightmare woke you up. Obviously there's a Sierra, there's a person seeking refuge in Allah. So these things

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are not in contradiction. Rather, they are in addition, a person wakes up at night for any reason, though. You have a hard time sleeping. You have a crying baby. You have you know, it's raining hard outside. The light is bothering you just something woke you up. It's hot. It's cold, but the point is went out. I mean, a lady is very encompassing in that regard. You woke up in the middle of the night. And a person says, law in law why the hula sharika the hormone called Hamza Juana. colletion Kadir was Subhan. Allah, Al Hamdulillah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Akbar, Allah Whoa, La quwata illa Billah actually wants you to memorize this inshallah. Okay, because this is easy to remember

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inshallah you woke up at night. You're having a hard time going back to sleep for you pick up your phone and say, let me scroll and just watch some videos or something like that or start texting or catch up on messages. Either hula, hula, actually killer. No one will call out him. Well, hawala Could you say buddy Subhan Allah Al Hamdulillah when? either in Allah Allah akbar Allahu La quwata illa Billah these are the phrases we always say subpanel load hum did Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Akbar. Hola Hola, La quwata illa Allah the Prophet sighs Some said Whoever says this in one narration he also added Rob this literally Oh my Lord forgive me. He said some

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study Bella who whatever you're not you make at that time you will be answered

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okay. And he says for into Wadhwa masala kobina salado and if that person goes even further

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And he gets up and makes a wall and prays to records then their prayers are definitely accepted.

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So Subhana Allah, what do you ask Allah subhanaw taala for a Java you ask Allah Subhana Allah for a giraffe mustered up answer do ask. So at that time if you just wake up and you don't even get out of that, but you say de la la la vida whoa la sharika one pronoun handle one acquisition for the Subhan Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Wa La quwata illa Allah and then say Allah Houma and say what you want to say, Oh Allah say what you want to say. prophets, Isom said, your your ad will be accepted. And then if you get up, and you make mobile and you pray, your tahajjud, your pm is certainly accepted as well. Right? And I've loved No, I'm not all the time. And

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who said if I knew that Allah subhanaw taala accepted from me, such as the 10 wahida. One such that the Terminator note, I would wish to leave this world at that point. Because that's the value of an accepted prayer from Allah subhanaw taala. So the Prophet slice on him is saying, Do this and your do as and your prayer will certainly be accepted. So the next time you wake up at night, inshallah Tada, this is how you respond. The last thing is very common, but still very profound. And I hope and shout out to Anna now with a fuller appreciation of this decode as a whole. This makes a little bit more sense to you. The Prophet sallallahu seldom says, and of course, this hadith is one that is

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subjected to great dispute dispute not because there's a fabrication in the chain, or there's any severe weakness, in fact, it's an authenticated Hadeeth according to many of the Great, great amount of Hadeeth

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and it has a chain in it to add, but just because it sounds, it sounds incredible. You know, sometimes when you hear a headache, or you hear a drought, and it's like the rewards are written in such a way and usually that is a sign of a fabricated headache when it's like say this and it says if you have 2 million moons and I don't know why anyone want to have 2 million ones, but it says if you have you know unlocked the keys of this and this and this and that 3000 times and if you say this 24 times usually those types of Hadeeth especially when they are on WhatsApp even if in parentheses it says body and Muslim. Usually it's a sign of a fabrication. However this Hadith, the

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prophet slice of themselves and a hadith from Sallam even Abdullah and Rama that of the loving or the Allah tala and who said that the Prophet sly sunset, whoever mittman Kala Hina yet pulusu whoever says upon entering the marketplace La ilaha illallah wa hula shreeka La Mancha rollout hemmed up what you need wha hoo Hai Jaan layer modes big Hail Hail wahoo Allah coalition Kadir the Prophet slice of them added one thing to this. Okay, so La la la la vida Whoa, la sharika como como la amped up while you meet, he gives life and he gives death wahoo hayyan La Jolla mode and he has ever living and he does not die. Okay, so this is the only addition to the drought. Well, who is

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actually shaking it and he is powerful or he has power over all things. The profit slice of them says cats up Allahu Allahu alayhi Hasina. Allah will write down for that person 1000 by 1000 has an x which is a million. The word million is not a real Arabic word. Okay, so elf elf 1000 times 1000 is a million a million has sent out while Maha Anvil and Allah Subhana Allah remove from him alpha LPC and Allah will remove from him a million since 1000 by 1000. Since we're Ben Allahu beighton Jana and Allah will construct for that person, a palace in paradise. This is upon entering into the soup upon entering into the marketplace. Now this Hadeeth if you look at this narration again, it

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just sounds incredible. It's like well, if that's the case, let me just spend my day going to the soup over and over again. Walk in, walk out, walk in, walk out, walk in, walk out until they call the police on the target, right? I mean, just keep going in and out saying that you're at that's not the practice of the setup, right? So just go to the marketplace and go in and out because this is an incredible narration. But the amount mentioned many wisdoms for this number one the profit slice and I'm so happy to be daddy Lola, that the most beloved of places to Allah are. This is the easiest answer ever. The place you're sitting in right now at the masjid. These are the most beloved places

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on earth to Allah subhana wa Tada. And the most hated places to Allah subhanaw taala on Earth are as are the marketplaces. Now I can go into further detail and

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In that regard, because there are, of course, places that are more exclusive to some of the some of the evil that traditionally could be found in the marketplace, but are now just entirely, you know, places that are dedicated to that evil in that sense. So what is what is the headache mean? The place where people are most likely to remember our last panel to add is the message of the place where people are least likely to remember Allah is when you get into the marketplace and truly Subhan Allah, for those of you that have been to certain countries, or you might even be from those countries originally. The marketplace is a loud place. It's a place where immediately right when you

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walk in, people start to bombard you. I mean, it's a very hard place to remember Allah subhana wa Tada. Okay, the traditional souk, right? People are making all sorts of oath people are trying to throw whatever product in front of you and get you to that product, right. So just imagine yourself as you walk into the souk Now, obviously, you walk into the marketplace, it's quiet and go get your shopping cart, no one's there.

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to mess with you, except for maybe the the store attendant who greets you as you walk in, right? Or you do online shopping, which isn't the lifestyle. Let's have, let's have hope. And I love that that counts too. As soon as you open your online shopping La ilaha illAllah Hola, Sadiq al hamdu Allah coalition.

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And I'm not joking about that, by the way, say it when you open your online marketplace, you know what the least that could happen. The worst thing that can happen is that you meet Allah subhanaw taala on the Day of Judgment, and you just get the reward of that. Without the suit, which we've already covered, incredible form of the right and maybe you would have had lots of drama that has been unlocked to good of this world that's been unlocked you as well. Now why you need to hire Nyan mode, he gives life and he gives death and he is ever living and he does not die. Because when a person sees the junia in front of them and they remind themselves Allah of malaria elimination,

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Allah, Allah there is no real life except for the life of the hereafter. Then that means that they're not allowing anything to distract them from Allah subhanho wa Taala

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so you reminding yourself up where you meet Whoa, whoa, hi, your name What? Where true life is and where death is? And who the actual giver of life because you go to the marketplace to get something of this world. And some people find the meaning of life in products that they own. Right? So you're reminding yourself of who Allah subhanho wa Taala is and what the value of this life is. So when a person enters into the marketplace, and they say this, Allah subhana wa tada will write down for them in the 19 to Allah.

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A million has an art removed from them a million say, a million sins, and Allah subhanaw taala built for them a palace in paradise. How Generous and Merciful is Allah subhana wa Tada. How Generous and Merciful is the last pantai someone says, How is that even possible? Don't do math with the mercy of Allah. It's incredible. Yes, it's a lot Subhana Allah, but we're dealing with a Lord, who is more merciful than we can comprehend, who is more generous than anything that we have ever seen of generosity from anyone else. And that's the point earlier a law unto morphine owner, but he Jabba call upon Allah subhanaw taala while you are certain in the response, so that is why we hope in the

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nighttime, even when we stay here after salata, infigen remember our last time until the sunrise, that Allah would write down hedge for us complete bidding and

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because we're dealing with a generous and a merciful Lord, may Allah subhana wa tada write it down for us fully. May Allah subhanaw taala allow the the brilliance of this thicket, the beauty of this thicker to take root in our hearts, for it to be frequence on our tongues, for it to be manifest in our deeds and for us to find the entire reward on the Day of Judgment. The inner Lala the hula shreeka the hormone co wahana coalition Kadir sallallahu, wasallam and Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Marine zachman lo Heiden inshallah, tada We will wait for at least about 1015 minutes with the nighttime and then everyone can pray there to record in the nighttime. It's not like

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