Yahya Ibrahim – Guidebook to God #12 – Compassion as a way of life

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of showing compassion and conduct as a means of worshipping one's own values, as it is crucial for everyone's success. They stress the need to show appreciation for others' behavior and values, as it is crucial for everyone's success. The speakers also touch on the importance of being a heartless person and sharing good news and helping others, particularly when it comes to animals.
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Rama to be compassionate Subhana Allah how beautiful it would be to be characterized as a person who has the greatest quality of Allah subhanho wa Taala that he's labeled himself with Ar Rahman AR Rahim. Notice how the Quran begins Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim With the name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the especially compassionate and merciful. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah has given himself Quetta about a buku Mahal NFC of Rama. He has written upon himself that he will deal with mankind with a gracious merciful miss a compassion to us. But he has made it conditional to those who are able to leverage that quality within themselves, seeking it from him in their display and

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habit with other people. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is commanded to say to us, it will humble men fill out your ham called Memphis summer. Show your compassion and your merciful conduct to those who inhabit this earth with you. A lot above the heavens will be the one who will send you His compassion. On Rahim on al Hamra man, in another statement that prophets, Isaiah Lim says, Those who are compassionate, the mercy of the most compassionate will arrive to them Subhana Allah, there's a chapter in the whole and that actually begins out of Rahman, the most the lord of mercy, the Most Merciful subhana wa Tada. All of that is to encourage us to develop that ideal, that

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habit of taking on the divine attributes of Allah in our own life. And that's one of the great mysteries and secrets of my existence in yours, that the greatest way of worshipping Allah, of invoking Allah's mercy of seeking a law's blessing in my life, is to actually see how has a law referred to himself and to take upon those characteristics in my life in expressing them internally and externally to others. So notice Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah wants us to be from those who are generous, and he says that He is Allah honey, he is the one without need. Listen to this Hadith of the prophets. I seldom where he says that Allah on the day of judgment will say, in the Hadith

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bootsy I was hungry and you did not feed me Subhan Allah, I was disheveled and unclothed, and you did not cover me. I was unsheltered and you did not shelter me the Sahaba. They said, O Messenger of Allah, how can a law of the Lord Almighty the Creator of all things, be hungry? How can we feed Allah? How can this be? He said that the prophets I send them responded that Allah said I showed you someone who was hungry and you turned away from them, someone who was disheveled and in distress and you did not cover them, someone who was without shelter, and you could shelter them and you turn them away, that Messiah lfls tenho, the one who asks Do not push them away. Well, I'm happy now

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mature because I had this and in that way, you can speak proudly of the blessings of Allah to you by having first shown it and shared it with those who you were given an opportunity to help and this becomes a very central issue in my life in your life. The profits, I sell them centers then a B is a lot he would sell them as an expression of His mercy. Allah says in Surah al anbiya wa Moussa laka Illa Rahmatullah and I mean, I only sent you all Mohammed to be an expression of My Mercy on to mankind meaning that your very purpose, your very attitude, your very lifestyle was to show other people how to be merciful and conduct with everyone around them. In that way, they will earn my

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mercy on the day of judgment and in the life that they live today. Allah Subhana Allah Allah says, In surah Allah Imran which is the third chapter of the Quran, who met him in Allah He lint Hello, welcome to favelas. Elisa Colville lumen Holly Yeah, Mohammed How could it be other than the fact that I put in you mercy in your heart? That'd be my rahmati min Allah it is by Allah is lead by Allah has permission that I put merciful ness in your heart Rachmat in your heart for the companions who are around you. When opened the favelas alley the cold hand had you been hard hearted, sharp tongued? Had you been? You know a person who was quick in your comment, quick in your abusive

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return? Had your heart been incapable of being merciful and allowing them to come to you with their seeking of forgiveness and pardon for their mistakes? Had you been a person who would not consider them if they made an error back into good judgment in your life? You yourself? Yeah, Mohammed would have lost all of your followers lympho lumen Holic Subhana Allah could you and I ever imagine that somebody like Abu Bakr or Mr. Or us man earlier on the alarm or I know more on the Sahaba that they would say we've given up on you? Yeah, Mohamed? Yes, they would have if the prophet SAW

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SLM was not merciful in the heart. And therefore when you with your family with your father with your mother, your brothers, your sisters your aunt's your uncle's your friends, your neighbors, your Muslim, non Muslim, that if you deal with people with a callous heart, if you become a person who's dark hearted, hard hearted, if you're a person who Allah describes Cosette kulu, boom, their hearts hardened for Heckle ijarah it became harder than granite and rock with a nominal ijarah Tila Maya German hood and how and in fact that they are worse than these rocks because rocks may be split by water springs, erupting and trickling from them. But what good is a dark heart a hard hearted

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Compassion becomes the greatest quality of a believer. Without a sudden neck a lot of NIH only sent you as an expression of mercy to teach how mercy should be practiced in society. Yeah, Mohammed so I sell one day the prophets I sell him was with his grandchildren playing with them and hugging them and loving them and stroking them and kissing them. He was enjoying their company. There was one of the Sahaba was sitting at a distance of caraibe mahabis radi Allahu anhu is a righteous man. He's one of the great Sahaba he was watching the prophets I saw him from a distance. And as a prophet was praying he finally he, you know, he came up to the prophet SAW Selim and he said, Whoa, messenger of

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Allah, Lee Ashura, I will add, I have 10 of my own children, this hadith is in Buhari 10 of my own children, and not once in my life, did I play with them in this way, you know, I wanted to raise them to be, you know, tough and rough and tumble men. I wanted them to be, you know, rigid and strong. But you're playing with these young, beautiful grandchildren of yours in a way that's so soft and a messenger of Allah, what is this? The prophets I seldom said to him? What can I do with someone who Allah has placed a natural mercy in their heart? He said, O Messenger of Allah, how can I increase the mercy of my heart? How can I become better with my own family with my children? How

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can I soften up the prophets, I seldom said, I don't know anything better for you, except for you to find an orphaned child. So he doesn't say go play with your own children says find a young orphan who you cherish, and you nurture and you look after them, feed them and help them. And if all you can do is to wipe on their head, just to give them a measure of reassurance, that everything will be okay even though they live in a dark time in their life, that maybe mercy will enter in your heart. And therefore the key to increasing your compassion is to look after others, to look after other human beings but also to look after other animals. Subhan Allah and the messenger of the prophets, I

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said to him, you would have found cats would be able to come in and eat and enjoy company. In fact, one of the greatest conveyors of the prophets tradition, one of the greatest Hadith of the Sahaba, his name was Abu hurayrah, or the Allahu anhu Allah, why was he called Abu hurayrah? Meaning Abba Hara, the one of the cat or the cat, why did the Prophet give him the nickname that he is the cat lover? Well, he used to have in his sleeve, a little kitten that used to live there. So even in his prayer, he would the cat would, you know, sit there and he would care for it, and he would feed it. And he would walk around the magic of the prophets. I said, There's even narrations that in the

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measure of the prophets, I said to him that there was a cat, whose name was more aiza, the one who has been dignified and honored. The prophets I seldom said leave cat to enjoy company with you to elevate it mixes with you and can live in your home, and that their urine is not nudges and so on. So we take from this that there was compassion extended even beyond the convention of human to human, but even with other animals and with other people, and it's recommended for us to be compassionate to plants and trees. In the measure of the profits I sent him when it was first build. There was a Jesus a little de tree that was growing. Slava came to cut it down so they can make the

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merger between the privatized lm said leave it, don't cut it down, let it be where it is, and the profit used to sit next to it and and lead the prayers right next to it. So Allahu Allah Selim. Compassion is a way of life or Rama is the way of life it is the greatest quality that a believer seeks to have never will be added to something he lezana the prophets I seldom said him, compassion, mercy, Rama, it will never be added to anything except it enables it makes it better. So anytime you're going to say something think is this the Most Merciful thing to be said? thinking this the kindness common to be made? Think Is this a charitable statement to be said or written or tweeted or

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shared with other people? Because everything that you put mercy into, will always become more beautiful. How that will suddenly I'll have even Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa sallam This is your brother your hair Brahim was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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