Is not God Unfair to One who Dies Earlier as he has less Time to do Good Deeds

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Question from Eunice raho. He from Holland.

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I have watched almost all your videos and debates, I am a big fan of you.

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And inshallah, one day I will become like you, inshallah inshallah better than me.

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someone died at the age of 20.

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And while some at the age of 60, is it not unfair for the one who died at 20? Because the one who died at 60 had more time to receive her son. And

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it's a good question

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for both veterans, whether that if there are two people, one person dies at the age of 21 person dies at the age of 60. Isn't it unfair for the person who died at the age of 20, that he had less chances of doing good deeds and getting hasna?

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The same thing can be paused in another way.

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That isn't it unfair for the person at the age of 60, that he died after so many years, he was distracted by the devil for a longer time by the time and add more time of evil as compared to the person who died at the age of 20 better depends upon the perspective how you're looking at it.

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Whether that age of 20 or 60, I do agree with you that our chances of good deeds if you live longer, but there are so many bad deeds also,

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you may not know that the person at the age of 20 was very good on the straight path later on the day woods and at the age of 60

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he started doing thing which I gave the Sharia

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It was pretty random. So, it is not depending upon how long you live, it is how well you live is important.

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When you have an examination, you study for the full year, some people only for one hour. And the full years test is taken by the teacher in one hour, some examination paper for three hours, some examination paper, two parts, part one, three hours or two three hours, irrespective of that depending upon the type of question asked, the judgment is given for the full year. Similarly, whether we live for 20 years or 60 years, Allah subhanho wa Taala has ill Miguel, he has knowledge of the future for him to test the person he can test even in one minute. What you cannot test in maybe two years, he can test in one minute for life very easy. So according to me, it doesn't make a

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difference whether the test was for 20 years or for 16 years.

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And it did not advantage need the disadvantage. It is one type of a test.

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So based on what you have, how well you lead is important rather than the time.

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So it is not unfair at all. It is not unjust at all. It is pros and cons depends upon it. And Allah subhanho wa Taala is the best to judge. He is the most wise he knows how to judge and on the Day of Judgment. No human being will ever complained to our last man or toddler they do unjust they only say that. Please forgive us. Allah will say too late. So the justice of Allah mantra is so accurate. Allah says in the Quran Surah Nisa chapter 440. Allah is not unjust in the trickery of them. So the question