Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J04-050A Translation Aal-e-Imran 144-155

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses potential consequences of their actions, including war, death, and returning to the past. They use their power to cover up the loss of their neighbors and encounter various scenarios including womanings and caught on the street. They also mention a woman named Camilla who is caught on the street again.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Who are we we lay him in a shape on the rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim was Salatu was Salam or a lot of Sunni Hill Karim rubbish Heraclius Audrey were Sibley Emery Watlow Okta melissani of Coco Kohli Allahumma. The Kobe was suddenly Sunny was flown surfing with the Kolbe mean Europe. olahraga mean, we'll do the translation sorted earlier Milan verse 144 onwards, warmer and not more Hamedan Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it Allah is except Rasul lune a messenger called, indeed harlot they passed on monopoly he before him of Russell, the messengers ephah in will then if Mata he dies, oh or Portilla, he is killed in

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collaborative them, you all turn back, or Allah are called become upon your heels, woman and whoever young Calib he turns back, or Allah or Kobe he upon his two heels FileIO Dora, then he will never harm Allahu Allah che with anything was a edges Illa who and Allah shall recompense a Shakira in those who show gratitude, warmer and not Cana it is possible. Lena up sin for a soul on that the motor it dies Illa except be kidney by permission, Allah He of Allah kita oven, a true decree more Agila, one for which a term was appointed, Wilma youdid and whoever desires Saba recompence, a dunya of the world nuit de we give him minha from it well, may youdid. And whoever desires Saba recompence

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Akira of the Hereafter naughty he we will give him minha from it was Santa Jersey, and we shall recompense a shacket in those who show gratitude. What can a yin and how many men Nubian a prophet Botha Allah they fought Mara who along with him, that it be Yun large groups of people or ones devoted to their Rob cathedra run many farmers are not what her no they lost heart Lima because of what Asaba whom it reached them fee in severely way Allah He of Allah wa and not Daru full day became week. Warmer and not is the can all day surrendered. Well Allah Who and Allah you Hibou he loves a saw between those who are patient wama and not Kana it was cola home their words in that

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except on that ALU they said Rob BANA Our Rob ill Phil Lenna. You forgive us, the novena, our sins, what is Serafina and our excesses fee in a Medina our meta with a bit and you make firm up a Domina our feet, one sadhana and you grant us help and you grant us victory. Our law against Al Cohn, the people al Cafayate in the disbelievers, for Tao whom Allah Who so Allah gave them Thau Abba recompense a dunya of the world were Hausner and best Thau of Recompense an era of the hereafter will Allahu and Allah you Hibou he loves al mercy Nene those who do good with excellence Yeah, a you her or a Lavina those who am I know they have believed in if two three year rule you all obey

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Alladhina those who care for all they have disbelieved. Yo do come, they will cause you all to turn back or Allah or kabhi come upon your heels. fetid, McCauley, boo, then you all will become ha sitting losers by rather Allahu Allah Mola calm is your ally is your guardian, Hua Hua and he Hyrule is best, and now sleeping off the helpers, sanity, we shall cast fee in gurobi hearts I Lavina of those who care for rule they have disbelieved a robber, the terror be man because a shackle they have associated as partner Billahi with Allah ma what lamb Yuna ZIL he did not send down be here for it Silvana. Any authoritative evidence Walmart went home and their place of shelter and

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out who will be the fire will be and how evil is Muthiah place of residence a lolly mean of those who do wrong what occurred and surely indeed sadaqa como Allahu Allah proved true to you all who are the who has promised it when the host sunnah whom you all were eradicating them be in need he by his permission had that either until for sheltam you are lost courage what's on Azhar tone and you all disputed with one another fee in regard to the matter where are Slayton and you all disobeyed member Dima after a rock come he showed you all man what do hipbone you all love men come among you all man is who you read to he desires a duniya the world women come and among you all man is who you read to

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he desires, Hera the hereafter, so much then sawed off a comb, he turned you all away on home from them, Lea telling a comb, so that he puts you all to trial, well occurred and surely indeed, alpha uncom he has pardoned you all will Allah Who and Allah though is one who possesses fogli in favor Allah upon Allah meaning the believers it when does slurry Duna you all were climbing or it to Sedona you all were going away? Wala and not tell guna Isla you all were waiting for a Hardin anyone what was Zulu while the messenger yeah the rukon he was calling you all feel hurrah come from behind you all for Atharva calm so he recommends to all with a Luhman distress bilum Min with distress li

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que la so that not that has no you all grieve or allow over Mao what fatter calm it escaped the wall Wallah and nor mouse over what a Saba comb it reached who all will Allah Who and Allah hubiera on is ever aware Bhima of what Dharma loon you all do some then and Zela He sent down la come upon you all mimbar the after alarm me the distress am an earthen security nor arson alight slumber yell Shot it covers blah if attend a group men come among you all will fly if atone and another group but indeed a Hummer atom it preoccupied them and also home their selves Yello Nona they think Billahi in regard to Allah, Allah era other than Allah help the truth La Nina thoughts Ajah helliya of the ignorance

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your coluna they say hello is Lana for us men from um read the matter min che in anything at all, all you say in indeed Amara the matter color who all of it Lilla he belongs to Allah you'll fauna they conceal fi in and foresee him themselves. Mao what land not you but do they reveal Leca to you, your coluna they say low if only Kana there was Lennar for us men from an emery the matter che on anything man not patina we would have been killed her who now over here, can you say low? If quantum you all were fee in beauty come your houses labasa surely they would have gone forth and levena those who could Tibba it was decreed our lay him upon them al kutlu the killing Isla to Madonna

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Jerry him their places of dying Walia Vitaly Allahu. And so that Allah puts to trial ma what fee is in so duty come your chests, wala uma hiswa And so that he cleanses and so that he tests ma what fee is in Kuru become your hearts. Well Allah Who and Allah or anyone is ever knowing B that T of what preoccupies a slew the chests in indeed Alladhina those who the well lo they turned away. Men come among you all Yoma en de Il tackle German the two groups met in nema. Indeed only is the Zela who mache Tano. The Shaitan caused them to slip be barley because of some man of what Casa boo they had earned, well occurred and surely indeed, RF Allah who are on whom Allah has pardoned them in that

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indeed Allah Allah has a photo and is

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ever forgiven Holleyman is ever forbearing alright let's listen to the recitation of these verses Why

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miss any heroes all

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Bobby ormy

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law she was

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dunya Chi

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Chi Minh was energisation Shireen

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Mousavi ring one I can a hola

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Santa Fe Rena wrong on

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Santa Fe and Rena beat out odana

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Bella dunya

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to the old lady like

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Do y'all do kumara

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body will cause serine

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serine Zanele

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Hema newness z v so newborn one

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body mean one

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it will soon be eaten me had

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too much

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come on Allah who helped lead Ireland meaning

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to say rune Allah

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what was

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li kala dashes and

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Bhima dawned

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on me I'm Anna. Say I will show up or

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walk or even

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at all, colonna Helena Amina

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Sherry all in

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your phone I'd be forcing him

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yeah oh Luna Ocana I'm Rishi.

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intelli Allahu Matthew's Odori Kumar you mushes on as he will be come along where any movie that you saw

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in a lady

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You know,

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Camilla woman

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Masha you're on, in Ms. Masha, you will be the other Americans

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in Allah who don't Saleem,

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