Allah loves not for us to waste time and money

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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Another day, another learning something that Allah loves. And that will bring me closer to Allah Subhana Allah and Allah who will love me. And when Allah subhanaw taala will love me he'll protect me, he'll give me he will my dua will be answered and I when I seek refuge in him, I will be refused or I will be given refuge. This hadith an imam Muslim Rasul Allah salatu salam said Narrated by Abu Hurayrah in Aloha, yo la la KU comes at us Allah is pleased and happy and love three things and taboo hola to Shrek will be he shake you up you

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worship Him and you do not associate anything with with him nothing equal. What entitles him will be heavily Lucha Jamia and you hold hold to the robe of Allah together well are tougher Rocco Don't be different. Don't disperse don't become groups as Muslims we ACARA hola como, and he dislike and this is what we are going to try in sha Allah to practice today. And the days to come. Where Krahula come he dislike he doesn't love so opposite love. So if I want Allah subhanaw taala to love me, I'm going to be staying away from the things he doesn't love.

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Curry Halochem what does he doesn't like? Three things and clean oil, oil

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cathro to soil whatever I told him, man, let's translate and clean while all too much talk. Irrelevant talk. Vain talk cathro to swallow too much asking why you lie to man wasting wealth, specifically money. This is what we're gonna focus on today. Allah doesn't love meaning I should not do these things because you will not love me. I need to stay away from these things because then he will love me. Number one, I will credo I'll call too much talk. Vain talk? Irrelevant talk that for sure include her arm talk. And why this is something dislike to Allah. Too much talk will lead to this obedience to Allah Subhana Allah and Allah said this in a verse in the Quran. Now Hi Rafi

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Kathie Lee Minaj Warham there is no benefits in most of what they speak Subhan Allah Illa except when Amara we saw the Cotton who enjoined chatter charity. We saw the cutting OMA roof or good thing accepted the beautiful thing. Oh, is sliding been a nurse or you're going to be correcting a relationship or bringing two people together after they have been?

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There are like a dispute between them. So what should I say then? Korea Hola, como el que de will call. Don't talk too much about things that will not benefit me. benefit the people around me benefits the society. Too much talk about food too much, Catherine. That's what he says kithara too much too much about food too much about dunya the daily things too much. I may have to say something but I don't have to elaborate and keep talking about it. Cutthroat unclean, welcome. Don't talk too much. The more I talk too much, the more mistakes I'm gonna make. And it's gonna lead me to backbiting to arrogance, to say things not pleasing. So I'm going to do my best starting today,

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especially in these blessed last nights of Ramadan is to control my tongue and don't speak unless something will bring good to the people around me teaching them saying something good.

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can throw to soil too much asking too much asking for material things, or too much asking people too much asking people something I'm not related to how old are you how much you have? What's your bank account, how many employees you have with you? How much all these things, too much things too much asking about things from people that is not beneficial. And sometimes it makes people very uncomfortable, how much you bought your house for unless I am buying a house in that neighborhood? Then I may ask, but in general, don't speak and this includes speaking of course, don't ask things unless that will bring higher to me or bring higher to the other people and wasting the money what

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your law actually man will come later on about wastefulness in general but this one

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is wasting money wasting money meaning when I waste food, I'm just wasting money. When I am wasting water, I'm wasting money because I pay for this. When I buy things I don't need, I am wasting. So three things let's work on it. Gradually ask Allah to help us. Let us speak. What comes out of our mouth is always pleasing to Allah and not too much talk. And let alone haram talk not too much asking and questioning people and not wasteful of the wealth. May Allah subhanaw taala make us practice what we are learning may Allah makes this easy for all of us, your OB me