Heart Matters #16 The Khashya of Allah A Necessary Path to Tazkiya

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Salam Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Ali he was so happy woman with a hammer. And

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we talked about the concept of love and hope today we're going to move on to fear. Fear is mentioned in the Quran in so many verses when Eman half, Nakamura be Heejun that and whoever has hope of the MACOM of Allah, the status of Allah shall have multiple genders. Allah subhanho wa Taala says the Shona, whether you're shown or had an ill Allah, the believers have Hashem of Allah, and they have Hashem of no one other than Allah subhanho wa taala, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says that believers are those who when they think of Allah, their hearts tremble watching at Hulu, boom. By the way, notice how many different verbs are used in the Quran, you have the verb of hope for the concept of hope,

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which is to fear you have the concept of Russia and Russia is the highest level of fear. You have the concept of what you love, their hearts are trembling, you have the concept of Ishfaq Well, human Harsha de Mushfiq own and also in the Quran, in Kona coffee 15. And Shafique is a type of fear that allows you or causes you anxiety that you want to not have the fear which causes you to act so that you avoid the fear. In other words, Shafique is an action based fear because of the fear, you're going to do something to not feel that fear, you're going to act to prevent that fear from happening. Now when we talk about fear of Allah, it is very important to underscore that this fear

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is not coming out of a sense of we don't want to be touching the idea of of Jahannam and that's it. That's a very superficial level. That's not wrong, but it is not correct either. The ultimate fear of Allah comes from our own sense of disappointing Allah azza wa jal whom we should please our sense of disconnecting from the world we want to connect with fear of Allah comes out of love of attaining Allah's paradise love of attaining Allah's pleasure. So fear comes from Majesty, the fear that we have for Allah is very unique, it cannot equate with the fear of any creation, the fear of a lion of a thief of some No, the fear of Allah is a fear stemming from loving the Majesty of Allah from being

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scared of not pleasing the one we want to please from being scared of being disconnected from the one we want to be connected with. And a part of that yes, comes the idea of of jahannam. But that's not the main fear. The main fear comes out of a sense of being in awe out of the Majesty of Allah and of not living up to our expectations. Also, our fear does not stem from Allah azza wa jal to suffer or being unjust. It stems from our understanding that we might not live up to what is expected of us. Our fear is not because there's Johanna, we don't want to enter there. Our fear is, what if I don't deserve Allah's pleasure? What if I fall short of what I'm supposed to do? And

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that's why Allah says you'll have funa Yeoman who said they are fearful of the day of hisab because they know they have done something that will cause them to enter the place they should not enter our Imam recite to you today that will lead you to no matter what Kulu Majida turn anomala Rob am Roger on the believers are those who they give up their money and their hearts are trembling, they give sadaqa and their hearts are trembling. And the Hadith I shouted the Allahu Anhu says, You are rasool Allah. Who does this refer to listen to this? Does this verse refer to the people who drink and the people who do Zina and they're doing major sins such that when they give charity, they're thinking,

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Allah is not going to accept my charity, because the verse says, well, Ladino you tune them? I tell what boo boo mochila they are giving from what Allah has given them. And as they give, they're scared. So I show the Allahu Allah says, Are these the drunkards the womanizers that when they give, they're like, Allah is not going to accept the process and smiled and he said that he had been to Subiaco no daughter of a sadaqa these are the people Yasu moon where you saw loon wire to the goon, they are praying, they are fasting, they're giving charity and they're still worried that Allah shall not accept their good deeds. So you see, the fear of Allah does not stem from the sense of oh,

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there's only punishment, the fear of Allah stems What if I fall short from pleasing Allah? What if I don't do what I'm supposed to do? What if my good deeds are not accepted because of a shortcoming from within me? That is the old

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Same at level of fear. And again, we go back to something I said yesterday, love, fear and hope must coexist together. If you only take one of these three emotions, you shall go astray. If not Khayyam famously remarked, this is very famous that he would always say this, that love is the primary it's the heart. And fear and hope are the two wings that push it forward. Love is the primary emotion, but you need fear and hope to propel you they are the wings that you fly on. When do you use fear? And when do you use hope? Generally speaking, fear is more useful to bring to your mind when you're about to commit a sin and hope is useful to bring to mind to incentivize good deeds. So fear and

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hope together along with the backbone of love. If you only have one of these emotions, to the exclusion of the others, our scholars say this leads to deviation and eventually heresy. Let's look at to those whose preached this notion. God is love and that's it. They have no concept of fearing punishment, fearing either they have no concept of a sub one you just preach God is love. God is love. God is love. What's the result? We see around that those that are involved in fascia? Don't worry, God loves you as you are. God loves you exactly like this. And Allah says in the Quran, wala hula you had bull facade. Allah doesn't love fascia and facade. Allah loves those who repent. Allah

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loves those who come to him. We don't preach unconditional love, or else we get this, you know, frankly, I don't know how else to put this this leftish woke ish culture here that makes no sense. If there's no fear, then you're not going to live up to higher expectations. Contrast this to those who only have fear. There's no concept of love mercy, there's no concept of a job. These are the types of people every religious group has to deal with the ultra fanatics, the ultra crazy folks are processed and predicted they're going to come the house, he predicted them. He said, when you look at their salah, there's a QA, you're going to think you're nothing there so pious, yet when they

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recite the Quran, it doesn't even go beyond their throats, meaning it's not affecting their hearts. They're not really believers. He said, they'll kill the believers and leave the enemies and Wallahi we've seen the fanatics 10 years ago, 15 years ago, we've seen these crazy people that have nothing but obsession with minutiae of the law. And they don't realize that all that the law is not meant except to be anyway, on hold again to the issue of those groups. If you don't have love, and compassion, and you just have this obsession with fear, we know what happens it leads to fanaticism. It leads to the types of fanaticism that turns everybody away from religion. We see this our

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religion is not just about fear. On the contrary, fear comes after love. So we must have love and fear and hope each one in its proper place. But love is the overriding emotion when we worship Allah and fear and hope propel us forward. Final point here. These two emotions when they are combined, I mean here hope and fear because love is the backbone and hope and fear are the ones that are pushing forward when they are combined. This is the sign of true Eman. I'll finish off with two Hadith here. Once a prophet says and visited our provinces and visited somebody who was about to pass away he was sick and he was about to pass away. And so he asked this man, how do you find yourself? He says it

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did me the what is your state right now? He said, Yeah rasool Allah. I am scared for the sins that I've done. But I'm also hopeful Allah is going to forgive me because of my good. I'm scared. But I'm hopeful. When the process and I'm left he goes, never do these two emotions combined in a person, except that Allah subhanho wa Taala will give him his fear and it will give him his hope and protect him from his fear. He will give him what he hoped for forgiveness and protect him from his fear. These two emotions have to be combined. And then the other Hadith in the Sahaba been had been hidden. That's not authentic hadith. The prophets have said that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala said, were

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exactly what God he swore Allah has given custom. I swear by my visa and my Jalon LA tomorrow Boehner is Nene were Bina Amin. I'm never going to combine between two complacency ease and two hopes. I'm never going to combine between these two, the one who was complacent of me in this world, he shall be fearful of me and the next and the one who was fearful of me in this world. He shall be safe from me in the next in other words you choose if you're going to feel arrogant, yeah, no big deal. Allah is gonna forgive no matter what I do. If you have no fear in your heart, Allah azza wa jal says, I will not combine between the two worlds you're gonna feel fear and one of them if you

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felt completely safe, arrogant, safe, then you shall feel fear on the day of judgment. And if you felt fear in this dunya if you had harsher in this dunya I will make sure you will not feel

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Akasha in the Hereafter, so you choose brothers and sisters which of the two worlds Do you want to feel safe and which of the two worlds Do you want to feel fear in and that is why fear of Allah fear of the MACOM of Allah fear of disappointing Allah fear of disconnecting from Allah fear of not attaining the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa taala. It is a part and parcel of our Eman and it is one of the important pillars of deskey of the cult, and inshallah we'll continue tomorrow cinematic and rahmatullah wa barakato.

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