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As you can hear, today is not my biggest day

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losing my watch.

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But before that I surely was much more beautiful.

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The subject that we talked about today is Marian,

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Marian, the mother of Jesus. Now, what I want to think about is money. And one thing that comes to my mind

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is one of the most terrifying moments in this life.

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And I'm sure we all have you understand, we had

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one of the most terrifying moments of our life is when you feel alone, when you feel lonely, even though you might be surrounded by hundreds of 1000s of people.

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And one of the most beautiful

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things in life is when you feel the warmth of company, even though you might be alone.

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Now think of those

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those miserable people, Melba

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health interview was living underneath the ground 1000s of feet below the ground level, and then having this hope, one day they will come up.

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They don't know why.

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Even though there are no group of people, in reality they did

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away from where they were supposed to be.

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So the feeling of loneliness and being alone.

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And will lie, you cannot be in the water company. Even though you have hundreds and 1000s of people around you are listed on the computer.

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And the only way you could have that is we have that

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reliance on the last panel.

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This is what I did.

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It was relying on

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having this beautiful company on the device to hand over data, even though hundreds of other people will be against you. But if you have a lot on your side.

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And you always have

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with a lot of time.

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Let's begin right now.

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Begin the story.

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Right before even the birth of my mother we suddenly mentioned the story of money. I want to love the panel was on when the mother actually have money.

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When the mother of money, she

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she was given

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a lot of time, the pregnancy she has. And she cannot accept that.

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I'm giving this to you, I'm dedicating this baby to you. So it becomes

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seven a month. She was a descendant of some of the iliza.

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Those are served in the religious beliefs of the society. That's why she said

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my job is yours. I'm dedicated this job. Why was she dedicated?

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She wants to have that righteous Now normally said in the center, there will serve a last column was in this House of Lords.

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Remember that?

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That area was supposed to be actually the leader of that now monitor that, that elites religious elite of the society, but he has

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no children. Who was the legacy of

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The mother, she made a lot. I want to

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I want to do this job.

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So she puts her trust in a lawsuit.

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This child

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the child came out

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and she said well, it's the

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last panel that accepted that. And that child can email for a reason. The speaker of why with a loss of

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knowing that they will be noticed in

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the legacy. Why was the last time I was

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given opportunity to give birth instead of a boy

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because she asked for a very special

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very special time.

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On the last panel data was given there now

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That's a very special time, you have to be a very special.

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And therefore,

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I'm not giving you that special boy, when I'm going to give you the baby, who will be the mother of that special.

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For this season, she's got.

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And when she said that

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that Oh Allah, I seek refuge with you or her

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offspring afterwards.

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And the last

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answer the scope

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that every child who is born is born, which is born, when they come to this world, they'll be finished by the right away, as we say, they will go against another human being.

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Which means I'm starting right now, when you sit in a room.

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renter yet, you're not yet in the nursery and very good, which is

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another one of the two that have added a lot

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of money in some senses all the

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money under the sun,

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word protected.

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So that was an

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ally knows what he plans,

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he did accept

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what she was receiving,

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you will get that, but it's not going to be direct. He's going to be the child of your child.

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Because their loss of honor or whatever outcome would you have to be from Alaska.

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And I do have that experience myself recently, six weeks ago, and another battery we have as

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much as you'd like money.

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But they experienced

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100. And we had two boys and one day. And we always wanted another girl to go

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and get a baby sister, sister, the older sister, and from day one will

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help us have

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to be like muddy to the sun.

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And the last panel without I will live with us through so much trial. So much uncertainty throughout this whole thing is to the last minute. Even in the delivery room, we completely unsure uncertain of results, because of what they have been telling us about interpreting

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the ends even in the last minute, you don't want to look well, once you do that sweet and beautiful. And

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I'm sure that's what the matter of money

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which is

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you know better because a metadata.

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So, this is the first thing when it comes to the

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need to submit to the will of Allah.

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They get so many different images, but

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many of them visit us to put your trust in us. Regardless of the outcome, once you put the customer last,

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as they say that the work will completely become desperate, which means you lose hope with people.

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When you lose from people means you have no other hope except with whom.

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Now you have that complete trust in a lot

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with this, this cannot be said

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you cannot do that in your actions, you cannot make this mental exercise. No, this is

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this is something

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you might say

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a lot, I put my allowance on the left panel. But then your actions will speak

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louder, or otherwise, I want to talk about the journey of money, the journey of money and

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the consequence of episodes

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in her life.

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Starting as we said was mother. Her mother did everything for a loss.

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Then Marian, she was now born.

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She was born and now she's living that beautiful life in the monastery or in the house of worship of Allah. Allah.

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According to the law, and the last one was taken care of upbringing

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was hoping to have the resemblance. The opposite of his offspring who will carry the legacy would go and check on

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he would check on

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One day

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was a bit winter offseason this summer, is one of the summer seasons. Somehow it's so strange, although

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we all we all know that he was a messenger of Allah. But

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after seeing that over and over again over and over again is he was owed money. Now money

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How come you get

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these I know

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what is it? What is it

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on a tour.

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And then she said, the last

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when the last panel was vision, he

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whomever he wishes,

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because of this

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reliance is

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very good, in spite of the courier who went and he lost

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the office, my Lord, I need a son

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who was getting my legacy and legacy.

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And the last panel was

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a while.

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Now, next in the light of money.

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We see her

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when she was one day, walking alone. And then suddenly she sees this.

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And she was terrified. She has never been into this such a proximity with a human being.

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And now these things are in the middle of nowhere. Any human being.

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She was so terrified. And she said,

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Listen, I feel a lot.

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And if you truly feel lost, then stay away.

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management, I asked protection from the last panel,

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the Most Merciful from you if you truly feel alive. But he has other news.

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she did not see herself worthy of that message. What is this? She says I'm giving you the news. What news is on you receiving a message from a messenger coming from Allah subhanho wa Taala giving you the news? Shouldn't you be happy with this? I mean, we should be happy with that. But if you look at

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the news, what happens?

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his art was was almost breaking

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out of fear and he was terrified.

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And message like this was huge responsibility. You have a connection with the divine.

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And not just he was terrified because of the new because actually this is a message, the messenger even the message itself was more terrifying

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than the last few minutes

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I'm going to go through that constitution welcome.

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Allah, Allah subhana wa tada says after the news now she had no that's not what she said that How could it happen to me when I never, I was never touched by any and I was never a bad girl. Then she said the last panel that says that this is coming Of course.

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This is an ordained by Allah

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is being ordained by Allah. Nonetheless.

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What is it like it or not, is going to happen by the wonderful.

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So she has nothing

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than next. She moves on. She knows.

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And then suddenly she thinks that

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it is time. So she runs away, away from the people going somewhere away from the eyes. And now, women they know that more than anybody else. During this critical time in the last few weeks, about two months, women's are getting very, very tired, exhausted, emotionally

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drained out completely. They need every possible emotional support. And now you're asking us to be alone.

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This woman, pregnant woman, about the liver and you want her to be on her own

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No one else is nobody. And even on top of that, the concern that goes through her mind. She is Rosa. Gigi grew up in a culture that's based on honor and shame. Back then just like in today's culture, Muslim culture, the concept of love and honor is so great. So therefore she's not she's thinking, oh my god, I'm bringing shame to my, my people. What's going to happen? Are they going to accept all these now it is going

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on was giving her that shoe and that she was delivering the baby right now. on all of us. She said

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That's what she said. I wish I was ready for this.

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Because all these things are that are mine right now. And all the pain of being alone. Then Allah subhana wa tada has given her shoes unless

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he's going to do this just push yourself out of that last part of what the job is for you on the law or the job.

00:16:05--> 00:16:09

Unless he calls it from underneath your feet. Was it

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another call

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but she received the news instantly. Put your trust

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known about

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running the water underneath

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the water

00:16:30--> 00:16:33

under your feet to wash the dirt with the new watch.

00:16:35--> 00:16:39

Either fresh by the water. Well Jose de la cleavages

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we know they just give birth to this child. We know how exhausted and tired you are. But a lot to do that.

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You put yourself in a lot

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and you want to shake

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I don't know how many times in your life but I've lived in an area

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that is all higher than this. And

00:17:05--> 00:17:13

I need to shake it to get some truth or some days from it. You'll be joking and you can never get booed like this when

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you have to do serious work and

00:17:18--> 00:17:19

all these things are happening

00:17:20--> 00:17:23

because the last time I wanted to so put

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out a live your life law is shaped that the man was dropped down.

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Not just date is this fresh day.

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This sweet, juicy, fresh day. What do you guys eat over here that is called some of

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the area's earlier stage of the day, it was so sweet. And so soft, it doesn't last long outside of the fridge for a few days, and we're actually broken down into spoil. So you have to eat it fresh, so larger than is something fresh look at you didn't have to have so much.

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And we'll take care of this. Next. Now she's

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and she's

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just she's a younger, who just gave birth to a child with no father. Specifically

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in the audience these things put together it's just like a

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candle in the community that would be beyond.

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But then the last time

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I was the

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UK that

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I was asked to

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talk to you about what do you

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wish you can with that vegan?

00:18:49--> 00:18:49

What is

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he talking about all vegan all the analogy is about not disgrace and shame too and so on. What is this?

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How can we talk to each other?

00:19:10--> 00:19:13

What is the How can I talk to this job, a loss of Hannah was

00:19:14--> 00:19:15

featured in

00:19:17--> 00:19:20

a woman this the truth by the role of a lot

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and a lot of

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and who spoke

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and the president he said

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I am

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the very first thing that they unfortunately

00:19:38--> 00:19:39

is the very person that denies

00:19:41--> 00:19:46

rejects all the claims about him. He says I am the servant of a lot of people

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although allows

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us to put our trust and reliance on him

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see whether the amount of success, you need to take

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all the music,

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if it's a matter of memorizing

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the needs,

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if it's a matter of having an artist job, you need to take the means to bring up is his job. You becoming one of those vindicated

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or the hijab and so on, you need to take the means of doing that, and then equal to less and less

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and less until the last

00:20:32--> 00:20:32

time I was asked

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by a man who came into the mess, as he was in the parking lot outside and he brought his camera and he said,

00:20:44--> 00:20:45

What do you want me to do? Shall I just

00:20:46--> 00:20:48

leave it or should I push it off and then

00:20:51--> 00:20:51

said no.

00:20:57--> 00:20:59

Even though you're required to have an assessment,

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but that doesn't come without you.

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And you'll

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00:21:06--> 00:21:08

go there and then ask for

00:21:09--> 00:21:15

the best results and whatever happens, remember, it is always best for you.