Kamil Ahmad – A Farewell To Ramadan

Kamil Ahmad
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the end of the month of centers, where people discuss their deeds and experiences, including their health, family, and work. They emphasize the importance of learning from past experiences and embracing the reality of time, as it is crucial for achieving a spiritual journey. The importance of balancing fear, loss, and addiction with spirituality is emphasized, as it is crucial for achieving a spiritual journey. Prayer and dressing up are also emphasized, and the need for everyone to wear their current clothing is emphasized. The history of Islam is also discussed, including the use of the new moon and the need for people to pray.
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when she was a teenager she was sad because he said to her first the authority said

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Would that be allottee and Mala yellow metal juphal logica that that will have a rod Eva will normally a woman eating while

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others love half Asha the balloon

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do not finish you're either gonna move on nothing on routine again He then got lost in the in

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the either

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be sad he lost hennion attack a hadith almost

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all of Bucha

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desert What the heck yeah big shout out

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go Bella veka Debevoise La

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Bella is the hash out offer NIDA

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beaucoup Allah

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Allah on again

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Ghana generally me

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Don't call upon Me Santa

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Rafa, Assam Ganga

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whatever the question

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was Rajab Ohio went out of love out and then Anika Hannah Rajani

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one of the Jiva

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Morley and

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yo maya gather gobble.

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Masa were breweries that ginger hemo Imani for

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dunya for Mama

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dunya for in Jaffe Mahi and

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what um man and

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be he wanna have enough 70 learn how the in the region

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yes no naka Anasazi Anomalisa Jima.

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demeanor they come on. Do you know about becoming Danna in nama

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vivo many of China

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were you Lily more coffee in a Lavina either one nice yes that was on what either

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was your co own

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mother Ruth on Lea woman Eileen yellow may have gone bomb on NASA

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Me and

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Nikita just enough easy G and one

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gene job go home when you Louis a woman

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DB in a Latina you get the ball when I be a woman dean. Woman You can be Bobby He laughed

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at him either

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playing or wanting to get

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aren't going to be him

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on janela

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begging me a woman Ed Lana job oh don't get in now

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be him me a woman leaving llama you Joe Oh my

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god levy gonna

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be born janela Nikita

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me and one other rock Am I having your own kids?

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Oh yes shadow

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on each

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other on Effie Nadeem

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Moon movie would you hear him no

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ready for he will do he will not Broughton

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already fulfill your Will God not Broughton

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use Rahim math to feed misc Wi Fi either Ali carefully aterna facility materna fees to oh don't want

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to seem Aina yes schlub will be

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in an arena job amo can

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be enough we'll pack on

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Fi he meets up on as

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what you call a boo

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boo sacking he was

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one ever seen or I lay him happy we fell yeah a woman levena

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Her gone

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you can use your own

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health zoom we

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can clone

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Love Love

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she heard

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she heard

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hola ah as you heard

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murder was ood Allah wa eyeshadow

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Namo Han medulla su assume the law or Yato slot

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Ah Hi de

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la Ah ha

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ha ha como la

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in Alhamdulillah

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Nash medigoo and isteri in Wuhan is still futile when

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rubella, Himanshu Rudy and fusina woman says Dr. Molina

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when you're ready Hilah who Philomel Bula woman you belittle who fella heard?

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what I shall do Allah, Allah Allahu wa shudder hula Cherie Keller What is your hairdo? Anima Hamedan Abdullah who? Rasulullah sallallahu early wahala early he was Herbie he woman Tebbe son in Isla yo me Dean.

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Yeah you hallelujah amen otaku la hella to hottie. Wala termo twin when we're into musli moon yeah you Hannah Sudoku lady.

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I've seen where he was gonna come in has Oh Jaha what was seven humeri Jalan Cathy wrong one is what tequila Hilary Tessa Luna be here you will or harm in Allah. How can I equal Morocco Eva?

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Yeah, you have Latina taco la Hawa. Kulu kavalan salida useless lagoon.

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Well feel like I'm doing back home, woman you to learn how Rasulullah who decoded those and Alima. And now

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we come

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to the last or second last day of the month of Ramadan.

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A month which went by extremely quickly.

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And so when Allah subhanahu Attallah said a Yemen I do that.

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In the beginning of the ayat commanding us to fast

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the point of it was to remind us

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that these days will come and go, a yarn that I do that a limited number of days.

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And so if that is how we feel at the end of Ramadan

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that it went by so quickly.

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And it feels as if it was only yesterday

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that we were welcoming this month.

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Then how about

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the days of this dunya.

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And that's why on the Day of Judgment,

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when the people are gathered, they will ask one another.

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How long did we spend in the dunya.

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Some will say a few days some will say 10 days as Allah says in the Quran. But Allah tells us that the closest in estimation among them are those who say that it was only one day.

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This is the reality

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of time.

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This is a reality of time that Allah subhanho wa Taala swore by will answer by time. Why did Allah subhanahu Italie take an oath by time because of how valuable time is.

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And so the month of Ramadan has gone by

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and we are about to bid farewell to this month

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as we come to the end of this month.

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The question is where do you stand?

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And how well

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have you done throughout this month.

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That's because the month of Ramadan

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is a training ground for us.

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It's a training camp

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to train us

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to be able to control

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our knifes and its desires

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to train us to become conscious of Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:14:08 --> 00:14:13

to train us to turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala in worship,

00:14:14 --> 00:14:16

to train us

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to turn to Allah subhanahu wa to Allah

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in repentance

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and seeking His forgiveness.

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And so now that the month is coming to an end,

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we need to be reminded

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that he doesn't end here.

00:14:37 --> 00:14:40

Whatever good we set forth in the month of Ramadan

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for us should be a starting point

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and not the end.

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And so although the days have come to an end,

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whatever we have done throughout this month

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it should now continue

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To now continue after Ramadan.

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And that, my dear brothers and sisters, is the true sign

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that whatever we did in the month of Ramadan, has been accepted from us.

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And so now that we come to the end of Ramadan,

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we're wondering,

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have my deeds been accepted or not?

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And the true believer

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that his deeds were not accepted.

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The true believer

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is not someone who is filled with confidence

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and self admiration, that Oh, I did such a great deed. Look at all of these acts of worship that I did in the month of Ramadan. And so He feels proud of himself,

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thinking that he did it all on him all on his own,

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and through his own efforts. So now that the month of Ramadan is over, now I could rest.

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That's not how it works. Yes, in this dunya

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if you put effort into something, let's say you had an exam, and you studied very hard for it, and you sat the exam and you wrote it, and you feel you did well, and you have confidence that you did well. And when you see the result, yes, you did very well.

00:16:35 --> 00:16:51

But that's not how our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala works. That's not how the believer lives in this dunya. But rather, the believer lives, between two things, between hope,

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that what he did was accepted

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and hope in the reward of ALLAH SubhanA who went to Allah and hope in the forgiveness of Allah and hope in the Mercy of Allah. But balancing that, balancing it with fear, fear of loss, punishment, fear, that perhaps what I did was not accepted. And so I need to continue to do more, until my last breath, why Buddha rock doctor had yet to tell you again. This was a command from Allah subhanho wa taala. For who not for me and you, but rather for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the best of creation, the best of mankind, the closest of us to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah commands Him

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and worship your Lord until you're clean until you have arrived at your last breath until death.

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And so my dear brothers and sisters

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as we come to the end of the month,

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we should fear

00:18:06 --> 00:18:10

we should fear that perhaps my deeds were not accepted.

00:18:13 --> 00:18:14

And this is why they said if

00:18:18 --> 00:18:21

they would pray to Allah subhanahu wa Tada.

00:18:23 --> 00:18:33

They would pray six months before Ramadan came, they would pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala allows them to witness from Yvonne.

00:18:34 --> 00:18:35

And then

00:18:36 --> 00:18:46

six months after Ramadan they will be praying that Allah subhanahu wa Tada accepted from them everything that they did in the month of Ramadan.

00:18:48 --> 00:18:49

My dear brothers and sisters,

00:18:50 --> 00:18:55

a sign that your deeds were accepted in the month of Ramadan

00:18:57 --> 00:19:03

is that your state improves after this month

00:19:06 --> 00:19:11

besides that your deeds were accepted and you're a badass were accepted in the month of Ramadan

00:19:13 --> 00:19:15

is that a transformation comes in your life

00:19:17 --> 00:19:22

for the better that your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala improves

00:19:23 --> 00:19:25

that your life changed around

00:19:26 --> 00:19:29

that you leave your old habits behind.

00:19:30 --> 00:19:33

And you start on a new footing.

00:19:35 --> 00:19:50

My dear brothers and sisters, the month of Ramadan was a training ground for us to train us to get closer to Allah subhanahu wa Tada not just for 30 days

00:19:51 --> 00:19:54

but so that it continues afterwards.

00:19:55 --> 00:19:59

What is a training camp? It's not just that you come and you train

00:20:01 --> 00:20:02

And then you leave

00:20:03 --> 00:20:06

not continuing what you have started,

00:20:07 --> 00:20:10

but rather the purpose of training your yourself

00:20:11 --> 00:20:22

is so that you continue afterwards. So that you build on what you start it not so that you start something and then you leave it

00:20:24 --> 00:20:28

and so we have the opportunity after the month of Ramadan to continue

00:20:29 --> 00:20:33

to continue where we left off in the month of Ramadan.

00:20:34 --> 00:20:37

To continue with the Quran,

00:20:38 --> 00:20:43

the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala reciting it, day in day out,

00:20:46 --> 00:20:47

listening to it,

00:20:49 --> 00:20:58

sitting with the Quran pondering over its meanings, trying to understand what Allah subhanho wa Taala is addressing us with.

00:21:02 --> 00:21:06

We should continue after the month of Ramadan with fasting,

00:21:08 --> 00:21:10

fasting voluntary fasts

00:21:12 --> 00:21:18

because as we may have noticed, fasting helps us to achieve Taqwa.

00:21:19 --> 00:21:22

It helps us to become conscious of Allah subhanho wa taala.

00:21:24 --> 00:21:53

suppressing our desires in what Allah has made halal food and drink, and what Allah subhanho wa Taala has made haram which is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam addressing the youth. He said Whoever among you can get married, then let him get married. But whoever is not able to then let him fast, because fasting helps in lowering the gaze and protecting the private parties.

00:21:55 --> 00:22:00

So we should continue after the month of Ramadan. We have the month of Shawwal

00:22:01 --> 00:22:19

which comes after Ramadan. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam advised us to Fast Six days in this month, and said that whoever follows the month of Ramadan with six days of Chawan it is as if he fasted the entire year.

00:22:21 --> 00:22:22

And that's because

00:22:23 --> 00:22:26

Allah subhanho wa Taala multiplies our deeds by 10.

00:22:28 --> 00:22:50

And so, if Ramadan is 30 days, multiplied by 10, you have 306 days of Chawan multiplied by 10 gives you 60 360 days between the 355 days of the Hijiri year and the 365 years of the solar year.

00:22:51 --> 00:23:11

We should make it a habit to fast three days of every month as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam encouraged, we should make the habit to fast Mondays and Thursdays and all other days, which are days in which it is sunnah to fast.

00:23:12 --> 00:23:15

We should continue after the month of Ramadan,

00:23:16 --> 00:23:17

praying at night

00:23:18 --> 00:23:31

Clea malai. So not to tahajud waking up in the middle of the night, forsaking our beds, forsaking our sleep, to get up

00:23:33 --> 00:24:07

and communicate with Allah subhanho wa Taala in the last third of the night, the part of the night, when Allah subhanahu wa Johanna is nearest to us, when he descends, and calls on us asking who is out there who is calling upon me? So I thought that I could answer his call, who is praying to me who is asking me for something so that I could give him who is seeking my forgiveness so that I could forgive him?

00:24:08 --> 00:24:12

My dear brothers and sisters, praying at night

00:24:13 --> 00:24:16

is a means of keeping us steadfast upon this game.

00:24:18 --> 00:24:22

In times of fitness, when there are so many

00:24:23 --> 00:24:25

fitness out there

00:24:28 --> 00:24:38

in these trying times, whether they are related to our beliefs and doubts, or whether they are related to our desires.

00:24:40 --> 00:25:00

Praying in the middle of the night is a means that keeps us steadfast. And that's why in the beginning of Islam, before the five daily Salawat became obligatory, the Muslims in Makkah, they would pray, clear Mala and that's

00:25:00 --> 00:25:08

Why among the very first ayat that Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Allah mentions cuyama Lail in Surah two

00:25:11 --> 00:25:12

My dear brothers and sisters

00:25:15 --> 00:25:20

as we approach the final hours of the month of Ramadan,

00:25:21 --> 00:25:22

we are reminded

00:25:24 --> 00:25:25

that the month of Ramadan

00:25:26 --> 00:25:27

was a month

00:25:29 --> 00:25:32

in which Allah subhanahu wa taala forgives us our sin lives.

00:25:34 --> 00:25:35

It was a month in which

00:25:37 --> 00:25:41

Allah subhanho wa Taala is close to us.

00:25:42 --> 00:25:50

And he accepts our ADA dat, more than any other time multiplying our deals. We are reminded

00:25:51 --> 00:25:55

in the month of Ramadan to Allah subhanho wa Taala forgives us our sins.

00:25:57 --> 00:25:58

And so this is why

00:26:00 --> 00:26:13

Allah subhanahu were to Allah commands us at the end of the month. While he took me to data, while he took a beautiful law her I learned I had her come well I like him trash karoun

00:26:14 --> 00:26:27

At the end of the Ayat of fasting and Ramadan, Allah subhanahu wa taala says, so that you complete the period 29 or 30 days.

00:26:29 --> 00:26:29

And so that

00:26:31 --> 00:26:33

you, you make tech B

00:26:35 --> 00:26:39

you make tech beef saying Allahu Akbar, for what?

00:26:40 --> 00:26:43

Well, he took a beautiful LA Hi, Lana Hidalgo

00:26:45 --> 00:26:56

so that you glorify Allah, proclaiming that Allah is great, saying Allahu Akbar, for what Allah had guided you to in this month of Ramadan.

00:26:58 --> 00:26:59

And so what we are reminded here

00:27:01 --> 00:27:19

is that whatever we did in the month of Ramadan, it was not from our own self. It was not from our own efforts, but rather, he was because Allah guided us to it. And so if you are among the winners at the end of Ramadan,

00:27:21 --> 00:27:32

then it is not because of your own efforts, but rather it is because Allah guided you to it. And Allah subhanho wa Taala chose you to be among those

00:27:34 --> 00:27:47

who would have done what they did in the month of Ramadan. Well, I LaQuita Sharon, so that you thank Allah for that. And so what we are reminded here is

00:27:49 --> 00:28:15

that we should be thanking Allah subhanahu wa taharah for his blessings upon us. The blessings of Allah are so many that we can never sit down and enumerate them. But among the greatest blessings are the blessings of Islam and being guided to do what pleases Allah subhana who were to my dear brothers and sisters.

00:28:17 --> 00:28:23

If Allah subhanahu wa taala made you to be among those who sins were forgiven in the month of Ramadan

00:28:24 --> 00:28:26

if he made you to be among those

00:28:28 --> 00:28:40

who have been saved from the hellfire, because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us that in every single night in Ramadan, there are those who Allah saves releases from the Hellfire

00:28:42 --> 00:28:44

if you were among them,

00:28:45 --> 00:28:47

then after the month of Ramadan

00:28:48 --> 00:28:53

Don't be among those who go knocking on the doors of the Hellfire.

00:28:54 --> 00:28:58

Getting closer to hellfire, when Allah subhanahu wa Tada

00:29:00 --> 00:29:02

made a distance for you between it.

00:29:04 --> 00:29:42

And so my dear brothers and sisters, whatever good we did in the month of Ramadan, it was because of Allah, we should not feel any self admiration at the end of the at the end of the month of Ramadan. But rather, what we should be reminded of is that this was all from Allah subhanho wa Taala none of this was possible, except with the tofield and the guidance of Allah subhanahu wa. And we're also reminded to continue whatever good we started in the month of Ramadan. And so at the end of the month,

00:29:44 --> 00:29:48

we should only be seeking the reward of Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:29:50 --> 00:29:53

we should not be waiting for our reward in this dunya

00:29:55 --> 00:29:58

but rather, we should be waiting for it

00:29:59 --> 00:29:59


00:30:00 --> 00:30:01

The Day of Judgment

00:30:05 --> 00:30:07

BarakAllahu li Walakum from Quran Allah

00:30:08 --> 00:30:13

wonderful honey what year can be Matthew He means it was declared Hakeem Akula

00:30:15 --> 00:30:20

sulfuryl la Halle welcome. Well he said he didn't see me and I'm in Coulee Dam

00:30:21 --> 00:30:25

festival Viru in who who won't have a photo rocking?

00:30:49 --> 00:31:00

Alhamdulillah hear Abdullah mean? Well, I'll prepare to leave him with Declan what I would do on a volley mean, what I should do

00:31:05 --> 00:31:17

what I should do Madden Abdu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa woman Tebbe son in either your media in

00:31:18 --> 00:31:24

another ad for Takala hybrid Allah wa sallahu that the Unicom

00:31:25 --> 00:31:28

Allah Allah wa Sudha, who in contempt meaning

00:31:30 --> 00:31:32

my dear brothers and sisters,

00:31:33 --> 00:31:34

as we come

00:31:35 --> 00:31:37

to the end of Ramadan,

00:31:38 --> 00:31:40

there are a few reminders

00:31:42 --> 00:31:45

that we need to be reminded with

00:31:47 --> 00:31:50

as part of the end of Ramadan.

00:31:52 --> 00:31:54

The very first reminder

00:31:55 --> 00:31:56


00:31:57 --> 00:31:59

to give our cattle fitter.

00:32:01 --> 00:32:05

And so the cattle fitter is obligatory

00:32:06 --> 00:32:09

upon each and every single Muslim to give

00:32:10 --> 00:32:12

at the end of Ramadan.

00:32:14 --> 00:32:18

And so, it is obligatory upon each and every single Muslim.

00:32:20 --> 00:32:32

Each and every single member of the household, whether they are old, whether they are young, some scholars even recommended and said it is encouraged to give it on behalf of the fetus,

00:32:33 --> 00:32:34

in the womb of the mother.

00:32:37 --> 00:32:38

The cattle fitter

00:32:39 --> 00:32:43

is to be given by the Guardian, the head of the household.

00:32:45 --> 00:32:47

And it is to be given as food

00:32:49 --> 00:32:54

as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam instructed us not as money.

00:32:55 --> 00:32:58

And so it needs to be given as food to the poor.

00:33:00 --> 00:33:20

And so if you don't have the means you don't have the ability to give it as food, then you should delegate someone give money to somebody who will purchase food with that money and give it to the poor. The point is, that what should be received by the poor is food and not money.

00:33:22 --> 00:33:28

And so there are many charities out there who are collecting money in order

00:33:29 --> 00:33:35

to use that money to give food as the cattle fitter for the poor.

00:33:39 --> 00:33:40

Also, the cattle fitter

00:33:41 --> 00:33:45

must be given before Sinatra eight.

00:33:46 --> 00:33:56

And so if you have not given your as a cattle fitter until now, then now is the time before it's too late to give it

00:33:59 --> 00:34:00

the second reminder

00:34:02 --> 00:34:03


00:34:04 --> 00:34:27

concerning fasting for those who did not fast in the month of Ramadan, whether it was the entire month or a few days because of a valid legitimate excuse. And so, for those who had a valid excuse to not fast the month of Ramadan,

00:34:28 --> 00:34:43

then they are in two categories. The first are those who are not able to fast and they will not be able to fast in the future either. Meaning that they have a certain illness

00:34:45 --> 00:34:48

that prevents them to fast forever.

00:34:49 --> 00:34:50

And so such people

00:34:51 --> 00:34:53

they are to give Vidya

00:34:55 --> 00:34:59

for not being able to fast they're supposed to give a fit

00:35:00 --> 00:35:01

here to the poor.

00:35:03 --> 00:35:23

As for those who are able to fast, they are physically able to, but they were not able to in the month of Ramadan, then they have to make up those days after the month of Ramadan, they should hasten to make up those days and not delete them until the next Ramadan.

00:35:24 --> 00:35:26

The third reminder

00:35:27 --> 00:35:28


00:35:29 --> 00:35:30


00:35:32 --> 00:35:33

the day of hate

00:35:34 --> 00:35:35

and the current

00:35:37 --> 00:35:38

situation that we're in.

00:35:40 --> 00:35:40

And so

00:35:42 --> 00:35:44

for almost everyone out there,

00:35:45 --> 00:35:48

our masajid remain closed.

00:35:50 --> 00:35:58

And it's unfortunate that we're going to have to have a day of heat without gathering and coming together

00:35:59 --> 00:36:00

for that.

00:36:03 --> 00:36:05

Considering this situation

00:36:07 --> 00:36:09

considering the current lockdown,

00:36:11 --> 00:36:12

we are reminded

00:36:13 --> 00:36:19

that, although we're not able to get together for the day of hate and pray,

00:36:20 --> 00:36:21

it doesn't mean

00:36:22 --> 00:36:26

that we lose the joy of read on this very special day.

00:36:28 --> 00:36:36

And so perhaps the only thing that we will not be able to do is praise the Lord to lead together as a congregation.

00:36:38 --> 00:36:43

Other than that, everything else related to the day of read

00:36:45 --> 00:36:48

remains this year.

00:36:49 --> 00:36:50

And so

00:36:51 --> 00:36:57

on the last day of Ramadan, whether it is today, or whether it is tomorrow,

00:36:59 --> 00:37:01

based on the sighting of the moon,

00:37:02 --> 00:37:09

once we hear that the new moon has been cited for sure, well

00:37:11 --> 00:37:15

then we start glorifying Allah subhanho wa Taala with TextView.

00:37:17 --> 00:37:19

And so we say Allahu Akbar,

00:37:20 --> 00:37:26

we say Allahu Akbar aloud. And we tell our family members to do the same.

00:37:27 --> 00:37:30

From that point, all the way until the morning

00:37:32 --> 00:37:34

until so naturally.

00:37:35 --> 00:37:37

Secondly, on this day,

00:37:39 --> 00:37:40

in the morning, when we get up,

00:37:42 --> 00:37:44

make sure that we eat something

00:37:45 --> 00:37:46

after Salatin Fajr.

00:37:47 --> 00:37:49

And the wisdom behind that

00:37:50 --> 00:37:52

is to indicate

00:37:53 --> 00:38:14

that this is a day in which Allah subhanho wa Taala has permitted us to now eat. Whereas the 2930 days prior to this, Allah subhanho wa Taala forbade us. And so what this shows us is the greatness of Allah subhanho wa taala.

00:38:15 --> 00:38:20

That's the only reason why we either refrain from eating

00:38:21 --> 00:38:24

or we eat at the same time.

00:38:25 --> 00:38:26

In the morning,

00:38:27 --> 00:38:37

it was only a day prior that we were not allowed to eat. The only day that the only reason why we refrained was because of the greatness of Allah in our hearts.

00:38:38 --> 00:38:39


00:38:43 --> 00:38:43

wash up.

00:38:46 --> 00:38:50

Wear the best of clothes, wear your new clothes, your eat clothes,

00:38:51 --> 00:38:53

put on the best perfume.

00:38:55 --> 00:39:00

adorn yourself on this day, as you would on every day.

00:39:02 --> 00:39:07

Because it is still the day of heat, regardless of how we spent it.

00:39:08 --> 00:39:08


00:39:10 --> 00:39:13

pray eat with your family.

00:39:15 --> 00:39:16

And so

00:39:18 --> 00:39:22

the situation that we're in this year is a unique one.

00:39:24 --> 00:39:25

It is one

00:39:27 --> 00:39:31

that has not been witnessed ever before in the history of Islam.

00:39:34 --> 00:39:36

And this is why

00:39:38 --> 00:39:59

we are here in many different opinions. Should we pray eat? Should we not? How should we pray if we're going to pray it? What we should be reminded here of is that this is a new situation. And we don't have any explicit text in the code

00:40:00 --> 00:40:03

earned are in the sunnah or even from the statements of the sahaba.

00:40:04 --> 00:40:07

To tell us what to do, in such a situation,

00:40:08 --> 00:40:12

what we have are a few statements of a few companions

00:40:15 --> 00:40:18

or their actions what they did when they were not able to pray.

00:40:20 --> 00:40:39

But even that was different. They were not prevented from praying and healed. And so, because of this, the scholars, they differed, each one performing his own personal each jihad to arrive at what he sees as being the correct opinion.

00:40:41 --> 00:40:47

And so, what is advisable now, is not to be disputing among one another,

00:40:48 --> 00:41:26

but rather we say that this is a legitimate and valid scholarly difference of opinion. And so what the Muslim should do is follow those scholars who he would normally follow in any other aspect of his deen and this is why we have fatawa or we have fatwa committees, scholarly bodies who get together and consult one another. What we should do as a community is to consult and follow the opinions of these fatawa fatwa committees.

00:41:28 --> 00:41:30

And so what is advisable in the current situation

00:41:31 --> 00:41:35

is that we pray to pray Serato heed at home.

00:41:36 --> 00:41:42

But what we should also understand is, the salata lead in the end of the day,

00:41:43 --> 00:41:58

is not a form of dying, it is not an individual obligation, but rather, it is between either being followed Keifa, a communal obligation, or a tsunami Academy.

00:41:59 --> 00:42:32

And so if you decide not to pray salata eat, then there's nothing wrong with that. But if you decide to pray it, then there's nothing wrong with that either. And so if you decide to pray it, then it shouldn't be prayed, as you usually would pray, psychological Eat, Pray it at home, with your family, the first raka maker Takbeer, seven times including the first type of beer, and then in the second rocker, when you get up from sujood, you're to meet six, six, duck B rot.

00:42:34 --> 00:42:40

And all of this is without a hotbar. All of this is without a hotbar.

00:42:42 --> 00:42:43


00:42:44 --> 00:42:46

on this day of aid,

00:42:48 --> 00:42:49

congratulate one another.

00:42:52 --> 00:42:56

Even if you're not able to get together physically,

00:42:57 --> 00:42:59

call your friends, your relatives,

00:43:01 --> 00:43:02

congratulate them

00:43:03 --> 00:43:05

on this joyous occasion of aid.

00:43:07 --> 00:43:29

And if you're able to get together with your family, your close family with your close relatives, then do so and enjoy the day of heat. For it is the day that Allah subhanahu wa shahada wants us to enjoy. We ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to accept from us our fasting

00:43:31 --> 00:43:36

and our prayers, our clear our recitation of the Quran,

00:43:37 --> 00:43:39

our sadakazu,

00:43:40 --> 00:43:46

our zcat and all of our good deeds in this month of Ramadan.

00:43:47 --> 00:43:58

We ask Allah to accept it from us and to store it for us on a day in which we will need it the most. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:43:59 --> 00:44:08

to bring our hearts together, even if he has not brought us physically together. We ask Allah subhanahu wa Tada

00:44:09 --> 00:44:21

We ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to bring an end to the current crisis and to allow us to open the doors of our massages once again.

00:44:23 --> 00:44:28

Her that was Sunday was a limo ala Nabina Muhammad

00:44:30 --> 00:44:37

Ali karate, Angela Lula for color code and Karima in Allah woman are eager to who you saloon Allah Nebby

00:44:39 --> 00:44:40

you Hello

00:44:41 --> 00:44:49

Allah He was a limitless Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad, what are the law whom and who would ever

00:44:50 --> 00:44:59

be back when Warhammer was manually? What answer it is to Herbet the edge Marine One erotica, what kind of what Tomika acraman Micromine

00:45:00 --> 00:45:09

Allahu Allah Islam what I mostly mean what I did in the Szybko and Mushrikeen with a Mirada Deen Allah whom Morosa

00:45:11 --> 00:45:42

Allah Who motiva and webapp Allah Who motiva and Allah will of Allah will was Zillah Zillah when the mission was to feed, Navajo ramen Howell nobleton Rob Bell al Amin, Rob Benner attina for dunya hashanah what he wrote he has worked in either now. Rob burner Taco Bell Minh in Atlanta semi Rolla Haleem. What will be Halina in October Rahim in Allah Moodle Camilla

00:45:44 --> 00:45:54

Kuba while Yan has an infection you will monitor you will. Yeah you do comme la la karoun vertical Allahu La Hui manager. Come wash Kuru who

00:45:55 --> 00:45:58

come. What are the crolla he Akbar? Allahu Allah Allah.

00:46:01 --> 00:46:19

A reminder if you're at home watching this, to pray, so not too vulgar for Raka hat and not to pray Salah to Juma as we have been live streaming the hook every Friday. And also one last reminder that marques Herrera

00:46:20 --> 00:46:48

will be receiving you on the Day of aid for a drive thru April 5. And so come dressed in your best clothes, your eat clothes, and come with your children and let them receive their goodies. It will be a drive thru, you will be required to stay in your car and we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make the day of aid, a joyous one for us.

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