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Salam aleikum wa

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salatu salam

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ala nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

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you as

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a mentor

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for the karate restricted brothers and sisters in Islam once again for the brothers it is not for the sooner to sit scattered in a classroom

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Would you please come together

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You should get as close as possible

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I used to sit touching the knees of

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my shoulder next to the shed means okay

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but to keep scattered like that, okay you want to be into the wall.

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So, anyway, but you cannot sit on like that, because it is not that educate of a class of Baraka Luffy

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and Sharma

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main gurus of kohara

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inshallah, tonight is the third class of

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a topic, tada, lectures purification. And this is very important, because some people may think that only taharah is what to do in the bathroom Not only that, there are plenty beside that and we've been studying this for maybe three weeks and I hope Charla we can benefit out of that as we make our life but

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now, he

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wanted me

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to elaborate lobby akuna Minal a

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man he was

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one of the Erie

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okay so

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are we are coded last Mima Salva min rebel coup de la vida code Allah

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Rafi my motto when I can it

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can be

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by no either Mr. songbook shavon min

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haiwan ye Cooley Law

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whatever heavy an adjuster What is that? Yeah, yeah no man you can laugh

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out loud

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admitted admiten laser washy

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let the young buck fill fill

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the governorship

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in Osaka

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never gonna be

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an athlete and know how to foam and foam or

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any animal or bird you can let the means

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if you something wouldn't touch you from the drops of loss or the urine of those who have urine like

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dogs or cats. Or even any wild animal in the jungle if you're in the zoo and subsplash of the urine of a lion or Tiger or whatever, or a monkey, a splash on your clothes. You will have to clean that. Especially sometimes when you walk and you find

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or if you have a birth at all, which you cannot eat like a bird. If that bird somehow the drop of that bird became onto your club, you have to remove it and wash the spot. Wash the sparkle or your garden

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if you delay it to wash it later on, and it dry up and you don't know where it is what you're supposed to do supposed to wash the old car

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So, if you know what it is a such a for example, okay you remove it of course, it will leave some silence. So, you take it with a soap or with water, you clean it till it goes as you said because you dropped it now or your wife or your sister mother don't have time now, this is the bit we will clean it later on, but when they have time to clean in the phone, they cannot find the spot. So, what to do in that case the whole government should be clean and this is agreed upon

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what touch you from an eternal animal Millennium in the second shade member Gunilla Yanina Padilla and Linda Hillel

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I 100

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in all

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bow bras 201 dollar

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mountain dollar

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but that was my big

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if an interval animal any of the drops of an eatable animal or even the urine over touches your closes like a cow Kevin rabbit, whatever

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you all have to do is to remove it if it's solid, if it is not solid aluminum inches was somewhat of no problem. If you forgot still no problem, it is not naddis Okay, it is not wedges, it is not like your own unit that is nothing.

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So, if you found in unit closes spots of urine from yourself, male female, some people because of cold or because of fever or because of any other reason, like all the people of demand, they have some reasons to

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keep dripping, some urine spots, some urine drops,

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how to beat that, what to do with that we will speak about it later on chudleigh. So how to do with that, you have to wash the spot. And then if you have another you can put it on again. If you don't have if you have another clean one, you can throw this in the drain and you put a new a new one on. If you don't you just wash the spot and squeeze it a couple of times and then you put it on again and you play with no problem at all. Even with your own

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leftover after bowel movement or whatever if a drop of Europe. Let's go back to the eatable animals. Some of beautiful animals

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you cannot eat it

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in double animal but you cannot eat like what like ducks, chicken

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roasters or geese as they are set free in the street.

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Like in our villages in Egypt, or probably similar in Yemen.

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They leave it to walk they know the house will come back. No problem with that is not the point. The point is sometimes the sewage water comes out of the system. They are so happy with that. They stopped the drinking that swim and everything and all of a sudden my guests will come to the house or your mom will catch one

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go and cook it for the guests though. It is allowed to eat is the name of that his agenda. Let me

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let me let you first Feel free to yell

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or encounter.

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Tom, Phil.

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Wonderful, Derek. Why don't

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And one

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or the

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other here

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the world

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Ba ba ba ba ba ba lies

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bytes and innocence can

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avoid is that the left knee or the technology that's

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us to a slow hello

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men Baba Yaga Rasul Allah for a minute

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what's up

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What are

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our Jelena

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and Thomas tribute

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to leave somewhere else

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Whoa, whoa shadow

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if you have a source of eternal evidence, but you don't keep them home, you don't love them home. You don't feed them good food. And that case is the street since you're on

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a ship for a year bonus three or 467 months the office three you don't have to worry about them because they eat anything they

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want anything any dirt z.

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So you cannot eat the meat of that.

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The name of that in an Arabic dictionary is Angela. Angela you cannot eat you cannot write even if it's rideable like

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because you cannot try a cow but some people do like the cow or like but in general, you cannot write a letter or or get benefits out of it. Like milk or

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or eggs or whatever. Keep it to eat clean and then enjoy. That's what the shepherd goes with the sheep. Even if there is no one. He goes to make sure the good

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the clean and that is one of the jobs of the shepherd while he was

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what are called

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Let me put your

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About the

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and now let the team behind

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because when mentioning

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the shipper and what they suppose How are they supposed to let the sheep or the flock of sheep to to eat good from a good

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grass or whatever when the Halima sadiya the mustard by suckling of

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them took him back to her tribe.

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Hell, she will dry the gutters well very dry, nothing inside.

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But once in a su de la Sol and become in the tent of Halima Sadie and her husband and their baby, because there is no woman to suckle another baby I was here

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All right, so babies, she found

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she asked if any milk in the shins she, the husband says for when, you know, our area has no much grass. But he says, Let me see he found it full.

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He was surprised how come he broke them and they were very satisfied that night. And he noticed that

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rapidly This is a blessing to have that orphan he is not aware of that he's a prophet yet. But he said mainly because he's an orphan and we didn't want to leave him behind. Maybe that's why a lot less.

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So back to our subject.

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If you file for a will find in your clauses and

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I will what I will

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and what I will mention I wouldn't really

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I don't have the first to any expression in English. So I will use the same Arabic terms.

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What do you

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say is the

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chef in zero

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10 zero

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photo by the

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way the

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Yagi less you

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will miss

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measure Akira CUDA

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to discuss a little little what

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and what he had

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and who has said

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well let

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me know what what is he doing Buddha

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and the Buddha our gift is

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your father now

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once you've

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lucky enough

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to see to

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in Canada Phil mamani shy to do

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work but he didn't bother to tell

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in this bad little mini

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Mega makala in the

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managers have

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let me know.

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So we have three things

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they came out from one comes out from the mail

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or three comes out from the mail and to come out.

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As for the way they come out and what that says

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thick liquid transparent

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and comes after urination. After the person will urinate, some will come up. It is infused. The Underwear should be the spot should be cleaned the underwear should be removed by water and squeezes a couple of times. And then the man has to wash all of the all of it. After he makes sure nothing is left in the bath

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and after that he puts on the same play with it. No problem. Say within that but they come out from both male and female from the female more than the way

00:20:50--> 00:20:56

it comes once the woman think about her husband or the husband think about his wife.

00:20:57--> 00:21:00

Okay. That will come up that is that is in

00:21:02--> 00:21:02

the name.

00:21:04--> 00:21:12

It should be removed also from the underwear by rinses whose water and squeeze the spot several times

00:21:14--> 00:21:20

you watched the private cloud whether you are male or female. You watch the whole private part.

00:21:22--> 00:21:26

The same one from male and female is

00:21:27--> 00:21:37

that the sperm which will be shut up. It's like bounces come out like bounces from male or female.

00:21:39--> 00:21:55

From the way it is very thick and look white. From the female. It is not thick but look here. This is our su de la sala la describing and if it was shameful subject he shouldn't spoke about

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it would never spoke about

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he spoke about to teach the people as we do exactly. Alright. So in three of them

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well you know what to know that what to do now, but with the jet related liquid or sperm. There is something different specially with the main

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it's still we're still where

00:22:25--> 00:22:26

you live inches by wall.

00:22:28--> 00:22:30

If you find your drawer,

00:22:31--> 00:22:32

use fracture

00:22:35--> 00:22:35

as if

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you don't have enough to wash it. But if you found instead what you have to