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When the Querishi learned about the migration of Muslims to Abyssinia, They planned to bring the Muslims back to Makkah. They sent Amr ibn Al-Aas and Abdullah ibn Abi Rabiah with valuable gifts for King Negus and his bishops. Negus was a Christian, so Amr told him that the Muslims say that Jesus is a slave. He told the king to ask the Muslims about this matter. The description of Jesus, the son of Maryam, was the important point that caught the king’s attention. Jafar boldly faced the king’s question and recited the verses of Surah Maryam which eventually led the king to announce the truthfulness of Islam.

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I'll give you a good example.

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And I'm certain, specially when Canada didn't

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have the Prime Minister.

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We ended up with Trump in America. That's another issue.

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You are.

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But you I mean, we're not faced with the situation that first immigrants of Muslims are faced with

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who I'm talking about

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those who are senior, and the more I see sent out,

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an expert. And he's a friend with an ex to bring them back to Mexico.

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And he stood out, he said, bad things about the Muslims, the nagus indigestion called john, what do you say about Jesus? straightforward question, what do you say about Jesus? What? What do you say?

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Look, the consequence of his answer is to be brought back to America, for prosecution, brothers and sisters.

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It's a serious consequence.

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We say what

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are you up to? He's the slave of Allah and His message. That's what's written in our scripture.

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And that's what we're going to take. Look at this. When chopper compromised.

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domestic law, like a lot of Muslims do now.

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within the agency have accepted this.

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One, they have a source of the law that says I'm in Medina.

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Today it is man passed away.

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He's referring to the next image, the one who was confronted with the truth. Few millions of Christians, fewer than men in China.

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Because you're not going to be accepted.

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I'm not asking you to be mean.

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But you got to

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you got to say

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that you believe that

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you find in our religions, a lot of things were banned from doing

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what he said what he made a mistake in a letter.

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It could indicate she

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could see a Walkman, Mashallah

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bootsy as

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brothers and sisters in Islam,

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we have a message for you mentally.

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Regardless, regardless of our situation.

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The Quran and the Sunnah teach us to give that word, even if you are in the weakest of the weakest situations, you

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he given that

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he was in

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regardless of our home school teaching, here.

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So he must be in fact, my salvation and us salvation is please don't let that have evil.

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Allah, Allah, Allah kills me at least 11 children attended, at least as a dependency of your loved one. You have.

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if you

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don't do since with one condition, new ship

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is an attempt is d isn't pleased. And I want to tell you that you

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know, if you were if

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you cannot believe that

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Jesus and there is Buddha and the Buddha and listen, I'm not asking you to be mean to those followers. But you have the depth of your thought, with a shadow of a doubt, that salvation

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and the caliber that you must remove the idea that there are other objects out of God other created beings, which can be considered guns and you affirm the statue will affirm it.

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due to a lack of time, lack either