Fatima Barkatulla – The Blessings of Marriage Compared to Adultery

Fatima Barkatulla
AI: Summary © The speaker describes a situation where their partner lost their virginity, which made them feel secure in their home. They describe the feeling of safety that comes with married couples, and how it can be difficult to express their feelings without fear. They also discuss the loss of family members and how it affects their emotions.
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Like, for me, I just remember my wedding night and just my early nights, you know, days with my husband.

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There was like this complete safety in that. Do you know what I mean? Like, when I remember Lucy describing to me how she lost her virginity.

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It sounded scary. Right? Right. Right. It was really scary. It was I think she, I mean, the way she described it, she wanted to like, it was like, she wanted to just rub it out, you know? Right. Right. Right. It was at university, somebody, you know, probably alcohol involved, probably, probably, and he is and probably sort of, like, unclear as well as to what was going on, and then that would happen, and then, but you're kind of going along with it, and

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and then you have to meet that person the next day, and there's no connection, you're supposed to have no connection.

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my experience of that same thing, was the complete opposite. You know, I'm in a secure home,

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that my husband has provided for me, we are surrounded by gifts where, you know, we're just, we're just committed to one another. There's safety, you know, that can't convey that feeling like of safety that was there.

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And I think from that same possibility and possibility, right, not just safety, but yes, ability because of the of this new union. And with a common

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a common direction, you're married, and you have a common direction that you're sharing. That's, that that's got to be a feeling of safety.

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Definitely, but but even like, you just take it from a from the physical side of it, you know, the sexual side of it.

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Even their, their safety, do you know what I mean? Like the safety to just express to fully express yourself, without any fear.

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There have been some left, you're gonna be left, or that that thing will be used against you in any way. Right? You know, because it's like,

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now, nowadays, you know, revenge *. And, I mean, there's some, there's so many risks that a girl is taking when she

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indulges in that kind of behavior.

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But if you're married to the person, you know, they see you as part of them, you know, like, you're

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the certain, so they won't compromise you in that way. You know, but I think because we've divorced, that we've separated the feelings from the, from the sexual side of things, and we've we've separated that kind of sanctity, we remove the sanctity, you know?

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And because of that,

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men also don't see it as something sacred, right? Yes, that's right. And that's quite sad. Is it is it's a very, it's a huge loss. And it isn't just between the man and the woman, it has to do with their children.

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Because the children are the outcome of their love. And

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born in the safety of a family of a mother and a father.

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They did you know that who knows what profound?

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Who knows what profound changes

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occur when there isn't that safety for a child? Who knows? That we get, you know, genetically, who knows? I'm sure it's deep. I'm sure it's very deep.

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