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Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The title of Jesus Latif is discussed, including its use in various we'd never know of events, like fear or hope. The use of the title in various we'd never know of events is also discussed, including the use of the title in various we'd never know of. The title is also discussed, including the use of the title in various we'd never know of events. The use of the name for various reasons is a common use of the name.
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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah He will be here, woman, whether hammerberg we're continuing in our discussion of the names and attributes of Allah subhana wa Tada. And today we have now moved on to the name of a law, we're going to move on to them of a lot, a lot, a lot. And the name of Allah Latif comes from the verb a lot of, and the verb a lot of, actually, it's a very profound and a deep verb. And it has multiple connotations. But the primary meaning of this verb is the Lightness of Being and presence, to not make your presence even known to be very discreet and not show. It's a very hidden type of presence. And we see this verb manifested in sort

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of telegraph in the story of the sleepers of the cave. Remember, they went to sleep for 300 plus years, and they woke up and they didn't realize how long they had slept. And Allah says that their leaders said to them Here, take this money, take this worker, take this money and go to the city. Well, yes, Allah.

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And B Latif. So from this, everybody can understand what is the meaning of belief? Well, you have to be very careful, nobody recognizes you be discreet. Go and make sure no, but you don't the center of attention, do what you need to do, without making your presence felt. This is the actual meaning of lots of other primary meaning of lots of, and there's also a connotation of being aware. So when he is being sent to the city, he's being told, see what's happening, get the pulse of the community and bring back that information without your presence being known to the people. Okay, so we see the verb well yet a lot of being used in its actual meaning here. So when it comes to Allah azza wa jal

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being a Latif there are two meanings both of which complement one another. The first meeting, a lovely wife, is the one who is aware of the hidden affairs. And luckily, the one who knows the hidden and this has the connotation, as we said, of the person going and seeing what's going on in the community, without them being aware. So Allah is aware of our secrets. Even though we might not be aware we still told anybody, we're hiding what we want to hide, but a lot leaf is aware of those hidden secrets. This is the first meaning of a lucky leaf. And the second meaning of a Latif goes back to being discreet as you go about doing what you need to be done. And when it comes to Allah

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subhana wa Tada. It has a very beautiful meaning. A lot leaf is the one whose mercy reaches you in manners you don't even understand. A law thief is the one who shall bless you and you don't even know you were blessed. Allah thief is the one who shall take care of your affairs, without even you understanding that your affairs have been taken care of. Because that's what a lot leave implies that the Rama will come and you don't understand where or how, and you might not even recognize the Rama until afterwards, you look back and you realize, Oh, that was such a blessing that occurred to me. So this is the meaning of a Latif and in the Quran.

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Allah is described as the proper noun unlikely five times five times the proper noun unlucky. And by the way, take this as a rule of thumb, anytime the proper noun occurs in the Quran, it is one of the 99 Names of Allah. Okay, remember when there was a bit of a confusion going on, and it's shallow towards the end? I'll clarify again so that everybody understands. Our last names are how many who can remind me

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infinity Unlimited, Allah's names are infinity. We don't even know of those infinite names. The Quran and Sunnah comes with hundreds, hundreds, if you were to sit down and compile a list in the Quran and Sunnah, from the verbs from the adjectives from the descriptions and from the proper nouns, you get hundreds from those hundreds scholars have to extract the prime 99 Is that clear? Right. So anytime a proper noun a semi or Albacete, an analogue food alright man

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In the Quran, clearly not only is it a name it is one of the 99 names the proper noun The problem comes to extract like we said a Jimmy and whatnot the headline finds it and whatnot. This is where the controversy comes unlovely is a proper noun in the Koran. So there's no question a lot leave is one of the names of Allah and it occurs in the proper noun form five times, every one of those five times it is always linked with the same name. Every time the proper noun occurs is always linked with the same name. And that is Who can tell me or half of the Quran, half of the Quran.

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Allah tiffin, Al Habib, Allah three, four or five times every time the word Latif occurs, it is a luckily for Habib, why Kabir is the one who is aware of the open. Latif is the one who is aware of the hidden

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Latif, the one who is aware of secrets, Kabir, the one who's aware of that which is open. So Allah is a Latif and and hubby. He knows what you're hiding. He knows what's in my heart. He knows what's in our minds. He knows that secret that nobody knows that is unlocked leave and he is the one who is aware of everything. And Allah azza wa jal mentions this name as I said five times and of those times, for example, in Surah, tabarrok. Allah Yeah, lm woman Hala, aka wahoo. Luckily for hubiera doesn't it make sense that the one who created everything should know everything? Allah, Allah, Allah? How can Allah not know? Allah Allah moment caught up when He created you? And he created your

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heart and my mind and your soul and my body? Surely he knows what's in your soul in my mind? Surely he knows what we're hiding. Yeah.

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It's a rhetorical question. How can anybody deny a lost knowledge and woman Hala? Indeed Allah is a Latif Anil hubiera also in the Quran Surah docman when lachemann is giving advice to his son, look man's famous advice to his son yamane in a mythical habit even harder in photography socket and over Samajwadi overlord Lee yeah TV how law in the law Hello to you from Hobby Oh my son, even if it is a habit him and hurdle they translate as a mustard seed. In fact, the meaning here is an atom's where the smallest, the Arabs have an expression have them and harden it means the smallest of the small, even if it is an atom, even if it is the smallest thing and you hit it under a rock or a stone or

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you hit it somewhere in the heavens or Earth. Allah will bring it back Allah knows it. Allah is what a lot leaf and a hobby. So a lot the funnel hobbies they always occur together in the Quran five times two times in the Quran. And this is rare for a name but if a defect occurs, Allah uses it as a direct description of himself.

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Below that Allahu laclede from bury body, Allahu la ple from bury body. This is in the Quran. This is very rare that a lot takes a proper noun uses it as a description of himself. Allah is luckily with his servants. And this shows us the importance of the name of Allah Allah. Allahu la plea from beersheva. How What does he do Yahoo Zuko, Manisha. This is what the verse is saying he gives his risk to whomever he pleases. However he pleases and therefore what this ayah means here is that allows it is look at how a lot links are luckily for this allow law to form a body Yasuko Manisha how So Allah is saying, Oh, you who are worried about your sustenance, your money, your paycheck,

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don't worry, you will get it. I have methods to give it to you. You won't even know how it's gonna come. It's going to come. I am the Latif and I will give you the risk because I am the one who provides and I am the one who provides in manners you don't even recognize. So the name of Allah Latif is Allah is reminding His servants that haven't I taken care of you so far? Didn't you get to where you are now, and you were stuck so many times. But you got out of that? Because my looks, my notes managed to read you from ways you never expected. When I'm in high school, I gotta say, a lot of this will come from sources you never expected because a law is a Latif and one of the great

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scholars of the past. The linguist by the name of was the judge. He said that Allah is the one who is generous to his servants in secret, so that even the servants do not understand that the generosity where is it coming from? Even the servant does not understand how their affairs are being taken care of. And so Allah is Latif and risk is one of the main manifestations of that and we

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said there are two times that occurs in the Quran as a proper description. Number one, Allahu Latif will be a baddie. Number two is in the story of use of alayhis salam. And it's very appropriate in the story of use of that right at the end of the story, after use of has gone through the bottom of the world and the dungeons of the prison and being seduced and being thrown here and taken to the ministry and then becoming the Minister of Finance this whole journey, what his use of say, What name of Allah does, he mentioned, right at the very end, he makes that beautiful drop. And then he says in Rob below three, four, Lima Yasha This is what lutefisk you want to understand? What's the

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story of use of makes us understand what is not. And at the end, use of mentions this name of a law in the law free full Lima Yasha How did I end up at the bottom of a well, and then inside of a dungeon, and then in the palaces of Aziz and being seduced and then and then throughout all of this, Allah azza wa jal is taking care of me. And had I not been in the previous situation, I wouldn't have gone to the next one, until finally I am the Minister of Finance of the greatest civilization don't demand at the time and that is ancient Egypt, were I not in dungeon, why not in the world, were I not being seated, I would not have ended up here. And Allah was taking care of me and I did

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not recognize it. But now I see in Iraq below three, four, Lima Yeshua, my rock is Latif to whomever he wants to be in the one argument hacking. So, use of story is the perfect manifestation of a laws that would just look that you do not understand. But a law is Latif and a law will use every opportunity not only to protect you, but to provide in a way and from a means and from a source you will never understand. And if you put your trust in a leaf, then all of your affairs will be taken care of. So the name of Allah Latif is used for many purposes and reasons, primarily the name of Allah, Allah believe it should bring about both the fear and the hope. It's one of those names has

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two meanings. They're both complimentary, as for the meaning of fear, we should be fearful of a Latif who is aware of our secrets. A Latif is aware of our hidden and the hope, a Latif is the one who shall gently protect because he said one of the meanings of loot is to be not visible, not harsh, to be very gentle, Allah will gently protect, discreetly protect, protect without even us realizing his protecting provide without even seeing where the provision is coming from. This is a large leaf. And so we use the name of Allah Latif. Especially in distressing circumstances. Yeah, lovely if you see my situation, yeah, that if you see where I am, I need your look. Your look for

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protect me, even if I don't understand how so the name of Allah leaf is a powerful name to use and especially when we're invoking Allah azzawajal in a difficult situation. We want his hidden protection his hidden risk, his hidden provision, we want every affair of ours to be directed and managed by the one who's directing and managing we don't even know we can't even see we can't even feel but we trust like use of trusted that in the end we shall end up in the best position because a law is not leaf with his servants. May Allah azza wa jal showers with his loot and envelopes in his mercy and inshallah we will continue tomorrow was set on wanting to like a water catchment

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses the meaning of one of the Allah’s names – Al Lateef. It comes from the verb Latafa whose primary meaning is the lightness of being and presence.

Allah is Al Lateef which means that He is aware of the hidden secrets and it also means Allah’s Mercy reaches us in the manner in which we may never understand.

Allah’s name Al Lateef is mentioned 5 times in the Qur’an. It is always linked with Al Khabeer which means the one who is aware of everything.Allah is always going to provide us from sources which we may never comprehend.


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