Maryam The Chosen 03 – How to Protect Your Children from Shaytan

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of Guinea navigateational wealth" and how it can be created through various methods, including protection through various sources such as a mother and family. They stress the importance of protecting one's health and wealth through various methods, including the use of words to describe emotions and the protection of one's own health. The speakers emphasize the need to protect individuals from extreme growth and development, including the use of words to describe emotions and the importance of protecting one's own health.
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People want to create transgenerational wealth but how do you create transgenerational Eema for that um well Bart Conner don't have been

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The mother of Medion gives birth to medium and she says My Lord I gave birth to a girl. and Allah knew better what she gave birth to what he needs a made to her Maria I have named her mother who were in Eagle Eagle her because Rhea Tamanna shaytani R rajim. And I seek refuge in you for her and her children from the accursed double. That's the statement that she made when her daughter was born. And it was a prayer that was accepted the province liberal ideas and them said that there is no child that is born, except that they are touched by the double when they're born causing them to scream from the touch. Except for Miriam and her son. She sought refuge her mom sought refuge in

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midium. And her son or her offspring, she didn't know what Oxford she was going to have, obviously. And so the province little lights and have told us that the only two people ever who are protected from the touch of shaytaan when they were born, were Miriam. And her son, according to me, however, says that doesn't mean that they were the only ones protected from Shavon and others were misguided by Shere Khan. Because how many are the prophets who are protected by Allah subhanho data even though Shavon tried to tempt them and lead them astray. So it's not like they were the only ones protected. And at the same time, it doesn't mean that they were never tempted by shaytaan. It's not

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like they never had a sheath on for the rest of their life. Because the province level bar does send them says, Every single person has a career, they have a plan that is designated assigned to them. Every single one of us. And the Sahaba said even you oh a messenger of ALLAH and he said even me, except that ALLAH subhanho data assisted me against him, and so I'm safe. Allah assisted me against them, and so I'm safe. But there's an interesting question also, that some of them have a city mentioned. And they said, Hold on a second Medion was Mother seeks refuge in Allah for her daughter from Shavon, when

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when she was born, or after she was born, it was after she was born. The Quranic verse says, in the world law to health I gave birth to a girl, when he needs a metal hammer him and I've never met him, and I seek refuge in you for her and her offspring from the accursed devil. So this is after she was given born. But the province little lady syndrome is describing the moment that she was born. In the moment that she was born, she was protected from Shavon. So how was she protected by a DA that would come after she was born. So you get the point, right? And Allah subhanho data knows best. But when a mother is spending nine months thinking about this baby, that's a part of her. She's repeating to

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us. It's not like she's making that drought for the first time. It's very easily possible that mediums mother was making this drought for her child. And when she gave birth, she continued that drought. And Allah subhana data knows best. But when she gave birth, and she realized that she gave birth to a girl, she continued to make that supplication for her. But the second question, the greater question for us is, how do we protect our children? How do I create transgenerational Eema and even before we get to that, I want you to just appreciate that many of us mom, for all we know might have never lived to see Lisa being born her grandson. But her prayer blessed a child that she

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would never live to see. So let's think about our grandparents, our great grandparents, our parents, and the prayers that they might have made for us. How many times may you have been protected in your life because of a prayer that was lifted into the heavens for you decades before you ever arrived? You might be saved in the middle of your life, or at the end of your life because they do that your parents made for you at the beginning of your life or your grandparents. a machete says I will be able to study what matters maybe my son or daughter to see how Mulaney Hola, hola que la

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la he compares the two arrows and he says do you belittle don't discount it? And you don't know what the prayer accomplishes. The arrows of the night don't miss their target, but they have a span. And the span soon finishes like the arrows don't miss but they might take a while coming down. You might make a drought for something for your child and it might manifest in their child. If you had a mother or grandmother or

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or father or grandfather who made a lot of their eyes, I want you to comment and tell us what was your favorite aspect of their glass? Like for me, Sudanese grandmothers. And it doesn't have to be your grandmother, but just that whole generation, they always somehow were able to make their eyes right. They'll walk up to you, even if it's not your grandmother, don't make dua for you. And it's just rhyming. And so I say, I'm from where the sun always shines. And grandfathers tell tales of golden times and grandmothers say prayers that always right. I don't know how they do it. And I don't remember any of them to be honest, because they're always words that are, they're not very

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familiar to me. But what is the thing that you love the most about the prayers that your family make for you. So the first thing to protect your children is to make doc for them, that's always going to be the rule, whatever it is that you want in this dunya or beyond it, that you always make your first station your first stop your first resource to ask ALLAH SubhanA data and even Ibis says in quality that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam used to say, for it has ended who said, Who are you lucuma became the Mattila hitam I seek refuge for you, in the perfect complete Words of Allah, Min Cooley che pinene wahama from every shade, bong and every poisonous serpent woman couldn't leave a nice

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lamb and from every evil wandering eye, and he mentioned that this was the day that Ibrahim and he said I'm used to make for his two sons is married and his house. Number two is your own righteousness. Muhammad did he said Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will protect through the righteousness of their parents, their children, and their children's children and the town that they live in, and the homes that they're in, they all become enveloped in Allah's protection and concealing of their faults. Imagine you might be holding your whole city now. You might be worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. And your righteousness might hold down your entire neighborhood,

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not just your family. In another place in the Quran, we're told of the story of Musa al Qaeda, and how moose and feathered get onto a ship, and they travel and they come to a town and they set up a wall that's going to fall. And the reason why I say that goes through that entire process with Moose it is set up. The reason why they're set on this mission is that they build a wall. Underneath that wall was a treasure, the treasure was going to be uncovered because the wall was going to collapse. Hey, that builds the wall again, because it belonged to two orphaned kids. And they weren't old enough yet to be able to actually access that wealth themselves. And this simply says to Musa what

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kind of abou mouse value, their parents are righteous. And so even after their parents passed away, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada was sending his servants to look after and protect the assets of that children. You know, how many macabre karate as one of the famous scholars have said he was gifted wealth in Houston distributed and distributed in a distributed and people used to ask him and say, Why don't you save some of your wealth for your children, save some of your wealth for your children, and he made this beautiful statement. He says in the heart to marry me and find you and I've saved my wealth to benefit me with my lord, or he said it the heart Tomalin, NFC Anthropy or

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I've saved my wealth for me with my Lord, with the heart turabi, the RBI. He said, and I've saved my Lord, for my children. I'm investing in my relationship with my Lord, to benefit me on the day of judgment. And I'm investing in that relationship, knowing that my Lord is going to take care of my children.