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Ebrahim Bham
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Alhamdulillah Allah can be Eva da

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vida up we Eva

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was salat wa salam wa salam via even more saline while he was hiring was seldom at the Sleeman Kathira and cathedra a MOBA do follow Me, let him initiate on your Gmail Bismillah your Walkman Irati er solo Kamala will find out

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where he will come from another levy on solocom embody said a koala will awesome, my dear respected elders and brothers. The central pivot around which our entire deal revolves around is belief in the greatness of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala conviction in Allah subhanho wa Taala understanding and that Allah has greatness and understanding that whatever happens in this earth, whether it be individually or collectively it happens with the will of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala with the permission of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. About him who didn't keep on the audio cheesehead. He CQ OpenHAB que Joe could have won that Allah, Joker's dunya Mara, who Allah Tala Kira was on

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Monday, or Allah Tala quadratec Camila

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Amara te tamam Diem casual Gera we had here and that allowed me to bring him on upon Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala brothers and NASA Anna What

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is the greatest free from all types of fault? Allah says laser committee he shade there is no one like Allah subhanaw taala the word Allah Allah is also unique, his attributes is also unique. His Greatness is also unique. His authority is also unique, His Majesty is also unique, even the word Allah although Allah says permissible to translate, but we must use the word Allah because Allah is Allah, the pronoun which refers to our greater and every letter in Allah subhanho wa Taala refers back to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala say Allah it is Allah take away the word leave Lilla himself is somewhat

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still refers to Almighty Allah subhana wa Tada. Take away one lump we're allowed welcome Illa who is telling refers back to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala take away a leaf en la la Houma is sama.

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To Allah Allah bring belongs the authority and the power in the heavens and earth belongs to Almighty Allah subhanaw taala take away all the words except the last word. The hallmark is somewhat Allah, Allah, Allahu Allah Allah Allah.

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So everything refers back to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah is free from all types of perfection imperfections, Allah Tala has knowledge is complete Allah

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Ya Allah Maha in

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our caucus he Annette Khawaja anti he knows the intention with whom you with which you are looking at someone through you and if someone can look at someone we know know Allah Allah says yeah

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I know the treachery of the eyes.

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Uncle kiss Jana Camilla gentle. Well Madoff is to do what the heart conceals, do to him Allah subhanho wa Taala ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala knows each and everything. Therefore, we must be very assured what is happening by the zulum of what is happening in Gaza and Philistine never ever thinks that Allah is not aware aware of him, while Allah Hafiz Amaya Ghazali moon in NAMA, you have hero whom Leo mintage has fulfilled himself. Don't ever does it mean in the oppressors must feel that Allah is not aware of what they are doing in our Yahiro Mala delays it for a certain amount of time, when Allah Tala comes to pull the rug, and ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will give such punishment that the

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zali mean will not be able to save themselves from a little as punishment. Now we don't know the wisdom of Allah, why he is withholding it. Why Allah Tala allows things to happen, we don't know but we believe whatever lust and what Allah does, it is in the wisdom of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. You will have beautiful Umbra Mina sama. He is the one that from the heavens, from from his knowledge from his power and authority. He is the one who controls matters. Everything in a cooler shade in the color canal will be Katara and he controls matters in a particular measured cause. Allah knows why Allah allow something when Allah will pull the stream when Allah will pull the rug

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it is

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In the wisdom of Almighty Allah, but never ever doubt, the majesty and the greatness of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala what do we know about the majesty and the greatness of Almighty Allah give you a small example and every storm and every storm in this world unleashes the power equivalent to 10,000 nuclear bombs

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it to find to this as our nuclear bombs everybody that is the that's the power of Almighty Allah that power Allah Tala can destroy the enemy. He can if he wants, but if he doesn't, it is his world. It is His wisdom. Such is you know, the power of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala has it moved that mousseline salat wa salam made dua to Almighty Allah, Robbie irony and Zuri Lake who will not show me I want to see you Mara Eman to help you by making you have particular chatter. I want to see your power. I want to see your medicine. I want to see you directly. So Allah dolla, dolla Mousavi salat wa salam Lenka Ronnie you can't see me. You know because the proper sing of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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will happen in the in Jana lenta. Ronnie, what are killings realisable? But look at this particular mountain for any stalker Rama can.

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If it stays on its place, perhaps we'll be able to see me for LaMotta janela Rabu in German. When Allah Tala revealed His Majesty is certainly his greatness upon that mountain for LaMotta. Germany, Jada would occur that whole mountain fell into pieces razor razor Oka.

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Musa Musa salat wa salam became unconscious, and he comes in on a hadith in January Tiberi. Allah revealed this, this little bit of His Majesty on that

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even the mountain could not bear that majesty of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala and this is the Majesty in the greatness of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah Tala sutra is everywhere. Allah Tala shows us numerous other wonders of Almighty Allah, but nothing is more wonderous. Then the crowning achievement of Allah Tala aspiration

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Allah aleteia antibody to enable Hickmott or under Teleki was a

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subsidiary Messiah, Allah Tala T Messiah put up me here in Santa

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as Assam Anoeta Allah says Allah Quran in Santa Anita cream we created human being in the best of morals. Allah subhanahu wa Dannah says salary him higher enough for him I will show you my signs in your own self.

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Allah Tala has created human beings the human being heart will beat for 7080 years Setosa assists our journey yet.

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He snow school he just said can we get you on our service can you get your car every after 1010 kilometres 10,015 kilometers. Nowadays, the new cars comes they remind you 50,000 Time for your service can be so I'll walk you through an empirical denature and our carrier came with your silverskin

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Allah subhanho wa Taala 70 and know how many liters of blood his heart will pump every day with a good written permission of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. The kidney is a small organ in the body. Good then he taught us how to enable to grab a latrine. It differentiates between good and evil blood.

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It differentiates between to achieve or Buddhahood SnowSport domestica. Who gave it the ability to be able to distinguish in the body between that particular blood which is good and that particular blood which is not good, which is pure and impure. And then which is good in equities. Allah subhanho wa Taala who gave that the tongue the flexibility to form words and the ability to understand it.

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Man and label Quran Hello Collinson. Allama. So my dear respected brothers, Allah's portrait is complete. Nothing happens by coincidence. Nothing happens by luck. I'm coming to attack Atlanta, this material ogia this was a cushiony water job you

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nothing happens by coincidence, nothing happens by luck can be My people say luckily I can pass. Luckily I did this. Luckily I was saved from an accident. Nothing happened by luck. It was Allah Subhana Allah. Allah Allah has permission. Allah Tala has knowledge that this particular matter happened. If you happen to if it happens you met up in something it because of Allah subhanaw taala as a woman of the Allah who used to say okay, amazing thing as a woman of the Allahu Anhu used to say that that thing can give my heart greetings is that whatever was meant for me was never supposed to mess me.

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Dough could merit the theory meta joke. woodworm cha cha cha. Whoa, Mila.

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Anytime I had to happen, and what must mean was never meant for you. This gives my heart the greatest amount of ease. So a person never must think that anything that happens by coincidence, if a person cannot grasp the fact that events take place, thinking independent of Allah that is greatly mistaken. A person may think that he lives according to His plan. But actually he only loves the Destiny Allah has created for him. Not a single moment of his life is outside the destiny of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala not a single moment in our life, collectively or individually individually is outside the destiny of Almighty Allah, nothing occurs in this earth to us what is

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happening in Palestine what is happening in Gaza without it written in the deal of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala sometimes these particular reasons I read one day in the middle a hadith and as a shareholder, this was a case of Ramadan he has made mention of and I think about this sometimes many times, we get himself some say Murthy Javi Amato marhaba

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Ahmed, Allah to Allah Kira hum Rambo,

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it is an uma that Elias special mercy upon us. Now you and I, you will think Allah Tala has mercy upon us to filter Hannah Ward dunya mimosa. If Allah is mercy upon us, then Allah subhanho wa Taala will give us great amount of you know Famous in this world. But look at what Allah Tala says, Lisa has

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written for

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this woman but Allah is mercy upon him. Because of this mercy of Allah. Allah by and large Allah won't give us too much punishment in the year after whatever difficulty Allah wants to give to this room but Allah will give it in this world and this difficulty will come and fitted for cattle was the result fitna trials killing earthquakes sometimes if the white earthquake comes in Muslim countries will this is a Hadith of

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Allah Tala is wiping away our sins we make dua My dear respected whether the lamas and test us um Do we have regard to look to anyone tamam dunya Cupar fatwa Jerrica it welcomes you Allah.

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Allah mustn't test us we don't know what's going to happen to us. We are very good in making footwear and judging the whole world. I heard someone making mentioned don't support the Palestinians because they are not in depth.

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This came last week someone told me I said What What are you talking?

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Don't support them because they are not religious. you reconsider and deferred was ALLAH Tara's puzzlement Allah Allah has a tried and tested us collectively. And make dua that Allah Tala keep us away from trials. So whatever happens it happens with the permission you don't belong.

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Now because of all of this, we are supposed to tell those Almighty Allah to be halogen, Allah Tanaka, yet controller. Allah has debt control, sub puja hota hai

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xabsi Or Allah Tala Tierra de *. So you know you turn towards Almighty Allah Who will call you folk anybody. He is the subjugate of all the aspects of the university. Ian Sirocco Mala fella Valley welcome if Allah subhanho wa Taala helps you not get overcome you will hear fulcrum if Allah Tala forsakes you none can help you after that for my Yetta worker at Allah wherever relies upon Almighty Allah Allah Tala become sufficient for him to quit and that the job Bourassa Quran Allah electron carrier copy

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so now after all of that, however, one important thing I must make mention of the most important things to work with kya mclubbe Naked you NFE is as bad

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as the word cool doesn't mean that we must leave means it doesn't mean that we must not take precaution and mitigate risks. mitigating risks from harm is nebbia Kareem saw some dollars once he said first day that tema gamble and then rely upon and let me say this very clearly as babka. mclubbe nia Caterham comes on top or 10 as a character. Now we just use the as Bob and we use the means very loosely without giving it significance know when Allah Tala tells us to adopt as Bob with us fool us.

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We take every precaution that Allah Tala for save us from from harm. We take every precaution and we took all the means and and autonomous give us what we want. Look at our data tells us about us Bob in the Holy Quran was Shall we Rumphius

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What does Allah Allah says mashallah Midpen sat on your mattress for either as lambda after you have consulted after you have made all the necessary arrangements to see that you have made the right decision.

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For either assumption, you made a decision for the worker now make the worker as an 80% of a quilter look

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as if they were Pulchra name Bella as Barbie stiletto Origins is Bob Smith, who was Papa Jaco was Cuba Johanna Jacqueline.

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I always tell people this menopausal Matoba and look ahead, get me Sally Salatu was Salam ala MABA Camilla

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as an administrator, but then MABA PIPEDA with as an easily salat wa salam without a father as it Hawa without the means of a made up team metabo work to schemata pa Canna Terra to portrait man. Allah Tala has got a portrait to give you something and bring it to be children without means

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of jakka

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but let us

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go and get get children without beans. You think Alexa is gonna give you children without getting married? raise the level of Google give your children without getting married from your stomach. So first adopt the means that Allah subhanaw taala you can go and set up an anomalous Latina was already at dinner Kurata and you don't make you know don't make any particular type of as Bob So we first met and when you look at Nicola Kareem salsa every matter that Nadia cream sauces Amanda to look at the battle opposite look at the Battle of war and look at the Battle of 100 Look at the Battle of who made every battle the reoccurring saw Selim made his as Bob

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Bommarito people use can use who had he said you stand on the mountain. You consider it I hate that we had that you know this do whatever you want and make reliable Almighty Allah subhanaw taala. That is not our code. In the present situation. In the present situation in Gaza. There are many those people are doing the ASVAB May Allah give them victory. May Allah give them Sabah, may Allah subhanho wa Taala give them further victory. We know Allah knows when Allah will give them victory. Allah knows the difficulty they are going through Allah Tala perhaps is testing them. Maybe a time will come when Allah wishes that there are numbers giving them victory Allah Allah will give them

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but we must do whatever is in our control. Dua here to hear. We must make dua we all know I made mention of last week instead of Saladino up,

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we must make dua, but if anyone uses any other means to be able to change a situation, change the narrative, yet is Rudy Han, don't go and criticize him. Why must we say that must only make us if we don't do that in 2021 Let me show you an example. 2021 the Israeli Defense Force Attack Gaza and when they attacked, they were not getting victory. So the Israeli Defense Force called the people of Tiktok Facebook, Instagram and said delete all the pro Palestinian post because it is impacting upon us the narrative of the world is against us.

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So if it was not important the Why didn't you go and see and tell the people for those who are doing work in the in the media, don't go in criticize them, let them go and do it. Those who are you know, protesting when am I protested? Our when am I protested? In the past those who are protesting today in Pretoria with with a government. May Allah subhanaw taala reward them who are we this is not the time for us to throw stones against one another. If you are making dua to Allah Tala except your doors, those who are making effort in the media to try and correct another narrative. Allah Allah protect them and ultimate randomly a victory and Allah Tala grant America in what they are doing.

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And those who are doing some protests, Allah subhanho wa Taala random also they reward them with regard to the attention, but whatever it is, this is not the time for disunity. IRG people are sitting in court at this time when the woman is hurt. We're sitting in criticizing one another. However, what is important is we turn towards Almighty Allah, Allah Allah is beyond us, Bob. Allah Tala is beyond us, Bob and Adana to anyone's mapsavvy Barletta, people as Bob, he feels

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he fears no fatigue and tiredness in protecting you. And let electrochemical Masekela the second Oh to an hour in faster or

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muscular. Whatever is happening is happening with the permission of Allah. We must turn towards Almighty Allah that Allah must make the conditions good for us we all want to address as a masala salat wa salam achieve waqia as a Muslim salat wa salam is fleeing Feroz. In front of him comes the whole ocean whole body of water. Behind him is Pharaoh.

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Logan at aka will keep omelet data in other mudra con Oh Musa aka

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Avnet of panic attack

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within Amin company and Tatiana will embody magic I

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Itokawa archipelago to enhance Muslim to aapke Anika Barbie must know to sell him to sell Islamic yaka in the mire of this reality. But Allah is with me. He will try me. Marina is with me.

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So you look at this situation in front is the ocean How do you do it? And behind him his throne

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in the month Oh Hina Illa Musa honey drip beer circle back. Oh Musa take your stuff and hit the ocean?

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Allah God has Qudra if you look at logic, you know you say take the stick and hit the enemy. Why are you eating ocean?

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But he said no hit the ocean because the ocean hit the ocean and let her open up the doors of the ocean. And Mussolini salat wa salam and Bani Israel came through when Iran came to he destroyed them as I tell them what each other when they do the same. We just have to do what ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Salah Medina up RAM to rally we make mentioned with regard to him, Sultana UD Rama Talalay at the time, you know he was so he made so much of he had 7400 cameras in the battlefield full of swords.

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He didn't just go make dua to Almighty Allah, he had 400 camels full of swords, to keep the army well equipped. And then you also make dua to Almighty Allah subhanaw taala he told them what Hadith him when we are fighting read books to bring the blessings of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala. And then he used to complain, the zeal that the Christians have in protecting and fighting for Masjid XL that totally completely so the Muslims don't have that zeal. Today we are same thing my dear respect wonders, the zeal they have, you know, with regard to Jerusalem and Palestine perhaps we don't have it, maybe the people they're having, the woman doesn't have it. And let me lastly make mention of an

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incident this to show you how we need to turn towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And now we must make Duan, outdrives effective, make all of these things together as a multitude of money rights and incident. He say a person went to Germany became and he got married in Germany. Now when he got married in Germany, he got married to a Christian and he forgot his Deen, how many times people when they get in love and they get married, they forget things for you forgot everything. And then he got you know, married you got children. One day he came home, children were getting big. The wife was teaching the children Christianity. Now he couldn't take it. Many times in epilators, you lead your life like that your children come all of a sudden you start thinking of him. So he said,

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You cannot teach my children Christianity. They are Muslims. I'm a Muslim. And she said you never ever practice upon him. So but now, you know, the Imam came to his home. So he wrote close money. This is a situation. So Mozart wrote to him and said, Don't fight with your wife. Don't argue with a wife argument will not solve anything. He sent a book what is Christianity

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in a logical way, the truth with regard to Islam and Christianity. And he said, tell your wife,

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tell your wife, every evening you must make dua of Allah, whichever of the two religions is upon the truth and is Huck guidance upon that particular region to everyday see me and my wife used to make this particular dua over Allah whichever of the two religions are true guys.

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And use to write to move to south so far, nothing is happening. Nothing is happening in one day oops, upset. I got a letter. The letter read.

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You were waiting somewhere. All of a sudden, she parked the car and she started crying. She cried uncontrollably. So husband said while

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he said

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the DUA that we made. I have now come to realize Islam is the truth. Take me immediately to become a Muslim. See my the respect of others everything is in the hands of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala turn towards Almighty Allah subhana wa Meaker understand Ganassi who can at least this one thing do Giamatti Martinez several Bartylla Jetta comes from Dora Koto monster mpg, the filthy torpor read two records now for the sake of people of Gaza, either now or whenever make dua for them. I like to keep them steadfast and let her grant them victory. Inshallah it will come Monday, so let's be steadfast. Allah has his plans. Allah is time. He doesn't coincide with our time unless players

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eventually is the best

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