Tafseer of Surah Maryam #13 – The need for diplomacy and euphemism when giving Da’wah

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The use of strict language in Islam, including "APatic" and "APatic," is important. The use of the symbol "naivety" in Islam can lead to negative emotions and confusion. Islam's teachings, including the implementation of Islam's teachings, use the word "naivety" in the language and the use of a tongue of honesty as a means of pride. The use of Alay opts for guidance and the use of a tongue of honesty can lead to pride and knowledge.

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what's going on feeding Kitabi?

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Umina shaytani R rajim Bismillah here Walkman you're rocking, or aren't as they look on women into the room I mean, do you Ruby

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gonna be do you not be shocked the Sadhak Allahu La Vie him. So we were in the thick of the discussion of the dialogue between Sayidina Ibrahim alayhis salam and his father. And of course, we take special note of the protocol respect and dignified communication between Satana Ibrahim alayhis salam and his father, notwithstanding the fact that his dad was a disbeliever. He was a polytheist he was an idol worshiper, he was an idol merchant. And in particular, I was quite, you know, intrigued by the write up in methodical Tenzin, and I simply could not resist this academic discussion. So I just want to share some snippets of it. Number one, the author writes that K for ra

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l mme, Allah will refer wellhow, local Hussen that we marveled at the application of respect by satan or Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam. So in the entire discussion, you would observe the repetition of the word era apathy, apathy, apathy, oh, my beloved dead, oh, my beloved dead, and the father didn't respond in the same way. He didn't say yeah, buena. Oh, my beloved son. He said, Yeah, Ibrahim, he addressed Ibrahim alayhis. Salam with the name. So that was the first thing character right. choice of words in Islam. You are not allowed to use harsh language on any human level on any human, not even with any animal. I mean, the teachings of Islam are to be kind to every creature,

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Muslim or non Muslim. You got to speak politely what pull everybody Apolo Nettie here accent in Surah Bani Israel il O Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam say to my servants to utter the that which is correct, if you look into the backdrop of this idea, it was an altercation between Sedna, Amara, the Allahu Anhu and a non Muslim and the ayat was revealed that Be polite in your speech, whether you speak into a Muslim or a non Muslim, and I think we need to ask ourselves some tough questions. When we interacting with our helper, our worker, our employee, Muslim or non Muslim, what is our our communication? How do we come across? What is our expression? What is our choice of words? Okay, so

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that's the first thing. So Mithuna Bedava de la happy Mutallab. prefund falam you sent me about who Bill Jalil mouflon wala NAFSA who Bill O'Reilly Melfa when I can know who called in America che and minarelli Malay Samak on the second note, we observe that

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he called out to his father in a very polite way. And he didn't refer to his father you're ignorant. You're belligerent. You're hopeless. You're helpless. You're wicked person. No, no. Nor did he claim to say you know what, I've got it. All right. I'm super amazing and awesome and everything. No, no, he modestly said in Amari journeymen. lrl mela miotic Allah has blessed me with a knowledge which you do not have which you do not have. And by virtue of that, my aim is to invite you to the straight path my aim is to invite you to the straight path. So Mithila Sabina he McKenna li B Anna shaytaan Olivia ASA Ramona, Olivia Jimmy are near me Minho. Oh God, Kofi and Reba, that is tsunami

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was a Jana Holika for antiobesity who feel happy up there after he alerted his father. He alerted his father, that the devil who disobeyed Allah subhanahu wa taala has enticed you into idol worship, and you have succumbed to his provocation. So in essence my dad you are worshipping the devil you are worshipping the devil. And then finally he concludes his advice to his father, Robert beta with his su allottee ba ma Moratti, Adebayor. Hi Salam, you will suddenly be inevitable African be one Nevada Bella Seacombe Belka hafla ilaha illallah on the fourth and the final instance, where he concluded his dialogue, he said to his dad, look, your dad, if you persist, then I'm afraid things

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can become quite nasty and ugly. But even at this point of now becoming a bit strong and stern. He didn't say that you will be struck, you will be destroyed. He said I'm afraid I fear perhaps meaning that if you're not going to desist from your practice, so if

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When when he gave off the alert and the final warning that that death on disbelief will result in the punishment and the torment of Allah subhanho wa Taala his choice of words were not analogia by law sippin Baker la Mahal, that inevitably you will be struck, he said in the Ahafo, AMS cerca de la mina, rough man, I'm afraid if you persist on your habits, then you will be gripped and you will be seized by the punishment of the Almighty. Definitely many lessons for us to learn. When we invite people towards Allah subhanho wa taala. And generally when we talk in of inviting we only go or think of inviting a non Muslim into Islam, what about trying to bring someone closer to Allah

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subhanho wa Taala at times, at times, unfortunately, because of the lack of the correct approach, we drive people away from the Almighty we drive people away from the Almighty. So we tried to bring a person onto the Sunnah, but the method we deploy to attract him is against the Sunnah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam methodology was most amazing, most amazing. Okay, so there we have it. Verse 48. What does a locum why man that the rune I mean dunya Allah he will be Assa Allah gonna be doing era be Chetry. In verse 47, we spoke about Metallica where he was ready to bid farewell. And he said that I will make dua for you and from which we learn it is correct and necessary to make dua for the

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guidance of a non Muslim. And away he said I will ask Allah for your forgiveness, meaning I will ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to guide you to guide you in who can be happy indeed Allah is compassionate towards me. What does he look on vomited Aruna mean doing Allah and I will separate myself from you and that which you worship besides Allah. In other words, he had always disassociated himself from their beliefs. But now physically I'm also leaving because that you threatening me you don't want me here. So Well, if that's what you prefer, then Off I go off I go.

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In the mohajir on Ihlara B, I will then move on to another place. Al muhajir. Romain Hejaz don't know but we'll hotwire through muhajir is one who moves away from sins and vice and this place was now not conducive. They didn't want him and answer say that Abraham Alehissalaam then went away to Sharm he went away to Psalm, he left this place he left his

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father he left his family, you know the tribe, etc.

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Desire to separate what arteza LUCAM I'm separating physically, physically from you, what mattered Arona and that you wish you worship in tune in love besides Allah? What are the rules of rugby? In other words in his attitude and his belief he was always moving ahead. But now he was trying to guide them they didn't want him so he moved on what other rugby and I will continue supplicating and worship in my Allah Azza Allah Hakuna be dua era be Shafi. Yeah, what did he say? I shall call to my Allah and I'm hopeful that I shall not be deprived of reward and acceptance in my goal to my my rub. In other words, commercia Tatum and to me I bet that will us now that's what this call is right?

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There was a hint in that there was an insinuation as you have been left and wretched, because you have denied Allah and you have worshipped other things. I will not be left to ratchet because I am worshipping Allah subhanho wa Taala Abba della hija Arata means suffer Hettiarachchi wherever to rubber Mohammed imbecile lobby, what did say that earlier of the Allahu Anhu say when he defeated his opponent, Ahmed have been word Abdel hija Ratterman sofa. He worship the stone out of his naivety, we're about to wrap the Mohammed in Bisola be and I worship the Lord of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with vision and certainty and integrity for Sadara to Hyena Tarik to whom Mata

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Jacques de la kuljit Obi in the Cadigan Warabi were after unethical behavior well no and he couldn't do any more Qatar buses any Earth Welby law tax evasion Allah ha ha Villa de whenever you hear ya matter shall be

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yeah so I will continue asking Allah subhanho wa Taala and I know my Allah will and you know not deprive me and Sir, I am a hopeful now we know what certainty a newbie is under the guidance under the protection and a newbie is Massoud is protected his prayers are answered. The Scholars say the adoption of the X

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expression answer, which means hopefully, perhaps maybe it was motorworld. Iran was humility, humility. I'm hopeful I'm optimistic. I'm optimistic. Subhan Allah, that was the language that was the demeanor that was the expression of a Nabil Sedna, Yusuf alayhi salatu salam said, I'm not going to leave the jail that I don't get clarity from those women who had accused me summon them and they must speak up my bad Oh, nice, sweaty Latina Katana ADL Hoon. What about those woman who severed their hands and chop their hands? And they each one came forward? And they admitted and the minister's wife said another hour to who I never say I seduced him. Ya know who would I mean a

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sedated and he is innocent. And then when said no use of a salatu salam innocence was brought forward. He was exonerated on every level immediately immediately look at look at the toning down not that before that there was no pride No, no, no, and maybe is divinely protected from everything. That's the beauty that this is how Allah subhanho wa Taala creates the Gambia Allahi wa Salatu was Salam but generally in a point of, of exoneration, in a point of honor in a point of dignity, which one of us can carry ourselves with respect and our respect is also so superficial. It's not official it's not established at such a point. Yeah, what was the language and the expression of Satan the

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use of Ali salaam What am I gonna say? In enough Salah Amara Tong de su Allama Rahim Allah be I'm not exonerating or I'm not saying my my nephew is free of blame in the NAFSA verily every neffs every, you know, human self, Amara tumby su provokes towards evil Illa Moroccan rugby with the exception of the soul on which Allah has mercy, and that was useful in salatu salam because he is that knifes will go to my inner he is that pure soul, but Subhanallah that is the humanity of a Nebby So as

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was an indication of the humanity fell emeritus Allah Womp womp Irabu don't I mean Donal, what happened Allah who is half ago what can you learn Jana and EB? Verse 49, Allah subhanho wa Taala says when Ibrahim Alayhi Salatu was Salam withdrew and he departed from them and proceeded to relocate in Sharm

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for the matters that are home when I go don't I mean doing Allah and of course he would drew from that which they worship besides Allah.

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We gifted him a son is hawk and a grandson Iacob. And we made each one of them a nubby. So when he left

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his family, his tribe for the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa taala. The Scholars say, Allah granted him a much more wholesome replacement. Everybody has an attachment to their family, to the tribe, to the birthplace to the origin, because that's where you grew up. There's memories there's this nostalgia, there's this childhood memories, but for the pleasure of the Almighty relocated or the Allah He was, he relocated, and then Allah subhanho wa Taala then gave him much more better and more wholesome in terms of companionship. In terms of companionship, Leah Stephanie, subbing him out, as the scholars say, from whom he got company and companionship, Allah subhanho wa Taala blessed him

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with what happened Allah who is hard, Allah blessed him with his heart as a son, and they after Allah subhanaw taala Bless his heart with a son. And that was the aku, who was then the grandson of Sandra Ibrahim alayhis salam, what could learn Jaya Nana be yah, and both the son and the grandson, Allah subhanaw taala says we had blessed him with Naboo what the scholars raise a question here.

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That when Allah subhanaw taala spoke about the children of Ibrahim alayhis salam, Allah spoke about his heart and then his grandson yaku and Allah did not make mention about Ismail Alayhis Salam and the reason for this is they say is that is my real Alayhis Salam enjoyed this amazing position that Allah made reference about his ma il, exclusively independently which is just to follow into verses beyond what Allahu Akbar Allah more be Asare Konami and of course only Allah knows the secret of his speech, but this is why the Scholars say in their understanding and of course, our understanding is only limited. It is Allah's knowledge that is in finite perfect impeccable and flawless Okay, so say

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that I am Allah is Salah moves on. And he continues asking Allah for the guidance of His Father, while the family Abbey in a walk and I mean as Volyn ALLAH forgive my father, meaning Allah give hidayah to

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My father of course this dua was till the extent of his father being alive.

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Look at the cannula comfy. Was 120 feet Ibrahim I will let the Namaha if God only told me him in Bora Amin come Huami Madaba. Dune I mean Donatella Grafana become WABA. In an hour Boehner Kamala either went to the bar, well back then her dad told me no Biller, he was in La Jolla, Ibrahim Ali Abhi. in great detail Allah makes mention about the promise that Sedna Ibrahim alayhis salam had made to his father, and he made dua for Make dua to Allah for his father, Fela Mata by Ian Allah who I know who I do want Nila Thurber Rahman Ibrahim la halimun, a well homonym that said, Now Abraham Alia Salam supplicated, to Allah to forgive me to guide his father and make him deserving of

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forgiveness as long as he was alive. But once he discovered that his father had left this world without Iman, and I know this is quite challenging, where people have reverted to Islam and their parents have not come into Islam. You know, it's a very, very emotional thing. It's a very, very emotional thing. Because as soon as you become a believer, your heart yearns and desperately calls and wishes and hopes and prays for the guidance of your parents. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to guide us to guide our parents to guide our entire family to the truth. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala preserve the Eman that Allah has given us. But St. Nybro ma Salatu was Salam. Once he

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discovered that his dad had left this world without Iman. That was the end of him asking Allah for forgiveness on behalf of his father. That's clear cut in the Quran.

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Okay, so what Colin Jana and Abby as Allah makes mentioned in surah Ambia that we are to bat nephila yaku but now fella that we are blessed Edna Ibrahim with his heart, and we had blessed him with an added bonus of Iacob as the grandson okay.

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What will happen Allahu Mira Medina wa jal Nyla whom Lisa and slit the tin Aliya one is you just boast that you know what I had. When we got married. It was just the two of us and then the old folks will say take a guess how many grandchildren? Okay, take a guess how many kids take a guess how many grandchildren? Okay, how many great grandchildren do you have? And you know what the foghorn bayyinah come with the castle on Phil. Unbelievable. Hola. That's exactly what the Quran says. The Far Quran by in a calm way. It's mutual rivalry regarding regarding economic stature, beauty. excetera. And then it is the Catherine Phil. Unbelievable. Oh Allah, how much wealth, how

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much assets, how much properties how much children, how much grandchildren, how much great grandchildren. That's how man spends his life. So you will say like, you know, we came in to assist the two of us and then we had so many children and then so many grandchildren and so many great grandchildren. Subhan Allah Allah blessed Ibrahim alayhis salam with his heart and then Allah bless his heart with Yaqoob who couldn't learn German and Obeah and you know what? We made them both prophets and you know what, what will happen Allah Who Mira Medina what your Anala homely Santa sweet the thing Alia and we bless them from our mercy, meaning minimally well weathered, we bless

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them with wealth we bless them with children, we bless them with prosperity with our Anala home and we made for them Listen Listen literally means done. Super means honesty, truthfulness and Alia means elevated. A tongue of honesty was elevated for them, meaning people will raise them till the end of time. What are they now who fit dunya Hassan Ah, wait no who fit athletic Lemina Sally Hain in Surah angebote under this idea JELA Lane writes a Athena V. Gianni at the yarn Athena V. Jamil at the end, every religion the Abrahamic faith, everybody praises Satan. I Ibrahim Alayhi Salatu was Salam. Our prayer Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad wa ala Ali Mohammed camasta later Allah Ibrahim

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Ibrahim, so Subhana Allah, this is how Allah subhanho wa Taala honored say that Ibrahim Alayhi Salatu was Salam. That's it. Verse 50. On that note, Allah subhanho wa Taala concludes the discussion of Satana Ibrahim Alayhi Salatu was Salam, the dialogue that he had with his father, then he moved on, and then Allah subhanho wa Taala blessed him with his heart in the apple, but as I indicated that dimension of Ismail Alayhis Salam will follow shortly thereafter. One amazing quality of Satana Ibrahim Alayhi Salatu was Salam amongst all his qualities that Allah had blessed him was Sharky rally and homey Sharky rally in Romania, Egypt Ababa, Davao illustrata. Mr. Team, Allah says

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Ibrahim alayhi salam was a great full service

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And Allah subhanaw taala refer to Sedna, no Helenius Salam in the whole Ghana but then shakoora That he was grateful. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in the Quran, Maya and Allah who will be either become in Shackleton Mentone why will Allah punish you? If you are grateful and you bring Iman what can Allah Who Shakira nah Lima and Allah is One who appreciates and is aware of your good actions. So amongst the many qualities that Allah subhanaw taala had endowed, Sedna, Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam with and the Quran is replete with his mentioned in no less than 63 different verses in the Quran said Abraham Halley, his Salam features, let's take that quality of gratitude, an attitude of

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gratitude. May Allah make it a reality. I mean, you're believing