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We begin as always, by praising Allah Tabata kala to Allah blessed and exalted and glorified and testify to his unique oneness and to the finality of Prophethood being in Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that the most truthful of words bar none are the words of Allah the great Glorious Quran and the best of guidance, the Sunnah, the example of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and at the most dangerous of matters are the newly added matters to this already perfected already completed way of life. And that every single one of them would injure us astray and ultimately lead us to the fire may Allah protect us and our families and our loved ones from the

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fire Allahumma Amin.

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Brothers and sisters, not just did the greatest of all of God's messengers, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam get commanded to follow closely in the footsteps of Abraham. And that's of the perfection of Muhammad Ali Sato Salam is that he lived up to the instruction to follow in the footsteps of all the prophets at once.

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But even his own was given good hija the month of hedge we're in we re align ourselves and better align ourselves with the way of Ibrahim Allah, he said.

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And as we've been doing every night that Aisha going through his life story, something is very evident that Ibrahim alayhi salam left no stone unturned when it came to inviting people to Allah.

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That was an inseparable part of his way, the middle of Ibrahim alayhis salam, and likewise with our Prophet sallahu alayhi wa sallam since Allah said to him, comfort and they get up and warn the world he got up and did not sit down if you will, until he met his Lord subhanho wa taala.

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And this is our path as well Allah Allah Baraka with Allah said to us, could have isa BD through the prophet saw Salem say to them, oh Mohamed, you need to know Allah saying to him to tell you you need to know this. This is my path as well the path of the Prophet Muhammad, what is my path, said being the Edo eat Allah my path is that I call to Allah upon clear insight. I also know what I'm doing. There's actually a manual to it. I level Sierra and Ella, Manitoba, Annie, me and those who follow me. So to the degree that you call to Allah as he did, and as Ibrahim alayhi salam did, to that degree, you are considered a true follower of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and of the very

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straightforward, very wonderful ways to remember how to follow the path of Ibrahim alayhis salam in this Dawa in this call to Allah He called to his father and then his people then he has to leave to Egypt. He called the King of Egypt himself to Islam, we have in the great grandson of Ibrahim alayhis salam, what I consider a sink like a brief master class, and how to bring people to to heat how to bring people to Allah, how to bring people to the gateway of Islam, taking their Shahada.

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You see it there'll be five steps so that you can count them with me along in the hotbar and remember them. First of all, in this masterclass, you find that the use of Alehissalaam gets thrown in prison. When he gets thrown in prison, they approach him and they say to him, Listen, we have these dreams, we need interpretation for our dreams. Why are you approaching me for the interpretation in Iraq? I mean, and Marcin, we see that you're a good man. And that was last week's hold well, by the way, unless they see you as strong, not just the global personality strong, strong and your virtue strong and your principles, strong in your consistency, they are attracted to you.

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So what does he do? He takes the attractiveness to him because of his virtue. And he channels that into causing them to be attracted to Islam not him. So he's they're interested in me they come to me they trust me. They're looking at me as man this is a punctual person. This is a polite person. This is you know, a principled person. Let me tell them about my God. So the first step is to actually be attractive. Right. The second step he said to them what I will tell you what it means this dream god has taught me how to interpret dreams. In Anita rock to me letter home in LA, you mean una Billahi wahome Bill acid or to whom Catherine, I have just left the people. God taught me how to interpret

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dreams. And I just came from outside this prison from a people he didn't say you guys, though. They to Anita Vidal. They were not Muslim. I just left some folks outside who actually don't believe in God.

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and they are deniers that there's a resurrection that there's a life after death. There's an afro. And that's the second step. You want to make sure that when they are drawn to you, you don't burn your cards. You don't trigger their defensiveness right. He is not being accusatory, though they need the medicine. He sees them as ill in that sense as well. So he says the people outside Can you believe they don't believe? Can you believe they don't believe in Allah azza wa jal.

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And then he goes on to say, as for me, in Anita rock, to me letter Coleman, let me know when a biller when he says what tobacco to Abadi, and I have chosen to follow, not the ancient religion, the consistent way, the upright way of all my forefathers. And this is a key in Dawa, you have to help people understand that whatever they're thinking, especially nowadays, is, is alien to all human understanding, this notion that there's no God out there, there's no purpose in life and all of this, who has believed this, you are the one this is a wild proposition? Yes, you want to tell them it's your choice you believe or not, but you have to be able to describe to them that this is a

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really bad choice. To say that there is no God, right? There is nothing except our Material world means that there's no explanations, right? It's just gases and chemicals and a happy accident that happened in the universe. That means there's no purpose beyond it.

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The book open so that it could close. That's it, it's just a cycle of random accidents. That means there's no meaning if there's no meaning, that means there's no value in anything. That means you have no value. The benefit in that is good. It's going to get a person to want to figure out what their purpose is. Because none of what nobody actually believes this, right? Nobody, we all believe I followed the way the universal way that there is a God that there is a Creator. That is why the Quran by the way you pay attention to this brothers and sisters never talks about atheists directly. Because they don't exist. Yes, they are trying to run from responsibility. But do you act, you

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believe there's no purpose, there's no responsibilities out there, there's no direction, you don't have a responsibility to your kids, or to your parents or to your siblings. There's no such thing as rules. There's no such thing as right and wrong. There's no such thing as true. And nobody actually believes that. So you want to tell them that I'm on the side of their being purpose, I'm on the side of their being meaning I'm on the side of their being truth. I'm on the side of their having to be an origin where we came from. I'm on the rational side, if you want to use modern language, you have to gently bring that to them. I am following the way that makes sense. Does it make sense to just

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say I woke up on the bus one day, and I'm just supposed to enjoy the scenery? Just enjoy the moment. I'm not supposed to ask how I got on the bus. Where is this bus going? Am I abducted? Have I been kidnapped? Who's driving? How did I get here? They ignore these questions, right? But this is the universal way to ask yourself. These questions, the questions of purpose, the questions of origin, the questions of destination, he's saying I'm following the way that everybody has been doing it. So share this believing in God is not the default. It is not normal. It is an aberration. It is the exception that shaitan sometimes sells to the majority of people in a certain time in place.

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And that's why the Quran when it speaks about there having to be a creator. It speaks in the sense that you and I both know this is true. This is how it wakes up the souls when Allah says am holy a Coronavirus, che in human callicoon were they created out of nothing? Because you don't realize it but that's what you're saying. We just came out of nowhere, right? Were they created out of nothing? Or are they the creators? That's even harder? I'd have to be here to create myself. How did I create myself? So it gets even harder? Then the Quran takes it up another notch? And it says, Am Hala who somehow it will? Or did they create the universe that's even more difficult? Because the universe is

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before us. That's why even people outside say Mother Nature. It predates us. It's older than us. So if we didn't create ourselves, for sure, we didn't create the universe. Then the Quran goes on to say I'm in the home Casa in Arabic, and who will most likely ruin? Or do they control the resources of your Lord? Are they the ones that manage anything, you don't even decide when to be born when to die? When it rains when it doesn't? That's even more difficult, right? Not just to be here, but to constantly manage here, the world. But all of these if you're focusing, these are rhetorical. This is a Quranic strategy to wake up the souls not to convince them because they already know you can't

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think like this. You can't think you came out of nowhere. You can't think you created yourself

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You can't think you created the universe, you can't think you control the universe, you're just refusing to think that's what it is. So the language is, did you do this? Or did you do that? Or did you do this? Or maybe you did that. And you know the answer to all of this, it's called a rhetorical to humble you.

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And so that is what Yusuf Ali Salam did. He said, I followed the normal way, I followed the logical way, I followed the ancient way that there must be a Creator, there must be a purpose.

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And then

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he goes on to tell them and this creator must be one. That's step four. So step one, you got to attract them to you. Step two, is that you want to when they're attracted to you, you want to not trigger their defenses and send them away from you. Number three, you want to tell them I am proposing something that gives your life meaning and every sensible person has thought this way. So please think about it. It's worth it. It's a wasted life to not think about the purpose of life.

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And then from there you say, without God there's no purpose and without one god one god that's number four. Nothing makes sense. You see in the very next is use of valleys Salem says to them, yeah, Sahibi usage and he throws the question of them now, as if I'm assuming you're already on my side. I know you think this way. I know what I'm saying resonates deep inside you. And it does. Of course it does in every person who's trying to be honest. He says to them, yeah, I saw he Basij. Oh, my companions from the prison are baboon motor for raccoon or Hieron. emila.

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Are multiple gods better, or the one true supreme god who can do all things? What, which one is it? You see, because the Quran in other places helps people through this thought? How can there be multiple gods, Allah says in one ayah subhanho, wa taala. If there are multiple meaning equal gods, the universe would be ruined. How one God wants the sun to come up from this way, the other guy wants the sun to come up from that way, it becomes like those Greek legends where the gods are warring with each other and, and we're collateral damage. But the order the design, the livability, the sustained nature of this universe, means there has to be one unified force in this universe

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controlling it all. Allah says if there were multiple gods like they claimed, it would have been in ruins, but this universe is not in ruins. So that's one option that they're equal gods, they would sort of play tug of war over the universe. The other option the Quran says is, and this is most people, they say, Okay, there's a big God, fine. But like, there's like the mini gods, there's the angels or daughters of God, or Jesus, the Son of God, or Hosea, or the mini gods, if you will. So Allah says, Even lebuh, telco in as in Arshi, sebelah, that can't be the case, either, because then these mini Gods smaller gods are dependent on the big God. And if they're dependent on the big God,

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and they're just like you, why would I try to appease them? Why would I ask them? Why would I believe in them, when they sort of turn to the same god I'm supposed to turn to?

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You know, I remember once teaching a class of non Muslims, and a group of missionaries insisted not just to walk in what to interrupt my class, and sort of debate me in front of everybody. These were new shadows, everyone has their learning how to make will do and salah. And they said to me, Listen, we don't believe

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that Jesus is God, but we believe we should worship him. I said, well, then he's like God, if he's worthy of worship, they say, No, we worship him as part of worshiping the big God. Because Jesus is pure. No, they said to me, God is pure and we can't approach him. We're too sinful to approach him.

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I said to them, is Jesus sinful? Or is Jesus pure?

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Because if Jesus is sinful, then he can't approach God just the way I can't. And if Jesus is pure,

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I can't approach him the same way I can't approach God. So we're still stuck. You're just adding these middlemen that are imaginary that are made up. This is the idea you're adding things there that Allah has never permitted, and don't make any sorts of sense. And so use of algorithms throws that at them, can there really be multiple gods even if they're lesser? How can it be, you know, Schilke, to set equals with God is not just an unjust, unfair to God, it's unfair to you

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as a human being, because even if you only worship the big God, the true God, right, that you're haunted by the idea of those other forces in the universe, right? What if they're not happy with me? And that is why there's a beautiful story that happened in the time of the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam that reflects this, and I'm running out

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In famous companion his father was an elderly man who was slain. He comes to the Prophet SAW Selim and he asks him a question he doesn't matter of saying, Can Eli Han taboo do how many gods you worship today? It's arbitrary. How many gods you worship today? Allah Saba, I worship seven gods, six on Earth, and one in the skies. He said, For a you homage to a dually rock, Betty Kawara abetik. Which one of them do you bank on? For the times that you're desperate and for the things you hope for in life? He said the one in the skies. He said, then get rid of the rest of them.

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He said to him, oh, Husein if you become Muslim, I'm going to teach you a statement that will benefit you in this world and the next benefits even here. What is that statement? Allah Houma. Elohim Neeraj, the O Allah helped me be rightly guided was our eighth name and shattered NFC and protect me from being haunted by my soul from the evil suggestions of my soul that I have to sit there and worry about everything is of the evil you do to yourself. That one statement let's consolidate let's be reasonable here was the reason for deciding to be Muslim. A whole lot only has our stuff from La Familia, welcome.

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala manana via bad shadow Allah ilaha illallah, WA the Hola, Shadi Kela, who I shadow and Mohammed Abdullah, who whenever you who are pseudo.

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So you have to draw them to you, and then not trigger their defensiveness and then help them understand that it's a very bad proposition. It is not normal to discount God and disqualify him from your life and that has grave ramifications. It means life is meaningless, then you tell them this God has to be a one God, there is no other rational possibility. The fifth step and use of Allah He slams masterclass for us, is that you have to identify that God for them.

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The very next is as what Mata Abu Duna Illa USMA. And send me to Musa and two more about okay, let's be clear, what you worship is nothing but these names that you chose you and your ancestors, let's not have selective memory. Let's not forget what happened. This was a story that we made up and we call it God. It's so you're what you're really worshipping is the sticker, the name of God, it's not the actual vehicle is not the actual object. It's not the actual reality.

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This is what he did for them. And the power of this fifth point is that there are many people out there that can say yes, there's a God, and there's one God, but unless they get to know how perfect and great this God is, they will not commit to him.

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And that is why the Quran went on to say, we're not going to Accra Boulais human happy lady. Allah saying, and we are a God that is closer to our servants than the jugular vein. There's so close, intimate relationship. A man walked in on me once in a data center and said to me, we have a personal God, you don't send it to me right in the lobby. He said to me, because our God came in the flesh. That notion can trick people can deceive people, right? Because everyone wants a god they can relate to

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what he should have been told, and I didn't get a chance to tell him as well. We have 99 names for God. It doesn't get more personal than that. Allah is Allah dude. He is the Most Loving. That's one of His Names. You can't even love yourself as much as God can love you because he's the most loving.

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He is, man, the indescribable, unimaginably infinitely merciful and compassionate.

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A woman, an elderly sister in the nursing home yesterday, perhaps she inspired this whole book. She came up to me after and said, I don't know about all the other stuff you said. But this God has to be more compassionate than all. I can't agree more. That's God. And this is the nature of people.

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And so identifying for them the way the Quran does, you see the Quraysh they believed in a big God. And they believed in little Gods called Angels, the daughters of God and idols, right middlemen between them and God. It was only when the Quran describe to them how perfect, how unique, how intimate a relationship you can have with God, that those that were sincere truth seekers among them, embrace it. So those are the five steps to bring someone to the gate of Islam. And this is the greatest gate of Islam my brothers and sisters tell heed, clearly defined as the Quran teaches us to is the number one reason why people become Muslim that purity of the belief that is the cream of the

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crop of the message that convinces so many every brand new day, you need to be committed to the path of Ibrahim alayhis salam as shown to us in use of story in

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Mohammed Ali salatu salam story and bring people to that path. If we are of their followers, may we be of them and the best of them and guide us and guide with us and guide many through us Allahumma Amin