Sulaiman Moola – Tafseer of Surah Maryam 02 – We convey to you the glad tidings of a unique son

Sulaiman Moola
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What's going on feeding Kitabi?

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rajim Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim we're in Tulum. Awadhi Amin.

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He works at the raw Wakanda team at Iran for her belly Mila Cavalli, Uri Sunni where you're a swimming pool by wotja hora Biragi, sort of Allah Allah. Then, we concluded yesterday's segment on the importance of dua, prayer and supplication. Of course, if our prayer is coupled with piety and nobility, then even a short prayer will suffice. Look at the prayers of the prophets in the Quran, where it brought about changes. You know, on a large scale, Satan or no Hallahan Salatu was Salam said Robbie and Nima who Logan fantasy, Allah has been overpowered you aid and assist, and you will see that many people and many scholars would advise the recitation of this dua, when you feel down,

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depressed, overwhelmed, etc. And great, it's amazing, it's wonderful. It's noble, surely it's the prayer of new Hollein Salaam. But we forget to understand the fact that Sedna, no Alayhis Salam had executed his duty to optimum to optimum, the task that Allah subhanho wa Taala had put out for him, he had diligently executed it and then he made dua to Allah and Subhan Allah, what was the effect of the DUA, how Allah granted deliverance to him and the believers and Allah destroyed his enemies and foes say the NA Musa alayhis salaam sprayer up be in Nilima insulted Elijah Muhammad in 14 year, Allah I desperately need any good that could come to my assistance and my aid. And surely Allah

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subhanho wa Taala then blessed him with a Nika to the daughter of Shri Bala, his Salam and he returns to Egypt and so on and so forth. Satana you have alayhi salatu salam, Robbie and me misogyny adore. Oh my Lord, I've been afflicted with difficulty well into our humble, right. I mean, so the point I'm saying is even a brief and a short two hour would suffice if

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it is coupled with obedience, and he thought the Arabic poet said another only ILAHA in the Caribbean netural Illa having the Caribbean in the cul de Kerbin. So man and Sir Who and the cashflow guru be, we turn to Allah subhanahu wa taala at every difficulty and then we forget Allah when Allah has diverted the difficulty not only you know her in the collector bin Salman and Sal who are in the cash flow guru the and the overpowered said, mosquito May Allah Kuya Dragna mosquito now here I said a mosquito Yeah, heck it was called sinemia Dracaena. It's not difficult to remember lime difficulty when you're in a crisis you just screaming out. The real difficulty is to turn to

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Allah in ease and prosperity, which he said Allahu alayhi wa sallam said to the young lad even above the Agra Elahi for Lucha your RF coefficient that turn to Allah in prosperity, and he will respond to you in adversity. Can you find another job game for Naruto? IJA button li da n are the sadhana tariqa be the newbie? How can we expect the acceptance of a prayer which has been blocked by our sins? How can we accept the acceptance of a prayer which has been blocked by our sins? So we promised you that in today's segment in sha Allah, we're going to expound and unpack the details pertaining to the prayer of Satan as a carrier. Alehissalaam so in verse number five, he the courier

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alayhis, Salam says to the Almighty, which Allah subhanaw taala of course conveys to us in the Quran, we're in 15 an hour early, and I feel for my relatives Navali is the plural of Mola. It has many meanings here refers to me as the scholars have expounded upon it and the linguists have made mention of it, but nor me, his cousins, his father's brothers children, so they are these cousins and relatives of yours. Were initiative to rim Awani I am afraid of my relatives. Me What are he behind me after me meaning post my demise? What kind of timber it has run and my wife and my spouse and my partner is bad and she could not bear children when she was young. And now she is old. For

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happily Mila Don't worry, yeah. So grant me an air meaning blessed me with a son who can take the legacy forward. So just to put some

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context here. The Korea Alayhi Salatu was Salam was concerned he realized that of course at some point death has to come and it is inevitable. And under the ambit of this idea in Romani. The discussion of succession also features in a subtle way. And remember a succession plan without a successor is no succession plan. And today unfortunately, we do not have succession plans. And often the entire empire or the entire institute comes crumbling down, but let's take it in in different angles and understand it holistically. So, kindness Shea hunt, these are the words of Romani in Korea can show you Handwerker an emotion and leanness

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were yourdomain houmous, Latin must electron okra, we learned from this application of Satan as a carrier Alayhis Salam, that the desire of Baka tariqa for the legacy the practice to continue is mean Sunil Ambia that I'm running, I'm in charge what's going to happen to this institution, the seminary, this classes this transmission of knowledge posts my demise, fellow Amara Amara, the Harakat be later on to Nobunaga. When he observed that around him there was nobody really responsible enough responsible enough who could embrace this responsibility and take the course forward. Paula Berman Robbie whether than happy T yen Jaco Makana Golfito be at the nursery when he

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died 18 Romani, and I'm quoting to you, then he supplicated his Lord and he said to his Lord, oh, Allah blessed me with a son who can understand and can be nurtured with the right values. And of course, being the child of a newbie in the therapy of a newbie, and I can then teach him the correct way and he can continue the legacy

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Subhanallah I came across a profound reflection in biannual Quran.

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Acumen OMA raises the question that in this drop in this die set to Allah, Allah bless me with a son because as for my relatives, I cannot you know what, I don't have a sense of satisfaction on any one of them. I don't feel that I could assign this responsibility to any of them. Worker, no Chevron, as as mentioning that we will enhance that these people by nature, we're not noble woman jewelry at the HEMA Masino Nirvana Malinowski, he Mubin women react to him and Marcin Anwar Lemonly enough, so he moved in from the descendants of the Prophet, some are noble and some otherwise, some otherwise. So these people were not noble. They were not noble.

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Hence, he asked Allah subhanaw taala to bless him with a child. Now the question arises, the motivation of this request was so that the legacy can continue. Why didn't he ask Allah subhanaw taala Allah guide these people, Allah reformed my relatives, so currently in the state in which they are, they're not noble, they're not biased, they're not compliant, they're not obedient, they're not diligent, they're not focused. I cannot see, you know how often in a business context, father says, I don't know what's going to happen, because this particular son of mines, unfortunately, he's got some social evils. This other one, he's got other interests and the third son's got no business

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related expertise or skills or anything. So I don't know where the Empire is going to go. And I cannot see this being handed over to any of my children. And of course, that is material related, but this is now serious. This is Dean. So why didn't he ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to reform his cousin's to reform his relatives, or like give them a diet change and reform them, rehabilitate them, so that they can appreciate this daunting responsibility, and I was blown away once again, by the profound reflection in biannual Quran, Hackman OMA writes, the reason why Zachary Ali Salam did not focus his prayer to the reformation of his relatives to rescue and continue the legacy, though

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in his own capacity continued making dua, but he did not focus that as an

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as the as an option that they must be reformed and they will continue, but rather he asked Allah subhanaw taala blessed me with a son blessed me with a son, noble and pious, simply because the the message will take more effect from the speech of an individual who aspires from his very early years from as as a junior, as a juvenile as a minor, a child who is noble and pious and outstanding, and grew up with nobility when he stands up and advocates a message, the message will be much more profound. So even if these people were to change great, but due to the fact that the past was somewhat tainted, this might compromise the impression of people

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In this speech Subhan Allah so what's the lesson for me and you to our youth out there? The young Allah has given you you don't taint it don't taint it. We've passed the threshold of the definition of youth, Yama, Shara Shabaab, or the group of youth. The hadith in Sahih Muslim imam nawawi, the famous commentator of Sahih Muslim Ryan's worship Brenda Nah, man, Bella, Bella mujer, Western Athene that the definition of youth according to the Angelova the The Linguist is one who reaches the threshold of puberty and has not surpassed the age of 30 so the effect of a boy nurtured with nobility when he's going to convey the message will be much more deeper. Okay, we also learn from

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this year is that unappealable wallet dilla UniFi assault and as mentioned in binary Quran, to ask Allah for a child is it against the station of nobility? This was the prophet of Allah, I really want to get married. Great, that's fine. I mean, I it Allah subhanho wa Taala says, and gentlemen it and holla taco mean to Robin some Ada and done by Sharon tentar, Sharon Amin, Ayat II and Hala Polacco Minh and forsaken as WADA and from the science that reflect the greatness of the Almighty He is that he has created for you, spouses partners for you. So we learn from this field Allah Allah to Allah Tony Milan as much been menonita Allah, leave Vickery, Heafy mahalo empty, none. That the

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inclination towards a spouse and a partner is perfectly fine. It's intrinsic to our anatomy, it's part of our composition. Allah says, This is how I have designed you. There's nothing wrong you cannot say no, but you so pious, why don't you want to get married? Absolutely get married. And after you get married, you say, You know what, I really want a child. That's perfectly fine. Zachary Ali is Salatu was Salam asked Allah for a child. And number two, we learn from this as well. And so al Musa be the middle as barbil, buried at Laguna for Adam, to ask the Almighty for something which is logically remote, which is logically remote is not contrary to the etiquettes of respect. So

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logically, it's remote. Why? Because the narrations vary from 80 to 120, regarding the age of Zachary Alehissalaam, fertility experts will tell you that the age and the period of having kids has long passed,

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and the his wife, Zachary alayhi, salatu, Salam spouse, had was also in her advanced age was also in her advanced age. So logically, you cannot reconcile the possibility of the union and join an issue or a child at this particular point. But Subhanallah he asked Allah and Allah accepted it. Lastly, Yama is a colonel herdsa de ne bilateral Quran more so when you ask in the Almighty. And the motivation of your supplication is, you know what the dean of the Almighty family Mila Donica blessed me from your side when Ian was a child, meaning without the intervention of common causes and effect because I'm not young my wife is not young, she was barren when she was young, so outward

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apparent, the consummation of the relationship and the intimacy of the partners, which is also the bounty of the Almighty is also the bounty of the Almighty, but Allah subhanaw taala has put a system in place, but yeah, he's saying oh my lord, those outward apparent causes do not apply in my context. Hubballi Mila don't go without the US Barbie idea without the US Barbie idea, the common signs you bless me with a chime, we move on to verse number six. You're in Sony while you're resuming early I called with Johanna Hora Biragi what is the passion and the vision behind this year, blessed me with a child who can inherit from me and inherit from the family of Napa Valley,

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his Salatu was Salam.

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So scholars will tell you there is this famous academic discussion that between the galaxy of Zambia and the Hadith of the messenger SallAllahu wasallam supports it, that there is no transferring of assets learn Arif Mata Raka. Now what we leave behind is charity. So a prophet does NOT inherit from a prophet, whatever the Prophet leaves behind Alayhi Salatu was Salam is his charity, his charity, and when you look into the lives of them, bln was Salatu was Salam. By and large, what did they actually leave behind, there was no assets there was no wealth. So what does we refer to refer to what does inheritance refer to? It refers to inheriting the values, the practices, the principles,

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the noble teachings, etc. and, and and the Natali de Lille de Lille and the proof of that from the taxis, your risoni he inherits from me while you're resuming earlier. And so that

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He can inherit from the family of Yakou. And surely a child and offspring will inherit from his father only, he will not have inherit going upwards. So that itself is an indication that your inheritance does not refer to Ross at Emmalee. Now, again, a quick reflection here verse number so let's say that as a carrier alayhi salatu salam makes the DUA to the Almighty. And when he's making this dua to Allah he says to Allah, what John who rugby Radhiya and Oh my Lord, make him are the what is the one who is beloved unto you a lovely Yun civetta Masha BA in the meaning of MUFE rule, write one who is beloved to you. Generally, when we desire to have a child, we pray and we hope

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Allah gives us a child and we hope that it's a healthy normal child. And absolutely, like in our data now, Sally Hanlon and Coonan Amina shagreen, Allah bless us with a normal, healthy, beautiful child. And then the child is born and happy bouncing baby and make dua, he can talk to her he walks, there's a bit of a lag in his milestones, etc. And we worried you know, this preliminary report suggesting potential. You know, what challenges here or there is some difficulty whatever it is, we have these concerns that each milestone is accomplished at its right time and great and wonderful, and probably when he's 11, or 12. And then we see this Valga or he is now becoming a bit arrogant,

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or he is guilty of truancy or he's been obstinate, that we say Make dua that you know what we need, that Allah has guide him, Allah has guide him and he mustn't grow up with wayward practices he needs to be, you know what, given the right upbringing and the right values. Well, my brother and my sister Zachary, Annie and salatu salam asks Allah for the piety of his child before the conception took place, before this child was conceived. He says, Oh my Lord, let him be Robbie are the means I came into my banner Quran, one who has knowledge and practices upon the knowledge and that is a message to myself and to one and all the level of knowledge that we have that Allah has graciously

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conferred upon us.

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To what extent Am I practicing that knowledge to what extent Am I implementing that knowledge? What you're Alou rugby rugby Yeah, oh my Lord, make him one who is beloved to you. So that also makes us understand that when we make dua for the health and the well being and the normal birth, we need to focus on the dua of the guidance, the Reformation, the nobility, the virtue of our children, May Allah guide one in all verse number seven years Icaria in nanobots Shiraga Viola Minnis Moo hoo, Yahia lemenager Allah hoomin Kabelo semiya yo comes the glad tidings Oza Korea. And of course we learn from Jews three, Chapter Three Surah Al Imran that this communication happened through the

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medium of angels for now that only mela iica waka mo use Ali fill me haram and Allah you Musharaka Bianca, that he was standing in prayer in the chamber and the angels called out to him and they gave him the good tidings and alumnus if he makes mentioned in muda Rakuten zeal that we learned the moment of acceptance of prayer is when you are in Salah as well. Yes, Korea Oza. Korea in No, no Bashira Verily, We give you the glad tidings be Salam Alaikum boy of a child of a lead is smooth we are here and we have named him Yahia we have named him Yeah. So Allah subhanho wa Taala took it upon himself to name the child of Zakaria, you pride yourself that my child was named by a scholar by a

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prominent person by learned etc, etc. Great, wonderful, amazing. Well, can you imagine the honor for Zakariya that his son was named by Allah and you know what? My brother you want a peculiar name and my sister you went to strange name and you went to something that is unique and unheard of? Well, Allah says regarding Yahia alayhis salam lemenager Allah hoomin Kabelo semiya we have never named anyone like this before his name and his character will unique lemenager Allah human capital semiya the scholars have interpreted both ways. The name of your hair was exclusive, so nobody enjoyed this name previously, and others say it refers to the exclusive attributes which are to follow in reverse

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to come. For example, one is hosue run, hustle run. He had no inclination towards sin.

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lemmya Zilla Wellum he never disobeyed Allah nor did he intend the disobedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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And then he had purity of heart. He was blessed with wisdom at a very early age. So that's it. We leave it on that note, verse seven, we concluded that Allah subhanaw taala has conferred the good news and the glad tidings that a child will be born. The question is, How is the child going to be born? He is 120. His wife is of advanced age. Are they going to become young? Is he going to get married to someone else? We'll wait and see. That's the beauty of the Quran.

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