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Establishing the First Muslim Community


AI: Summary © The importance of learning the Prophet's teachings during a political crisis is emphasized, as it is crucial to practice Islam and not be afraid of persecution. The importance of praying for people who have experienced hardships and following the Prophet's advice is also discussed, along with the importance of forgiveness and protecting privacy. The importance of setting people up for prayer and forgiveness is emphasized, as it is crucial to achieve goals and achieve personal goals. The importance of praying and sharing experiences to achieve goals is also emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to believe in their heart and address financial struggles, as well as the importance of learning from experience and finding one's own path in sales.
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Bismillah so the meccan period brothers and sisters, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam received revelation when he was approximately 40 years old. It was a life of 40 years of greatness, even those who may not be his friends after Prophethood they all confirm and all affirmed and all testified. The T is the greatest, the T is the most truthful. He is the most trustworthy, fantastic. At the age of 40, Allah subhana wa tada sent the command what was the first command? A law ever told your rule model? What was the first command Allah ever revealed to the one you will give up your life for what was the first command? It was the command to recite and learn the Quran?

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In Arabic, and this command is not just to the Prophet of Allah, but it's to you and I, every single believer you are obligated it's not optional to learn about Islam to learn about your religion. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling the prophets as lm ekra, re learn recite, so on and so forth. May Allah protect us brothers and sisters, one more point about this, to emphasize and to truly tell you from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for coming tonight.

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May Allah honor you May Allah grant you happiness, and to all those who are watching as well.

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But brothers via for the online crowd and hamdulillah out of everything in the world, everything in the world. There's only one thing in the Quran or the one time in the Quran that Allah told the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to ask more of.

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There's only one time in the Quran that Allah told the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. As more of this, was it money? No. Was it status? No. Was it? fame? No. What was it was Robbie zlatni the only time there was a lot of telling the Prophet all prophet of Allah asked me more of knowledge, asked me more of knowledge, May Allah increase our knowledge immutable at any time when the command of learning came? What was the second major command that kind of shifted things around? What was it command to spread the message of Islam? Now you learned then you preach. So we learn once again from the prophets. I said, Look, you cannot preach without knowledge. You cannot talk without being

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educated. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam learned, and now he's preaching. So one more thing here. Now that we learn, we have to preach, but rather realize that a lot here, I'm not really a good speaker and stuff like that, who said that spreading Islam is only through lectures, who said that spreading Islam is only through writing articles. No, it's much, much bigger than that. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam addressed all the believers. He says, believe when you allow

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the process or Sam says convey about me, even if it was one verse, that's all what you know, show Be it, share it. Don't be literally your knowledge, try to grow and whatever you have uteach within your capacity. So it's an obligation upon every one of us here to represent Islam to our best of ability, may Allah eat it on all of you. Common Sense, and Revelation, both come to the conclusion that when you learn the religion of Allah, and you preach the truth, who pops up enemies.

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That's the way the world works until the day of judgment. So when the Prophet preached, Allah commanded him to persevere the verbal abuse that he faced, they made fun of him. They made fun of his family. They made fun of the fact that he has no boys and their Boys Boys died at a young age. Look how filthy that level of abuse was. Then they went and they also were physically persecuting the prophets, I send them into believers. And Allah continue to say, what is the patient, don't be physical, no, respond with kindness, this stage the stage of invitation of devil with gentleness. That's how it is when it got so bad. So so, so bad, that the persecution is now going to the level

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of wanting to kill you. The command comes, it's time to go. It's time to leave Mecca. That's it. That's an extreme case of situation that now you have to emigrate leave Mecca, this land of Mecca is no longer fertile. You have to go away and find another group to preach to then eventually you can come back to Mecca. May Allah protect us and

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Grant us wisdom and Europe anatomy and we too have to emigrate. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim I just happen

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to have to emigrate. What do you mean you have to immigrate? Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? Just one second, when we do have verbal abuse but not that bad. We do have some persecution. It's not that bad for us to integrate the No, we still are obligated to emigrate. What's your proof? Well, so my son Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, the real Mahajan, and Mohajer is the one who emigrates away from sin Manhattan, Amanda one.

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That's the real immigrant is the one who migrates away from stealing May Allah make us of that group. And the reward of migrating with the process? I sell him What did he teach us? Those who migrate with a profit? Yeah.

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What does that mean? It erases all the sins in the past Allahu Akbar, and we choose when we emigrate from the Quran, Allah forgives our sins. You see how we learn from the life of the prophets I seldom so learn the deen forwarded to people persevere to your best of ability within wisdom and emigrate from sinning and disrespecting our last panel with Allah. May Allah protect us. The Prophet told you and told me pray for security. That's why he said his ally last year, and May Allah protect us to a way that we don't need to physically leave and emigrate. May Allah make it easy.

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For others, brothers and sisters, the process are settling heads now from Mecca to Medina, fantastic. The believers are waiting on the outskirts of Medina. from morning till noon, when is the Prophet coming? When is the Prophet coming? That that noon it becomes so hot, they waited so long, the prophet didn't show up to a salon, they go back to their homes until one day on a Monday, as they waited till noon, he did not show up. So a lot of them, they went back to their homes. And after some time, I yahoodi a Jewish man went to an elevated place to look for something of his own. And while he's looking for it, he peeked, he looked and he spotted who Muhammad sallallahu alayhi

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wasallam and the Prophet this was happening at Koba, which at that time was the outskirts of Medina. So that yahoodi said, Yeah, Masha, Allah, Oh Allah, the man you're waiting for has come. How did he know him? Well, la he the yahood. At that time, they knew the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the way they knew their own kids. Can I continue?

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Did you mess around with you? Are you my daughter? Are you my son? No one does that. That's how much you know them. They knew the process of setting the way they know their own children. People rejoice, people, some of them left to the outskirts of Medina. They greeted the Prophet I sell them they shook his hand eventually when they came to know Him and also set him stayed in Cuba did not yet enter into the actual city of Medina yet the pastor Salem State and pullback for how long some estimate about 14 days settle there people Medina getting ready the profit is coming inshallah. In these 14 days, what was the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam do? Build a Masjid and it's called

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Masjid Koba the first message ever built by the Muslims by Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam 14 days,

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14 days Yes, it's a simply a simple, humble building, but it graduates the greatest generation. May Allah grant us wisdom, a man of bellami salam now, the people of Medina are aware the actual city Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is coming, that men and a woman are standing on the roof of their homes, that children are flooding the streets, the embassy nians are holding the spears, where they want to perform and entertain the prophet and make a show of appreciation and welcome to the process. And even some of the Jewish scholars they came such as Abdullah bin Sena they're watching they're watching until they start the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam May Allah allow you to see the

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profit in general? So they go they said, Who's here? Kadima rasulillah Coronavirus, Roma, the profit is here, the profit game people celebrating people are happy. Then the person walked in and the people surrounding the profit they said yeah, Mohammed Yasuda LA. Yeah, Mohammed Yara Sula, la three times Yeah, Mohamed Yasser Allah before they want to kill them in Mecca. They're here. They cannot wait to see him Allah Himself.

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to a salon, and he's happy rejoice all that welcoming. Brothers and sisters and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in the midst of this is about to give his first speech, Allahu Akbar, what will it be like? What will the words be? May Allah grant us wisdom? I mean, the one who tells us this narration was someone at that time was a Jewish scholar and an authentic narration. He said the first thing I heard Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam saying and look what he said, and then he looked at his face, and voila, he does not the face of a liar. He to recognize. Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah, as they saw in their books. So the first thing the prophet SAW said him said, You have nasty

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old people so everybody, all people imagine all people are ears. What's going on hearing this? What's up right when I hear you have nice old people.

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He says, spread greetings after center. I want this to be a habit for this entire community that we spread Greetings, can we do that inshallah. inshallah, one of the things that Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam taught us is the true believer says Salaam greets the ones whom they know and the ones whom they do not know. Either manyatta woman lamea so you promise me inshallah you do a promise with Allah that when we have our break or show inshallah you will say Salaam to the ones that you've never known before. So the sooner the procession, inshallah five, minimum and you go from there, I want to be very honest with you, when you come on the ground, and you want to apply this it's not as

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easy as you may think. Because it might be pretty weird. Especially if you're not used to it I'll be very honest with you and I struggle personally and I tried to apply as I'm putting the content together not as easy as I thought I thought just move on. It's not so many times you see someone for two three years three years you see him You don't know their name you never said Salaam to them imagine after tonight they say set up

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for three years right? And I tried there was one guy near la forgive us. So I went and I just think I was nervous as I said I didn't want to move on. So he turned around because I went to an angle so this hour so he was sitting here I said select him then I went from behind him a walk when you look back when you look in the eyes like what was that right? Which is horrible for my enemy, Allah forgive us because there was not a habit that we should establish with some people that we may not know. So please follow the suit of Apostle and greet those whom you know, and those whom you do not know after Salaam. Alright, what's number two? Feed the people love to

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see the people especially the needy, look at the words the prophets are selling the same very wise words. See the people this does not only specific to the needy, but even being hospitable when the guests come over for some food there's something about food I don't know what is it but it just works. why it works as softens the hearts unbelievable. I remember one time we brought a dozen doughnuts May Allah forgive us unhealthy stuff, but inshallah we'll change Sharma we're learning. Okay, I remember we got a box of doughnuts to work. And some guy came to me. Big Shot makes easy six figures. So What's the occasion? I said no Cajun automata I didn't say the Hadith obviously. Right?

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So I said no occasion just you know doughnuts and stuff. So he grabbed the doughnuts, even though he can buy 100,000 doesn't but so panela there's something about the food for free specially, right? So he grabs it and we establish a relationship. I would have loved to continue the story and say I got promoted and gotten up. But that didn't happen. The evening, the evening law promotion was a lot. That's the focus right promotion in the state of Alaska. So feed the people. When the prophet SAW Selim, he continued he says and stay connected with family was similar. Hum. Family is very important. The prophets are famous saying this and pay attention. There are people here in the

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family, some are Muslim, some are not. So he's teaching them when I come here, I'm not separating family members, you are had blood relations, it will be like that forever. This is family you always stick with your family. Some people had relatives who are Yahood and they were Muslim. Family stays family, nothing nothing because the family May Allah protect us and you know, I mean, number four, was the lady when nursing em and pray at night when people are asleep. Pray at night when people are asleep, brother. I just need a little bit clarification on this one. I don't get it. The prayer at night is voluntary. It starts

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formation to fragile. That's the night. Obviously when the processor surgeon says that the understanding is that you do all five daily prayers, that your daughter acid mother's shamika steadfast. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the best Sala ever show. The best Sala Ever After the five daily prayers is a prayer that you perform after Isha and before fetcher.

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To try your best to do that, how many? Raka how do we do this? You can go from as little as one aloka Have you ever heard that before? One lotta so you do your thing you do your prostration you don't go out back for the second note you stay there and you do the shotput and you endure for as little as one as many as 11 or some narrations 13 fair enough. And when you go there and you need this be the last part of your day. May Allah allow us to establish that say I mean, and I'm really stuck to it if he ever heard the word with your Salah that's the one we're referring to any anytime throughout the night. The process of setting them you want this you want this to encourage inshallah

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encourage all of us. He said, a loss of Hanover that is authentic and Muslim. There's different narrations I do understand a lot the sense in a way that the fits his majesty, after the first third of the night, after the first third of the night Allah descends Nam and Allah says Who here wants something show I can fulfill it for them a lot of work about this coming to ask you what do you want Tell me and I will give it to you. Then he says Who here wants to be forgiven? And I will forgive them? A law says that a law says that a law continues to say that until

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so let's utilize that time in the left hand column brotherbrother one last question before we continue what is it how do I know when is the one third of the night was second third how one of the opinions tells you you go from Nazareth prayer so what time is needed here

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half the audience is exposed you know where we are protected? We are law protectors about five minutes about 530 right now that it is 530 roughly speaking roughly

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3630 so how many hours 1313 hours these 13 hours to know what the one third two third simple 13 divided by three. So very rough estimate if I do it 12 divided by three that's four hours. So this means the hadith of Allah descending in a way that the fits his majesty and all these offers are given and provided is about four hours or and a half or so from Madrid. So that means what time after 10:30pm roughly today speaking roughly.

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So let's utilize that inshallah Carlos and as you pray remember me

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right whenever you pray for me, the angel says And may you get the same thing as well so do business. Your dad may not be accepted the angels will. So you pray for your brother and Allah will grant it to you inshallah sounds good. Well, son Lubin lady when NASA Nia alright brother did the Prophet conclude Did he say there's a reward? He says whoever does this for

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that hudl agenda to the salon you enter Paradise with peace. May Allah make you all the people of paradise. Amira Bellamy, brothers and sisters, the speech has done that people are so anxious to have the prophets day over their house. In my house, my house, I said at first, right, the back and forth and you're fighting your shortlist in my place, stay in my place. So eventually, where were the prophets, Allah Allahu Allah, He will send them stay. He said, No authentic narration, I will stay at then in a job who is who? the relatives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he stayed with his extended relatives. They know what the prophet just did.

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He walked the talk. He just won't walk the talk. But people had to be impressed by that. He just said stick with family and he stayed over his fan he says, Oh cream cream on bionic I will honor the request a lot of work but and indeed it was an honor. Brothers and sisters. If you were there, would you be ready to host the process Allah

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Allah will lay in a rip all the posters of Ronaldo around the whole house. May Allah forgive us and protect us later but it means

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changing your clothes you get get your phone like where's the blah blah never pray for like three years. Where's the Qibla? Where's the Qibla? right and then your mom is UNIQ Mama, Jackie Allahu Allah and all that stuff change. So why not live a day or two and just have this imagination? What is the process? I send them walks in. And brothers and sisters this was the advice of the Prophet. What was it

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He said, always think of death. Are you ready to die in the state that you're in? May Allah forgive us and protect us any notable I mean, so this wonderful man Have you been on sorry, his wife on YouTube and I'm sorry yeah, they host the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and it was a great great, wonderful experience. Brothers and sisters as sweet as things may sound, the believers were facing hardships in Medina, severe hardships. Why? No things are not as easy as you think they are. in Medina, people had physical health problems. People had social problems had emotional struggles and financial struggles. So how about Yes, the Sahaba brothers and sisters, there was a weather and

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climate changes, which many people suffered many sicknesses. It was so bad, so bad, that Abu Bakr Siddiq thought that he will die, I shall suffered, may Allah be pleased by her, the land suffered. It was so bad that physical pain contributed to the emotional pain. They became homesick and they are missing Mecca, the land was so much in pain. He prayed against the people of Mecca. Why? For they were the reason he was pushed away. That's how much they miss Mecca. Not just that the financial struggles, many Muslims and you have to never forget this point ever, especially when you read the life of the believers. At that time. Many people in Mecca were very wealthy. So for them to

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be able to perceive brothers and sisters for them to be able to proceed and reach the province or send them they had to give up their homes. They had to give up some of their clothes. And I will not exaggerate if I say some people have taken absolutely nothing with them. But the clothes that they have on. No, no, no. And there's another example of a companion, who even left with no clothes on

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until he ran into one of his relatives in Mecca, and then was covered. His family saw him like that no clothes, and then they ripped a cloth that is so rough, wrapped one around his waist and one over his shoulders. And he was known as Abdullah he will be jetting. That's how much they had to let go to reach the Prophet alayhi salatu salam so keep that in your mind. financial struggles. Imagine had all the money we have people refuges here, may Allah lift the hardships from them, that they were doing very well in their countries and now they're struggling. May Allah make it easy for all of us. How will the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam address these issues? There's a lot that can be

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done. There's a lot that was done. I will share three highlights with you in sha Allah. May Allah bless our gathering. These solutions are for you and I as well. It's not just for them back in the day, but for all the time in any day. May Allah protect us. I mean, number one, assign friends, the prophets are sending makes it very clear. Friendship is not something to take lightly. friends have a major effect in your life and after life. He comes and we have narrations about friends Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says

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Allah Dini Halima, you are upon the religion of your friend, meaning your friend is so influential, they will not just influence your cousin and what do you eat? We're not just influenced what you wear and what you say. But they can go as far as influencing your religious identity. It's just a matter of time, may Allah safeguard us and protect us. friends, friends, friends, I said it before I say it again. Whenever we get phone calls about parents and realized some of them crying over the phone, and they say my son, my daughter, I don't know what happened. They're struggling people have different styles. But at the time when I used to address these issues, my first question to them is

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have you noticed that change and their friends are not last may witness nine out of 10 said yes. It was a change in friends. And the parents sometimes said I didn't really know was a big deal such and such so as parents and soon to be whatever your case may be, you need to know whom are the companions of the people that you love your children first and foremost, may Allah protect us. And this is happening not to children but also adults. So you cannot say well, I'm different Baba No, because that little child you have, he looks at you. You tell them watch your friends and you are not walking the talk like the Prophet of Allah. Yes or no. You go tell tell him something and you do

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otherwise. Go Go read the Quran. I want you to read the Quran.

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He sees that child their father never reads Quran How do you expect your child to be? That children follow what you do more than what you say? That children follow what we do more than what we say? and never forget that friends friends friends, may Allah grant you all right, just companionship. You want one example of the Rachmaninoff Where is he from from the immigrants from the people that left Mecca, the prophet assigns suitable friendship companionship compatibility of the rock man now is assigned with who the people of Sierra Nevada Ansari, may Allah grant you to be able to see them in general sad, sad is from the supporters from the original residents of Medina sad told the man we

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have brotherhood like them shall not lie ready? Sad tells up the rough man. I am one of the richest people of Medina. A black man is an immigrant of the man was a multi millionaire. Man left everything of the man has nothing pretty much so sad tells him Yeah, man, I will split everything in half. A lot of what

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if he had two houses, I will give you a house all for you. If I had two rights, I'll give you my one right and I will stay with one. If I had 100,000 I'll give you 50,000 and I will take 50,000

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brothers and sisters, this level of brotherhood, Allah praised in the Quran, and

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Darwin, amen. So Allah says they believed as a result they love and that's the love for the sake of Allah. There is no love for the sake of Allah without a man You see that? I love you the sake of Allah was the man nothing, then that's not just for dunya for other stuff for blood relationships, his natural love you can call it whatever you call it, by love for the sake of Allah is based on a man and that's the strongest bond of love will ever exist on Earth. Is that love that makes someone love you for what you believe? You perhaps love them more than their own blood brothers Yes or no? Brothers and Sisters not too long ago just to kind of because I feel sometimes when people say love

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for the sake of Allah, we may not really understand love for the sake of Allah is not from first sight

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You know, this person is very practicing, you know, this person tries to please Allah, that's what it looks like to you. So automatically you love them.

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I want to understand better okay.

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I know some people may not appreciate examples of the sort of local time but it really helps. One team here in the West one team said I, the the athlete the superstar he said on the selfie video. Same thing the fans that watch that team. She says I want to congratulate everyone who believes gold and purple.

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What I congratulate everyone who believes gold and

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May Allah forgive you. I mean, okay, so this means this person if he looked at the level of love if you put my hand You know, I believe not red, purple and gold. That's the love for the sake of the Lakers.

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Right? So this means if this player sees someone wearing purple and gold to the game, automatically, they love them. Yes.

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And the moment they see the rivals automatically, this slightly said these Lakers, you see that automatic. I was the better example. Our Dean is the better example. You love a person that bleeds La ilaha illAllah. We are lawmakers, people like that. So now when they say that, oh, extremist extremism. We have a barbaric speaker here in Dearborn, Michigan, telling people that they believe they believe that a llama really by bleed purple and gold Allahu Akbar. Very nice, very, you know, United type of team, right? This is the greatest team in the world, the team of La ilaha illa Allah May Allah make us always victorious and will lie You will never lose. If I was watching over us,

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we'll be left on time. So that is the type of friendship and Allah appreciated that. And Allah shows that these people specially the Medina residents, you see Runa and forcing him whenever you can add him kasasa amazing. Allah says the people, the Medina residents when they receive the refugees and immigrants from Mecca, they did not feel any pain in their heart when they saw the things being given to the refugees. Oh, our resources. No, our resources are your resources Allahu Akbar. And they shared that with them, not just that. They prepare them over themselves. May Allah Allah

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Was there such Brotherhood in Europe in Ireland in the brotherbrother? Before you go to the second point, what did the man say? Okay, give me half

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of the Roman denounces a dignified, honorable person or nothing they said Yes Give me half that's not is not dignified, no. But he said, may Allah bless your family may Allah bless your wealth. If you want to help me I want one thing from you what is it? Do you

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show me where's the right spot to start my business? I'm a businessman that people have met God businessmen, the people of Medina are more into farming fair fair enough. So I'll set the helps up the right hand but now this is where you start your business brothers and sisters, they worked they worked on black men worked one day of the rough man even after few days, several days weeks, Allah knows best he's walking and the Prophet sees a mark on the neck of other man. A yellow Mark what does that mean at that time? This works special cologne or so which is placed when someone gets married. So the Prophet said, Man

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is like there's a worse deal so Allah I got married.

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Allahu Akbar, then the prophet SAW Selim told him do like a party like a Lima May Allah grant us wisdom and perfection in terms of our Deen as much as possible in Europe an irony. So with this being said, by the way, you have to appreciate something on the side you see that of the romance of the man may Allah be pleased by him. did not tell the Prophet is getting married. They probably did not take it personal. You see, that has been why he did not invite me for the wedding. I've known you for right? No, he got married. Yes. And they moved on. So May Allah make our life simple. For somebody who has really liked that point. Ella protective, especially that we're in the wedding hall

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is very suitable hamdulillah. So don't take it personal. Now. The second thing that SLM will do is what? Build a message. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is going to go ahead and start building the message in Medina. And who will build it who will build it? That companions? No, no, not just them by a wonderful, phenomenal, great 5554 year old man will participate too Is it Mohammed Ali Salatu was Salam. He will go all in or just like cut the ribbon, or just like one break note all in. And what was the material of the building? It was four materials. Number one, the walls were made out of mud. So a mixture of water and sand. The Pillars were the trunks of the palm trees. Number three,

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the roof. Where are the leaves of the palm trees? That ground? Where sands and stones How long did it take to finish the message? Roughly 12 days? Allahu Akbar, Allah grant us wisdom in Middleburg, adenine. And when the Sahaba they see the prophets of Allah building, how do you think they feel towards him? how humble is that greatest leader that ever walked on earth? That is very effective. That is why when you read through the books of Hadith, and you read the life of the Prophet, there's a statement that believers say very often, you know, what do they say? Be at the end? Tell me meaning I'll sacrifice my mom and dad for you. Wow, that's a that's a big statement. Yes. What do we

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say today? Sometimes I will take a bullet for you. Right? Maybe exaggeration but the point is that so much love correct. When they said that to him You know why? Because he walked the talk. Never did he tells them to do something except that he was doing it to his best of ability. Never did he tell them the good your spouse's except that he was the greatest husband in Medina yes or no, never did he tell people donate except that he was the biggest donor in terms of the quality and sometimes quantity. Never did he tell the people pray to Allah night except that he prayed until his feet his feet became swollen. So when the people see him saying do this, and then he doesn't add his best of

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ability that cannot help but move all the hearts the truthful hearts May Allah protect us. And this these things adds a lot of pressure on community leaders on parents on every individual society. May Allah protect us from hypocrisy. Amira, Bellamy building the message very important. The message is way that where they learn the Quran, the machine is where they understand Islam. And the Prophet emphasized and added more pressure and singled out the brothers with attending the Salawat as much as you can. emphasis that is that will shock some of you of how important it is first singled out the brother double lives difficult rasulillah less Allen emphasized it you pray your five daily

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

prayers in the masjid because you're a man and this is the

00:35:00--> 00:35:48

Prophet he singled out to you, you have to also send him was very firm. We have to what? LISTEN and OBEY no complaints Why is the pressure not Alhamdulillah for whatever the prophet and Allah assigned to say, say hamdulillah Allah Salim gives you a hadith of encouragement, all that stuff and a hadith of warning. The Prophet said Whoever goes to the message vigil in Asia, Allah will grant them light on the day of judgment when it's very dark. And he also said the opposite. The ones who struggle to prefecture a nation is a sign of hypocrisy. May Allah protect us military academy should take it to your best of ability. May Allah grant us wisdom, some may say about federal in Asia, in terms of not

00:35:48--> 00:36:31

necessarily attending the masjid but even at home bare minimum, but the emphasis is to go to the masjid May Allah Allah wants to be strong, and out of the entire West. I'm aware of all the West that people say in the map. I don't know Allah, Allah maybe there is. I don't know if a city that has many massages, so close to another. The way we have it here correct to say hamdulillah will not protect this mirror behind me. Number three, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam makes dua to Allah, very important lesson brothers and sisters, you can do all the actions you want in the world, you can build the most beautiful Grandis teach all the people that entire Quran and you assign

00:36:31--> 00:37:09

friends that you need to believe in your heart, that all what you've done is just the means and in a way meaning less, unless Allah helps you out. And when you do it in your heart, you know, Allah is capable of doing all things are given less capable of doing all things and why should we work really hard? Because that's the prerequisites to get a lot help. The needs are the prerequisite to get a lot of help. And look what he says to address everything we said physical, emotional, social and financial ready? He says Oh Allah.

00:37:10--> 00:38:00

Oh Allah. Hi, babe. Elena and Medina. kobina Mecca our shed. Oh Allah make us the believers love Medina the way we love Mecca and even more. We're the hearts are under whose control Allah after the drought What happened? The believers love Medina more than Macau. You don't ask someone. You just believe that Allah can change the hearts. Hello echo. So you know what I learned from the Prophet Sierra? lessons after lesson I learned in sha Allah if I ever have to move to a different house, I'm so sad the city and things like that. Yes, I will try to have new friends. Yes, I will go to a nearby Masjid. But I also need to pray to Allah Allah make my heart accept that location which I had

00:38:00--> 00:38:51

to move to we see that you learn the steps, the proper steps may Allah protect us now, number two, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said addressing the financial struggles Oh Allah bless the measuring quantities because I mean the pound of apples for example, a pound of apples, if it's enough for five people or Allah bless that pound and Nick enough for much more than five people 10 1520 whatever Allah wills and if something was a kilogram of for example bread, if it's enough for 10 people, Oh Allah bless that amount. Did that happen? Yes, Medina is blessed by the will of Allah. Very important. Number three, yeah, Allah Lhasa Hannah Yala. other diseases people are about

00:38:51--> 00:39:32

to die. Yeah, Allah cured the area a lot. Sure there are no well, like he did from that disease. You if you were to bring all the doctors in the world, they would not do what Allah did to Medina. That disease was completely pushed away out of Medina to a remote area. No one is there and the people felt better. Abu Bakr lived, he lived Billa lived and no one passed away before the laser panel with Don. You see how the dry see that strategy? It's a way of life when we teach the Sierra not just one light entertainment or just a family angle. That's great and hamdulillah but it's a way of life. May Allah allow us to adapt to a tsunami and adopt it and you know, Bellamy and one more thing before we

00:39:32--> 00:39:35

go to the last part. What is it

00:39:36--> 00:39:42

Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam throughout his life he is having a dream.

00:39:43--> 00:39:52

In this dream jabril the angel comes and represents someone to him. It was a lady.

00:39:53--> 00:40:00

So the Prophet woke up from the dream. nother night he had a dream saw the same girl in that

00:40:00--> 00:40:03

Dream, saying this is your wife.

00:40:05--> 00:40:25

Third time some other day Allah knows when he has a dream he sees the same girl the same woman, third time. This is your wife. So the prophets I sent him he woke up. He said, in Canada in the last authentic he said if this is revelation from Allah, then it will happen.

00:40:26--> 00:40:28

So who is that girl?

00:40:29--> 00:41:14

Who is that girl? That girl is one of the greatest woman, one of the top and the elite that walked on earth one of the top. She was a woman who was on the same mission as the process of the law and it was a she was a woman who helped the Prophet escape from Mecca. Yes, she helped with the food and the drink for him to escape from Mecca to Medina. She was a woman from one of the most noble families in all of Mecca. Allah made the dream a reality. This wonderful lady is none other than Ayesha, the daughter of Abu Bakar, the one who Allah revealed through revelation she got married. May Allah be pleased with her. They got married to other prayers the prophets house he built a small

00:41:14--> 00:41:35

room a few rooms right next to the masjid. That's how he now built his house after all of what we said to the most part. He built his house. He know what real estate agents they teach you. They teach you something very important. What do they say? What's the most important thing in selling your house? But what it I'm not sure his brother Jimmy here.

00:41:36--> 00:41:37

His brothers didn't didn't hear.

00:41:38--> 00:42:22

Okay, and he will stay in real estate. What did he tell you? They repeated three times. We know what the real estate agent tells you. Location, location location. Right now y'all memorize that's how you buy a house, location, location location, the prophet shows his house based on the message location. So next time inshallah you become a big shot Bismillah you want to move out of Dearborn because Durban so tight for you? Allahumma evatik masala when you choose the location, be sure msgid is next to you and choose wisely. And if you're such a big shot, then build them next to you inshallah sounds good that may Allah grant us wisdom and around lightest friends and assistance with

00:42:22--> 00:43:19

building MSC meal planning. And with the ending of this session, and I know I'm ending a little bit short dibela. But this slides what we'll end with the lowest power dialer, after a note after it's a sentence 14 years later, from the prophethood 14 years after revelation, about two years or so from immigration. So the Prophet lived in Mecca how long 13 years, he became a prophet at the age of 14, he moved out of Mecca at the age of 5313 years, about a year or two after that approximately, Allah revealed a revelation, a whole new command. Anytime in Mecca, it was persevere. Don't be physical. Don't fight back the oppressed you just continue preaching. But now things has changed Allah

00:43:19--> 00:43:27

revealed in the Quran learnership rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim o Dinelli levena una de

00:43:28--> 00:44:19

veau lemo. In Aloha. Nasri him la de Allah subhana wa tada says, permission has been given for you to fight back. When the people move to Nigeria, the believers the enemy is waging war against the believers. There are people in Medina may want to hurt the process or sell them. There are nearby tribes that want to assess any profit any sort of Salaam. we persevere doing nothing about the oppression and warnings we're receiving of murder and assassination. Law change that Allah says now you are given permission by Allah was very specific. Did you see that? In this command. At this stage, Allah said, only fight the ones who have pressed you. You cannot go fight other people. When

00:44:19--> 00:44:59

you walk into your party Luna can fight the ones who fight you fantastic. With that being said, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam start sending his scouts whoever tried to harm him or whoever he was oppressed by, especially Mexicans, especially orange. He would try to attack their trade caravans for they were filled with wealth that was robbed of them when they were in Mecca. In addition, they were people that waged war against our Prophet Isaiah Salam. So everybody is aware of that. So many attempts were made. Now that they're using this verse, but they never were able to capture a caravan. They were never able to go

00:45:00--> 00:45:18

To the enemy and somehow be able to damage their economic situation to be able to overcome the oppression they received. Until one day, there was a caravan. Very special. This was a massive One was that caravan will go into details and Sharla after the break