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X How Prophet Muhammad Dressed Short

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Khalid Yasin

Channel: Khalid Yasin

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam never, he never wore silk.

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He never wore gold.

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He never dressed arrogantly.

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He never dressed ostentatiously.

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He never walked, proud, arrogant.

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He never appeared in front of people, like he was a king or an emperor. Even when he was the absolute ruler,

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one could enter a hall like this.

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And the prophets lost him could be sitting among his companions,

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as you're sitting.

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And it was common for people to look around and want to think

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he should be sitting up someplace in a chair on a throne like other leaders, he should be wearing some down of gold, they should be wearing some kind of crown. He should be a man with people around him, serving him. But when they came in, and they looked around,

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it was a common question who is Mohammed was he?

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No one could tell who was the Prophet some allows him among his followers.

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Because his clothes

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and what he ate, and where he chose to sit, was never different from the other people.

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You tell me

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one leader in the world

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that could compare with that. Any one of us, if we just get a raise on our jobs,

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and they give us a little office, we get a picture.

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If we make some money, we want a big house. We want a big job.

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And don't make one of us a ruler.

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We want some service some slaves.

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And we want a whole gang of people to defend us.

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Not the Prophet sallallahu wasallam his dignity came from Allah and His distinction came from the revelation itself.