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AI: Summary © The meaning of "verbal" in Islam is discussed, with speakers highlighting common practices such as seeking refuge in the sense of a "haste" and not being too afraid of others. The importance of pursuing refuge in Allah's wrath is emphasized, along with the potential for emotional distress during certain times. Representatives and individuals emphasize the need to avoid harming one's health and pursue spiritual work to avoid harming others.
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So Allah itself has four, four elements, right? That I want to talk about. One is, what is die that is sad, in and of itself is one, one element. The second element is almost sad will be he

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who it is that we're, we're doing a car that with

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number three is

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almost save the person, the individual himself who is actually doing it either. And then number four, which is very interesting is Elmo star don't mean who what is it that we are seeking refuge in Allah or what should we seek is the other from, right? So it's the other car that comes from followable, our for tolerable, our allow Are there any ltj il Allah subhanaw, taala, fallible human. So it's the other literally means to seek protection, or to seek

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refuge, right to to seek a shelter a place that will actually keep you safe from something that could actually bring or cause harm to you. Right? So this is sad. And it's a verbal expression that is founded upon right, a conviction or the state of the heart, that the heart has to really be attached to Allah subhanaw taala and know that, that only Allah Subhana Allah can protect you. So it's statements of verbal expression that we actually do, but actually it has to be founded upon Yaqeen or conviction in Allah subhana without us ability to protect us.

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Well, Felicity either fall here ltj it Allah Subhana Allah aloo illallah wa Taala boo and I was tolerable

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Babu al him I mean Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala by men in Musa Adobe up what is who are we see doing is to either to or seek ALLAH. For the believer, there is only one source of protection, that is Allah subhanaw taala. Now,

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it is permissible to,

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to, under you know, in some situations

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it is to use linguistically to use the word linguistically. But you are not supposed to do sad accepting who like the ultimate car except from ALLAH SubhanA Dawn, but in the old classical Arabic, they would use the word if they want someone's let's say, protection, someone's help, they may have used it. So linguistically it can be used. But in reality, I mean in

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the terminology itself evolved that it should not now be used with anyone other than who? Allah subhanaw taala.

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Yeah, and he, he ultimately mean Allah Subhana

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Allah azza wa jal so you can't seek refuge in anyone other than Allah azza wa jal.

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There was a practice during the days of Jaya Helia

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some of these pagans tribes used to seek refuge do is the other

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and Allah recorded that in the Quran. Well, Anna who can Regina Meenal INSIA Oh, leverage Alameen Elgin, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned that there were some humans that used to seek refuge do we see either with some gin So one common practices when they go to a particular valley or a place that is known? They would say we seek refuge right in the master of this valley meaning religion.

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So Allah said what happened when the when the human these humans did this further ado whom Raha actually the jinn did not provide protection, they actually exploited their fear, and they took advantage of them, and they abused them.

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Right? So you're handing yourself over. And when you hand yourself over, when you hand your fate when you put your faith or your trust in anyone other than Allah, you will really exposing yourself.

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The only one who is not going to take advantage of your vulnerability is Allah azza wa jal. Allah wants you

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Due to acknowledge and realize your vulnerability and be humble, Allah is not out there, you know, to get you if he wants to, he can somehow tithe and nothing is preventing him. But anytime you put your trust or you hand your affairs over to anyone other than Allah, you're really taking a huge risk.

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Right? And that is why we should not you know, hand put our trust as at least at the spiritual and emotional level in anyone's hand except Allah subhanaw taala. Same thing, by the way, when you also seek asylum when you seek, when you go to seek protection from anyone you're really giving them a lot of authority over your fate.

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And that is why you should only trust none other than Allah subhanho wa Taala right.

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what are the things that we should seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala from there is a long list.

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A long list, right?

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The most obviously, there is the most common

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right, it's the other and there is also you know, valid things to seek refuge in Allah from and there are invalid things to seek refuge in Allah from

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let me start with the invalid. There are certain things that you shouldn't seek you should not say that oh, the biller

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from something that is good.

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Right, you shouldn't seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala from something that is good.

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The province of Salem there is one reported case that the province that I'm divorced a woman

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someone that he married and he divorced her before he touched her.

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And according to these narrations, the reason the process of divorce that woman was because what she actually said said at all there'll be law hemic

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she said I seek refuge in Allah from you

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to the Prophet

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right. The problem was him said look at Estelle TV Aleem.

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He said, You have sought refuge in the almighty I can I can come near you.

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For ill hockey. We are lucky for Paula pan.

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The Sultan was sorry that the matura had

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right at the back end, Elliott will aid us the series beloved in the V mineral suicide Salah

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seeker is so very,

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you know, so there are certain things you shouldn't seek refuge in Allah from.

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So lesson here for everyone is don't seek refuge in Allah from your wife, or your husband.

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By now can you seek refuge in Allah from their evil, potential evil? Yes, yes. You can even seek refuge in Allah subhanho wa Taala from

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Seek seek refuge in Allah from,

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from WHO? From Allah meaning Allah's wrath, the Prophet and salam said Allahumma inni Zubiri locka Nisa Hadik will be more emphatic mineral Qubic what are all the becoming?

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What are all the weaker Minca Oh Allah I seek refuge in You from you, meaning from your wrath and from your anger. Because the only one that can protect you from Allah is Who is Allah and that is what Taqwa is. You ask Allah to protect you. And Allah in the Quran says where you have zero Kamala Hafsa Allah Subhana Allah warns you of himself.

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Don't mess with Allah subhanaw taala so the only the only one that can protect us from the wrath of Allah is ALLAH SubhanA tan, right? Allahu Allah MlJ Well, I meant Jaya Minca Illa ILEC or Allah there is no escape from you except to you. Right? So that's, that's, that's one.

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We seek refuge in Allah the most common what Allah orders in the Quran is to seek refuge in Allah from Shaytaan

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the stereo bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. And there are certain times where we should seek refuge in Allah from Shaytaan. Such as when we read Quran, when we pray in the Salah. Right, we begin after to compare to a haram. When we when do we seek refuge in Allah from Shaytaan as well.

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When you enter when you go to the bathroom, you seek refuge in Allah from shaylen and

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when you when you before intimacy, but you know husband and wife, right, seek refuge okay? So these are, you know, times we seek refuge in Allah from Shaytaan from the devil. This is again something that a lot of people forget a lot of muscles. Right? Some someone comes in, who's going to remember, you know, before intimacy to say, oh, you should. You don't then you're taking over

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Ask, especially if there's potentially any

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pregnancy that is expected.

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Now, I sent

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at when we experience, emotional negative,

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when we experienced negative, emotional,

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you know reactions, when we are in an emotional state such as anger, processes I've said, I No word if this person was to say, that have been who manage it, and someone said because anger comes from shape one, so we seek refuge in Allah azza wa jal from the from the devil from Shavon when we when we get angry, right, okay, what else can we seek refuge or should we seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala from

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any any evil, including the potential even within ourselves so, so, so the third element that we should seek refuge in Allah from is ourselves. Now the bIllahi min, Shruti and fusina We seek refuge in Allah from the potential evil, you know, that we can cause Allahumma in the eye with a vicar, the process taught a man to say Allahumma in me becoming Sherry NFC or Allah I seek refuge in You from my own evil. Right. Alright.

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Bye, bye then. Then there is a long list of things that we seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala from right, anxiety, depression, sadness, sorrow, pain,

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different diseases, right? Whether they're like, you know, whether they're contagious or not, right?

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Weakness, being overwhelmed with debt. There are a lot of specifics of the process Helen mentioned in the Hadith alone many other becoming a homeowner hasn't really become an isolated case a lot of the becoming a juvenile, a lot of the becoming a limited danger of aging or old age, when all of the ills are there a lot more are becoming al haram. Right? Also seek refuge in Allah azza wa jal from accidents or natural natural disasters. The process has taught us that you know, as well, I rode with him.

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Now, I'm going to come to this. So these are things that we should seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala from on top of that, there are some specific step either that is necessary, such as the one that you just mentioned, at the end of the Salah, the promises Salam said, seek refuge in Allah as we went from four things.

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Right? What are these four things?

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Okay, the fitna of, of living and dying,

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the fitna or the punishment of the grave,

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the fitna of or the punishment of hellfire and the fitna of Digia. These are things that we should seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala, from at least five times a day, at the end of every salah.

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Right allah how many I

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mean, I've had a couple of infections in my head, no matter if it's at the mercy,

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of the narrow if it's not enough, there are different, you know, so these are things that the prophets have taught us to seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala from in addition to that, there are also some occasional some occasions in which the problem teaches us to seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala such as

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before that, no before that, before that it's a happy occasion. When you get married,

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right? When you get married, the browser advises both couples to what to ask Allah for the, for the good, and seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala from the evil Allahumma in me as

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What I would do becoming Sherry, how Cherie mergeable tally, I seek refuge in into you, in you from from any evil, potentially evil, or any, any evil disposition. That you know, because sometimes people you don't know what they're capable of. Sometimes they may not even know what they're capable of until after it's too late.

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You know, seriously, how many of us knew you know what kind of a husband or what kind of a spouse you're going to be or what kind of a parent you're going to be.

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There are certain things that I discovered about myself afterwards, sometimes it takes more than one marriage to discover yourself.

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Now, type, so these are potential things that we should seek refuge in Allah subhanho wa Taala from

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also have special occasions is

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whenever there is severe weather condition

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there is a severe system right? We're supposed to seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala whenever there's wind for instance, the process I'm teaches us to seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala from

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This wind, you're not supposed to curse the wind or this or any weather condition, you're supposed to seek refuge in Allah azza wa jal from the evil within that weather condition and seek ALLAH subhanaw taala has help to protect you from it.

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Last but not least, when you are afraid when there is potential harm plot against you, any fee many times Rubik, female Amara FIM and to hovel either half a Coleman, if you're afraid of someone like the brother said the police are

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out don't know why people are scared of police. Yeah.

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You know, isn't it funny Subhan Allah, they're supposed to serve in what?

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Protect and muscular when they become ianya source of abuse. And, you know,

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if fear I will see

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you and a man in the middle there and the icon laflife So the process is I'm teaches us to say that if you're afraid of a specific person, or a specific group of people, or a specific entity, no matter what it is, man HOFA Ohlman my they're called

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Allahumma in the ADRA obika, you know, Huri him Where are all the week me? Sure or him?

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Right? Allah, I put you in there. Literally, the word means throats, meaning you, I put you in front of me, you're my

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you're the one between me and them. What I also be Can I seek refuge in You from their evil

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for in the hole I Elora. And there are other many things that the prophets I seldom mentioned. When it comes to see either, as I said, this can be really made into workshop because each one of these

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prayers of prophesy Salam taught us,

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in and of itself is is a beautiful practice for us to learn. Like, if Can I add one more? Can I add? Well, if you don't mind, I don't want to keep you forever here because I know we had a long day. Someone asked me about physical pain. When you have

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and I'm dealing with pain myself, you have physical pain, you're supposed to take care of it. And in pursue whatever treatment you can get. But sometimes even treatments cannot help you.

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There are some some pain that treatments, treatments, maybe helps manage it, but not make it go away.

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So there is something that I have tried in the past and it's worked and I don't know why I haven't been trying it.

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I think some of us get used to pain sometimes we like to hold on to it.

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Allah Subhanallah you know, just saying this because I've been recommending this dua and I haven't done it myself, either.

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nailhead Allah Inshallah, the DUA is a man complained to the province of Salem about physical pain that he had.

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Right? And there was nothing that he was able to do to make it go away. So the process that I'm taught him the following,

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he said, but he had put your right hand, I let the Ulema come and just click on the part or the area that actually where you feel the pain

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on that sore spot or that place, the rewriter and say, and then you say Bismillah, in the name of Allah.

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And then you repeat the following there are seven times and it's sad, although there is a delay will cause your Rottie I seek refuge in Allah Subhana Allah is glory or ism, right strength, strength or glory. Lockwood's, Rottie and Allah subhanaw taala is power means shatter the man as you do. Oh, Heather,

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from the evil of what I'm feeling

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and I'm afraid of right? Seven times.

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Although there is Atilla allottee Michelle Reema as you do, oh Heather, seven times. So what lagana Well, Allah Allah has eaten them how many want to add he wants to have your cell limit to seamen cathedral, may Allah subhanaw taala keep keep us keep keep over one and keep your children safe in sha Allah azza wa jal make sure that if your child is 12, then get them the vaccine. And whether they're 12 or younger, you know, make sure also that you do see either like you pray for them, you place your hand, by the way, subhanAllah I am actually pursuing some research paper that was done on this whole subject of physical touch the effect of it the effect of the process, I'm teaches us to

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put your hand on your child or your grandchild and make this draft for them. Right, or blowing them, right. Obviously, if you don't have anything contagious, right now

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So but you put your hand on them physical physically right? Where you can you can imagine life time equals sheet one.

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There are a lot of benefits, you know from from doing this. So remember this insha Allah to Allah, may Allah subhanaw taala keep them protected May Allah subhanaw taala keep them fortified May Allah azza wa jal not let any one of us see their child suffer. Is that gonna look I don't want her to lie, but I can't tell