Sulaiman Moola – Tafseer of Surah Maryam #11 – Narrate to them the tale of Ibrahim AS

Sulaiman Moola
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what's going on feeding Kitabi?

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Shuttle dia

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rajim Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim

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the room young man has sought the input in welcoming fee love letting me know in Northern

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Ireland, what ILA in Euro Jerome Sadat hola hola Arlene. So we will discuss in verse 39. And we highlighted one of the names of the Yama is the day of regret where a person would regret and lament for his shortcomings. How often in life as you age, and you see things changing and you look with different lenses, like I often quote the words of Muhammad Ali, in which he said the one who views the world at 40, the same as he viewed the world at to Indy, as surely wasted 20 years of his life. Woman woman Asha fit dunya Tavi Lowen woman Asha fit dunya taweelah and the collaborator Allah una had Yara swit, the QA give ba Yes, the poet says, and the one who spends a long life in this world

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with the passage of time, many realities will dawn upon Him, and He will realize that that what he perceived to be true was actually a lie was false was false. Well, my brother and my sister, you know what it takes me into a discussion today, and my mind just tends to incline in that way. The world of Metaverse the world of Metaverse, that's what everybody is talking about. So Allah subhanho wa Taala refers to this world as temporary, as transitory, as fake as superficial Metatron, who wrote a form of deception. The battle uncovered a spider's web, our Honolulu, the weakness of all homes, Allah subhanho wa Taala says Marinda comeon, furred, bound to perish bound to perish that is

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the nature of this world. And now people are moving into something which is more fake than the fake world, and that is to move into this digital deception, and move into this metaverse. Again, I share with share with you a verse from the Quran. Somebody asked me, Can you share any reflections on this? And I said, I can share a verse of the Quran to you and he said, subhanAllah which verse are you alluding to? I said, Well, Allah subhanaw taala tells us regarding the magician's in the time of Satan i Musa alayhis salam, Sahara yonanas. They had cast a spell on the eyes of people. So people were seeing something which was not real and tangible. So the magicians came with the stars and they

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came with the

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with the robes for alcohol Habana whom are so young. And what is the proof of this magic? You hire new la Hey, wow, look at the verses of the Quran. And that's exactly what what Metaverse is all about. You hire new la you hire new LA, it appears to the onlooker, it you perceive it to the right you hail This is how it appears mean salary him because of the spell because of the optical illusion and the HA HA that it is moving. And people are investing in real estate. Can you imagine where the world is going where the world is going? When this world is transitory and the actual world is after to cut down

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delicate Daru natural highly Lavina law you do not know when they will have sada when Tollymore 13 Allah says that letter abode and that's the abode of Accra we have secured it and reserved it for those who do not seek prominence and corruption on earth. So may Allah subhanahu wa taala save us from falling victim to these deceptions and these delusions that have been thrown out there. Okay, well in the room Yeoman has Surah

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verse 39, and warn them regarding the day of regret. If I pull the camera when judgment shall be passed again. Allah didn't say we translated as when judgment will be passed. But the translation of colonial America is judgment has been passed. very convinced. Jannetty was very painfully salaried that a group will go to Paradise and a group will go to * May Allah make us from the former and not the latter. But of course my brother we cannot be arrogant because we have no guarantee we have no guarantee what our last moments would be. Yeah, you have levena Armano Tapachula how haka to karate. Oh, you will believe fear Allah

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also behind the Hautala as Allah ought to be feared, when Atomo tuna Illa and to Muslim moon and be certain not to die in any state, but the state of Iman and submission. So the scholars have raised the question, Allah subhanaw taala has impressed upon us that we must only die in the state of iman, as Allah speaks about the last moments of Yaqoob Allah is Salam. I'm going to ensure that

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the hubiera Yonko bail him out, if Galilee Benny Hema Darboux don't I mean by the way you present at the moment when Yaqoob summoned to his children, and he asked his children who will use supplicate pose my demise. So the question the scholars asked, How can we guarantee our death on Iman and under the right appear in medieval Quran it is written that if we live the life correctly, diligently adhering to the commands of the Almighty obeying the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam feeling constantly that Allah can take our iman at any time, begging Allah to preserve it, then hopefully we will be amongst those fortunate individuals who will take their last breath as

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believers in Allah. May Allah make us amongst those fortunate people, because that is the reality my brother and that is the reality my sister, it all boils down to that last breath, leaving this world with iman that's it. If that breath, left our body without eemaan Then we are losers like no other losers, then it is permanent doom and destruction woofie ruffler. And yet they are negligent, they are heedless, they are oblivious they are unmindful. Well whom la minimoon and they do not want to accept the truth. Verse 14, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, In na na na na, the woman Allah you have what Allah you know your role, surely we shall inherit the earth and whoever is on it, we're Elaina

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your own and to us everyone will return.

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So father passes away the son inherits from his father, the son passes away his son inherits and so on and so forth. But ultimately, every one every one would leave and death would overpower everyone and everything returns to Allah. In reality, it belongs to Allah now as well. But as Allah has said, Jarrah Allah Khan wonderful to me my mustafina fee and spend from that in which Allah has given you some temporary ownership is made you a Khalifa he's made you a deputy. So you in charge you in charge, say that Omar Farooq or the Allahu Anhu used to say, my access to the national treasury. My access to the National Treasury is no more than that of the guardian of an orphan to the wealth of

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an orphan. So we know the Quran says Wallah, we are Allah million move Seda Minalima Slayer, regarding that guardian of an author regarding the guardian of an orphan. Allah says he knows which guardians intentions are noble and whose intentions are evil. are you approaching the wealth of that orphan to usurp it, to embezzle it to extort from him or to better his growth and to invest for him, walla walla Muslim offset Amina Muslim, you can tell me anything Allah says I know whose intentions are noble and evil. So a guardian of an orphan doesn't own that wealth. He doesn't own that wealth, he has to regulate it in the interest Sedna Amara, the Alon who says my access to the National

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Treasury is like that of Catherine Olea team, the guardian of an orphan. So Allah has given us this Amana it is in our trust temporarily, and it is how we utilize this in the pleasure and the obedience of Allah. In Na Na Na Na Ri Sol Agha yo man not always summer kappa union CG lil kowtowed gamma by Donna T Noriko water then Hi Lena in kunafa in okay in na na na diesel out of the ultimately surely absolutely one of the urethra we will inherit it will come to Allah, woman, la ha and whoever is on the earth everyone, everyone. Sometimes when I'm driving and you walk in through CBD or you're walking through a high street or you're walking through a buzzing city and it's

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vibrant, and it's a city that never sleeps, and it's happening and it's flamboyant, and you pitch it to yourself, a day is going to come not a soul is going to remain here. And neither a building will remain anything and everything you see is going to perish and it will be reduced to dust. That's the promise of the Almighty and that is going to happen. But sadly we become so obsessed with it. We become so obsessed that every person who comes into power assumes that my rule and my power and my empire will never end in that

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I have another woman or Lady what either you know Euro German, and ultimately you will return to us. There's no escape from Allah right? Yeah, I'm actually genuinely insane and is to talk to him and then follow me Qatar is somewhat you will have a different photo Latin for Dona iLab is Alton oh the group of humans and other group of Jannat if you have the muscle, the cloud the ability to transcend the skies and the heavens and you can go out of the atmosphere Jamar Shulgin Neville ends in his data to him and then voodoo men actor actor, the plural of poetry, you can disappear fun voodoo, then do so. And the academics will tell you Yeah, I'm really daddy's helpless. You cannot it's

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unable you don't. So there's no way you can escape from the grip and the power of Allah. May Allah grant us the ability to prepare for that inevitable reality, which he SallAllahu wasallam says defines the intelligence of a person al que es mandhana NAFSA aliquet is Mandela NAFSA intelligent is he who subdues his ego? Well, I mean, a Lima battle mode when our isharo The Allahu anha came from Medina, and she came for hij and then she came to the grave of her brother, Abdul Rahman at a place called hobo Shah and then she stood there. And then she said, If I had attended your funeral, I would have not come here today. And they after she sang. The two couplets were cannot cannot

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demand HIV but the heckler but the minute that he had Doughty lineata Sadara Fela Mata for Latina Can anyone Malika Leto Leiji tema lambda beta Lenny Letter ma of drama be Malika the Allahu Anhu narrates the Hadith it is intermediate, in which this you know, this poem is about, there was a king by the name of Jay Lima, who, centuries ago had ruled in Iraq, and he had two ministers and they were inseparable. And people said lay at the Fort Rucker, these will never pathways, but when one passed away, and the other one had to live on with live, he said a time came in my life. I felt like I had never met with my colleague because life continued life continued. You had to turn the page

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and move on. And I started the Ilana saying these emotional couplets at the gravesite of a son of a brother of the rough man. What cannot cannot demand a JV moto button minute DeAndre Hunter Taylor looking at Asada, Fela Mata Ratna Gani one Malika Lee Tunisia tema in London, Nabbit Leila Tama so you pathways and life moves on and one person you know has left the world and you say life will never be the same and probably yes, but you move on you get married, you relocate you think you're never going to indulge. And then you pass by that graveyard and you say yeah, my brother is buried here, almost with with with calmness and with ease, and the days of tears have moved on. So this

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world is temporary, it's transitory. Our return is ultimate to the Almighty. Okay, so that's verse 40. On that note, Allah subhanho wa Taala wraps up the discussion of Satan rissalah His Salam and say Edith and Miriam Alayhis Salam, we now move on to yet the mention of another prophet and a great prophet, a bull MBR, the Father of Prophets, and who else was that other than, say the night Ibrahim Alayhi Salam. So join along, verse 41, out of the 98 verses of Surah Miriam, chapter 19 of the Quran with Cora Vindicator Bay, Ibrahim and O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam read to them, narrate to them, inform them

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about the story about the tale about the narrative of Ibrahim alayhis salam, while I read something so amazing, I read something so amazing. Subhanallah I credit this to the Almighty for putting this in my mind. We just touching on the topic of Ibrahim, who was Ibrahim alayhis. Salam, the people, the general people made reference to him. Submit Rinna fatten yet guru whom you call to Allah Who? Ibrahim? Yeah, there's a young man by the name of people calling Ibrahim. He's been making some whispers about our gods. He's been making some whispers about our gods. This is how society and this is how some people had referenced Satan or Ibrahim alayhis salam. And how did Allah subhanho wa

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Taala refer to you Brahim Ibrahim Ghana on mutton Connie tell Nila Hanifa in the eyes of Allah. Allah says Ibrahim was a nation by himself in the Ibrahima Karna Amma he was a nation carnate an obedient Hanifa exclusive to Allah well a mere communal maturity and he was not from amongst the policy years, so don't concern us.

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serve by the opinion of people make sure that your position in the eyes of Allah is noble. What did I isharo The Allahu anha right to Maria Ravi Allahu Anhu for in Romania Mel B Messiah simply love for in Romania I met will be myself simply love you I'll see it behind me do who mean and Nancy van Mandela who was salam La Ilaha illa Allah one line but brimming with wisdom after all it was our mother Isha said diva, or the Allah Maha Maha Mushtaq Allah Elena as horrible rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mache and Illa Allah Isha. Whenever we could not resolve an issue we would knock the door of our Isha and she would resolve it, or each other the Allah wrote to her we

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are the Allahu Anhu the one who disobeyed Allah in a general note of advice to everyone, not implying that said no more we are not the Allahu Anhu in any way had disobeyed the Almighty but the general advice from our era The Allahu anha, may or may not be myself Atilla the one who disobey is Allah Yearsley. Rahami do who mean and ask them in lieu, people who praise Him will ultimately criticize him. That's the nature of humans. So the focus should be what is my position in the eyes of Allah and Sahaba used to say that in our ranks we used to refer to say that are more odd as an ummah

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of all Muslim hold on he says, I entered the masjid of hymns Damascus, for either Jamar I don't mean alcool I found elderly folk setting yet there was subtle home shotgun in the dead center was a young man, but Repatha nya bright teeth Sami tone he was silent. Liat Akella me he would not utter a word for it. I'm Tara como Fisher intervju LA, whenever they would dispute in anything, they would resort to him, and he would confidently answer them and provide the necessary ruling for all Tony Jellison Mannahatta I nudged my companion and I said, Who's this young man sitting in the center surrounded by elderly folks? He said Ha ha, no double Hazama double Jabba. This is my husband algebra. This is

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the giant This is the legend for what caffeine FC have Boohoo. Since that day, his love had permeated my heart. Okay, let's go to Phil Kitabi Ibrahim and write to them the tale the narrative the story of Ibrahim alayhis salam. So I told you what was his status his position in the eyes of the Almighty OMA a nation in submission in Nahu Karnas de Nebia. He was undoubtedly a CIT D. He was the most truthful and he was a prophet of the Almighty city. There's many definitions. Some say Sadiq means one who never spoke a lie. Some say Sandeep is one whose actions utterances have conformity. And of course the highest level of sedation is that of a profit the highest level of

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sedate and said and truthful nature is that in a profit, so a non profit can also be Siddiq can be truthful, Abubakar Siddique probably Allahu Anhu. So every Nabhi every Nabhi is a date, but every siddik is not a newbie. So Sedna. Ibrahim Alayhi Salatu was Salam was so deep and he was a newbie, that is verse 41. And the discussion will now continue regarding say tonight, Brahim Alayhis Salam, let's just spend a moment or two since in the topic and the introduction of Ibrahim alayhis salam in this regard is on honesty. We live in a world of lies, we will live in a world of lies. A pious person was asked why don't you speak? He said 50 Allah in Khattab to work with to come in Sadako

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I am afraid of Allah if I speak a lie, and I'm afraid of you if I speak the truth, because unfortunately, in today, many settings, there is no transparency. People ask you for the opinion but you cannot be candid. If you candid and frank, while your life is on the line, your job is online, everything is in jeopardy. So you're asked for an opinion but you cannot be frank, you got to walk very sensitively accommodating the profiles of certain individuals. Otherwise, these are numbered, there is a number that's the brutal truth. That's the brutal truth. If you dare utter something out of line that might infringe or encroach, or, or be an insinuation to any particular personality, lo

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and behold, you know what, you dig in a deep hole. So why don't you speak 50 Allah in Canada to I'm afraid of Allah, if I speak ally will have to come in Sadako What did the What did the Prophet sallallahu wasallam say? He said that

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in a Siddhartha in the SUTA verily, honesty and truthfulness will lead to virtue and virtue will lead to Paradise, and verily a lie would lead to run and run and vice would lead to *. And he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has made mention of the importance of honesty in so many AHA

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Leave in so many a hadith he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was saying in a hadith in Bukhari, should I not inform you of the major sins and the Sahaba said yes tell us and he said Alicia Kabila ascribing partners with Allah wa openworld he then and disobedience to your parents, we can take it and then he was reclining for Julissa he set up and then you said Allah shahada, zoo Allah opponent zoo allawah, data zoo, Allah wa polis zoo, to give false evidence for testimony, false evidence for testimony, false testimony. Sometimes we just give false evidence in favor of a person. All right, yeah, it's my friend is my colleague. It's okay. Yeah, just give a good reputation. Just give a good

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report from as Allah you can reroll Ha, he's an alias and repeat. And it's so much that we were almost saying like, only be of Allah within ourselves, we got the message. So what's the salient outstanding feature of Satan Abraham will everything was outstanding of Satan, Abraham Ali Salam, he was an old man, he was able Ambia but Allah subhanaw taala reminds us here of Sadiq. And let's make that the takeaway point here, that we can instill and imbibe within ourselves, honesty, my son, my daughter, be honest, at all times, be honest at all times. If that can be our value system, in our union, in our marriage, in our interactions, then in sha Allah, we are well on the way to success.

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May Allah bless us with honesty in all regards, Armenia ruble, Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi interAmerican Marlene will handle the lateral Bill anime

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