Zoheeb Iqbal – 99 Names of Allah #02 – Ar-Rahman – Remove Darkness from the Heart – Dua for Ease

Zoheeb Iqbal
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of a name in Surah Fatiha, which refers to the tenderness of the heart and the ability to overcome fear. They also mention a book called "over and over again" that describes the experience of the heart being dark and the need for compassion. The speaker suggests calling on Allah with the name " er of man" to learn to memorize the name Yara Manu and obtain the ability to memorize the name Yara Manu.
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All right man, we see that this name we say in Surah Fatiha we said during our Salah is something that every single Muslim has asked for, as something that you hear on a regular basis that Oh Allah have mercy upon us or Allah, you're the most compassionate or Allah you are the All Merciful. And you hear this ramen ramen, Allah is Allah man, Allah is Allah man. This name simply means the most compassionate, Allah being the most compassionate. Man is like when you see it for Allah. So for example, in the human beings, when you say a Rama is referring to the tenderness of the heart, but and when it's referring to Allah as a man, that Allah is telling you that I am a rough man, meaning

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he's turning all the omas eyes upon him saying that no one else is merciful like me, I am one I am the only Allah I am the only man. If you want someone to have mercy upon you, it will be me. If you want your blessings to if you want blessings upon you, it shall be me who gives it to you. So because Allah is the most compassionate, now this name can be used the shift here mentions that to get rid of the darkness of the heart. Now we ask us, what do you mean by darkness of the heart right? You said you said what do you mean by darkness of the darkness of the heart meaning that if something is dark within your heart, you do not you cannot let go of a sin. You can't you know the

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inner darkest secrets of your heart as they say, how to get rid of this how to overcome this and it says here supplication, as in reading over and over again, a Yara Manu Yara Manu as many times as you can throughout the day, hopefully this will invite Allah to shower his blessings upon you, Allah will be compassionate towards you, and this name will help you for this purpose. Then we go on to the data that has been linked to this name by hazard fuzzer Rahim sub and that is a rubbish roughly suddenly, why a silly Amri meaning that oh my lord open for me my chest grant me self confidence and contentment and boldness and ease my task for me this comes in Surah Taha that this though, has no

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be like the once you once you have this type of you know, feeling where your heart is dark, you need some kind of blessings and light to enter it. Read this name of allah Ar Rahman Ar Rahman AR of man. And also try to do this alongside as many times as you can. The reward of reading this though

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is the above is basically when you read this any type of distress uneasiness within your heart. So for example, let's just say you're about to go for a job interview, and you're feeling a bit uneasy. You can read this door then. But if you feel as if something's not right in your life, and you need some light, you need some newer units, some Allah's mercy upon you read this though, with the name er of Manu, Allah indeed, is the most compassionate, Allah indeed, is the most, the Most Merciful as well which you are coming to. And you see that Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Holy Quran, our Lord, we believe therefore forgiveness of and have mercy on us for you at the best, the Merciful.

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Allah subhanaw taala scenesse of the Quran, that you know, we believe that Allah is the most merciful, we believe that Allah as the most compassionate, so we should turn to Allah and we should call upon him, whether you're a man or you're a man or you're a man or you're the most compassionate, no one. It says that Allah subhanho wa Taala is more compassionate 70 times more compassionate than your mother. Imagine how compassionate you find your mother to be 70 times more Allah subhanho wa Taala has compassion and towards those, those human beings that he made as an unite. So if Allah is the most compassionate and he is more compassionate than the your mother that

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you can see her compassion, you love your mother because she's always being compassionate towards you. Imagine if you call upon Allah saying er of man, we are a man How much will Allah be compassionate towards you? May Allah subhana wa Taala give us the ability to learn to memorize the name Yara Manu and call upon Allah with this name, Joseph common law hire an arsenal jezza Hey,

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