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I'm gonna tell you guys the same thing I told everybody at central zone two weeks ago.

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I don't like talking after we sound.

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The reason for that is I can do the whole epic recitation thing that he does. Right? So when I call it an I have that put on it's just I'm just going to read it. I won't be able to do his razzle dazzle thing. But at the end of the day, it doesn't trouble me too much, because some people are epic sounding, and some more epic looking.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi mehreen salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Before I get started with the actual topic, I wanted to just make a little comment, something that I've seen very positive. You know, I like to tell people that, you know, Hamdulillah, I'm a lot older than a lot of you here. I grew up in a place I was born and raised in Texas in Dallas. And it was a it's a, it's a younger community compared to the communities you have out here in the northeast. And I grew up in a time where there wasn't even a Masjid, anywhere, there wasn't a place to pray Juma till I was like six years old.

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And so I've had the opportunity to see communities grow and us Come along, come quite a bit of a way and grow quite a bit. And one thing that I've got the opportunity to witness and experience here at this conference is here, that is very encouraging to me. We had the realization A few years ago, I would say it started to settle in about 10 years ago, a decade ago. And we became extremely serious about in the last few years, about the need for indigenous relevant scholarship. And but within the realm of the masjid. We wanted younger moms, we wanted indigenous moms, we wanted relevant, young, educated young moms, we started realizing that. But what we also needed to realize the need of was

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we needed that same type of spiritual leadership that was educated and qualified on campuses for young people. And I had the opportunity this weekend to not only meet but listen to him, I'm calling to meet stopbar house, Faisal sister Mandala. And it's very, very encouraging. It's really, really encouraging that this new breed of leadership is emerging, and they're providing leadership and counsel on the actual campuses for young Muslims. And it'll help you to deal with a very, very important reality and that is a reconciling of our identity as Muslims and as Americans and as productive members and citizens of society and community. So I just wanted to point that out that

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you know, any blessing that we have the more grateful you are for it the more I lost power to Allah blesses you with it. The in Chicago Toma as Eden ago. So most definitely, this is a blessing that you should be grateful for and take advantage of. All right. The talk was using Islam to realign our goals, using Islam to realign our goals. And I wanted to pull out a few things from the Koran, talking about goals of the great people that came before us, our role models, all right, the people that we look up to, and the people that we strive to try to emulate them and their accomplishments and their lifestyles are essentially his salon in Surah, number 19 sort of money and verse is number

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30 and 31. He saw a salon in his childhood, this was actually a miracle of a Sally salon, and was a divine form of defense for the honoring the dignity and the reputation of money and the mother Isa, that even as an infant, he spoke and he said, Allah India under the law, most definitely I am the slave of the law as anyone Kitab I've been granted a book, I've been granted the book scripture, which Allah Nina biega, and I've been made a profit. What's your let me Mubarak and aina Marcos, and I have been made bless it. I have been blessed am upon to wherever I might ever be in life will also need this. So logic was the cutting margin to higher and my lord has firmly obligated me has firmly

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commanded me and instructed me to stick to prayer and giving charity purifying myself, my Doom to higher as long as I am alive. That was his goal in life. All right, we have Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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and the message and the purpose of the life of the Prophet Alayhi Salam is also detailed to us in the Quran. Well, yeah, you Hannah's and now

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proclaim let them know say, yeah, you hung out. So humanity in me rasuna logging in a coup Jamil? I most definitely and the Messenger of Allah and I've been sent to all of you, everybody.

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I have been sent to everybody as the Messenger of Allah. Yeah, you heard my soul. Well, we have mountains in a lake and Mirabelli convey the message that has been delivered to you.

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And that was the mission and the purpose and the goal and the objective of his life. To bring humanity from darkness to light.

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Even the companions of the prophets, a lot of them, what were their goals in life? What were they striving to achieve and accomplish? Mohammed panelboards Allah tells us in Surah, number nine,

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surah Toba, I am number 100 was salvia Luna, Luna, mina mahadji. Rena will answer, the ones that came first, the ones at the front of the line, the very first ones that stood up, and we're ready to go and do what needed to be done. I mean, I don't know how gv Nolan Saad, regardless of whether they were from the Mahajan in the immigrants of the immigrants of Medina, or the unsought of the residents of, excuse me, the immigrants from Makkah or the residents of Medina,

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what's about what are the needs of our own BSR and all those people that will follow them in the most excellent form and manner or the Allahu anhu model do on Allah was pleased with them, and they were pleased with him. pleasing Allah was their goal in their objective in life. mohammadu Rasulullah Mohammed the Messenger of Allah, when living in a matter who and those who are with him,

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will lead in a matter of who

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they are firm against the people who are ungrateful to Allah will have not obey know whom they are merciful amongst each other. So Robin ruka I'm sure that you will see them doing gurukula and

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bowing and putting their face on the ground. So to whom rukon suggestion, yep, it's a una foto de la mina la Heywood, Atlanta, the only thing they actively seek and want to attain in life is the benevolence of the Lord and the pleasure of Allah,

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the pleasure of Allah that will never end. That's why it's in the hyperbolic form, the exaggerated form mobile along with one,

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the pleasure of Allah that will never end, the limitless endless eternal pleasure have a love. That's what they wanted in life. See my home fee which all human attorneys to do. And you can notice the signs of their devotion, their commitment, their dedication on their faces, because of them doing sudo. And this is not just by unanimous consensus of the mufa, Ceylon is not just simply talking about that they were rubbing their foreheads against a carpet, and so that they got a carpet burn on their foreheads. None of you see that but our God, that blessing that piece in that tranquility manifest on them. They are walking, talking invitations to purpose in life. And this was

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the golden the purpose of life of people that came before us people that we look up to people that majority of the people in this room are named after them. Khalid was the name of a beautiful messenger of Companion of the messenger, solo LaGuardia who was in them. And so these, this is who these people were. Now, what I after, after kind of setting this up, what I wanted to talk about his goal and purpose in life, what needs to be our goal and purpose in life based on what we've just read about just a few people that Allah informs us about in the Quran.

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It is seeking nearness to Allah subhanaw taala you can summarize the entire existence the purpose of human beings existence, in pleasing Allah, and the story. And then whatever it takes in order to please Allah, whatever takes us closer to the pleasure of Allah I am willing to do but pleasing Allah is my goal and my purpose in life. And in the Quran, Allah uses many different words, when talking about stages of becoming nearer and closer to Allah, the highest word, the biggest word, the most profound word, the most powerful word that Allah uses is the word a little

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bit, typically is translated as piety. But it's so much more than that. What's very interesting about the word bid, it comes from the same root as the word butter.

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All right, the word butter in classical Arabic actually means dry land, the opposite of which is wetland, right the ocean, the sea, lakes and rivers, water on the surface of the earth and then dry land is called and it comes from that same route and the connection there. The connection etymologically speaking the connection there is that when you stand on dry land, naturally as a human being, there is a greater sense of safety and security and comfort when you are on dry land.

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When you are on dry land, you naturally feel more safe, more secure and more comfortable. You have solid footing solid grounding

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And so our last panel what Allah calls the highest level of piety.

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Because when you become close to Allah when you have when you have linked up with a law, once you have a connection with a law, that is the greatest form of safety, security, tranquility, peace, strength, conviction, comfort that you will ever feel in your entire life. It'll route you it'll ground you, you'll never feel like you'll float away, you'll fly away, or that you'll lose control. No, because you're anchored by something. What are you anchored by my connection with my love?

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Will you ever support him in how you feel like you have to sip and the person that has a connection with Allah, Allah continues to sustain him, I mean, hate your life, from places from situations and circumstances that that person could never even imagine. will mean you have to look Allah Allah law for hospital and the person that continues to try the word to what good means reliance upon Allah right, putting your trust in Allah, it that means a little bit more, it means that try to put your trust in Allah, the verb form, alright, Arabic is a language of patterns. I want everybody to repeat that Arabic is a language of patterns. When you put word onto patterns, they develop different

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meanings and implications. The word to what cool is on a pattern that means to try to put your trust in Allah, meaning we're all struggling with it.

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But the one who's tries to put his trust upon Allah, for what has boo, Allah will always be enough for him. That's all he's ever going to need.

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And that's beard. Now what does Allah subhanaw taala and you know, Subhana, Allah in the Quran, and in the Hadith of the prophets a lot. So respecting and maintaining a good relationship with your parents has also not been ruled by leading

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because social socially, and familiarly speaking, that the only time that a human being feels confident and secure and comfortable is when he is at peace with his immediate family members. Have you ever been going through some type of a dispute or tension with your mom or your dad or your family? That whole time you feel unrest? You feel distressed? You you like when you're having a conversation with your friend, you seem distance you seem out of it? you're bothered by it all the time. The only way a human being can find full comfort and tranquility and peace in the social or family setting is by being at peace with his immediate family. And that's what's called bedroom and

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eating. All right, now what does Allah subhanaw taala tell us about bit surah number two is number 177. very profound, famous, elaborate, I have the Quran, often referred by scholars as to I it will be the ayah that defines piety. Now I want you to pay attention. I'm going to try not to get too hung up on the words and the grammar. We're going to try to keep it flowing, but pay very, very close attention and listen to the items that are listed here. Allah says laissent bidra piety is most definitely not unto wonder, would you have been cable and machinery well, that you turn your face towards the direction of the East or you face turning your face in the direction of the West.

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You know what that's referring to? That is an Arabic expression. Like we have expressions or figures of speech in our language. This is an expression from classical Arabic, it basically means it means formality.

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pious piety is not formality, not to just go through the motions, not just do it because that's what you're supposed to do, or that's what I think you're supposed to do. Or that's what everybody does, or just because that's just sort of how I think it works. That's not piety. piety is deeper than that. It's not superficial. What is piety? Well, I can bear rather what is piety? Man, I'm Anna Bella, the person who believes in Allah puts his heart with a lust for connects his heart with a love

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will Yeoman acid. And he believes in that last day, the day that he will have to stand before a loved one melodica the angels well Kitab wouldn't have been in the books and the messengers, that Allah sent the angels with the books to the messengers, he believes in that entire system that is at work that I am not existing on my own. They both detailed about divine guidance in the form of the messenger and in the form of the Quran, the divine scripture, I am not on my own.

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I'm not on my own. I don't have to figure things out on my own. Allah put an entire system into place. Excuse me, Allah put an entire system into place to guide me to facilitate guidance for me. The answers are they're staring me in the face. When Wisam Sharif recites Koran is not just something to entertain you. It's guidance. And that same guidance like he when he gave that demonstration, about turning off the echo and it's still for arm, you hold up with arm in your hand, you have access to that same guidance. It's facilitated for you. So now what is piety after belief and after accepting the fact that Allah is there for me and Allah has promised

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The entire system for me, that will help me understand how I need to live my life.

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The next step, what now? What's it going to say now? pre all night long.

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You know, Holly talked about fast every other day.

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Let's read like a juice of the put on every single night.

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No, that's not what it says. It says, Well, I've in my law copy, then the person who is pious, he gives wealth. He gives us money. Why does he give his money? I hope not. Because I like that charity. But I don't like this charity. And that must have been that board member. I'm cool with him. But that board member I don't like him.

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That fundraiser is

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and that fundraiser is really entertaining. No, no, he gives money. I let her be based on the love that He has for Allah.

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I love a mine. I'm going to give my money because I want to please Allah, Who doesn't give his money to the will put Obama to his close people around him in his life, his family. First it talks about family, appreciate family, strengthen your relationship and your bond with your family. We are dealing with a crisis of family.

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We are dealing with a crisis of family even in the Muslim community.

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And the first thing and young people are at the heart of this crisis at the center of this crisis. You need to find balance in your relationship with your family.

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Yeah, I'm gonna just rattle it off real quick here. Your parents don't hate you.

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Your parents don't want to destroy your life. Your parents love you very, very much. They might not fully understand you sometimes. But that's okay. You're not perfect. They're not perfect. We're nobody's perfect.

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I'll try. All right. So reconcile your relationship with your family. What are you talking about? Then the orphans, well, Masaki, the poor, the needy, the destitute woman is Serbian people that are traveling people that are in need. People that require your assistance and help was set up and people that come and ask for your help, will fill it up in slaves. I always tell people, you know, the poor man's talking about human trafficking.

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People that are righteous and pious will spend their money and give their time and spend their energy and resources to end oppression upon mankind in humanity, which occurred modern day form with the global economic crisis. Human trafficking is on the rise, Muslim stand against this, the Koran speaks against this. And notice in this entire list of things, these causes that these good righteous people serve, that it's a they only help Muslim orphans, Muslim poor people, Muslims that are involved in that get caught up that are victims of human trafficking. No, no, no, no. It leaves it open and broad. Muslims, pious, righteous people are the ones who serve humanity in general,

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across the chart, why? because they love a lot.

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That's their motivation. Then it says it does say what a pound masala what is the cause they established a prayer they give their charity will move hoonah beyond the gimme da How do they keep their word once they've made a promise to somebody, they fulfill their word. They keep their word. They're honest and truthful. Another huge problem we have. We have the dichotomy within the Muslim community that I pray and I do all of these things or fulfill some other ritual aspects of my religion. But when I talk to people, I'm lying, and I'm cheating and I'm deceitful.

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No, no, that is the primary means of your Dawa. And that is a primary manifestation of your religion, and your deen and your eemaan. Well, Sabina, feel that you are wrong. And they'll have patience through all types of adversity and difficulty, whether it be physical or financial. Even if they get sick, or they go through tough financial times, they will be patient. Why what will keep them patient and grounded their connection with Allah, their love for Allah will handle buzz, and even when there are times of distress. That means not only are they personally experiencing a tragedy, but the entire society and community is going through suffering, even in those times, they

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will become the pillars of strength, and they will become an inspiration to all of society, that Wow, look at how they handle themselves in this crisis. That's what I want to be like, when I can live in a soda poo. These are the people that are truthful and sincere and they're in the pledge and the oath that they've made that I believe in Allah. I love Allah, I want a connection with Allah, what would like a human looks upon and these are people who live a life where they never go a moment without thinking about Allah. Allah is always on their mind. They are always thinking of a law whenever they make any decision. They take any step in life. And so based on this idea, the message

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I want you to take is redefining your boundaries are very bad. serving a lot of other doesn't just mean worship. When I say worship, everyone thinks a lot about

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orantes V, right? No No Hey Baba is serving and devoting and dedicating yourself to Allah redefine your boundaries of arriba arriba is not just prayer in these things, but a bada is anything and everything that you do that brings you closer to Allah, you hold the door open for someone, that's a bother. You went home and asked your mom, how you doing? How's everything is everything okay? That was a bother you went and got your data glass of water that was a bother you let one of the Muslim students that really wanted to come to the conference and couldn't afford a hotel room and they barely paid registration, you said, just crashing my room, hotel stuff not listening. All right, so

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just go ahead and crush in my room. That's a bother. That's a guy that that's worship, you just serve the law by serving the creation. And so that comes down to two things. Number one, be sincere, be honest, be truthful and be sincere in your claim that you want to please alum let them sincerity drive you and you know when you're being sincere or not. And the second thing is this entire discussion of piety and what should be the overlying goals that we have in life, love for a lot in humanity.

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Lovely for Allah and humanity, the creation of Allah, we don't have time otherwise, that could even go into talk about how the Messenger of Allah Allah even emphasized the rights of animals, and the rights of all of the creation of Allah environmentalism is not some modern idea. environmentalism is preaching the Quran actually gave a lecture about this on Wednesday in Dallas, at a university talking about how, you know, environmentalism, the way the Quran talks about it, it doesn't put it in the realm of Riba or worship or social awareness, it actually puts environmentalism into the category of faith.

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It's a part of the mind, to respect the world and the environment that you live in. You know why? Because whenever Allah tells us about the sun in the sky, and the moon in the mountains, and the trees in the earth, a laptop tells us about those things, when he's telling us about himself.

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And so he's saying, I gave you these gifts. And so if you respect me, you will respect these gifts. It's a part of eemaan to respect the environment.

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And so family, community society, Islam will not get in the way of you accomplishing the goals that you have in life, personally, academically, in terms of your career, in terms of your family, community, in society, Islam does not obstruct those goals, it doesn't tell you that you can accomplish those things. What rather the goal and the purpose, the beautiful aspect of the Muslims life, the beautiful. The beauty of our Deen this way of life, is that I do go to work. And I do spend time with my kids, and I will further my education. But while I'm doing everything, I have love for Allah, and I try to benefit humanity and everything that I do. And that's my contribution

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to society. A teacher goes to school and teachers and teachers are already Misaki. All right, teachers already Misaki and in this society, right. But nevertheless, that teacher doesn't just teach just because it's their job or to pick up the check, then what happens is, they hear about some refugee community. There's a group, there's families, dozens of refugee families have come to the area and outside of school after school on their own time and on their own dime. They sit down with those kids and they tutor them in English.

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The doctor

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does makes bank does whatever he needs to do more power to you. Right. But what the doctor also does is that they make an hour every day to see patients that can't afford to pay for medical and health care,

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serves humanity pleases alone. And the examples can go on and on, you can apply to your own individual situation. But serve please a lot and serve humanity. And at the end the day, we need something that gives us focus.

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Now it's easy to talk about this, but how will I achieve that focus? And how will I stay consistent, we have a powerful tool at our disposal.

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An extremely powerful tool at our disposal. And it's been alluded to throughout the conference. And that tool, that resource, that focusing element is what we call solar.

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I, we need to take a lot out of the realm of just a ritual form of worship, and into a means of connecting to a lot and giving us focus in life. Salah is a powerful experience. It's an unbelievable experience.

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And what do I want you to do in order to incorporate quality in your prayer? It's not even about quantity. Quantity does play a role in prayer. But it comes afterwards. First, it's all about quality. And how can you Institute quality in your prayer? First of all, treat it with respect. You don't get to work five minutes late. You don't get to class. 15 minutes late. Well, most of you don't. All right.

00:24:58--> 00:25:00

Why are we late for practice?

00:25:00--> 00:25:36

And I'm not talking about some formal prayer even in the masjid or in Jamal or in congregation, I'm talking about even individually. You know, I always tell people, we always Actually, we always want to be so simple and so humble and everything. But when it comes to the timing of prayer, we all become experts of the fit of the timing of Salah fit of the mouthpiece of sola, right, the brother, I've done my research and lower comes in at 1230. And it departs and also comes in at 430. So I have a four hour window where I can pray, my Lord, and I'll pray when I get a chance, have a little bit more discipline about your prayer, only because it's meant to give you focus and to give you

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discipline and a sense of responsibility in your life.

00:25:40--> 00:25:53

So treat it with respect. The second thing about Salah is that prepare for it properly. Nobody here when they go to school, or they go to work just kind of wakes up in the morning and literally just walks out the door.

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Does anybody here do that? Probably shouldn't ask that question. So MSA conference, I don't think I want to know the answer. All right. Let me ask it this way, Did any of you come to the MSA conference without first figuring out exactly what you were going to wear? And what session on what day, right? We prepare for things prepare for your solo, make will do properly, take two minutes of your time, put your phone down, put and remove distractions. So sit down for a minute or two. Just clear your mind clear your head get in the zone. And then the third thing I'll recommend about getting focus out of your cell line your prayer to help you achieve the goals that you want to

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achieve. Using Islam to redefine your goals. What do you need to do? Start understand, put some time and put some energy and effort in into learning and understanding the meaning of the words that you read and recite within your prayer. I always give people this completely, utterly ridiculous example. And I'm going to share it with you guys as well. If I does anybody here in this room speak Korean.

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There's always one person. All right.

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All right. Does anybody speak Mandarin?

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I hate you people so much. All right. I can't win. All right.

00:27:10--> 00:27:11

Does anyone speak Tamil?

00:27:13--> 00:27:34

All right. All right. Now we're still going to use you as an example. All right. So let's just say nobody in this room speaks Tamil, I prepared 30 pages 30 minutes worth of Tamil poetry that I will recite in front of you. And I come here and I start reciting Tamil poetry and I plan to do this for 30 minutes. How long before and nobody here understands a word of Tamil? How long before you get bored?

00:27:36--> 00:27:52

instantly? Because you're already bored of what I'm saying right now. All right. So you instantaneously are bored of what I'm doing? And how long and I don't understand him. So how long before I get bored? a minute or two five minutes into I'm like, What am I doing here? This is ridiculous. I don't even know what I'm saying. Why am I saying it?

00:27:53--> 00:27:55

Now as stupid as that sounds,

00:27:56--> 00:28:02

and this is gonna sting All right, and I apologize in advance. How different is our salon our prayer from the example I just gave.

00:28:04--> 00:28:07

So Monica lahoma will be Home Depot, what's about a customer

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to Lila he was allowed to apply you but Robin our local hamdu Hamden, Kathy Rhonda, even Subhana, Allah, were reciting this in our prayer day in, day out day in, day out day in, day out, I don't know what it means. And I still keep reading it. And then I wonder why I can't concentrate my prayer, why my prayer doesn't focus me why my prayer doesn't connect me with a lot. I don't even know what I'm saying.

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And you know what, we're here in Boston, I should connect that we're here in Boston. All right.

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This is the this is like the seed of like secular academics in the West. Right? You guys are genius. People you guys are some smart people in this room. I feel stupid here. Right? You people know so much, and you're capable of learning so much in so little time. So intelligence, so bright, learning is intuitive to you. Right? You know how little time it will take for you to just simply learn what you're saying in your prayer. No time, no work at all. Very little time, you'd have to invest. Very little effort you'd have to put into it. But then think about the experience your prayer would become, how would it focus you in your life in regards to your goal and even in your connection with

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So focus on your prayer, and your prayer will focus you. You focus on your Salah, your Salah will focus you and make you productive and efficient.

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The last thing that I wanted to touch on here, and this is actually another point even to make just to kind of conclude, and kind of show how this all of this comes together. And how when we have focus and when we focus ourselves in our relationship and our connection with a lot how it makes us productive, efficient, and it just takes us to a whole nother level.

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I'll share with you in a heartbeat incidents from the life of the messenger peace and blessings be upon him. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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One time the prophets a lot a send them Monrovia Arabi mobilya ofI Salatin he, he passed by a Bedouin man who was supplicating. In his prayer he was offering this application in his prayer. And the prophet SAW some decided to stop and listen to what his supplication was. Your not like a teacher with a student. He wanted like a teacher kind of glances over the shoulder of the student when he's writing is you're not doing the exam, just again to see what what did he learn? So the process isn't stopped right behind him to listen to his application. And the man in his application was calling out to a line he said, Yeah, Muladhara Who are you? Oh, the one who eyes cannot see in

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this world. What are two Holly two minds cannot comprehend his greatness. What are your seafood while seafood? People cannot praise Him as He deserves to be great. Without delay you would have added the incidents in the occurrences that occur in this world do not bring about change in a law a lazy cause of change. When should the white alleged does not fear the passing into tribulations of time? Ya know, Mattila Jeevan. Allah knows the exact weight of all the mountains in the world. When my god Elan, Bihar he knows the exact volume of all the oceans in the world. Well, either the portrait of God he knows the exact number of drops of ring that fall from the sky while under the

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water thing as jar and Allah knows the exact number of leaves on all the trees of the entire world while other than my other my naked lady, my colleague in the heart, and Allah knows the full detail of everything that the knight hides in its darkness, and the day illuminates with his light. Well, I do I do you mean who's a mountain sama? One sky cannot shield another sky from Allah. Well, not all of them are one ground cannot shield another ground from Allah when our Jabu Murphy worry. And a mountain in its deepest cave cannot hide anything from Allah while I borrow Murphy coffee, and the ocean in its depths in darkness, cannot hide anything from Allah. This man is praying to Allah Look,

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I focused he is, look, I always understood life in the world around him. And now what does he ask for?

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What does he ask for? A nice hot car in a nice house? Right to get hooked up at the MSA conference? Right. Look what he asked for a love machala. Segura, only after all, I'll make the best part of my life the last part of my life. Well, hater, I'm a nice Kawashima who make the best of my actions. I action, well finger, a yummy Yamaha coffee, and make the best of my days, the day that I will return back to meet you again. When this man supplicate the prophecies have heard this man supplicating What can the eulogy learn the process of appointing a man said you wait for him when he was when he's done you bring him to me. I need to talk to this guy. When he was done, he said the Messenger

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of Allah wants to see you. He sits down he's a breadwinner. All right, you know what a Bedouin is a veteran's like a villager. country folk. All right, like how do y'all country folk, right simple people, simple people. So he comes to the prophet SAW some of the problems and ask What's your name? Where are you from? says My name is such and such. I'm from this tribe. The process of gives him a gift

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gives him a gift. He says, you know why I gave you this gift. So the better one says, maybe we're related, right? The processor and said not all relationships have their own rights. But I gave you this gift, the host Nathan on eagala law, because of how beautifully you kept on praising Allah. Focus.

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Look how much and how profoundly he's talking about Allah. Look how connected he is with a level of focus. And that focus, no doubt about the fact it transfers over into all other areas of your life.

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That focus that connection with a law that spirituality will then improve your family life, your relationship with your parents, your school, your work, your job, and most importantly, your contribution to humanity in society. May Allah subhanaw taala give us all the ability to practice everything you've said or heard. May Allah allow us all to live up to these lofty standards that have been presented today. Just from Lafayette on Salaam Alaikum.