4 Ways To Change Your Bad Habits

Kamil Ahmad


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The speaker discusses the importance of acknowledging bad habits and identifying them as mistakes. They stress the danger of delaying transformation and the importance of living in a healthy way for a lifetime. The speaker also emphasizes the need to recognize and transform oneself to avoid becoming a habit.

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The very, very first step

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in changing our lives in changing our bad habits, regardless of what it may be.

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The very first step

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is to acknowledge these bad habits

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to acknowledge them to accept them, to look for them to ask, what are my shortcomings? What are my bad habits that I need to work on? Because the worst of people are those who live this life, thinking that they are guided and upon right guidance.

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But the path that they're treading is the path that's leading them to the hellfire.

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Secondly, by recognizing the very nature of this, of this knifes that we all have

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in enough Salah Amara Tong de su Ilana Rahim, Robbie Yusuf alayhi salam, he said, that is knifes

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this knifes within us.

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It inclines towards evil

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except those upon whom I Lord has had mercy, and they are few among the majority. And so the very nature of our neffs

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is that it is attracted towards evil. It naturally

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inclines towards evil. This is its nature. And we need to recognize that. Thirdly, we need to recognize where these bad habits are leading us to many of us, we look at them our bad habits, and we say that they're small, they're not a big deal.

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But these baby steps are leading us to our own destruction. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said about one such example. II Eichenwald Kedem

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beware of lying

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for in AlkaViva Yeah, he evil voodoo.

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For lying, it leads to immorality, to corruption to sin.

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Were in el foodora de la na and that for jour that sin, it leads to the hellfire.

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You may think that one or two lies is okay. But no.

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You become accustomed to it. And then it becomes a part of your life. It becomes a habit, an evil habit that you become accustomed to. And that is what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was warning us from that this is what leads to the hellfire. Fourthly, recognize the danger of delaying. Many of us we think we're young, we have an entire lifetime ahead of us. We have a lot of time to transform ourselves, to change ourselves.

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But the reality is that this is only a delusion that has been placed in our minds by our enemy by shaitan.

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How many of us can guarantee ourselves to live even another day? If you work hard today, if you put in the effort today, if you struggle against your enough's today than tomorrow,

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in the afternoon, you will rest in peace.

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But if you give in and cave in and be lazy today, and to decide to rest today,

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then in the akhira you won't have any rest