Marriage Gems #10

Maryam Lemu


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The biggest concern I have today is the fact that social media has entered our lives. Something we normally don't allow etiquette, basic etiquette has gone out of the window, a man will be chatting to a with a woman at two in the morning, while his wife is sleeping on the bed next to him, you would never have a woman come and knock on your door at two in the morning. So what happened to etiquettes and things like that, so called friends or people who are following you or liking you, we need to be so careful with whom we interact with on social media because honestly, this is a path to fitness, again, because you get to see too much, much less on social media. You don't appreciate

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real life. You look at somebody else who puts pictures of what you think is an ideal life, then you look at your own and you're not satisfied with it. You look at your house and you're not happy with it, the car, even your children don't fit into that perfect image of a family. So it's so important that you become very conscious of these things and how much you start not appreciating what Allah has already blessed you with.