Jannah Gems #30 – Don’t Overindulge in the Halal

Haifaa Younis


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The speaker discusses the negative impact of fasting on one's relationship with Allah and how it can lead to feelings of anxiety and fear. They suggest taking control of one's spiritual momentum and not overdoing it. The speaker also mentions the importance of not overdoing fasting and not giving oneself too much of what is normal.

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Look at number one. What did we do in Ramadan?

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We literally deprived ourselves from many of the lawful things. We didn't eat and drink for 16 hours average. And food and drink is valid. And we're talking about halal food within drink water. We didn't eat anything, right? You didn't drink coffee, tea, that time of the fasting. Why is that? And what's the result of this on my relationship of Allah, when I deprive myself from the extras, I discipline myself,

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I discipline myself myself, the eye becomes more, excuse me more discipline, meaning, it will be easier for me to tell myself to tell me do something. So what do I need to do now? Yes, absolutely fast. Don't stop it. Don't make it. The last I heard the last time you fast was the day 30 of Ramadan. And the next time I'm going to fast again for the next year. No, we will go downhill. We will go down hill. scholars of spirituality. They always teach us this, that getting closer to Allah. And more spiritual spiritual is like getting up or like climbing or hiking. It's difficult. It needs exertion, it needs resolve. But the more you go up, the more energy you have. And the

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closer you get to the top.

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So fasting, don't make it. The last time you fasted is the 30th.

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Why did I come to the fasting because don't over, don't go overboard in the mobile and things that is lawful. We moved from 16 hours of no eating, no drinking, minimum sleep, and live going on and working. Do you want to continue in the same spiritual momentum? Then don't give yourself everything? Yes. And as we celebrated 100 learn we ate and we had everything. Now I'm talking about now.

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Not fasting, but don't give yourself too much that they say a toaster of a mobile heart. You have too much of the lawful things, three, four kinds of juices and I will eat two or three, four or five kinds, three, four or five times a day. Let's not do that. Let's get less than what is normal for us. Don't do Brive completely yourself but less. Why is that because then I will have more control over my knifes.