Maryam Lemu – Rights and Responsibility of Men & Women in Islam

We went through the list of rights and responsibilities of both men and women in Isalm and talked about practical ways to fulfil our obligations to our spouse. The Rights and Obligations of a Wife to her Husband are: 1. She is entitled to her dowry 2. An allowance 3. Accommodation/shelter 4. Equality 5. Protection … Read more

Maryam Lemu – Parenting Gems

Train and equip your children with skills and tools to help them thrive. Teach them to be the best and the most useful to themselves and society. And don’t forgot, before you teach you have to have knowledge. “You cannot teach or share what you do not have or what you do not know.” Our … Read more

Maryam Lemu – Trust, Belief & Hope – 1

During this episode we explore ways of creating a brand for ourselves, setting a standard and a code of conduct that ensures our default mode is always the same. One that brings out the best in us. If you were to think about your life so far, are you comfortable with people finding out who … Read more

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