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Khalid Yasin
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of acknowledging the inevitability of a Supreme Law and the need for everyone to defy or deny it. They stress the need for everyone to stop blinking and not try to deny the law of gravity. The speaker also warns against blinking and suggests submitting to the Supreme Law.
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If we accept the benefactor, if we accept the power, if we accept an intelligence, if we accept that there is most definitely a supreme principle behind this life, that has designed everything, including ourselves, then we must also except that we human beings are subordinate.

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And another way of saying subordinate that we are subjects.

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Another way of saying that is that we are obligated to some form of regulation and law.

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Anyone here as a human being who doesn't feel themselves subject or obligated to some form of legislation or law,

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because if they're not, then I say get on top of this building and just jump off.

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See if you can defy or deny the law of gravity.

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Hold your breath

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for about 10 minutes, and see if you can deny or defy

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the human capacity and need for oxygen.

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You cannot.

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something even more simple than that.

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If you have any power over yourself, any power over anything, stop blinking right now. Don't blink.

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Just don't.

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Just don't

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stop the thinking processes. Stop the heart from beating, stop the kidney from functioning, stop the lungs from going up and down the diaphragm. Just stop everything

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you cannot.

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That means we're all subject. Are we all on the same page?

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So the first step after acknowledging there's a benefactor of subpoena power, and the second step, but that's supreme power, definitely. That cannot be any one any other power, worthy of our attention, our subordination and thirdly, that if there is a power, that is a law, then you and I should be willing, grateful, prepared to submit and acclimate ourselves to it.

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