Zahir Mahmood – When Allah Honoured Zakariya (A.S)

Zahir Mahmood
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Tao here. So Korea is quite an old man, and the Korea has no children.

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So as the Korea begins to think, if Allah can sustain Herbert ada hisab from the unseen, although I am an old man and he was a very old man, and his wife was barren and she was a very old woman. He says know if Allah can sustain her luck and sustain me. If Allah can give sustain her, Allah can sustain me and unlock and give me a child, even at my age.

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Now use the Korea la salatu salam is actually married to the rt of Maria

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Her name is Hannah and she is the Hala the Auntie of Maria Malaysian of Salaam. So as a Korean as of Salaam, who was an OBE says to give me the honor She is my wife's niece.

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They say no, every person of importance wanted to raise why because she was also the daughter of Iran, and Iran was the Imam of Betamax.

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So what they do is that they draw lots and the way they draw a lot is that they bring these pens. And these pens were those same pens that they would write revelation with. So they put them in water.

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Everybody's paying six, besides the pain of the carrier liaison. So now she's given over to the carrier who's an OB himself and the Korea razor. And they give her a place in the masjid because they saw something amazingly special about this girl. So she's given a room a by the hub, which is the most holiest part of the masjid.

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And that's where she lives. Now, as a Korean I said Oxfam would obviously go to a visitor bring her food. And then Allah recalls a very interesting incident which happens with the creation of Salaam said, Kula holla LA is a Korea Wajid are in the high risk. poly Yama, Yama, and my lucky

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pilot who I mean in dilla, in Allah Yasuko manga shall be released. So the Korea nationalist Islam every time he goes into a room in the masjid, he finds she has risk.

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She has food

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and he has a boat the food. Not only that the narrations mentioned that she would have food in winter which was the food of summer and the fruits of summer in winter, which was impossible. So he asked

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where does this food come from? Where do you get this beautiful food from? Allah sends it to me.

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Allah sends it to me and Allah when he wants to sustain somebody, he sustains the race. A lot does it need a spa? Allah does it need will see love it love is only made if Allah wants to sustain you he will sustain you. And Allah says in the Quran me yet tequila, whoever really faced a lot really face Allah. May yet tequila your jello, Maharaja Zuko, menghai folayang whoever phase Allah Allah will make an opening for him.

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And Allah will sustain the way he cannot even imagine from Allah will make a way for him.

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Tao here, so Korea is quite an old man. And so Korea has no children.

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So So Korea begins to think if Allah can sustain her but ada hisab from the unseen although I am an old man and he was a very old man and his wife was barren and she was a very old woman. He says know if Allah can sustain her luck and sustain me. If Allah can give sustain her a lot can sustain me and unlock and give me a child, even at my age.

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So seeing this, now he makes a dwarf to Allah subhanho wa Taala who now Lika does a Korea

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Robbie hubballi mila dunkles Maria

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when jack Korea saw this he makes a duar to Allah Allah give me a project he give me a child from yourself. But give me a

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give me a progeny which is good. your

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Jeep. So Allah subhanaw taala gives him a child and the angels come and they say to him, oh zecharia no bush

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Euro Cup in

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Korea, we give you glad tidings of a child and his name will be Yeah, yeah. Yeah means to live.

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You know why he was given the title of Yeah, yeah because he was Shaheed

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and Allah says in the Quran, those who are martyred in the path of Allah, they are alive the word Allah names you, you will live up to those expectations. Look at this.

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Initially the mother of Maria de la salatu salam makes a word. Allah give me a child, a lot of give the child then goes further. There is a courier la salatu salam asked for a child at an old age. We generally you don't have children. His wife is barren. He makes guar an Allah out of his qudra gives them a child

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