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Al-Imran 92-109 Translation



AI: Summary © The group discusses the importance of being true to the Bible and culture, including a woman named Eva and her claims to be a witness. They also mention a woman named Eva and her claims to be a witness. Later, they discuss a conversation between multiple speakers about a name, including Jesus and Marina, as well as a bar and woman named Mattila. They emphasize the importance of being true to oneself and avoiding giving up, while also mentioning the importance of being a woman and not just a woman.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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I'm about to be left him in the shape

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of beshara.

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Sidley, MD, Washington.

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Lesson number 47 so early on I number 92 to 109

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Len will never

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do you all obtain

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I will be

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the righteousness Hatter until 10 FICO you all spend Nima from what

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to hit buena your love

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warmer and whatever. Don't feel cold you all spend men from shame in anything for inner So indeed aloha Allah be with it. I leave on always all knowing

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all of Tommy The food's gonna. It was Helen lawful. Lee Bernie for children, Israel Isla of Israel in there except Ma, what have Roma he made unlawful. This is Ian. Allah upon nuptse he himself men from our belief before that, to Newsela it was revealed

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to the Torah

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say to Ben he will come victo rotti with the Torah

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when you all recite it, in if quantum you were cited, the ones who speak the truth, one two are truthful

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for men, so deliver, if there are he fabricated either upon Allah He Allah, Al Qaeda, the lie, men from body after that because that for Allah Eco, so those whom they avoid the moon, those who are unjust.

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Say Sadako he spoke truth. Allahu Allah. Factor biru so you all follow men letter creed, Ibrahima of Ibrahim hanifin. upright, warmer and not Ghana. He was men from a machine those who shook in Indeed, I wanna first baiting house while there it was placed. It was put

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no mercy for the people. landlady surely which be bacchetta at Baca at Makka Moo berikan when blessings were hidden and a guidance May Allah mean for the world's feeding in it, earthen signs the you know done once clear. Macondo standing place for station

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Ibrahima of Ibrahim

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woman and whoever the holder who he entered it kinda he was a million safe.

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Well, and then there he for Allah, Allah upon a mercy the people who do pilgrimage and by the of the house, man whoever is to draw he was capable. You know he towards it sebelah away, women and whoever Guevara he disbelieved for enough. So Indeed, Allah, Allah, but only you which all sufficient. I'm from alameen the world's

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See ya. Oh, Allah people. Al kitabi of the book. Lima why duck Farina you all this believe, be it with signs with vs. Allah He of Allah will now who and Allah shahidan is a witness. Allah upon more whatever you want to

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say yeah, oh, Allah people and kitabi of the book. Lima why the sadena you are stop y'all Hindi I'm from sabini way Allahu of Allah. Man home Amana. He believed

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Who here you all seek it? Jim crookedness, crooked. Well, why you should hide, eyewitnesses warmer and not Allahu Allah be raffling at all unaware Alma from whatever

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you want to.

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Yeah, you have for you and levena those who knew they believed in it to to you all obey farrakhan a group of men from a Latina those who do they were given l kita. The work to do come they shall turn you back bother after Eman econ your faith, caffeine as ones who disbelieve, working for and how funa you all disbelief were undone while you declare it is recited, I may come upon you to vs. Allah He of Allah will he come and in you amongst you rasuluh His Messenger woman and whoever you're the same he holds fast when he with a law firm. So in fact, so indeed. Here he was guided either to certain path was 13 one straight.

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Yeah, Are you her are you and Medina those who are new they believe it to who you are fear Allahu Allah hopko as is right to RT fearing him.

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And do not donate when you are definitely die in law, except one time while you are Muslim, once you submit

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tassimo and you all hold fast, hold firmly, they happily withdraw a lot Allah He of Allah geneon all together

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and do not differ Roku you all be divided work guru. And you all remember near metta blessing of law he of Allah, I may come upon you in contempt you were

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enemies for me before so he joined in love bainer between could you become your hearts for us back to him. So you became Dr. Murthy he with his favorite one and brothers. Welcome Tim. And you will either upon shefa edge, her fertin of affect men from a nerdy of the fire for an overcome. So he saved you minha formit carbonica likewise, you by you. He makes clear, he expresses clearly Allahu Allah, Lacan for you, at his verses on the comb, so that you do you are looking guidance

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on the comb, and it should be men come from you, from mutton and oma a community, a group

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you're the owner, they invite either to a lady the good

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well, and yet Marina, they order Bill Maher roofie, with the recognized right recognized good when hona and they forbid I'm from La Mancha, the recognized drunk

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and those whom the mfe hone those who are successful

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and do not know you all be can Medina like those who the further they are divided, or they became divided.

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Telephone and they differ with each other men from body after man that a home it came to them and they enter to the clear proofs what will occur and those the home for them I've ever been a punishment of a great young man on the web, it will become white, what human faces what is what the and it will become black and white human faces. For under so as for and Medina those who this word that it became black would you home, their faces

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Oh did care for you all this belief by the after Imani Can you believe for the oh so you will taste either the punishment Bhima because of what content you will talk for whom you this very

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well and as for and Medina those who maybe are but it became white would you home their faces fluffy so in Mati merci Allah He of Allah home they fee her in it Holly don't want to abide forever tilka that

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vs Allahu of Allah not know her we recite it omega upon you been happy with the truth warmer and not Allahu Allah, you redo he intense he wants women any injustice then Allah mean for the world's wanna know he and for Allah ma whatever fee is in a similar way at the skies warmer and whatever fee is in the earth where ILA and to Allah He Allah to Joe it will be returned and remove the matters

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that's it listen to the recitation

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boo me

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in law heavy

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he seeming

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to be

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in tune

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at Manchester bar

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be limited

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de nom

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Hey Jamie

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una una

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de Hakone boo,

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boo, boo boo.

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Me on in Lahaina.

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It was a llama