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What about this issue of forced marriage, forced marriage, where

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Muslim men are forcing their daughters to get married to who they want them to get married to.

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This is an Islamic, this is cultural.

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This is cultural. This is an Islamic. There's nothing in Islam called forced marriage, those who are doing it or doing it that based on that tribal, ethnic, cultural practices.

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How the father to force his daughter to marry somebody. I mean, she don't even know this guy.

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But because that's his cousin, or that's the son of his brother, or that's his family. That's somebody for the guy. He's a Bangladeshi. So he gave GE what they would take out of Bangladesh to force her to marry. And then after they get married, give them a card where he can come back.

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No, no, no.

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This is oppressive. This is repressive. This is an Islamic also, it's unconstitutional. As a matter of fact, I think that in New Zealand, it is also against the law. I think that in the UK, it's against the law in America, it's against the law, and it should be against the law.

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Because nobody has the right to do that. However,

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if the Father has a daughter that is 16, and he thinks that she's a little bit

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And you know, she's already kind of like, looking at boards and boards, looking at how they interact and SMS messages and blah, blah, all that kind of stuff going on. It's a whole lot, wait a minute now, I can't shake on last and no unit.

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The you know, for the unit for she for she finished the unit, there might be something else going on.

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So he said, Look, I'll make some arrangements right now. So he begins to make an arrangement for his daughter to get married. And he says to her, this is the young man that I met.

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He's working. I know his family. And I think it would be good for you to marry him. This is not a forced marriage. This is called an arranged marriage. So her parents and his parents arrange for them to be married. And those people they agree those young people agree.

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And so the young girl, she goes to live with his parents or they he comes live with her parents, because they're young, they're still in school. This is called an arranged marriage. Islam says nothing wrong with that

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is nothing wrong. Why? Because the arrangement was done as protection of the children and out of the well being, and by the consent and everything of the parents. But Islam says when that girl becomes herself, an adult, and she don't like that marriage, because she couldn't make all the choices. She couldn't look into the whole background. She don't like it. She wake up one day and said, Look, this ain't the right guy.

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Or he's not really working. He was working, but he's not working now. He doesn't want to go to school, I finished school. This guy doesn't want to sweep the streets and hang out in the streets. I'm going to become a doctor. It's not gonna work. She has the right to know that marriage. That's what Islam says. So we say that's fair. She got married out of the consent of the will of her parents out of concern for parents to protect her to protect the honor of the family and everything. But when she gets to be coming adult, she can make her own decision that she can do what

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she can know that marriage.

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So there is no forced marriage in Islam.