Maryam Lemu – Marriage Gems #16

Maryam Lemu
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of communicating during marriage, particularly in cases where the spouse is experiencing dissatisfaction or anxiety. They stress the need for communication, including avoiding embarrassment and sexual misconduct, and the importance of avoiding boundaries and sexual activities. The speaker also emphasizes the need for intimacy, including having a routine and not engaging in sexual activities.
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You find sexual frustration you find spouses that are not satisfied. intimacy is such a sensitive topic. However, it is so important it has to feature you will have to be able to satisfy your spouse's image fantasies and their physical needs to be able to make sure you resist the risk of temptation. Part of the obligation of marriage to a man is to satisfy the wife's needs to be kind to the wife. And to make sure in so doing, he and the wife are both chaste, you do not want to stab your partner sexually, whether it's the wife, or the husband, because that leads to trouble. So in that regard, sometimes we get into marriages extremely shy, both male and female, you have to just

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take off that toga, and have an honest conversation with each other. If you can't do it face to face, you can write it, but you need to communicate communication is very important. So that that aspect is addressed. And I'm going to go a little bit adult here, even during the act,

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a man needs to ask the wife, if she is enjoying what's happening. You need to communicate, you are partners in a relationship in which each one's needs are supposed to be met by the other. So it's not a one way street, where it's always the man that gets to get satisfaction, the man needs to also take off that ego, the pride and ask his wife, are you enjoying this? Are you enjoying that? Or what would you like instead of this or that? So please, make the effort, communicate, discuss so that you are both satisfied in that department. Yeah. And I think another thing that is important is part of the this issue to do with intimacy is there needs to be variety. Boredom is a recipe for disaster.

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And there's a metaphor that my brother uses water that sits still starts to smell. If you if you allow

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a routine, like it's always This time, it's always this position and that position, there's no variety, there's no excitement, there's no anticipation, there's nothing new, nothing fresh. Unfortunately, it's a recipe for boredom. And boredom is a recipe for disaster. So make sure you be adventurous this thing. So it said about being shy when it comes to your spouse. There is nothing like that. There are no boundaries as long as you don't go into those areas with being

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no *, no *.

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And when a woman is not a period, and when she is wearing her menstrual cycle, you're not supposed to engage in intimacy. That is any physical * but your spouse can still satisfy you, your spouse can still be very intimate with you and make sure that you are still getting that fulfillment that you look for

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