Abdul Wahab Saleem – Tafsir of Surah Maryam – Episode 06

Abdul Wahab Saleem
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the story of Maria's birth and her struggles during pregnancy, as well as the use of "brusseless agony" between a father and his mother. The transcript also touches on the idea of "brusseless tre commodity," where a woman gives birth to a child and is protected by the culture. The use of "naught" and "naughty words" in religion is discussed, as well as the use of "naught" and "naughty person" in various cultural and cultural-related topics. The segment emphasizes the importance of recognizing the reality of religion and not just being religious.
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Ready? Yeah. What was the

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journey? Yeah. cocoon he was Chalabi might be on you.

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Ui Ui.

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What does

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that mean?

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awesome. Allahu ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ajmeri.

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Along aluminum and federal now on our Bhima lm Tara was eliminated in Russia Saudi Arabia Sidley, Emily, Melissa Neff, Coco Lee, or visit any element or visit any ailment or obesity Allah. Allah Marisa Salli ala madrugada who Salah

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has negotiated Salah welcome all. to another episode of embracing Koran we're discussing the Tafseer of Sula, Miriam, and we left off at number 24 Allah Subhana Allah Allah says Fernanda Harmon takhti ha, Allah, any genre buki turkey Syria.

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So before we get into it, number 24. Let's do a small recap. Allah subhanho wa Taala told us the story of Maria Maria said in the beginning actually told us the story of zeca de la Salam and how Allah subhanho wa Taala granted him yeah he is around. And now our last panel with Allah is telling us of the story of Maria Maria set up and now Allah subhana wa tada has granted Medallia serum, he has granted her her child that came from a miraculous birth and that is visa Elisa Lam. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says because of the difficulty and the throes of, of pregnancy, she ended up being compelled to go to Grenada, she ended up being compelled to go to a a tree, okay and neglect tree, a

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palm tree. And she ended up having to hold fast to the trunk of this tree. And she gave birth and at that moment of birth, she started expressing the difficulty in the agony or because of the COVID convulsion of the pain that was occurring. She explained that by saying I wished I had died arlette yell at me to kubla I wish I had died before this

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recording to an SEM and SEO and I also wish that nobody knew me I also wish that I would just forgotten and nobody would ever think about me again. Okay. But as you said there's two possibilities she could have been saying this because she was afraid of what she would hear from her people if they knew that she had a child without actually being in wedlock, okay, but we know that she was pure Allah subhana wa tada told us of that. Now Allah subhana wa tada continues and tells us something else very beautifully unique Allah subhana wa tada tells us for Naga amin data

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then that child that was below her now she's already bracing to the the the tree and she's already had the child suddenly below her is this child for nada harm into the child starts calling out to Maria Maria Sarah, remember, we said Allah subhanho wa Taala told us what do you know your Allah who is telling us so that we may make this particular child that will come? You know that Maria Maria Salam will bear will make this child to be what will make him a sign and Allah subhanaw taala just did that. Allah subhanho wa Taala made recently set up a sign. In fact as soon as he was born, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us Fernanda immediately the child starts calling her and that what happens

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when she hears a child that starts bringing her a lot of you know, can

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So she starts being consoled by hearing this child because this child, he appears to be miraculous. He got the child without having been married before without being touched by a man before. And now the child is below her and he's literally speaking to her and he's addressing your financial data. And he starts telling her a lot of zoning that don't have any Herzen don't have any grief.

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You don't need to worry about that. Don't be worried. Don't be sad laughter honey.

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And that Khadija, Nora buki Jackie Surya, Allah subhanho, wa Taala has now made below you, a city, a small river that's going to flow below you, okay? At that moment, there's a couple of things that women need, right, you need to, you're dehydrated, because of all the water that was coming out, the water breaks and the child comes out, and now the blood starts to come out and all sorts of, you know, things are happening to the body of the woman. At that moment, she needs water, she needs some specific types of foods that will help her increase the milk and that'll help her sort of rejuvenate her body. And we know that through experience and we know through medicine as well, that one of the

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things that really does help at that moment is water. Okay, drinking a lot of water. And also another thing that really helps at that moment is what is eating dates and Allah subhanho wa Taala provided for Maria Maria said on just that, and to give a glad tiding came a child who was speaking to her from below, as he was below the between the legs below. Maria Maria Sarah right. Now this is one tip, see if some of the scholars they said no. In fact, Djibouti Ali Salam was, was the one that was receiving the child he was almost like the carbon. It was almost like the midwife and he was receiving the child. And he was the one speaking to Miriam ericeira Allahu Allah. But they're both

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of these seeds are there. Allah has any

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genre buki turkey Syria? Well, who's the Iraqi budget? By the way, I do lean towards the fact that it was recently said I'm speaking because it was it would be more miraculous right? And we know that Allah subhana wa tada immediately said, What do you know your Allah who is telling us, right? And we also know that women generally have a tendency of not being around men, right? And gibreel le ceram he had essentially when he had come to Maria Marie salon immediately she said what in the earth of the Romani minca incontact appear I am seeking refuge in a man in the Most Merciful from you if you happen to be someone who's pious. So if he's going to come back to her and also in the same form of

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a man, that wouldn't be something that you'd be too welcoming of right? So that's the reason why I think that Allahu Adam is probably recently surrounded spoke was de la ke which is another well who's the Iraqi refugees

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and also start to shake this tree you're sitting behind a tree, shake this tree that all of these things are really miraculous here. He had this miraculous child be the child spoke to her See, now she's being told to shake a tree in winter time where the tree does not have leaves even right this is a palm tree but the dates there are no dates the the leaves of the palm are not there. Right. So this is a basically a barren tree you would imagine that it's just a trunk by itself right?

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And some of the diversity in have it that this occurred in Egypt and this occurred you know in this particular region, but the earlier they said that that's not necessarily true there is a tree over here in Egypt that is said to be the tree of medium it said um, but nonetheless, the ruler man such as such as some of the more facility they said that this is not necessarily authentically proven that it occurred over here. So allow them but she was asked to shake the tree. Well, who's the lake up design nakhla to sakata a key rope and Jenny Yeah, so when you shake this tree, it will start to bring to you a lot of engineers it will start to bring to you invoice dates you see dates go through

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different stages. As they're really early, their starter fruit, they're called a certain name, they're called bullet as they grow. There's then start to call a growth up then as they grow further, they call the demo and so on and so forth. And they say demo is a state of perfection for dates, because they're after that state. The state of date then starts to go towards corruption. What liquidly shakin is amata, mano Cassano whenever everything becomes anything becomes perfected, it starts to become defective. Right? So the folk Aha, and there's, there's rulings based on this as well. They say that the perfect state of a date is when it's a demo. Before that it's more

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favorable, it's more fruity. It's more tasty when it's little thought. But that hasn't reached the state of perfection yet, right? But nonetheless, this is a very tasty date to eat a robot. And Allah subhanho wa Taala provided her just a robot to socrata la que Robyn Jenny. Jenny are very, very, you know, that you've just taken from the tree very recently for

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coolie wasabi

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coolie wasabi eat and drink,

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eat and drink regularly Salam is now being told to eat and drink. Well badly I inna and also part of the Ayana and also feel the coolness of your eyes, okay, from the fact that you've had this child after childbirth is miraculous on its own, that's a reality. We're talking about a miraculous childbirth that's occurring over here where there is no father, where Allah subhanho wa Taala sends down a child who's literally talking to his mother whilst he's still a baby, where Allah subhana wa tada sends a woman to an area which is in the wintertime with a tree which is barren, and suddenly Allah subhana wa tada allows the tree to have, you know, dates on it allows the tree leaves on it as

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well. Even Furthermore, Allah subhana wa Taala even grants, this woman sad, yeah, also water that flows, right? All of these things. These are all miraculous things. But I say that childbirth on its own is miraculous, you know,

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if you haven't seen, and if you aren't a father, and if you are a father, and you haven't seen that childbirth of one of your children, I recommend that next time your wife is giving birth, and you go ahead and watch it, because that's a process that is really therapeutical. It develops love. I know a lot of men don't want to do that. But I would encourage that you do it, because it's really is a practice that, that helps and brings a lot of love. Because you see, the agony, the throes the difficulty that the woman is going through, and literally weeping to tears and saying things that she doesn't even know what she's saying at those moments, right? It's literally the the greatest

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pain that human beings know. And then suddenly,

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from that particular difficulty, from that particular agony from those throws, from the convulsion, from the contractions and all these sort of things, suddenly, the child comes out and the mother picks up the child embraces this child and just falls in love with a child. That is unbelievably miraculous, if you see and and the reality is that it also develops a special type of love between a husband and a wife, because you see that the type of sacrifice, you know, a lot of the things that come with pregnancy, such as the woman gets a little bit fat and so on and so forth. And perhaps even a some, you know, stretch marks etc. People look down upon that, but in reality, that is a

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sacrifice of a mother that only the mothers know, and only those who are less apparent what Allah grants them the love to recognize what our mothers have done for us know as well. And that's why a poet used to say an omen madrasa don't either

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Shanta even Araki that the mother is a school all by herself. If you prepare this school, then you're going to be preparing an entire society of good people, because the mother is literally the root of the rest of the society ask Allah subhana wa tada to grant to practice to convey and to respect our mothers.

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Spit out hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah hamdulillah Hamdan, you are feeding me who you kaffee azita sallallahu ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa Sotheby's nine along the alumna in federal now in front now Bhima I'm Tara was it in an element alemania Karim rubbish awfully sorry. We silly Emily why roboton Melissa any of our county are visiting elmen visit in your element or visit a llama la sala de la magia who Sarah

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has not either Cheetah Sarah Welcome back to the second part of this episode dear viewers as we discuss the soul story in the soul of medium Elisa. We left off at number 25 where Allah Subhana Allah told Maria Medina Sam well who's z A QB design? naka de tu sakata la ke Hello top engineer

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and shake the trunk of the tree. Now that in and of itself is is quite something there because Allah subhanho wa Taala told Maria Maria said I'm to shake the trunk of a date, date palm tree, right? And we know just shaking the trunk of a date palm doesn't do you any good because it's very, very, you know, well grounded. It's actually in fact trees from the trees. They say olive trees and the date palm trees are some of the most well grounded and well rooted trees in the world right? You can have

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Perhaps even a hurricane and some of the date palms, Allah subhanho wa Taala will continue to have them within the ground that they're really powerful trees but even then, Allah subhanho wa Taala has this woman who has just given birth to go and shake the tree and suddenly date start to fall on top of her to soccer they literally start to fall and shower upon her rhubarb engineered dates which are the root of the moist version of dates.

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Faculty wasabi, and now eat and drink.

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goodie from what the dates that you've been given eat from those dates because Allah subhanaw taala granted her the fruit of dates. Why should I be there's a set er right before you there's a river that's flowing right before you right below you. Then go ahead and drink from that as well walk by the hyena and allow your eyes to become cool as well. So this mother, she has just given birth and Allah subhanho wa Taala allowed her to have something to drink and Allah subhana wa tada allowed her to eat something. And at the same time, Allah Subhana Allah gave her her child who was right before her and Allah subhanho wa Taala is now telling her what to do. And allow that child to be the

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coolness of your eyes

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and Allah and recognize the fact that people may accuse you but I will ensure that that accusation doesn't go wasted and I will ensure that you your honor and chastity is protected. Allah subhanho wa Taala reveals the Quran down and he in the Quran is protecting the chastity and the honor of medium how to set up so Garvey I know you many of you can go ahead and have the you know, have your eyes cool, basically allow your eyes to be cool because Allah Subhana Allah will ensure that your chasity is protected and your honor is protected as well. Good water, it literally means the coolness of the eyes and the Arabs have two different metaphors. This is so connected. And then they say hello to

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Socrates in which basically means the heat of the eyes. Right? And if a person you know if you've ever cried out of happiness, you'll realize that the tears that come when you're happy they're not actually that heart okay? This is something experiential as well when you're just happy but when you're sad, the way Allah subhanaw taala has made the body literally the tears actually have a warmth to them as well right? And you your body actually starts to go towards the warmth in terms of temperature. So there's the waterline there's the the the the tears that come out of the eye when you're happy the tears of joy they call it and then there's there's a little line there those are

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the tears that come out of the eye when a person is sad and they're hot and they're they're sort of warm. Well personally I ina for in Matera in nominal battery. So if you were to see from the human beings anyone, okay, if you end up seeing someone over here from amongst the from amongst your tribe, your people so on and so forth, physically then say to them in need to do rock mining Solomon, I have vowed for Allah subhanho wa Taala his song, okay, I have vowed that I will, I will be fasting but not from food. because historically there fast was a faster speech. If you notice over here also in the story of zecharia Elisa, right. We had a similar incident where Allah subhanho

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wa Taala told the carrier and I said I'm with Karna area to get a lot you can leave a nice fella that isolated and so yeah, that I your, your sign is that you won't get to speak for three nights and three days in arms and except if it happens to be a pointer or except it happens to be a gesture that you're using to get your message across to anybody. Right? So in that story, there's a child being born. And in that story, there's also no speech for three days. And in this story, there's a child being born miraculously. So and over there also miraculously. So

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considering this norms of physics, yes, miraculously. So and in this case as well, Allah subhana wa tada has Maria Marie Sam stops speaking. And similarly, similarly, Zachary Ali Salam is also told that this is your sign you have to stop speaking you won't be able to speak except if you're doing the kind of Allah subhana wa tada

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it Nina doll to the ronnie Solomon. I have vowed for Allah subhanho wa Taala a song that I'm not going to speak felon or can Lima Yama insia. So I am not going to speak to anyone. This is what Allah is telling Maryam Ali Salaam that if Jubilee rally Salam is delivering that if you see someone from your family, from your tribe, from your people from any human beings, period, meaning I hadn't anyone, right, then say to them that I am fasting meaning I'm not going to be speaking that's their fast felon who can Lima yo yo ma insia I'm not going to speak anyone to anyone today. You know, this is a test

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Maria Maria set up a very, very great test. And that is that she just has a child, you know, she's just had a child. And as she has been granted this child,

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Allah subhana wa tada

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Allah subhanho wa Taala tells her to stay quiet. Right? You know, people that have children, they all want to go and share the fact that the child now of course, medium and Islam is not necessarily, you know, focused on sharing. But there's another very important point here and that is that people are going to ask her, Well, when did you get married? When did you have a child What happened? Like so on and so forth? and all sorts of questions and especially because she is of a religious background in the sense that she used to seclude herself to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala those people who go towards religion and then suddenly they do something wrong, people actually mock them

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more than regular people. Isn't that so? Someone is doing something religious and then they they're seeing in a mall or they're seeing somewhere else doing something hot on something impermissible a lot protect you and I and all of us, I mean a little bit. But when someone who is apparently religious has a beard wears it has a job wears an ACOG so on and so forth, right? They are seeing doing something that is wrong. people end up accusing them even further and more so than if it were to be a person who was not like that Maria Maria, Sarah is known towards society. Remember, she was saying, we're going to Nexium and car and I wish that I was someone that was wasn't known to people

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meeting. The opposite understanding of that is that she's known to people. So she is now being told that when people come and talk to you, you have to stay silent. You don't need to talk at that moment, right?

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You don't need to be talking at that moment. Phelan Okay, Lima Lima in Sierra so that is a great, great test for Maria Maria said, For added v Omaha, the middle.

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So then she brought the child to her people.

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She wasn't speaking, she brought the child to her people are lujah, Maria

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kalu, Jamelia, they said, Oh, Maria, Maria, Sarah

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nakaji, GT, Shea and ferrea, you have done something very, very nasty. You've done something which is filthy, you've done something funny. Yeah, you've done something that, that we didn't imagine that you would be doing right? As I said, someone who happens to be a person of piety, and you know what we have to get beyond this. That's the reality. I'm mentioning this and Allah subhanaw taala is mentioning these stories, not so we just take, you know the story, we just look through the story. And then yeah, flip the pages of the Quran. And that's the end of that. No, Allah Subhana. Allah mentions these stories within the Koran. So we take a heat from them. This is a common theme within

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society, someone religious, why is he doing that? Someone not? May Allah guide him, right? That's not the way to do it. Because apparently being religious is not necessarily a sign of religiosity, religiosity internally. That's one thing. Number two, no matter how religious you are, recognize the fact that there's going to be or how religious x person is, person x's, recognize the fact that there could be a fall equally jawatan kubwa, as they say, and when equally it means Allah, that every single person who is a Joe odd every single person who, every single horse, who happens to be extremely well trained, he's going to fall one day or another. And similarly, every single person

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who's a scholar, he will one day or another make a mistake. That's just a reality. And that's why even within the story earlier on, what is Maria, Maria said, I'm saying, medium, and he said, I'm saying that I am a loser, man, I am seeking refuge in man, in the Most Merciful from you, and she doesn't know as you've been before her. But she's saying I'm seeking refuge in mine from you in Quinta topia, if you happen to be a pious person, right? So she realized that even if he's pious, a man and woman by himself by themselves in one place, they can make a mistake, no matter how pious the person is, they can make a mistake. So that's a reality. So as a society, we have to start

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moving on from this particular, you know, idea or this particular behavior of almost, you know, if the person is religious to make he makes a mistake, then let's try to make it look bigger, right? If a person is not so much, well, whatever the he doesn't really show himself out to be. Or, for example, if a person happens to have a beard, and he's doing something wrong, or her sister happens to have a job, and she's doing something wrong, then make a bigger deal out of it. As opposed to if a person is not wearing the hijab or a person doesn't, is not necessarily wearing a beard, perhaps like keeping a beard and so forth, right? That's not that's not a proper attitude, and we have to

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move away from that within our societies. And I say this, why

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I say this, because those are two different things. Okay.

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Those are two different things that you have a person wearing a hijab, a woman wearing

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Job, and that the job that the woman wears is ibadah is an act of worship she's doing the beard that the person keeps isn't about that it's an act of worship that the person is doing as well. Right?

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If they end up committing a sin that sin is from another angle so the mistake is not this one meaning we can't say because you made this mistake, or because you did this good. You can't make this mistake. No. People make mistakes, and allows messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that khulumani Adam kapa haka, in other words, that every single child of Adam makes mistakes and the best of those who make mistakes are the ones return back to Allah subhana wa tada I asked Allah subhana wa tada to allow us to return back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Kaya Miriam. They said, Oh, Maria, you did something wrong. So how did you reply? And what happened next? Please join us in the

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next episode. As we continue to discuss the story of medium Ali Salam from the sutra of medium Annie Sarah was set on one

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that mean? Lee

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Johnny in

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the lobby.

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