Speaking About Allah Without Knowledge

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various topics related to Islam, including donating, learning the language of Islam, and criticizing media's influence. They also mention various examples and examples of people speaking about the Quran, including a man who wants to be a half of a school, a woman who wants to be a half of a school, and a woman who wants to be a half of a school. The importance of knowing the truth and avoiding false assumptions is emphasized.
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After an event, someone got upset at me.

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Because I was unable to answer the following question they asked me.

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I was invited to go to a different state as a keynote speaker for an event.

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And someone asked me, brother magic, is it okay to donate? When I am in debt? Very good question. I have a student loan, I have this loan, whatever that case may be, can I still donate or I have to pay off the debt? First?

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I told that person? That's a very good question. I personally do not know the answer of it. Ask a local Imam or scholar. And if we meet again, please do share the answer with me inshallah. That person looked at me. They said, How do you not know that? I said, I don't know that. We brought you all the way from Michigan as the keynote speaker for our event, and you don't know the answer to the simple question, extra panela. By the way, when you're in that shoes, you might feel me it's pressure. It's not easy. It's not easy to say, I don't know. You think it's the opposite? That thing I don't know, sometimes difficult. So I said, Listen, I can give you an educated guess I can.

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But I won't be 100% sure. But I'd rather be embarrassed in front of you than be embarrassed in front of Allah homopolymer. So as a result, I'll tell you, I'll humble myself down. I'll step on my ego and tell you I don't know ask a local

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show. I was so disturbed that how disturbed they were that I wasn't able to provide the answer. So I just wrote an article about how is serious to speak about Allah and Rasul Allah and Islam without not

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speaking about Islam without knowledge, the attention speaking about Allah without knowledge is the greatest sin. Now, it's the greatest sin one to hold.

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A brother Brother, you're wrong. So Pamela Why? Why am I wrong? Because the greatest sin is Schick. See you're doing exactly what the other person did. You're doing what I just warn you from not to do which is say speak without knowledge. No, that's wrong. That's right on what basis? Allah so panel that says in the Quran,

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in Harlem, Rob bell tower, Hashanah, Mohammed. Allah speak about filth and how it's Haram. Then Allah gives you the list of haram things that he says when If man will bear the abuse or you will have oppression without justice and so on and so forth. taking people's rights, then it's going the next level, when to shoe below he man will be so fun and to commit chick, then Allah goes to the peak, when the poodle and Allah Hema telemon to speak about Allah without knowledge, that the accuracy and that's my problem. Sometimes I read the Quran, I was taught schicke is the greatest sin, then now you bring me another area. Allah says, speaking about Allah without knowledge is the

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greatest sin on life without this contradiction that stuck for Allah tequila. Not out of the Quran. There's never a contradiction ever, in the Quran, pay attention. And there's never a contradiction between authentic hadith and the Koran. Never. So how do we combine both?

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The greatest lie is schicke. That's it.

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speak about Allah without knowledge is the worst sin. Now people lie about Allah in many different ways. Allah said this and the Quran, or Allah Subhana Allah has a partner to both our lives, but the greatest lie is to attribute a partner to Allah and that's how you come together. May Allah grant this knowledge immutable, Allah mean and humbleness like Rasul Allah, Allah His father was stellar performer Yes, Rasul. Allah is our silent and then came to him, said yes to Allah, you will will then he shall, what is the most location Allah dislikes?

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What are the prompts? I'm saying? Let three I don't know. Danny had read, let me go and ask jabril Eisen gibreel. He passed by all the prophets pretty much revealed to the prophets. So perhaps gibreel Allison, throughout the hundreds of 1000s of years, Allah knows best. He may have come across this question. So the problem is, I said, I asked Djibouti, Djibouti, au will will then he shall what is the most disliked location to Allah?

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GB says that he had to ask Allah until I asked Allah subhanaw taala. before I proceed, how would we behave?

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When my brother Sure, I don't know the Hadeeth bus and if you think about it, Jani, the thing that hits the most probably is the clubs and Danny may be places where innocent people being killed. The man is saying what is Allah hates? So you have to give me something Allah said.

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Something rasuu Muslim said, you cannot say general I think what I think about it, and especially the younger people coming in fighting with the Imam and the hottie. How do you see that the tequila and when he

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Speak too much arrogantly you need to

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need to be humbled straight up because you're coming so tough on the people acting like you know the whole world covered to cover Mashallah what to cover the nasty and this machine is moved to the rain and Who are you?

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Who are you, man and you have the lien. You have the back knowledge you have to understand because knowing that delete is one thing. Having the understanding is another thing. Allah says in the Quran, kill them wherever they find them it's in the Quran

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clearly I'm proud to say it but the thing is where when the cow like anywhere anytime, anyplace and that's what he was getting too excited sometimes me I'm like gratis wisdom. Yama Rasul Allah says, de

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la su Bree says, de until I ask Allah. So then he went to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And in the all knowledgeable he gave the answer.

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The point is not explaining the answer, but I'll tell you the answer. Allah subhanaw taala told jabril gibreel todo su Allah, Allah says the worst locations to Allah.

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shopping centers. The gift of Haram is not this highlight to go shopping. See now we're going to argument against a different, a different topic. But the point being is having the courage to say I don't know having the courage not to jump into an argument not to jump into an argument where you're not fully equipped to jump into the argument if it comes to medicine, or no one will open their mouth except those who know except for those who are maybe ignorant. You come to engineering when I graduated as an engineer from Canada, they made us hold a chain all students graduating held the chain and part of that chain is made out of a bridge in Canada that collapsed but what's the point?

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Because the one who built the bridge did not follow the rules. So we can make an oath that whenever we speak engineering wise we will not speak except backed up with knowledge. If this in regards to a bridge that can break people's bones and take people's lives away Then what about speaking about taking people's faith away?

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And that's what some people have.

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A guy comes to Koran school, this is personally I'm telling you a brother going to memorize Quran he's 16 years old, he wants to be a half of Mitch Joseph know half before he went to that school. He told me brother magic and I'm excited I'm hv, I'm going to inshallah, apply to this Quran have school on the beautiful, I'm sure all of you will agree 16 years old at the Nima even Allah is amazing. Allah sees it amazing. When a teenager tries to memorize the Quran and get close to Allah What do you say that I have? I like that question asked me what did I get this from? Because it also says seven under the shade of alone. There's no shade except to shade and one of them. Shaban Nasha

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Effie pietila, a man or a woman a young man woman grew up attached to a London Allah May Allah make us all of them. So I said, Okay, go for it. Yeah, let us Mila and tell me how it goes. So that brother he goes to the Quran school. I don't know what happened day one, day two day three Allah knows exactly how long after I saw him in the masjid. How was the Quran school How was your first day How was registration is that I don't want to talk about how to manage colors cuz I don't want to open the topic. So panel you're excited and now you don't want to talk to me about it. You came to me first then a little bit of gentle pressure because I know that brother is subjective from person

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to person. Then he opened up he said I went to the Quran school and I held the Quran that I usually read from at home. You'd like many of you have the Quran that you're so attached to like you always read from when I arrived there, the principal of the school who supposedly like knows the Quran and so on, he saw me and he asked me where are you going? UK what I'm going to

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come to the building and he said I answered I said I'm coming to register for the Quran memorization have program. So the brother told him you want to come memorize the Book of Allah.

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while wearing this catheter jersey. He was wearing a basketball jersey of an athlete named in the back.

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So he says you could teach her that kinzel cafr this mid calf that interjected and then you can memorize the karate take up that shirt with a catheter mnemonic had another

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one will Allah do to this guy? What does he deserve? Allah will do whatever is best, but what does this person deserve?

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And the principal of the school

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so then that brother left and he never came back.

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By the way, I don't know I didn't forget I got you. I got you. I also want to teach the other guy you shouldn't be that week. Going to be strong. People will criticize you while you're doing this while you're doing that. Why didn't you call us I don't want to worship you strong yet. You'll be criticized right and left and the more right

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You are the more criticized you will be remembered.

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The more Right you are, the more criticized that you will be. She had been build strength and be around people of knowledge and information. And don't be naive. Anything someone tells you just forward, forward, forward. Cool. Watch out for what for advice mogadore mooncup. Forward, verified who is sending it to you? I got a message. someone saying well, I personally got an was an email an email in a message on one of my better resources.

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A guy says such and such Imam in Medina had the dream of the prophet SAW Larson. Okay, Jimmy. In the dream, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told that man that the oma is going astray. And we need Sahaja awakening, people have to go through the fog. And everyone needs to do so far 100 times and have to forward this message to Pamela and whoever forwards this message I will intercede for them Yama, Yama,

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and whoever doesn't I will not face the memo pm and that guy forwards it to me.

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Brother please make sure you forward it to get the Chef alfuzosin

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says hey man Qaeda Danny middle

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minute now whoever speaks about the Prophet intentionally forward things and makes up stuff okay, and it's a lie. They have reserved their spot and Hellfire May Allah protect us. This Deen has Koroma is sacred. You speak about it with understanding you don't know reference relate? And if you don't know at all to say that I will check for you. I will confirm the answer. May Allah protect us we have a grandest understanding and be able to unite the oma no no madness unite as you continue unite upon the truth because none of us want to unite people up on falsehood. And we are Monica strong, immutable alamy