Death And Life To Test You

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Allah Created Death And Life To Test You

(67:2:1) He] who created death and life to test you [as to] which of you is best in deed – and He is the Exalted in Might, the Forgiving

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Let me holla Mota one

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anila Look what Patel said

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the lagna oedema

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Allah Subhana Allah has pleased the son of Adam in a state of humiliation because of this

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wotja Allah dunia and he made the dounia of for the son of Adam a place where he lives and dies

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you're born in it and you die

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with the School of Medicine, why did Allah say deaths before life

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he created a lady halaqa allow

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one higher

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y for you to remember that what awaits all of us is what

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another explanation by the way all the annual motor loss

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will go through four stages.

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No mention

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allatra eilon insanity ilumina decorilla mcconchie

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but he had no mention he had no existence he did not exist then

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you will call to life

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then you will die and then you will rise again and never die. But hopefully I'm gonna be in the right place. Because there isn't at least out there will actually be will wish to die. Whenever we are Malick they will call upon the warden the angel who's in charge of held near the Allah in Arabic Can you Lord make us die? God

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no you stay

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cave petronella How in the world did you make sense this believing in Allah Welcome to Mamata and when you were there

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your life, so meiomi to come then he will cause you to die. So much. You have a look at this, look at this, look at this number here, look at this number here. There are three of them that you can stablish

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there is only one missing out of these four

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which the people do not believe in is the resurrection, but already the three already you can you were dead. You came to live Can you deny that?

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Can you so what is left?

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And there are people who do not believe in it.

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One of them can do that. After all become bombs. Allah, Allah Kakuma mala Can you go Can you go into how we created you first?

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Lady holla Can you know that one higher?

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One of the explanations if I came across I believe in La Jolla, la ha holla kakuni. No.

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It created you to die.

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And think about it, because quite frankly, we were asked to talk about this. So

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what is the problem? What is the problem with people they forgot about death

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that most

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VA cannot deny, but they are in a state of what I call it reflect the word forget his forgetfulness after his heedless ness. You see the difference between heedlessness and flowering this year? In Michigan we're not tell the calendar for it that you forget something Allah Allah.

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Allah has forgotten my alma for what they forget.

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But Allah what the muffler will reflect that you know what?

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But you can list you're not kidding about that's roughly

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that's very lovely. This is a lovely heedlessness called heedlessness fearlessness that a you know that there is something out there but you are you don't do something about it. Like that's why you're supposed to do what you're supposed to talk about that.

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Actually, there are some practices in the religion that was legislated. Just remember that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said I banned you earlier from visiting the graves now go visit the grave Why

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couldn't I

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to the bill? No. Bill No. It will remind you of this Odin marine visit the SEC. What bow Jenna is follow the Genesis. The inner head to the bill mount. It will remind you with this

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activity decra has been in the battle no mention in abundance the destroyer of old Ledger's get

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locked in in some communities when you talk about this.

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Don't be pessimistic. talk a lot about life.

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Talk about fun. Let the halaqa

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Amal did not say Holla Holla Holla mouth.

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wildfire has threatened the next life.

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Why are we here? LEAH blower Yocum?

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We're here to be tested.

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Remember this year for

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the test in two areas someone

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is qaderi.

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The test pertaining to your product.

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law he did not choose

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your birthday

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is not choose your father mother

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did not choose your birthplace, nor you choose your death or where you will die. All of this is written by the way

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you have you have no say about this it's already up.

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Now, if it is good, then you should be what

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should be grateful

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for you. If it is not according to you, according to you, then you should be what

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are generally every woman

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in Morocco. Kula who

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and amazed at the lifestyle of a believer it's all good for him. In a Saba toda la Saba, when he's inflected with a calamity, his vision, by the way, you don't have to accept

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a robot

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don't have to sit with us when you're flooded with a calamity.

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The first servitude that you have to exercise patience.

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Then after patience comes what you accept.

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only takes you accepting it

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takes time.

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while they're here, when I came across this beautiful You know, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam son Ibrahim died. What happened?

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He stood by his bedside and tears came down.

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I believe. Now for standing next to him another line is to dr Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam can even you cry? He said in the heart creeps in the line.

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The eyes

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shed tears. Were in Delhi for Africa. Ibrahima Zulu, and we're saddened because of your death. Oh, Ibrahim, well, I can learn a puma yo.

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But I'm not going to say anything which would

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reflect my you know, displeasure with allies or being uncontested, not content, the annualised the clear, I'm going to accept elastically

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there is one of the be disasters, his name is will provide him

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with insurance

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help us to have a son His name is Ali. So pious and righteous this young man if he would, he would breathe behind the Imam and the Imam would recite verses about the dab and he would Chuck

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get shocked in the

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valley right.

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So why are you following this burying him he's laughing?

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School is known for his righteousness and piety.

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The Prophet is crying and then follow

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Who are you who McMahon

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who is complete?

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Paulo Rasulullah said says

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why because he went into the sequence

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and provided the sequence what

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he got a river before what sub sub then what

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had out this is the natural course button for what

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he must double over the yet

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don't we have sometimes people who are really hit with a calamity and

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that's exactly what happened. But basically you're supposed to be to be one patient

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that's why she

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What happened?

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The death of unforeseen been hundreds of years now I mean, you should be having Robonaut

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Alaska who back now and

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there is no need for this.

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And let me hold up a note okay. So the first area of test is the area of other in my opinion

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In my opinion this is an easy area because quite frankly what are you going to do?

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Allah or

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this is going to happen to you you tell me what men can

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do and after

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a failure, Sarah vanilla summer Somalia Papa Leon, even via

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applicator Rubin the ceiling will move through

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the test in the area of an Potter is easy but frankly but it takes a man

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here is the second area what was tested which is actually the most difficult the shorter a test

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the delay

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why it's difficult because you have a freedom choice

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a lot given earlier.

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Which the heavens and the earth refused work.

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In Canada which is the freedom of choice they call the freedom in

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linzer Lola linsell Jin Jin and in

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Silla, hello Allah let me think about it, but the heavens and the earth and the rest of the creation

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Mustapha Illa sama he was

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one in the power one

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call at a at a bar in

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Alaska to the heavens and the earth would you like to have the freedom to

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So the type of test dillashaw is difficult

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because they have a freedom of choice.

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Look at the angel. Why the angels are not in trouble.

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Why? Because they don't have what layout una la her. Man, Amara Ma Ma Ma.

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Ma ma ma ma Luna

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angel to add to this we have enemies I call them the three

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the first enemy is right here

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law giving you enough that wants what the shear in the dunya

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after I know no one now

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Yeah, that's a V Hilfiger or feet.

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But the first enemies Jonas then comes in what?

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Your Genie

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everyone has a gene and then comes in what? The human genome the human trait

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of the child female in in

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Hola Hola, como tal? hyah? Talia ayoko

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San Juan de la.

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Partner Sofia. No, sorry.

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I lost

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you noticing what Allah did not say. No.

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It's not plural. It's what? simpler. By the way. We're all in this life. Looking for a one on one which will save us

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don't think that we're after quality after quantities. You're really after 100 which will save you but you can

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now focus on sincerity and focus on adhering to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu

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now, if you fail the test, if you fail the test, Allah says you will deal with you

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do it and if you pass the test, then you're going to get one

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that tells you also regardless of what you do, you excel in 30 still need What?

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No one is perfect. Insha Allah will continue this this is serious trauma is one of the most fascinating subjects. So Pamela Francella will continue with me later on.

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But remember who stopped at verse number three? who led falaka sebata Mela

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jack mobile Hara panic Aloma. I should

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stop aka to bully

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