Jannah Gems #21 – The Key to Hellfire is Arrogance

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The key of the Hellfire and kibble arrogance

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arrogant is the key for every evil or a bad character. So if you look at the worst character after Shrek after associating God who the last pantalla the worst diseases keeper is arrogant.

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And our swatting salatu salam said

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Hadith The following is

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that you're totally Jana McCann if you

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don't want to mean caver, the person who has an atomic weight of elegance in his or her heart will not entertain them.

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So how nitrogen mechanically called the Miss causality kibble. They will not the person who has an autumn weight of arrogance in his or her heart will not enter gently, he said this, and then this is how even Muslim a man asked. So how the companion said you're also alone? Or what do you hate what

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the human being likes to have dress well, and even shoes is well is so he was one he was thinking that dressing well. That may make me act or or look as if I am arrogant, and honor.

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Or so Swati sought to sit down. He said in the Law of Demeter, your Hebrew, German, Allah has beautiful loves beauty.

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So what is Cubism? What is this and he said, a keyboard. Now he defined it. And he saw it was elegance is two things, but that will help up wantonness but will help rejecting the truth. arguing.

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I am arrogant when I when I argue about truth. rejecting it. I am arrogant. humbleness is when I think people are less than me.

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These are two signs of arrogance. So when it's not about how do I dress, or I'm or I, I'd love to dress well because that's what the Sahaba he said he said no, it is not that. It is

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what what will help you reject the truth and reject the truth. These days we argue about the Quran we argue about argue about the sooner that even knowledge, anything we argue and really jacked. And how many of us accept, let's talk about myself, except somebody looked at me says you're wrong. This is not the right way. You made a mistake. And humbleness you look down and at people if a loss of power what Allah favored me was something he didn't give it to somebody else. And that's from a law and I need to be grateful to Allah, that he gave me this. And I need to I should be more humble to Allah that he favored me with nothing special. On the contrary, I go and I look down at people when

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I think I am better because of the skin color. Because of where I was born, because of my education, because of my wealth. Because of the way I look any of these. Any of these I think because Allah spirit Allah says what a Chroma kind of why it's the best among you in the sight of Allah is not to audibly or how do we look at what is my last name? What language I speak? Oh, it's the person that one she or he who has most stuck what was

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the key for Jana mala doula for the Hellfire is our organs